Resources to Create Digital Products

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Resources to Create Digital Products

  • Glogster - Create digital posters.

  • Mixbook - Create online books with text and pictures. Different from Storybird in that the composer chooses the pictures.

  • Storybird - Collaborative storytelling. Match stories with artwork. Students can join a class without divulging personal info.

  • iBooks Creator - iPad app. Costs $4.99 but well worth it. Very usable at all grade levels. Imagine your students on a field trip with their iPads taking photos and usingthem to create a book about the experience.

  • Story Buddy - the lite version is free. We like this story creator because you can save the final product as a PDF book and send it anywhere!!

  • Bookemon - create online books.

  • Demibooks - book writing app for your iPad.

  • Little Bird Tales - create books for the very young. Uses student voice. Doesn't require writing. Great site for early childhood.

  • GoAnimate - Animation site. Create stories with animation characters.

  • DomoGoAnimate - A school friendlly version of GoAnimate which all inappropriate content is filtered out. You can create animations that can be embedded onto blogs, wikis, etc.

  • Animoto - Create multi-media projects. Merge music, video, pictures, etc.

  • HomeVoki - Create talking avatars.

  • Sock Puppets - great i-Pad site that lets students create digital puppet shows. Does not require writing.

  • Toontastic - hot off the presses from USA Today as a top five app for creativity.

  • Puppet Pals - like Sock Puppets only you can create characters from your own pictures.

  • Roxio Photoshow - Create multi-media projects. Merge music, video, pictures, etc.
  • Powtoon - a very unique and different kind of presentation technology.

  • Prezi - Create digital presentations.

  • Slide Rocket - Touted as PowerPoint on steroids. Digital presentations.

  • Livebinders - Create virtual three-ring binders.

  • Kidblog - a really safe place for young kids to blog.

  • Kid Blocks - a neat app that lets kids build with Legos in 3D. This link is to a web site for more info. You get it in your app store.

  • Kid Timber - a neat app that lets kids build with Lincoln Logs in 3D. This link is to a web site for more info. You get it in your app store.

  • ShowMe - a drawing app that allows students to create work. Link is to web site with info.

  • Museum Box - This site provides the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person, or historical period, by placing items in a virtual box.

  • VuVox - a media creation site. You can make videos, photo shows, or combine both here.

  • - a unique site to create visual products.

  • Thinglink - A very cool site for interactive images - one of the hot digital tools out there.

  • Spicynodes - Organize websites, pictures, and video in a unique graphic organizer.

  • Photovisi - Create photo collages here. Sort of an online Pic Collage. You do not need to join anything to use this one.

  • WeVideo - WeVideo is a very useable online video creation site. If you can't use Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, try WeVideo.

  • Peanut Gallery - allows you to create old-time silent films using your voice.

  • Meograph - Create multi-media projects online. Be sure to use the educator version.
  • Lego Movie Maker for iPad - create sets with Legos and then convert them to movies. Watch this video

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