R. V. R. & J. C. College of engineering ( Autonomous) Chowdavaram, guntur – 522019

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( Autonomous)

Chowdavaram, GUNTUR – 522019.


Regulations (R-12), Scheme of Instruction, Examinations and Syllabi

[ Four Year B.Tech. Degree, w.e.f. 2012-13 ]

PROFILE OF Department of ECE
The department of Electronics & Communication Engineering came into existence in 1985 immediately when the institute was founded. The mission of the department is to bring out competent Electronics & Communication Engineers. It strives for achieving excellence in imparting Technical, Social skills and attitudes for continuous learning and to mould young men and women capable of assuring leadership of the society for the betterment of the country. It offers currently 4- year B.Tech degree programme in Electronics & Communication Engineering with annual intake of 120 and 2-year M.Tech programme in Communication and Signal Processing with an intake of 18.

The department aims at training up youngman and women for careers in Engineering, synthesizing conventional and modern engineering thinking with a global outlook. The academic program that the Department offers focuses itself on an innovative design that blends creativity and analytical skills, system orientation and process oriented learning. The Department strives to deliver quality education and to keep pace with the changes, growth and advances in the area of Electronics & Communication Engineering with the help of the existing committed and competent Faculty, high quality infrastructure and a good learning environment. The department is accredited thrice by National Board of Accreditation.

The objective of the department is to provide the students with a solid foundation in Mathematics, Basic sciences and Engineering Sciences and also to train the students in identifying, formulating, analyzing, and creating engineering solutions using appropriate current engineering techniques, designing skills and tools to develop novel products and solutions for the real life problems. The department imparts training to develop in the students teamwork, effective communication skills, multidisciplinary approach, professional and ethical attitude and an ability to relate engineering issues to broader social context. The department always focuses on providing the students with an academic environment aware of excellence, leadership and life-long learning needed for successful professional career.

Besides giving a thorough grounding in Basic sciences and Engineering subjects, the curriculum in Electronics and Communication engineering lays greater emphasis on deep understanding of fundamental principles and state of the art knowledge of Electronic Devices & Circuits, Computer Architecture & Microprocessors, VLSI & Embedded systems, Electromagnetic Field Theory, Analog and Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Microwave & Broadband Communications, Image Processing, Optical Communication and so on.

The department is well equipped with all the infrastructural requirements to meet both academic and non-academic needs of the students. The Department set up laboratories in various areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering to cater to the ever changing practical training requirements of the students. They are also being upgraded and modernized from time to time such that the new gives place to the obsolete. The laboratories of the ECE department include Basic Electronics Laboratory, Digital Electronics Laboratory, Electronics Engineering Laboratory, Communications Engineering Laboratory, Computer Simulation Laboratory, Microprocessor Laboratory, VLSI Laboratory, Microcontrollers Laboratory, Microwave and Advanced Communications laboratory, Computer center and Digital Systems laboratory and Electronics Workshop. The department is equipped with a department library that has wide collection of books, research papers, theses, project reports, national and international journals and so on.

The department has well experienced and dedicated faculty providing quality education to the students. The Faculty of the department are adequate in number drawn from among the very best in the profession. The faculty has well distributed teaching expertise in various specializations like Signal Processing, Communications, Digital Systems and VLSI Design and published number of books and number of research papers in national & international journals and conferences. The department has a good track record in bagging university ranks every year and completing many research projects, some of them funded by AICTE, UGC etc.

In order to disseminate knowledge, the department organizes seminars, a good number of National Level conferences, short-term courses, workshops and student MEETs. Further the department has ECE Association, IETE Student Forum that provide a platform for students to participate in various events like seminars, elocutions, debates, group discussions and so on which are essential for their all round development. The Department facilitates the students to acquire technical communication skills, in addition to soft inter-personal skills. The department curriculum has been designed to inculcate these traits through classroom teaching, experimental learning & discussions, invited lectures from promising industrial and scientific personalities. Besides the department arranges industrial visits from time to time to expose the students to practical situations.

The greatest asset of the department is its alumni. The alumni of the department hold top positions in the best of Indian and Multi national companies, both in India and abroad, such as MOTOROLA. INTEL, TEXAS, IBM, WIPRO, INFOSYS, ECIL, BHEL and so on.




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