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Mad City Masters 2002

Round 3

questions by Josh Kortbein and Mickey Tekippe
1. An argument against the existence of a language in principle unintelligible to anyone but its originating user. A discussion of 'aspect-seeing' which uses Jastrow's duck-rabbit figure as an example. Elaboration on the doctrine that 'meaning is use'. The ideas of 'family resemblances' and 'language games'. These all occur in, FTP, which posthumously published work of philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein?
_Philosophical Investigations_ (or _Philosophische Untersuchungen_)
2. He erected the granite obelisks at Karnak and Heliopolis that would become known as Cleopatra's Needles. He also ordered the name of his stepmother erased from all statues and monuments. That stepmother was Hatshesput, and she kept him in the background as she ruled Egypt. He also greatly enlarged the temple at Karnak which still bears hieroglyphs of his many victories, largely in Syria and Palestine. FTP, name this pharaoh, the victorious commander at the Battle of Meggido.
_Thotmose III_ or _Thutmes III_
3. It was intended as an anti-Nazi play, but whenever it ran in other totalitarian states, their governments were concerned that it was attacking them. Berenger doesn't really care about the title menace, but when everyone around him willingly succumbs to it, even Daisy, who wants to be happy like all the others, Berenger decides to defend himself with a gun. FTP, this describes which animal-titled Eugene Ionesco play?

4. Under an agreement with the boyars, his troops entered Moscow, consolidating the gains he had made by earlier supporting pretenders who claimed to be Ivan IV's son, the so-called "false Dmitris". He only held on to Russia for a couple of years before being expelled by an army led by Prince Pozharski in 1612. FTP, who is this king of Sweden and Poland?

_Sigismund III_
5. Composition on the dihedral group. Certain operators which are quantum mechanical analogues to position and momentum. Matrix multiplication. FTP, what do all of these operations have in common with any other for which a times b does not necessarily equal b times a?
_noncommutativity_, or they're _noncommutative_ (do not accept "nonabelian")
6. Two answers required. Their names are Star Trek references, to an excecutioner and a Klingon commander. In "Hungry Are the Damned", they're joined by another Star Trek namesake, Serak the Preparer, who is made to cry. Voiced by Harry Shearer, they also try to take over Earth in another Halloween episode with a story named after "Citizen Kane". FTP, who is this pair of Simpsons aliens, who impersonate President Clin-Ton and Senator Dole?
_Kodos_ and _Kang_
7. This artist's defining painting was executed over nine months at the three places that defined his life in the early 20s: Montroig, Barcelona, and Paris. Ernest Hemingway purchased this artist's painting, "The Farm", because he saw his impressions of the Catalan landscape and mentality reflected in it. FTP, this describes which artist, whose later work brought him into contact with the surrealists?
Joan _Miro_
8. They do not attack cellulose and leaf litter but instead use simple carbohydrates for growth. There are two classes: the endo- type is embedded within the tissue while the ecto- variety is wrapped around the outside of the root. They have been found in symbiotic association with almost all plants, where they gather water and nutrients for the plant in exchange for simple sugars. FTP, identify these organisms, whose name means "root fungus".

9. The second of the two battles on this river occurred on February 12, 1867 where the followers of Maximilian under Miramon were defeated by the Mexican Constitutionalists under Escobedo. The first, more famous battle, was on April 2, 1836. FTP, name this site of two battles, the first of which was won by Houston and the Texans over Santa Anna and forced the Mexican recognition of Texan independence.

_San Jacinto_
10. As suits someone influenced by cartoon composer Carl Stalling, this alto player has released several volumes of film music, and his "file card" compositions like "Spillane" and "Godard" and the fast-cutting Naked City project show an affinity for the editing techniques of film. His most popular project, though, plays klezmer-infused free jazz in the style of Ornette Coleman. FTP, who is this leader of Masada, whose last name means "anger" in German?
John _Zorn_
11. The particle can be an adverb, but is usually a preposition, which causes trouble for ESL speakers who haven't memorized the idiomatic distinctions between those which are separable, like "add up," meaning "to add," and those which are not, like "get around," meaning "to evade." FTP, what are these combinations of verbs and particles, other examples of which include "stick to," "live up to," and "stay over?"
_phrasal verbs_
12. At the beginning, proponents of various forms of theater argue for their favorite kind of entertainment. The Eccentrics win, and demand the story of this opera, which is then performed with interruptions from the spectators. The story proper concerns a hypochondriac prince cursed by Fata Morgana. As a result of the curse, the prince cuts Ninetta out of one of the title pieces of fruit, eventually to marry her in, FTP, which opera by Sergei Prokofiev?
_Love for Three Oranges_, or _Love of Three Oranges_, or _Lyubov k trem apelsinam_

13. He was perhaps the first to theorize amateur erotica, explaining why an amateur stripper is more arousing than a professional one in his essay “Striptease.” Elsewhere, he wrote that works have meaning only in relation to discursive practices and habits of reading. Thus, the reader becomes important as the repository of conventions. FTP, this author of “S/Z” (ESS ZED) thinks it’s just swell that the price of this "birth of the reader" is the "death of the author.”

Roland _Barthes_
14. She was the author of _People at Work_ and _The Roosevelt I Knew_. From 1946 until 1953 she served on the United States Civil Service Commission. She also served on the New York State Factory Commission and chaired the New York State Industrial Board. She was largely responsible for reducing the work week for women to 48 hours from 54. From 1933 to 1945, she was the Secretary of Labor. FTP, name this first woman to be appointed to the Cabinet.
Frances _Perkins_
15. This character's grandfather Doc Hines suspects that his father was part black, so Hines kills the father. Hines then allows his daughter Milly to die in childbirth before placing this character in an orphanage. Thus begins this character's life, a life filled with trouble and torment in part due to his mixed heritage. The life would ultimately leave him dead on Reverend Hightower's floor, shot and castrated by the National Guardsman, Percy Grimm. FTP, name this Faulkner character from _Light in August_.
_Joe_ _Christmas_ (Accept either)
16. After a quick plug for Obie Trice, it starts with a reference to Malcom McLaren's "Buffalo Gals:” "two trailer park girls go round the outside.” There are stabs at Lynne Cheney, 'N Sync's Chris Kirkpatrick, and Limp Bizkit. The "Batman" theme is heard. "Thirty-six year old baldheaded" Moby is invited to perform oral sex on the rapper. These are all elements of, FTP, which first number one song by Eminem?
_Without Me_

17. This city's oldest section is known as the Rocks. Its first settlers arrived in its harbor, also known as Port Jackson, in 1788. When John MacArthur brought the first Merino sheep to the area around 1800, a successful wool industry developed, attracting many free settlers. A gold rush in the 1850s dramatically increased the population. FTP, name this city, the largest in Australia and host of the 2000 Summer Olympics.

18. "Say it, no ideas but in things:” in its five volumes the ideas come in poetry, of course, but also prose, news clippings, and letters, including one from the then-unknown Allen Ginsberg, who grew up in the New Jersey town after which this poem is named. FTP, what is this poem, an attempt at an epic by William Carlos Williams?
19. These are defined as sets of items in which only the earliest added item may be accessed. Thus, the two operations are usually to add an item to the tail, or to remove one from the head. For this reason, these data structures are usually known as "first-in, first-out,” or FIFO, structures. FTP, name these structures, which take their name from lines of people.
20. An album of covers of 20th-century avant-garde compositions by Cage and Yoko Ono. An album cover by Burroughs, and a song dedicated to Ginsberg. Songs about Karen Carpenter. A supposed attempt to court grunge fans on "Dirty." FTP, which band is responsible for all these, as well as the sprawling double album "Daydream Nation?"
_Sonic Youth_
21. He was the editor of _Overland Monthly_ from 1868 until 1871. His increasing fame caused Atlantic Monthly to hire him, but he failed to meet the terms of the contract and his popularity waned. His only novel, _Gabriel Conroy_, was a failure. FTP, name this man who became popular for short stories such as "The Outcasts of Poker Flat" and "The Luck of Roaring Camp."
Bret _Harte_

22. Its existence helps to explain the fact that glucose is the most prevalent hexose in nature. This occurs because in glucose's beta form, the hydroxyl groups occupy the equatorial positions instead of the axial ones. Consequently, the atoms are less crowded, making glucose in this form more stable than other hexoses. FTP, name this configuration, the most thermodynamically stable formation for a cyclohexane, which sounds like something you might sit in.

_Chair_ configuration
23. He commanded artillery and infantry brigades, going on to lead various commando units. He was also actually born inside the borders of his current country's fiercest rival, and he immigrated to his current country during the division of the subcontinent. He became the leader of his country's armed forces when his predecessor resigned in 1998, and this paved the way to seizure of leadership of his country from then Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. FTP, name the current leader of Pakistan.
General Pervez _Musharraf_
24. He averaged 32.4 points and 19 rebounds a game last year. Impressive numbers in any league, and when you're 21 years old and 7'5" tall, they'll attract NBA scouts' attention, even if they were put up playing for the Shanghai Sparks. FTP, name this person selected first in the 2002 NBA draft by the Houston Rockets.
_Yao_ Ming
25. He was displeased with the realm his father assigned him. Instead, he wished to join his mother in the underworld. The father banished him, but before he left, he challenged his sister in a contest to produce male deities. He took the fertility beads of that sister, Amaterasu, broke them in his teeth, and blew out five male deities. His victory sent him on a rampage, eventually leading to the other gods expelling him from heaven. FTP, identify this Japanese god of the oceans and storms.
_Susanoo_ or _Susano-Wo_
1. Place the following events occurring during the Hundred Years War in order from earliest to latest for five points per event in the correct spot. [MODERATOR: READ SLOWLY.] English victory at Crecy, Defeat of the French at Agincourt, Henry VI crowned king of France, Edward III proclaims himself king of France, Joan of Arc's victory at Orleans, deposition of Richard II.

_Edward III_ proclaims himself king of France (1339)

English victory at _Crecy_ (1346)

_deposition_ of _Richard II_ (1399) (accept either)

Defeat of the French at _Agincourt_ (1415)

_Joan of Arc_'s victory at _Orleans_ (1429) (accept either)

_Henry VI_ crowned king of France (1430)

2. Name these record labels important in the history of jazz FTP each.
A. This label launched by Bill Grauer and Orrin Keepnews in order to reissue classic 1920s recordings ended up making Thelonious Monk's career.
_Riverside_ Records
B. This label founded by Lion and Wolff used optometrist Rudy Van Gelder as its engineer on most sessions after 1953. Its distinctive cover art with candid photos by Wolff and design by Reid Miles has been much-imitated.
_Blue Note_ Records
C. Free jazz pioneer Sun Ra started this label, named after the planet he claimed to be from, and released over 100 of his records on it.
_Saturn_ Records

3. Name the character, 30-20-10.

30: His father commits suicide by sticking his head in a microwave. He finds the body while wondering what smells so good.
20: He's obsessed with making sure nobody knows that he secretly gets high on Bob Hope, but Trevor Axford knows.
10: He attends the Enfield tennis academy in David Foster Wallace's "Infinite Jest".
_Hal_ (Harold James) _Incandenza_ (accept either)

4. Identify the so-called "confessional" poets from publications for five points each, with a five point bonus for all correct.

A. "Live or Die," which won the Pulitzer in 1967
Anne _Sexton_
B. "Ariel," in 1965
Sylvia _Plath_
C. 1959's "Life Studies"
Robert _Lowell_
D. "The Fuhrer Bunker"
William De Witt (W.D.) _Snodgrass_
E. "77 Dream Songs"
John _Berryman_

5. FTP each, identify the following mathematicians who had some relation to Gauss.

A. Gauss approved his dissertation, which introduced topological methods into complex function theory, and studied what are now his namesake surfaces.

Georg Friedrich Bernhard _Riemann_
B. Gauss studied at Gottingen with the father of this co-creator of non- Euclidean geometry, and disappointed him by anticipating many of his results.
Janos _Bolyai_
C. Gauss corresponded with this woman, especially concerning number theory, but didn't discover that she was a woman until she contacted him through a French commander after the 1806 occupation of Gauss's hometown.
Marie-Sophie _Germain_
6. Answer the following questions about impedance for the stated numbers of points.
A. (5 points) What quantity measured in ohms is identical to the impedance in a d.c. circuit, by definition?
B. (10 points) What is the property of a.c. circuits which, together with resistance, determines impedance?
C. (15 points) What is the magnitude of the complex impedance for a circuit with a resistance of 3 ohms and a reactance of 4 ohms?
_5 ohms_ (square root of 3^2 + 4^2)
7. Lawrence Kohlberg offered a stage theory of moral development. Answer these questions about it FTP each.
A. What is the second stage in Kohlberg's theory, the one based on children's ability to take the moral perspective of their parents and other important members of society into account?
B. Name the student of Kohlberg's who criticized his model because it determined that women were apt to be less morally developed than men.
Carol _Gilligan_
C. Name the 1982 book in which Gilligan developed her criticisms of Kohlberg's theory.
_In a Different Voice_

8. Given a work and its date, identify its Russian creator. Five points each with a bonus five for all correct.

A. The painting "Self-Portrait with Seven Fingers", 1912-13

Marc _Chagall_ (Moyshe _Shagal_)
B. The collection "Odessa Stories" 1931
Isaac _Babel_
C. The book "About Two Squares", 1923
El _Lissitzky_ (Lazar _Lissitzky_)
D. The painting "Those Who Have Nothing to Lose", 1911-12
Pavel _Filonov_
E. The painting "Composition No. 61 from the Series The Color Sphere of the Circle", 1918
Alexander _Rodchenko_

9. Identify the national park from a brief description.

A. Eighty percent of this national park is occupied by the Chihuahuan Desert, which surrounds the Chisos Mountains, with the entire range being located in the park. The elevation in the park varies from 2,000 feet along the Rio Grande to almost 8,000 feet in the mountains.
_Big Bend_ National Park
B. This park located in Southern Utah contains Waterpocket Fold, a hundred mile ridge whose exposed area has eroded causing it to trap water. Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch used the rough terrain of the area as a hideout.
_Capitol Reef_ National Park
C. This park located in Tennessee and North Carolina contains a patch of forested Appalachians. It is the largest national park east of the Mississippi, and it contains Clingman's Dome, the second highest point east of the Mississippi.
_Great Smoky Mountains_ National Park
10. Answer these questions related to ancient India, FTPE.
A. In 261 B.C.E., this man conquered Kalinga, on the east coast of India. He then converted from Hinduism to Buddhism and sent missionaries throughout South Asia.
B. Asoka was the ruler at the height of this empire's power.
_Maurya_ Empire or _Mauryan_ Empire

C. The Maurya Empire was founded by this ruler.

_Chandragupta_ Maurya
11. For the stated numbers of points, given a composer and a work of variations, name the person mentioned in the title of those variations.
A. (5 points) J.S. Bach, a series of variations for harpsichord whose popular title is due to a story about their creation for Count Keyserlingk.
Johann Gottlieb _Goldberg_
B. (10 points) Sergei Rachmaninov's Op. 43 is a "Rhapsody on a Theme of" this violinist.
Niccolo _Paganini_
C. (15 points) Often considered Beethoven's classical-period analogue to the "Goldberg Variations", these are 33 variations for piano based on a theme by a Viennese music publisher.
Anton _Diabelli_
12. Identify these treaties between the US and Great Britain, FTPE.
A. This treaty was signed between two countries on November 19, 1794. It called for British withdrawal of garrisons from the northwest frontier and US agreement not to discriminate against British commerce. It also settled and outlined procedures for dealing with trade disputes.
_Jay_ Treaty
B. This treaty of 1817 provided for naval disarmament of the Great Lakes and laid the path for an unfortified border between Canada and the US.
_Rush-Bagot_ agreement

C. This treaty of 1842 fixed the boundary line between Canada and the state of Maine.

_Webster-Ashburton_ Treaty

13. Name these films whose stories each involve the production of a different kind of artwork, for the stated numbers of points.

A. (5 points) Famous dead white composer composes, is envied, dies. Milos Forman directs.
B. (10 points) English professor Grady Tripp works on his monster second novel while his life falls apart.

_Wonder Boys_

C. (15 points) New York actors rehearse the Chekhov play referred to in the title.
_Vanya on 42nd Street_ (do not accept "Uncle Vanya")

14. Identify the item related to DNA repair, FTPE.

A. This set of enzymes can directly restore pyrimidine dimmers to their proper monomeric forms utilizing energy from the sun.
DNA _photolyases_
B. This set of enzymes removes damaged bases or improper bases (such as uracil).
DNA _glycosylases_
C. In E. coli severe DNA damage induces a complex system of cellular changes known as this. This system allows for the replacement of bases at a DNA lesion even where there is no information on the original bases. Thus, this system can be highly mutagenic.
_SOS response_
15. MCing and DJing were two of the original "elements of hip-hop", but DJing is thought of today as one part of "production". Given MCs or groups and songs, name the producer, FTP each.
A. Mystikal's "Shake Ya Ass" and "Bouncin' Back", and Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Got Your Money"
The _Neptunes_, or Pharrell _Williams_ and Chad _Hugo_
B. N.W.A.'s "Fuck tha Police", Tupac's "California Love", and Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady"
_Dr. Dre_, or Andre _Young_
C. Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On", Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin'", and Ludacris' "Rollout"
_Timbaland_, or Tim _Mosley_
16. Identify these paradoxes from descriptions, FTP each. Each paradox is named for a person.
A. Let S be the set of all sets that are not members of themselves. If S is a member of itself, then by definition it must not be a member of itself. Similarly, if S is not a member of itself, then it must be a member of itself.
_Russell's_ paradox

B. Given appropriate definitions of the words 'heterological' and 'autological', 'heterological' is heterological if and only if it is not heterological, which is impossible.

_Grelling's_ paradox
C. The set of all sets is its own power set. Therefore, the cardinality of the set of all sets must be bigger than itself.
_Cantor's_ paradox

17. _That Hideous Strength_ is the final novel in the _Space Trilogy_ by C.S. Lewis. Answer these questions concerning it and the trilogy, FTSNOP.

A. (5 pts each) F5P, all or nothing, name the first two books of the series.
_Out of the Silent Planet_ and _Perelandra_
B. (10 pts) FTP, he is the one who leads the fight against the Hideous Strength, and the hero who left Earth in the first two books. Either his name or the title he is called throughout the book is acceptable.
Dr. _Ransom_ or the _Director_
C. (5 pts) F5P, he is the magician brought back to life to help fight the Hideous Strength.
_Merlin_ or _Merlinus_
D. (10 pts) FTP, this is the organizational front that the Hideous Strength is working behind.
_N.I.C.E._ or _National Institute of Co-ordinated Experiments_

18. Answer these questions about Hungarian leaders between the World Wars, FTPE.

A. He became president following the armistice ending World War I.
Michael _Karoyli_
B. Hungarian Communists and Socialists formed a coalition in March 1919, and this man, the leader of the Communists, became dictator.
Bela _Kun_
C. Kun's rule only lasted a few months, and this man became Regent of Hungary until the end of the Second World War.
Admiral Nicholas _Hungary_

19. Name the "Seinfeld" guest stars FTP each.

A. She played a girlfriend of Jerry's whose breasts were real, and fabulous, despite Jerry's suspicion that they were fake.
Teri _Hatcher_

B. She played herself, only, attracted to short, bald, funny men. George ruined it by mentioning that he was already engaged to Susan.

Marisa _Tomei_
C. He played himself, a baseball player. Kramer and Newman hate him because he allegedly spit on them.
Keith _Hernandez_

20. Answer these questions about _The Comedy of Errors_ FTSNOP.

A. _The Comedy of Errors_ features two sets of twins with the same name who were separated in infancy in a shipwreck. F5PE, provide the names for the sets of twins.
_Antipholus_ and _Dromio_
B. FTP, identify the father of the two Antipholi, in jail throughout much of the play.
C. Solinus is the Duke of this city in which the play is set. FTP, name this city.

21. Identify the 2002 Winter Olympic medalist from the United States, FTPE.

A. He was the only American to win a medal in alpine skiing, capturing silver in both the combined event and giant slalom.
Bode _Miller_
B. Michelle Kwan and Sarah Hughes were expected to do well in Women's Figure Skating, but this man was able to capture a surprising bronze in Men's Figure Skating.
Timothy _Goebel_
C. Johnny Mosely and his "dinner roll" jump were unable to win a medal in Moguls. This American man was able to take home the silver.
Travis _Mayer_

22. Carol Carr was arrested earlier this year for killing her two oldest sons. She admits to having done it, and her defense is centers around the fact that she claims that the killings were mercy killings.

A. Carr's two sons were suffering from the late stages of what terminal genetic disease that also killed Carr's husband?
_Huntington's_ Disease
B. In what state did Carr commit the two killings?
C. Carr's youngest son also suffers from Huntington's Disease. What would be the odds of two parents, one with Huntington's and one not suffering from the disease, producing three sons, all with Huntington's?

_1/8_ or _12.5%_ [Accept equivalents.]

23. Answer these questions about the parts of the rosary for the stated numbers of points.

A. The purpose of the rosary is to help keep in memory certain principal events in the history of salvation. FTP, what are these fifteen events called?
B. The mysteries are divided into three groups. Name two of them for five points each.
_joyful_, _sorrowful_, and _glorious_
C. Name the part of the rosary repeated ten times in a 'decade' for each mystery, sometimes called the 'Angelical salutation', and named after its first two words.
_Hail Mary_, or _Ave Maria_
24. Identify the Nobel Prize winners in chemistry on a 15-5 basis.
15: He won the prize in 1960. 5: The prize was awarded for the development of radiocarbon dating.
Willard Frank _Libby_
15: He won in 1934. 5: His prize was for the discovery of heavy hydrogen.
Harold Clayton _Urey_

25. Identify these literary works of the Heian period, FTSNOP.

A. (5 pts) This work by Murasaki Shikibu is usually considered the first novel and often considered the greatest work of Japanese literature.
The _Tale of Genji_
B. (10 pts) This volume of essays by Sei Shonagon portrayed the customs of Heian court society.
The _Pillow Book_
C. (15 pts) This book whose author is unknown dates from the early 900s and is the first known work of Japanese fiction.

The _Tale of the Bamboo Cutter_


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