Resources to support eal pupils with reading Dual language fiction to buy

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Resources to support EAL pupils with reading

Dual language fiction
Dual language fiction to buy:

- story books with audio available using the Talking Pen/ PENpal

- Fiction texts for KS3 in Polish/ English and Portuguese/English

Dual language fiction on line:

- An excellent site with dual language traditional tales and short stories from around the world. The stories can be read and listened to online, or downloaded.

Stories are available in the following languages: Akan, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Danish, Filipino, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Mandarin, Pashto, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, Welsh, Yoruba and Zulu. OR - dual language and monolingual books in many languages
Enter into Google – name of traditional story + language

Texts in English with audio/ activities
Texts in English with audio/ activities (to buy):
Oxford Reading Tree Talking Stories

Oxford Reading Tree with Clicker 5/ Clicker 6

Oxford Reading Tree teachers’ books – activities on texts

Mantra Lingua Interactive Literacy CD Roms – KS1 CDs and KS2 CDs.

The CDs use well-known folk tales to introduce aspects of grammar and develop understanding of the stories. Each CD includes an animated film of the story. The story and the instructions for the activities can be listened to in several different languages. Can be used by individual children or by whole class. £20 per CD Rom.
Racing to English CD

- £45 + £5 p and p – includes many stories and non-fiction texts with activities

Hounslow Language Service:

- EAL at Key Stage 1 - Framework for Early Stages

Aims to provide a context for language learning using picture books linked to key areas of basic vocabulary, and suggests strategies which will give pupils the opportunity to practise and become familiar with vocabulary and language structures in the books.


Texts in English with audio/ activities (on line):
CBeebies - - audio books in English
Oxford Owls e-books - - a huge library of free eBooks with audio and activities, plus flashcard games, dictionaries and activity books

Real Project Texts

- Ten short texts with activities which focus on developing learners’ knowledge of high frequency vocabulary at the 1,000-2,000 word level, designed for the post-beginner learner of English. The texts are located in familiar contexts in the Key Stage 3 curriculum, but can also be used with Key Stage 2 learners. Activities around each are pictorially illustrated and highlight a wide range of the target vocabulary. The materials have been designed with the intention of supporting personalised learning and can be used effectively by the students both inside and outside the classroom situation.

Texts include: Romeo and Juliet; Rainforests; Living through WW2; Numbers, fractions and decimals; Major organs.

Log in (click on ‘request new password’ if you haven’t logged in before) and then go to:

Dual language texts with activities
Hounslow Language Service:

- Traditional Tales with Activities - Aimed at beginners in KS2 and 3

Three stories in several languages with activities for developing reading and writing skills.


Activities to develop comprehension skills and language – collaborative reading activities for Literacy, Geography, History, Science

Mantra Lingua has produced sound-enabled versions of many of the collaborative reading activities designed by the Collaborative Learning Project.

‘Excellence and enjoyment: learning and teaching for bilingual children in the primary years’ – see Unit 2 for guidance and activities to support reading and vocabulary development.


Resources to help schools to encourage parents to support reading:

Hounslow Language Service:

- Parents and Children Sharing Books - explains strategies for parents who wish

to help their children develop reading skills and is available in 17 different


- Reading and Early Years – parents and children reading together (FS and

KS1) – a pack of leaflets for parents in several languages explaining the value of

reading with their child.
‘Reading with your child’ booklet – available to download free in many languages at:


See separate documents on ‘Readers for EAL learners KS2-4’, and ‘Materials to support texts used in KS3 and 4 English’.
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