Quest for stories faqs Who can send entries for this initiative?

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1. Who can send entries for this initiative?

Only Indian citizens above the age of 18 can apply for the Quest for Stories outreach initiative.


2. Can  I  send a full  screenplay  or  story outline?  

 You are  required  to  send  only  the  story outline (not  more  than  5-10 pages). If your story gets selected and you already have an existing screenplay, Drishyam Films will be happy to read it.


4. In which  language  should  the  synopsis be  in?    

The story outline should be sent in Hindi or English language only.

5. What is the process of application?

You have to download the entry form from the Drishyam Films website, fill out the relevant details and then sign the undertaking. Once you’re done, just scan the form and email it along with the story (in .doc, .docx and PDF formats only) to

6. What happens if my story outline is accepted?

Drishyam Films will buy the rights of the story for a fee up to INR 5,00,000. The writer will be duly credited if and when the film is made.

7. When will I find out the results?

Drishyam Films will announce the results within two months on their website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) so make sure you follow them!


8. Are there funds set aside for development of my story?  

Yes there are funds set aside for development of the script. The idea is to look out for fresh story ideas and writers who do not have access to mainstream studios.


9. Can I  apply  with  more  than  one  story?  

Only one story per writer will be accepted.


10. Are there any writing guidelines that I need to keep in mind?

  • Your story should bring fresh ideas together in a compelling narrative.

  • Your story should have a unique voice that can startle us or soothe us, and gives us new perspectives on the world around us. It should be a story with a heart.

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