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Bluebeard Reading Quiz: Strong and Weak Work




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Bluebeard, by Kurt Vonnegut, is a tasteful novel about a one-eyed man’s life after WWII and his passion for art.


In this novel, Vonnegut implies that while necessary in some circumstances, often times war simply causes more suffering, death and destruction.
In Bluebeard, Vonnegut implies that art has less of a monetary and analytical value as it does a personal and mental one.

Vonnegut uses the lasting impact the war had on Rabo to convey his own view of war as being tremendously important.
Vonnegut clearly shows that war is bad.
Art is very important in Bluebeard because art is the main topic for the whole book.
Vonnegut makes the book American because it’s set in America and about American characters.

Framing sentence

The most obvious example of the lasting impact the war had on Rabo is his scar.
People who fight in wars are not only physically damaged forever, but also mentally.

Bluebeard tells the story of Rabo, whose parents immigrated from Armenia. He grew up in San Ignacio…

Set up of quotation

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence in the text to support my thesis is in the beginning of Chapter 8. Rabo claims, “We used to boast how small our Army and Navy were…” (71).

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Explanation of quotation

This quote shows that Rabo really believed, as did many other service members at the time, that their cause was just.
The picture that Rabo painted was not only aesthetically pleasing, it meant something to him, something he didn’t really understand in his soul, but in his mind and body.

Rabo can’t see things in his life as more important than the war.
Rabo wants to show people what it is really like when you are not sitting in the comfort of your own home.


Vonnegut clearly shows the devastating impact of war and the ability of art to help survivors of war deal with their trauma.
Vonnegut clearly shows American ideals through his twisting of the American dream; in the end, money did not make Rabo happy, but his art did.

Overall, Vonnegut implies that he believes that war changes the warriors.
Vonnegut shows the American dream in Bluebeard, making this an American book.

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