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Quick Reference to Characters

Danes is now Denmark.
The Danes (also called the Shieldings), a clan descended from the great warrior-king and former foundling Shield Sheafson. 
At Shield's death, he was placed in a boat and put to sea. 
His son Beow took over, then Beow's son Halfdane.

Then Halfdane's son Hrothgar. 

Hrothgar had brothers Heorogar and Halga, and his sistier married the Swede Onela. 
Like Shield, Hrothgar was successful in war, and had a great mead-hall built named Heorot, where he held court, doling out rings, neck chains, and other bounty.
Geats is now Sweden

The Geats are led by King Hygelac

Beowulf, a thane and the son of Ecgtheow (Ecgtheow is a famous warrior because of his fathers reputation), has heard about the story of Grendel torturing and killing the Danes at Herot Hall. Beowulf and his men sail across the ocean to assist the Danes.
More Notes….

The Hero’s Journey components
The Call To Action – page 15, line 194 = “When he heard about Grendel, Hygelac’s thane was on home ground, over in Geatland.”
Threshold – page 15, line 199 = “He announced his plan; to sail the swan’s road and search out that king, the famous prince who needed defenders.”


~ Page 35, line 500-600, Unferth and Beowulf discussed their own accomplishments, as a form of boasting. Unferth states all of accomplishments and challenges Beowulf and what he has done. Beowulf defends himself (the story is about Beouwlf swimming the ocean in his mail-shirt and weapons for five days and being dragged to the bottom of the ocean until he kills the man he was with).

~ Beowulf states that he and his men will fight Grendel without any sort of weapon – b/c Grendel doesn’t have any weapons, so it is only fair.
Abyss –
~ Beowulf took 14 of his men (multiple of 7) with him to sail across the ocean to the Danes (now Denmark)
~ Beowulf is greeted and asked who is he. Beowulf stated he was a thane and a son of Ecgtheow and was there to help (page 19, line 169 = “..arrived here on a great errand to the lord…”)
~ Page 25, line 340 = Beowulf addresses the court and claims the reason why he is there.
~ page 29, line 398 = B. will leave all weapons until the true purpose will be determined
~ page 31, line 440 = B. states that it will be fate (Gods decision) to whoever will win the fight b/w Grendel and him.
~ page 31, line 440-456 = Whoever will win the battle (B. or Grendel) is gods decision and if it happens to be Grendel he will glutton (stuff himself – over eat) the rest of the Geats.
~ Ones lineage/heritage is very important to each person. It is shown by constantly stating ‘the son of…’ (examples: page 25 Beowulf is my name…the most renowned son of Helfdane…” OR page 37 – “Beowulf, Ecgtheow’s son)
~ Page 33, line 477-479 – As Hrothgar is speaking about the tragedy of Grendel causing havoc on Herot Hall, he looses his temper (the break in the paragraph) and tries to regain his composure.

~ Page 33, line 487 – “blood-spattered bench, the floor of the mead-hall where they had feasted would be slick with slaughter.” This passage has alliteration, imagery and a poetic description of how Heort Hall looks when Grendel has feasted on Hrogthar’s men.

~ Page 47 – line 681 – “He has no idea of the arts of war, of shield or sword-play…” Grendel has no clue on the rules and regulations of how to strategize the fight because it is not fair. And no matter what happens b/w the battle b/w the two, Beowulf and Grendel, it is in God’s fate to determine who will win.
~ Page 47, line 691 – Beowulf’s men are worried that they will not return to their homeland b/c they have heard how all the Danes (ppl from Demark) have died b/c of Grendel’s torturing everyone.
~ Page 47, line 697 – ‘War-loom’ ~ God is creating fate/destiny weaving this big plan (battle plans)
~ Page 47, line 704 – “…the shadow-stalker (kenning: Grendel) stealthy and swift; the hall-guards were slack, asleep at their posts, all except one; it was widely understood that as long as God disallowed it, the fiend could not bear them to his shadow-bourne. One man, however, was in fighting mood, awake and on edge, spoiling for action.” = Grendel is sneaking and sly and coming out of the woods and is looking at the bright (figuratively speaking) Herot Hall for someone to feast on. All of Beowulf and Hrothgar’s men were sleeping except Beowulf.
Line 745-745 – Grendel enters Herot Hall and sees men sleeping so his eyes dance with excitement b/c he is realizing he can feast on Beoeulf’s men. Grendel’s next move is reacing towards Beowulf (captian of evil – Grendel)
Grendel moves toward Beowulf and B. grabs G.s arm in a tight grip and then manacled (binds his hands together behind his body) him.

whale (mammal) vs wail (scream – cry out loud)

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