Request for Proposals Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 30, 2016

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Cleveland Public Theatre

Entry Point
Local Request for Proposals
Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 30, 2016

Cleveland Public Theatre’s New Play Development

CPT’s mission is to raise consciousness and nurture compassion through groundbreaking performances and life-changing educational programs. CPT’s programming agenda is to produce work that is outside the mainstream, offering a much broader range of work available to the Cleveland public and expanding the impact and originality of theatre across the country. CPT strives to make work that is excellent, extraordinary and nationally competitive.

Our NEW, new play development is based on our years of experience, community input and key principles of: focusing on artists; valuing diversity of approach, aesthetics and perspective; and balancing impact with investment.

We envision CPT as a nationally recognized hub for the development of new theatre that is extraordinary, edgy and relevant. We hope to be a model for nurturing local talent in similar sized markets, the most regarded cultivator of new theatre for Cleveland audiences, a laboratory for promising research and investigation and a launcher of nationally significant new plays.

Entry Point Summary

Every project is unique and has unique needs. Some playwrights need a producer to develop a staged reading, others just need time in the rehearsal room with their ensemble, help in gathering the right team together or a way to share a short fragment and get feedback. Entry Point is a platform for artists to develop their work in the early stages of creation. CPT will customize its support of projects and provide a festival forum to share that work with the public. We imagine, for example, audiences/artists together seeing a staged reading in one space, then seeing a short devised work in a studio and then hanging out in a feedback session. Feedback at Entry Point will be low-risk and focus on nurturing projects. CPT will connect projects to mentors who can help offer feedback and guidance.

Entry Point Detailed Description

Entry Point offers artists or groups the opportunity to develop theatre, dance, performance art music or genre defying performances.

Entry Point seeks to serve the needs of theatre creators and share the process with the wider public, through seed investments of space/time, money and other resources.

Because this is a customizable series, CPT is looking for guidance from the applying artists about what they need and what they can share with the public. Here are a few examples:

  1. A staged reading—CPT engages a director, a dramaturg and some actors for a couple of rehearsals and presents a reading of the work-in-progress.

  2. A showcase—CPT offers space, support for limited production supplies and presents a well-developed 10 minute sample of a larger work-in-progress.

  3. Very early rehearsals—CPT offers space and support for artists and presents an open rehearsal

These are meant as good examples, but we are open to other ideas that can be accomplished with limited investment and has a public component.

Cleveland Public Theatre:

Produce a festival-like series over one or two weeks in January of 2017.

Projects are given access to the theatre for an agreed upon period for rehearsals. Spaces may be shared with other artists or may be exclusively dedicated to a single project.

CPT will invest $500 in cash investment for each project. These funds may be used for directors and actors in staged readings, specialty props, artist fees, playwright honorarium, etc. CPT will propose a use-of-funds budget to lead artist upon acceptance.

CPT will prepare each space for the public.

CPT provides front-of-house and box office.

CPT provides a stage manager and limited technical support.

CPT will produce a direct mail piece advertising the series. CPT will send out a press release for listings only. CPT is the exclusive manager of all media relations for the series and will work with artists to best utilize their contacts. Since the work being done is in development, critics will not be invited or comped.

CPT will connect Lead Artist to a volunteer ally or mentor for the project.

Total estimated “per project” investment from CPT (including all direct costs, occupancy and cash) is $3,500.

Lead Artist:
Entry Point lead artists will provide artistic content. Content will be original and must be in development having had no previous full production. Content must be owned by artist or the artist must have authority to use material (in case of adaptation or inclusion of other content).

Lead Artist may choose to select their team or CPT will select team based on what is most appropriate for the project.

Lead Artist must attend up to four mandatory meetings. If, on one occasion, the lead artist cannot attend, they must send a representative who can communicate for them and who will be responsible to transmit all the content of the meeting to the lead artist.

All artists in Entry Point will be given a series pass and are expected to attend other pieces. Lead Artists are expected to attend a majority of the other Entry Point showings.

Lead Artists will have some obligations to list CPT in subsequent productions.

Selection Criteria

CPT develops work that is outside the mainstream aesthetically, thematically or in the creative process. For Entry Point we will select artists that fit that directive.

We are seeking projects that have the potential to reach a high degree quality and could be competitive nationally. Because this series focuses on early stages, we are not expecting perfect scripts or fully realized productions. We are looking for signs of high artistry and great potential for growth.

For Entry Point, we are looking for lead artists that are hungry for feedback and eager to grow their project throughout the process.

CPT will select projects that are at a good point in the process and for which the lead artist has a good sense of what is most needed. (i.e. If a text-based script is not yet fully honed, it would make sense for the lead artist to request support for a dramaturg. It would not make sense to request support for great costumes!)

Advice to Applicants

Applicants should be truly interested in the process of creation and eager to dive into the work of early stage development. Be clear about what you want to accomplish during Entry Point and how your project will benefit.

Entry Point includes work that is not considered “theatre” by the conventional definition—for example music performance that is beyond a concert, new forms of dance, performance art and experimental opera. It is important for applicants in the non-theatre arena to explain their process and how Entry Point will serve the development of the work.

Answer emails quickly and professionally. We often have follow up questions for your application. This means we are interested in the process or want to make sure we have a complete understanding. Your response to emails can reveal inherent strengths and weaknesses in your team.

Contact for applications: New Play Associate, Caitlin Lewins;; 216-631-2727 x 211

Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 30, 2016
Entry Point Proposal
Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 30, 2016
Please complete the application and submit it with additional materials electronically as an attachment to New Play Associate, Caitlin Lewins at

Use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to complete the fields on page #1. Get the free latest version of Adobe Reader from (Or contact Caitlin Lewins for a version of this application that does not require Adobe (

General Information


Primary Artist Contact Name:


Mobile Phone:


Other Key Artists Involved:
Title of Work:

Length of piece/event:

Artistic Discipline (e.g. music, theatre, dance, puppetry, etc.):

Entry Point is currently scheduled for January 9th through the 22. Are there any time conflicts during that period?


Please answer each of the following questions individually in a separate document. This document should total at least two pages in length and not exceed four pages. Please attach this document to your email.

  1. Describe your project

a.Plot summary or appropriate equivalent at this point in the process

b.Please describe the state of development (i.e., “I have a them, a cast and a sense of the creation,” or “I have a draft of the script”)

c.What makes this project a good fit for CPT?

  1. Lead Artist and Team:

d.What is your artistic experience?

e.What is your background, experience and skill-set that gives you confidence that you can successfully lead and complete this project?

f.Are other artists currently engaged with the project?

2.Development Structure

a.What roles in the project to hope to have CPT staff: Casting? Director? Dramaturg?

b.What do you need from CPT? (a few examples: “I need CPT to produce a reading,” “I need five weeks in the rehearsal room and a deadline when the public will be invited,” “I need a few actors and a week in the rehearsal room.”

c.What do you want to share with the public as part of Entry Point? (a few examples: a staged reading of the script; a 15 minute sample of the show; a highly structured improvisation based on story boards; a work-in-progress installation tour; an open rehearsal where audience may enter or exit at will.)

d.What are the budget priorities for your project? (Director/dramaturg? actors? production elements? playwright fee? other?) Do you have a sense of the best use of the cash funds available?

  1. Impact

e.Why do you want to participate in Entry Point?

f.How will Entry Point impact you as an artist and the growth of the proposed piece?

g.What are your dreams for the future of your project?
Suggested Supplementary Materials:

  1. Script or Equivalent (if appropriate)

  2. Bio or Resume of Lead Artist and/or Key Team Members

  3. Work samples: previous scripts, or web links to video, audio (CPT will not accept dvd or any other hard form of video or data, so video must be available online preferably without password-protection.)

Please email additional material to support your application including script, artistic statement, etc. to New Play Associate, Caitlin Lewins (

Materials will not be returned.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 30, 2016

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