Reading Guide I prologue Describe the Trojan War. How did it start? Who fought in it? How did it end?

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The Adventures of Ulysses Reading Guide I


  1. Describe the Trojan War. How did it start? Who fought in it? How did it end?

  1. How long does his voyage home last?

Ships and Men

  1. In this part of the book, what two things are pointed out to the reader? (Hint: What two flaws in the ships will cause Ulysses and the men problems?)

  1. What is one of the personal traits that will be a problem for the men?

The Ciconians

  1. When Ulysses and his men come ashore here what do they do?

  1. Are the men successful?

  1. Who do they anger by throwing their treasure overboard?

  1. What is a simile used in this story?

The Lotus Eaters

  1. Who “plays” on the shore of Libya? What does he do for his father, Hypnos?

  1. What fascinates Morpheus? How does Persephone help him stay busy?

  1. Whose dreams does Morpheus leave alone? Why?

The Cyclops

  1. What drew the men to the cave of Polyphemus?

  1. Describe Polyphemus.

  1. How does Ulysses manage to trick Polyphemus?

  1. Who is Polyphemus related to? How does this affect our hero?

Keeper of the Winds

  1. The third night after they leave the Cyclops they come upon something strange in the ocean. What is it?

  1. Who is Aeolus? What Olympian is he related to?

  1. What does Aeolus ask Ulysses to do?

  1. Ulysses’ story pleases Aeolus. What does Aeolus give him for his story?

  1. What do the men do after Ulysses falls asleep upon seeing Ithaca? What personality trait are the men having a problem with again?

6. Is Aeolus able to help Ulysses again? Why or why not?

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