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Every day, choose one prompt/question to write about after you read your text. Record the question number you are responding to in your Reader’s Notebook. Try to choose different prompts/questions each day. (In parentheses are the 3rd grade reading standards)
1. Pretend you are the teacher. Ask an important question about the story, then answer the

question. (RC 2.2)

2. What was the title of your story? List two reasons why you think the author chose this

title. (RC 2.1)

3. What was an important event in the text? Why was it important? (RC 2.4)

4. Make a prediction before you read. Record your prediction. Then tell why your prediction

was correct or why you had to change your prediction. (RC 2.4)

5. What is the main problem in the text? What did or will the main characters do to solve the

this problem? (RC 2.6)

6. Record what your visualizations were like as you read this text. Explain them too. (RC 2.0)

7. Describe the main characters. Who do you prefer, why? (RL 3.3)

8. Think about the story. What was the story mainly about? (RC 2.5)

9. Explain your favorite part of the story. Use evidence in the story to explain why this is

your favorite part. (RL 3.2)

10. Choose one of the characters and describe what the character was like. (RL 3.3)

11. What do you think the author was trying to teach the reader with this story? (RL 3.4)

12. Compare yourself to one of the characters in the book. (RC 2.0)

13. If you were the author, what part would you change in the story? Why? (RL 3.2)

14. Does this book remind you of another book? If so, tell how the two texts are similar.

(RL 3.3)

15. Why did you choose this book? Find your favorite quote in the book, record it. (RC 2.3)

1. What information surprised you? Why was it surprising? (RC 2.6)

2. How can you use this information in your life? (RC 2.6)

3. What is the most important idea or information that you learned? Why? (RL 3.1)

4. What are three interesting facts you learned? (RC 2.5)

5. What are you still wondering about after reading this text? (RC 2.2)

6. Create a T-Chart with the information you learned.

7. Pretend you are the teacher. Ask an important question about the information in the text

then answer the question. (RC 2.2)

8. If the text has an index, list four topics located in the index. Record the page number too.

(R 2.1)

9. If there is a glossary, record three words and their definitions in your notebook. (R 2.1)

10. If there is a table of contents, reorder the contents listing your favorite information first.

(R 2.1)

11. Find three important pictures from the text and describe them. (RC 2.4)

12. Predict other information about this topic that the author could write about. (RC 2.4)

13. Decide who in your class would enjoy reading this book. Tell why these scholars would

enjoy the text. (RC 2.0)

14. Think about the author. How do you think the author researched the information to write

this text? (RL 3.6)

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