Quest structure

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Worksheet 8:

Quest story structure

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The Quest story structure has the following, broad stages:



The hero in his (or her) ordinary world. This stage is important because it provides a contrast to what happens next. Also, it is important to remember that what is ordinary (or usual) for the hero, is not necessarily ordinary (or usual) for the reader or viewer.

The call to adventure: a problem arises that forces the hero to leave his normal world and embark on the quest. The problem can be a physical challenge or emotional. In addition, there may be more than one problem to overcome.

Entry into the extraordinary world, the world of the quest where the hero is taken out of his or her comfort zone.

The meeting of allies (friends and people who help the hero, including mentors) and enemies (people who try to stop the hero achieving his goal). Normally, the hero will have a Shadow that is someone who is his opposite, someone who acts as his main enemy.

The inmost cave: the darkest moment in the story, the moment when things appear the bleakest for the hero.

Escape: the hero somehow escapes from the ‘cave’ and…

Return to ordinary world with the prize: the hero returns to his normal life with a prize – not necessarily what he expected – and changed in some way. In a television series, this return is usually temporary because in the next episode the hero will embark on another mini-quest.

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