Related Regulations and Attentions

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Related Regulations and Attentions

*All the exhibitors and their agents, contractors must obey the valid regulations and any valid amendment published by related department and the organizer, which come into effect since the first day of the exhibition.

*Organizer or authorized agencies are entitled to close part / all of the stands or clear part / all of exhibits away from the venue if exhibitors don’t obey the regulations. In addition, the organizer will not be responsible for any damage caused by it.

        1. Booth Build-up and Dismantling

The working hours for booth build-up is from 8:30am to 17:30pm on 20 April and from 8:30am to 22:00pm on 21 April, 2015. Exhibitors should apply to relevant department of the Venue for overtime working and pay for the surcharge. All booths are required to be dismantled from 15:00pm to 22:00pm on 24 April. In order to maintain the whole image of the exhibition and the safety of visitors, no exhibitor is allowed to dismantle booth before 15:00pm on the last day of the exhibition(24 April, 2015).

        1. Notice of Booth Construction

The structure height of raw space stand is limited to a certain standard designed by the Venue. Raw space exhibitors are required to submit their design drawings to the appointed contractor (ViewShop Exhibits & Display (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) before 31 March, 2015 for approval of relevant departments. In addition, raw space exhibitors should especially notice that all the booth drawing paper related to two-story booth, multi-story booth and outdoor booth must be approved and please contact the appointed contractor for more details. Construction work can only be carried out on the base of approved design plan. For shell scheme exhibitors, no private booth set-up and dismantle is allowed.

        1. Exhibitor Badge

Exhibitors should collect the Exhibitor Badges at the on-site registration counter before entering the hall and booth build-up. During the period of setting-up, exhibition and dismantlement, exhibitors are also required to wear badges.

        1. Customs Declaration

Exhibitors should ask forwarder companies to handle the Customs declaration and on-site transportation procedures in accordance with the requirements of relevant ministry of China. No overseas exhibit is allowed to be sold during the exhibition. If exhibitors have reached the agreement with domestic buyers after the exhibition, please first contact Goline Logistic INC. to go through necessary formalities. If not, exhibits need to be carried back or destroyed. Domestic exhibits can only be carried out of the venue after approved by the appointed forwarder.

  1. Insurance, Responsibility and Risk

All the exhibitors should insure against the reparation evoked by damage of exhibits and hall and personal injury. Please make sure the intactness of leased items when they are returned. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss of exhibits. We strongly suggest exhibitors insure exhibits and other valuables in advance.

  1. Security Guard

Exhibitors should comply with relevant laws, policies and regulations related to exhibition of our country and properly take care of valuable exhibits and private items. The whole venue will provide 24-hour security control, but the organizer still suggest exhibitors take along personal valuables, which shall not be left unattended in the hall. If any theft occurred, please contact the organizer and the Security Control Department of the Venue ASAP, who will assist the police with the investigation. But the Venue will not be responsible for any loss arisen.

  1. Electricity Regulation

Visitors should avoid electric shock caused by unintentional touch of wire. Electricity to all facilities will be turned off when one exhibition day ends. If exhibitors need 24 hours power, please contact relevant department in advance, which will incur surcharge. For safety’s sake, relevant department of SNICE will be responsible for power supply to every booth and no other contractor is allowed to supply power. Exhibitors themselves should connect booth power to the position need electricity.

  1. Notice of Exhibits Demonstration

Exhibits demonstration activities should not be carried out on the passageway and in its neighboring booths. Exhibits display should be under strict control and exhibitors should ensure the safety of the demonstration. For equipment which may injure visitors, exhibitors are required to carry out certain protection measures and isolate visitors from demonstration area.

  1. Distribution of Samples and Promotion Materials

The distribution of all kinds of samples and promotion materials shall be strictly restricted in the exhibitors’ own booth and should not occupy the passageway and other public areas. Adhesive logo and paper are not allowed to be distributed on site. Exhibitors’ activities and staffs are restricted in their booths or exhibition area, out of which exhibitors are not allowed to perform advertising campaign, including the distribution of leaflets, samples, magazines and other promotion materials. Exhibitors who violate this rule or cause disorder among receivers are considered saboteurs and will be suspended or even be fined.

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