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Cherokee Nation Businesses, Culture and Tourism Department is requesting quotes for budget purposes only for the Cort Mall rear entry stair demo and replacement project. The Contractor shall furnish the necessary personnel, materials, services, equipment, facilities, and otherwise do all things necessary to complete the performance of the work specified but not limited to the Scope of Work in a manner consistent with accepted professional standards and regulations.

The project includes the demolition and replacement of an existing stair that is currently used for egress purposes from the 2nd floor of the Cort Mall building. The new stair is being constructed as phase one of the new Tahlequah Pathway project. Work should be in accordance with drawings dated 3/29/2017. The new stair structure will be steel construction and the existing steel columns will be salvaged for re-use at some column locations. The new stair columns/footings will be located in an area where existing utilities are present, the construction documents have anticipated the possible relocation of these utilities by including a bid alternate. Other bid alternates include the replacement of the concrete parking areas, relocation of existing HVAC exhaust, and demolition of the existing stair itself at the Cherokee Nation Cort Mall Building located in Tahlequah OK. The Cort Mall Building is a 2 story building with brick façade. The work to be complete is at the rear of the building which faces east. The stair and landing are located above the first-floor entrance. During construction, the entry will remain closed for the duration of construction. The contractor will need to provide plywood protection for the glass and doors being impacted by construction.

Items to be noted:

  1. The Contractor shall be familiar with all applicable tribal laws and requirements and must comply with them in performing all work.

  2. Contractor shall furnish a quote to perform work shown in the drawings.

  3. Contractor shall furnish a preliminary schedule of work with the quote.

  4. Contractor shall furnish a schedule of values for service provided with the quote.

  5. Contractor shall list of any exclusions of the scope of work with the quote.

  6. The contractor will be responsible for obtaining all permits and will be responsible for fees required to complete work for this project.

  7. The contractor will be responsible for coordination with the City of Tahlequah Public Works Authority to complete any portion of the work.

  8. The contractor will be responsible for coordination with tenants of the Cort Mall if any work is expected to impact normal daily operations.

  9. All debris must be removed from the site daily.

  10. Quotes should be based on work being completed Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm.

  11. The building will be occupied during construction.

  12. Construction signage and fencing will be required for the duration of the project.

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