Realistic Fiction Book Report

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Realistic Fiction Book Report

Due: October 14, 2011

Once you have read your realistic fiction book, complete the following project using the pumpkin template Each part will be worth 10 points.

  • Cover: On the first pumpkin template, illustrate the book. Remember to include the title and the author’s name. Put your name in the bottom, right hand corner. You may draw the illustration yourself, print something off the computer, or clip an image from an old magazine, but do not simply copy the original cover. Be creative!

  • Book Summary: On the second, write a summary of the book. Remember, a summary includes only the important ideas of the story. Be certain to use your own words, not any “borrowed” from someone else!

  • Connections: On the third give three good connections on the third sheet. Tie your connections to the story and identify the type of connection you make (T-S, T-T, T-W). Can you make a connection between the book you read and The Kid in the Red Jacket, Spider Boy or Along Came Spider?

  • Character Traits: Identify three characters from the story. For each character identify a trait that best represents that character. Then write about a scene from the story that reveals that trait in the character.
  • Vocabulary: On the fourth, list five new vocabulary words that you found in the book. Give the page number for each word. Write the sentence from the book where you found the word to show how the word was used in context. Find and include the appropriate definition for each word.

  • Figurative Language: On the fifth give four examples of figurative language found in your book (similes, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification). Identify the type of figurative language and then provide the page and exact text from the storm.


  1. Keep a post-it or small index card in the book as you read. List vocabulary words as you come across them!

  2. Do the same for the connections. Keep either a post-it or index card in the back of the book and write down the connection as it occurs to you.


Do your best and have your report in on time! Late work will lower your grade!

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