Questions for discussion

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Questions for discussion
Episode 22

16th august 2011

oney mayhem

  1. The United States credit rating dropped from AAA to _____.

  2. Why did the American Government want to borrow more money?

  3. Why was the opposition against the idea?

  4. What is it called when you can’t pay back the money owed on a loan?

  5. Who would be affected if the debt ceiling wasn’t raised?

  6. Name a country with a good credit rating.

  7. Which country has a poor rating?

  8. What affect could the credit rating have on the American economy?

  9. How has the debt crisis affected other countries?

  10. What do you understand more clearly about the issue?

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  1. Retell the BtN Bananas story to another student.

  2. Why has the price of bananas been so high recently?

  3. Think of two adjectives to describe banana plants.

  4. For every ______ bananas sold in Australia ____are grown in Queensland.

  5. Which other states grow bananas?

  6. Why don’t we import bananas from other countries?

  7. What do experts predict will happen to the price of bananas over the next few months?

  8. Illustrate an aspect of the Bananas story.

  9. What was surprising about the Bananas story?

  10. What is the main purpose of the BtN story?

  1. To entertain

  2. To explain

  3. To warn

  4. To criticise

What other crops were affected by the Queensland floods and cyclone? Find out how the agriculture industry is recovering.

Youth sleep out

  1. Discuss the Youth sleep out story with another student.

  2. What is the name of the sleepover held at the zoo recently?

  3. Where did the idea come from?

  4. What was the aim of the sleepover?

  5. About how many people are homeless each night in Australia?

  6. How many are under 25 years old?

  7. Many of them are called `hidden homeless’. What does that mean?

  8. What did the kids participating in the sleepover learn?

  9. What do you think should happen next?

  10. How has your thinking changed since watching the BtN story?

Think about ways you could raise awareness about the issue of youth homelessness in your local community.

Dental decay

  1. What was the main point of the Dental decay story?

  2. Tooth decay is not a disease. True or false?

  3. What is the layer of bacteria on teeth called?

  4. How does that bacteria cause tooth decay?

  5. What did a recent study find about children and tooth decay?

  6. What can happen if tooth decay isn’t treated?

  7. What did the research discover about kids’ brushing habits?

  8. Why is it important to brush your teeth at night?

  9. Apart from brushing your teeth, what else can you do to prevent tooth decay?

  10. What changes could you make to improve the health of your teeth and gums?

`Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day?’ Vote in the BtN online poll

Competitive aerobics

  1. Briefly summarise the Competitive aerobics story.

  2. In which decade did aerobics become popular

    1. 1970’s

    2. 1980’s

    3. 1990’s

  3. How do judges award points in competitive aerobics?

  4. What skills are needed to be successful in competitive aerobics?

  5. What does Edward like about competitive aerobics?

  6. What makes Edward a stand–out performer?

  7. Name two aerobics moves.

  8. When and where are the nationals being held this year?

  9. Think of three adjectives to describe competitive aerobics.

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