Reading 9 Lesson Plans First Six Weeks – Fall 2013 Elliott, W. Rm. East 130 Week 1 Monday, August 26

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Reading 9 Lesson Plans

First Six Weeks – Fall 2013

Elliott, W. Rm. East 130

Week 1
Monday, August 26

Objective: TLW participate in opening day activities and discuss classroom norms

-Question and Answer Mini Session

-Ice breaker(s)—(paper doll game, line game, true or false)

Homework: First day paperwork…review/return

Tuesday, August 27

Objective: TLW understand what is expected of Reading 9 students

- Distribute syllabus

- Introduce selected literary terms

- Complete DMS Lesson 1 pp. 3-4

Homework: Journal Writing: “Do you prefer to read literary text or informational text?”

Wednesday/Thursday, August 28 & 29

Objective: TLW expand vocabulary by reading, viewing, listening, and discussing

- Introduce Academic Vocabulary

- Define literary terms

- Set-up notebook

Friday, August 30

Objective: TLW produce initial draft of a personal narrative

- DMS Lesson 8 p.18 Passage 2

- Review registers of language

- Compose essay “Lesson Learned”

Homework: Complete personal narrative

Week 2
Monday, September 2

Objective: HOLIDAY

Tuesday, September 3

Objective: TLW evaluate predictions and offer ideas about the author’s intention

-Display and discuss the Big Question

- Read and discuss The Princess and the Tin Box

-Identify and define key academic terms

Wednesday/Thursday, September 4 & 5

Objective: TLW identify examples of similes, exaggeration, irony, and sarcasm

- Review procedures

- Continue close reading notes and activities with The Princess and the Tin Box

-Complete literary chart of terms introduced

Friday, September 6

Objective: TLW review elements of fiction and point of view

- Oral summaries

- Provide textual evidence

- Brainstorm answers to Reading Check/model how to craft written responses

Week 3

Monday, September 9

Objective: TLW understand the parts of a plot

- Compare/contrast two plots

- Academic vocabulary

- Create chart of similarities and differences

Tuesday, September 10

Objective: TLW analyze specific literary devices found in short stories

- Warm-up

-Review and discuss active reading techniques

-Discuss irony, characterization, and suspense

-Review plot diagram elements

- Read “The Farmer and His Sons”

Wednesday/Thursday, September 11 & 12

Objective: TLW determine the meaning of grade level words through the use of a systematic vocabulary program


- Vocabulary lesson DMS p.107

- Summary Lesson/Extending Beyond: Analyze the spelling of words

Friday, September 13

Objective: HOLIDAY

Week 4

Monday, September 16

Objective: TLW create a linear diagram to include the plot development of an assigned short story

- Warm-up – The Wizard of Wall Street (6WP) p. 42

- Plot out “The Farmer and His Sons” and complete extension activities

- Review plot structure and literary terms

- Read and discuss academic vocabulary pp. 25 – 35

Tuesday, September 17

Objective: TLW increase content vocabulary by ranking synonyms

- Warm-up: create ranking chart

- Complete assigned vocabulary chart using three categories

Wednesday/Thursday, September 18 & 19

Objective: TLW analyze visuals in order to draw inferences based on details

- Warm-up: examine artwork; document personal ideas; logical thought

- Grammar (30 min.): review basic sentence purposes and structure

- Word Study/Fluency (read out loud)

Friday, September 20

Objective: TLW review parts of speech

- Complete activity pp.1-9 (MSG)

- Color code worksheet 16 and compose sentences related to a previous passage/short story
Week 5

Monday, September 23

Objective: TLW read and discuss selected story

- Warm-up – activate background

- Story vocabulary/web vocabulary (DMS) p. 167 WV p.52

- Discuss story plot and literary devices used by the author

- Rewrite story ending

Tuesday, September 24

Objective: TLW analyze specific text to identify the author’s purpose in writing

- Warm-up

- Read and discuss The Emperor’s New Clothes – Part 1

- DMS p. 121 WV – review grammar (MSG p.24)

Wednesday/Thursday, September 25 (Early Dismissal) & 26

Objective: TLW provide textual evidence regarding character traits and motivation

- Create character dolls documenting selected traits

- Grammar Lesson- correctly identify parts of speech

- Review the writing process and re-visit original personal narratives

Friday, September 27

Objective: TLW provide textual evidence regarding character traits and motivation

-Complete character dolls documenting selected traits

- Grammar Lesson- correctly identify parts of speech

- Self-edit personal narratives

Week 6

Monday, September 30

Objective: TLW read and discuss story

- Individually retell the story

- Through discussion review elements of a plot

- Relate elements to the structure of a basic narrative essay

Tuesday, October 1

Objective: TLW draft a basic narrative essay

- Warm-up

- Analyze the narrative prompt

-Outline an introduction

Wednesday/Thursday, October 2 & 3

Objective: TLW identify types of sentences and document examples of each

- Work to improve focus, coherence, and sequence of sentences

- Grammar focus – Types of sentences (teacher produced hand-out)

- DMS p. 125 – Web Vocabulary

Friday, October 4

Objective: TLW answer with textual support interpretive questions about a specific written text

- Edit narrative for grammar, sentence structure and sequence

- Answer specific questions to demonstrate complete comprehension

Unit Assessments: (Major) Unit Assessments: (Minor)

Personal Narrative Vocabulary Activities/Quizzes

Plot Development Diagram Comprehension Questions

Written Selection Summary Grammar Activities/Quizzes

Literary Terms’ Chart Journal Writings/Big Questions
Directory: cms -> lib2 -> TX01001591 -> Centricity -> Domain
Domain -> Children learn that stories come from thoughts and experiences and that those thoughts and experiences can be written down, illustrated, and/or dramatized
Domain -> Kindergarten Lesson Plans Bobbi Richardson September 8 – 12, 2014
Domain -> 7th Grade Restaurant Act Out Project Introduction
Domain -> 7th Grade / School Life Act Out Project Introduction
Domain -> Backwards-Design Lesson Plan: English 4a british Literature – Dystopia Unit hall – N130
Domain -> Lower Elementary Summer Homework 2015
Domain -> Objective: The students will be responsible for understanding and producing the signs related to: basic time concepts, simple activities done in everyday life, and a full understanding of all the different ways to sign numbers
Domain -> Density Practice Problems
Domain -> Required Summer Reading Wonder by R. J. Palacio
Domain -> 1. Jonas searches for the right word to express the way he is feeling. What does this tell you about him from the very beginning of the novel

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