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Here’s how it works…

  1. Find sponsors – parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, neighbours, anyone who is willing and able!!

  2. Write down the sponsors details: name, address, telephone number and how much they are willing to pay sponsorship per book you read

  3. Read as many books as you can during the bookathon time

  4. Make sure you review them!!

  5. Keep count of the books you read and then collect the money from your sponsors.

  6. ALL money will go to Christchurch to help in the earthquake recovery.

What books can I read?

Year 1-3 – Library books – picture books

Year 4-5 – Banana books, kiwi bites, Aussie chomps, or any other chapter book

Year 6-8 – chapter books (Kiwibites, Aussie chomps and banana books are worth half a book for you guys!!)
What’s a review?

A book review is when you tell people what the story is about. You can either write a short book review for your teacher to sign off or you can give an oral review which is when you speak about a book in front of the class. Your teacher will sign you off to say you have read and reviewed the book.

Where do I keep count?

There is a poster on the wall where your teacher will keep count of the stories you have read and reviewed. The final total can be written on your sponsorship form at the end of the bookathon. Your teacher will sign this too so you can show your sponsors how many books you have read.

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