Recruitment options for waiting children- requesting additional services

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The Waiting Child Bulletin is used to feature children on the Oregon Adoption Resource Exchange (OARE)* website and is the most basic recruitment service for waiting children needing adoptive families. Caseworkers may request additional recruitment options beyond the Waiting Child Bulletin. Boys and Girls Aid partners with DHS to provide additional recruitment services. The Child Specific Recruitment option features information about recruitment for Another Planned Living Arrangement (APPLA) and guardianship, as well as adoption.

Who might need additional recruitment beyond OARE:

  • Sibling groups

  • Minority children of any age

  • Children of any age with high needs (developmental, behavioral or medical)

  • Single children age 6 and older

1. Northwest Adoption Exchange (NWAE)

NWAE is an adoption recruitment website for waiting children in the Pacific Northwest:

How to refer:

Contact email: or and someone from the organization will

contact you.

2. Child Specific Recruitment**

Boys and Girls Aid partners with DHS to provide additional services to selected children who need intensive and specialized recruitment. Caseworkers may submit a recruitment request for an Individualized Recruitment Plan (IRP) for a child or sibling group with unique placement needs and challenges when efforts to identify a placement known to the child or siblings has not been successful. IRP’s can be developed for an APPLA, guardianship or adoptive placement resource. The IRP will include individualized activities, strategies and resources identifying a foster or adoptive family for the referred child or sibling group. The IRP focus should be on finding a resource that is or can be prepared to be a certified foster home. All plans and activities will be approved and monitored by DHS. The child specific recruiters have permanency experience in child welfare and may help by updating child summaries, recruitment bulletins and life story books.

Child specific recruiters accept cases based on recruiter availability in their caseload, where the child lives and appropriateness of the service for the child. This is available to children in Benton, Clackamas, Clatsop, Hood River, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Marion Multnomah, Polk, Tillamook, Wasco, Washington, Columbia and Yamhill. Please contact one of the following, based on the service you are requesting:

Adoption: Angela Elliott email: or phone: 503-542-2349

Chrissie Woodruff email: or phone: 503-542-2334

Wilda Larsen email: or phone: 541-833-0244

Permanent Foster Care:

Joni Brands email: or phone: 503 945-8864

Mary Ann Johnson email: or phone: 503 945-5676
3. Oregon’s Two Heart Galleries

The Northwest Heart Gallery and the Oregon Heart Gallery facilitate free professional photos of children for Waiting Child Bulletins and offer expanded recruitment services. Portraits are taken by photographers around the state, so travel is generally not a barrier for foster families.

Photos for Child Bulletins:

Photos for only Waiting Child Bulletins to be featured on OARE are available through the Heart Galleries. This service is appropriate for any child needing a high quality photo for display on the OARE website which features all Oregon children who have a Child Bulletin. Workers who request only this service and not expanded Heart Gallery recruitment should note on the application form (link below) that they want only the Bulletin photo.

Expanded recruitment services:

Heart Gallery of Oregon and Northwest Heart Gallery feature compelling portraits of foster children taken by professional photographers. Portraits are displayed in exhibits across the state and on Heart Gallery web sites, along with a short description of the child. If you are concerned about a portrait being shown in particular geographic areas for safety or other reasons, you can request on the application that the picture not be shown in those areas. All children referred for expanded recruitment will receive a professional photo. Their photos and some biographical information will be displayed outside of the OARE website in a variety of public venues across the state and on public websites viewable to waiting families nationwide, including the Northwest Adoption Exchange. The portraits are shared between the two Heart Galleries, so only one photography session is needed.

Children not suitable for Heart Gallery services beyond the Child Bulletin photos are those who:

  • Are likely to go to adoption selection within three months

  • Should find families relatively easily using OARE, which is available to DHS and Special Needs Adoption Coalition (SNAC) workers for families in Oregon

Preparing children to be photographed by a Heart Gallery:

Please refer to Procedure Manual in the Appendix of Chapter 5 for “Preparing Children for Photolisting Recruitment” for guidelines on working with children before they are photographed for recruitment. Here is the link to the Child Welfare Procedure Manual:

How to refer for any Heart Gallery services and form link:

Contact Pam Stanley at: Complete the Heart Gallery referral form and send to Pam. This is the form link:

4. Wednesday’s Child (Idaho, Portland, and Southern Oregon)

Wednesday’s Child is an award-winning collaboration among community partners to bring the voices and faces of waiting children directly to prospective adoptive families.

The children’s experiences are captured on video and audio and creatively prepared, personalized for television station and on-line using portraits, personality sketches and audio and video files. Idaho’s Wednesday’s child travels to Portland twice a year to film children in the Portland area. Southern Oregon’s Wednesday’s Child films in Medford and in Eugene. Portland’s Wednesday’s Child films monthly in the Portland Metro area.

Children suitable for referral:

  • Children over the age of 8

  • Sibling groups

  • Children with special needs that require a broader area for recruitment or who have been on the recruitment track for six months or longer.

How to refer:

Contact e-mail: and someone from the organization will contact you.

5. AdoptUsKids

AdoptUsKids is a national adoption recruitment website for waiting children: Website:\

How to refer:

Contact email: or and someone from the organization will

contact you.
6. Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Adoption Recruitment (WWK)**

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids (WWK) partners with Boys and Girls Aid, via grants, to provide additional services to selected children who need intensive and specialized recruitment. WWK assists the caseworker by doing what the worker would do if they had the time, resources and a small enough caseload. The WWK recruiter meets with the worker and then gathers information to get to know the child and their history to develop ideas about potential significant relationships or areas to target. The WWK recruiter meets with the child(ren) at least monthly to hear what the child wants in a family and what their strengths and challenges are. WWK gets updated high quality photos of the child(ren) if this has not occurred recently. A photo display of the child(ren) is created to use during presentations or recruiting events in the community. WWK develops a child-focused, individualized and creative recruitment plan for each child. This may include ads in local (or further away) newspapers and magazines, photo displays of the child in a community forum and information sharing to specialized groups. The WWK recruiter maintains contact with the caseworker for updates on recruitment and matching. The WWK recruiters have permanency experience in child welfare and may help by updating child summaries, recruitment bulletins and life story books.

WWK accepts children for recruitment based on the recruiter’s availability in their caseload, where the children live and appropriateness of the services for the child. Boys & Girls Aid has two WWK recruiters. WWK serves Multnomah, Clackamas, Columbia, Hood River, Wasco, Washington, Marion, Linn, Benton, Lane, and Yamhill counties routinely. Children from surrounding counties are assessed on a case by case basis for WWK services.
How to refer: Please contact Angela Elliot 503-542-2349, Kimberly Hayes 503-542-2330, or Wilda Larsen 541-833-0244
*Access the OARE website for more information by going to:

**Boys and Girls Aid and WWK works together to make sure referrals for children are sent to the appropriate program. Some children may be more appropriate for Child Specific Recruitment while others might be more appropriate for WWK. You can contact either program for assistance regarding that decision.

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