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Reading Log Projects

Choose ONE project from the designated section, and complete for the given due date. If your project can fit into your duotang, please hole punch it and put it in. Make sure you bring in your duotang each time so that I can add the mark to your cover page and calendar.

  • COVER PAGE: All projects must have a cover page. This is included in your mark. Your cover page MUST include:

    • Book title

    • Author

    • Project description: for example: Section A - #2 –Advertisement

    • Due date

    • Your name (just in case it falls out of your duotang.

Put your cover page into your duotang. Pass in along with your project.
Section A: Due by Friday, October 9th

1. Design an attractive cover for the novel you read this month. Your cover must include 1) the title of the novel, 2) the name of the author, and 3) the name of the cover illustrator (You!). You may use coloured pencils or markers for your cover. Neatness and creativity will be rewarded.

2. On a half sheet of Bristol board, create an advertisement to sell the book. You should include a title and author of the book, as well as words, phrases, and information that would catch a potential buyer’s attention.
3. Create 4 drawings or sketches that represent different parts of the story. You may use coloured pencils, or leave them in black and white. Give each sketch a title.

4. Design a book mark involving some aspect of the novel. This particular project is limited only by your imagination, and I will be looking for creativity. (A piece of paper in the shape of a book mark with the title and author will not be deemed creative or imaginative).

5. Make a diorama that depicts an important scene in the story.
6. Create a comic strip of at least 5 frames about the events of the story. Use balloons for text.
7. Create a sculpture about a character or object from the story from wood, soap, clay or play-doh. Write a paragraph explaining how your sculpture represents the character or object you have chosen.

Section B: Due by Thursady, November 12th

1. Write a song about the novel using a familiar tune. Be prepared to sing it to me privately or in front of our class, if you would rather.

2. Write a poem about the story. The poem must be at least 16 lines long
3. Act out a scene from the story or create a puppet play and present it to the class. (You may call on classmates to help you, and you’ll need to rehearse).
4. Keep a diary of one of the main characters in your novel. You will need at least 6 entries.
5. Create a game board based on this story. Include the game directions.
6. Write a play on one chapter of the novel (one that could be performed on stage). Write dialogue for the characters as well as stage directions. You will need to describe the props needed.
Section C: Due by Friday, January 29th

1. Create a story board about the most important events in the story. Remember to use drawings and words.

2. Make a timeline about the events of the story, with corresponding illustrations.
3. Use a Venn diagram to compare and contrast the lifestyle of the main character to your own lifestyle.
Section D: Friday, February 26th

1. Make a Crossword puzzle on graph paper or your computer. Make at least 10 clues Across and 10 clues Down using information from the story. Create the solutions (answers) for the puzzle.

2. Create a Word Find Puzzle. Make a list of at least 20 words from the novel. Create the solution.
3. Locate and clip twenty words or phrases from newspapers or magazines that you think represent the most important ideas from the novel. If you wish, you may write out these words on the computer using different fonts and sizes and cut them out. Then mount these words on Bristol board in an attractive way.
4. Write 10 questions you would ask a character from the novel if you could interview him/her. Use your imagination and knowledge to write his/her responses.
5. In your own words, describe one of the main characters. Use one paragraph to describe his/her physical appearance, one more for his/her character, and finally one for his/her actions. Remember to support your writing with appropriate details.
6. Write a sequel to this story. It must be a full page.
7. In your opinion, what was the most exciting part of the story? Write a well constructed piece that supports your ideas with evidence from the story.
8. Write a new ending for the story.

Section E: Friday, April 24th
Choose another activity from Section A. Make sure it is not one you have already completed.
Section F: Friday, May 27th

Choose one activity from any other section, your choice. Make sure it is not one you have already completed.


Always make sure you put your best effort into your homework. Neatness is considered an asset. You must read for at least 20 minutes each night at home in order to be able to complete these projects. You should read different genres of books.

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