Questions for discussion Parliamentary privilege

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Questions for discussion

Parliamentary privilege

  1. W
    Episode 14

    29nd may 2012

    hat did the BtN story mainly explain?

  2. Think of three adjectives to describe the job of a politician.

  3. Why are politicians able to speak more freely in parliament?

  4. Do you think it is important that politicians have parliamentary privilege? Explain your answer.

  5. It is the same power that ____________give people so witnesses feel they can tell the truth safely.

  6. What sorts of things has parliamentary privilege exposed in the past?

  7. How has Craig Thomson used parliamentary privilege recently?

  8. What if members of the public were able to say whatever they liked?

  9. What questions do you still have about parliamentary privilege?

  10. Explain to another person what parliamentary privilege is.

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  1. Discuss the issues raised in the Vaccinations story with another student.

  2. Which vaccination Sarah get in the BtN story?

    1. Whooping cough

    2. Polio

    3. Measles

  3. What is a vaccine?

  4. Who do vaccinations protect?

  5. Name some diseases that vaccinations protect you from?

  6. Getting vaccinated is compulsory. True or false?

  7. Why do some people decide not to vaccinate their children?

  8. What percentage of parents on the north coast of NSW, are choosing not to vaccinate their children?

  9. What are some side effects of vaccinations?

  10. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?

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Fruit fly

  1. Why are roadblocks set up on state borders to search for fruit fly?

  2. About how many cars a year are found to have infected fruit?

  3. Describe the damage fruit fly can cause.

  4. What does the pest feed on?

  5. Which two species of fruit fly are considered the most dangerous?

  6. Describe the appearance of a species of fruit fly.

  7. What is meant by a fruit growing area that is PFA?

  8. What happens to fruit when there is an outbreak of fruit fly?

  9. Why are backyard inspections done regularly?

  10. What are growers doing to stop an outbreak of fruit fly?

Research the characteristics and life cycle of the fruit fly.

App kid

  1. Explain the App kid story to another student.

  2. What is an app and on which devices would you find them?

  3. What sorts of things do apps let people do?

  4. Which photo sharing app sold recently for a billion dollars?

  5. Who created the popular game Angry Birds?

  6. Describe the app that Zeryab has created.

  7. What makes his app different to other taxi apps?

  8. Who is helping Zeryab develop his app?

  9. How has your thinking changed since watching the App kid story?

  10. What are your three favourite apps? Why?

Survey kids and adults about what their favourite apps are.


  1. Retell the Korfball story in your own words.

  2. Which two sports is korfball similar to?

  3. How did korfball get its name?

  4. When was it invented?

  5. What is unique about korfball?

  6. Korfball is an Olympic sport. True or false?

  7. Which states in Australia is korfball played?

  8. Briefly describe the basics of korfball.

  9. Illustrate an aspect of the BtN story.

  10. Why do you think korfball isn’t as popular as basketball or netball?

Create an advertising poster to promote the game of korfball. Include information about how to play the game and why it’s enjoyable.

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