Return to Wolfsgate


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March 2003 Campaign - Return to Wolfsgate

Return to Wolfsgate
Scenario #1: Twin Patrols

The Prizes * The Background * The Story * The Map * Rules

Players vow their allegiance to one of two competing sides each month, and their battle results will directly affect the Mage Knight ™ story line. Each participant, for the cost of shipping and handling, will receive a great new LE figure representing the actual Warlord that player decided to fight for and a special enamel pin representing that player’s chosen side in the campaign. There will also be exclusive LE figures for the weekly champion and sportsmanship winner! Sign up at your local Mage Knight retail store to play, and shape the future of Mage Knight with every victory!

The Prizes:













The Background :

After Lord Andreus’ failure last summer, the Atlantean Empire is making another attempt to conquer the river-city of Wolfsgate. In order to breach the unassailable city, the Technomancer Venthu is being sent to sabotage the gates. Only Whitehawk, a respected Amazon warrior, will be able to thwart his plans of conquest! In this month’s Campaign, you will once again get the chance to help shape Mage Knight history, as the Atlantis Guild and the Black Powder Rebels struggle for the strategic Rebel city of Wolfsgate!

Venthu, Atlantean Technomancer
Heading a powerful army of soldiers, mages, and Atlantean golems, the Technomancer Venthu is charged with cracking open the gates of the Rebel city of Wolfsgate. With a sizable Atlantean army poised to begin the sack of Khamsin, it is up to Venthu to sabotage the Rebel defense to allow the Empires soldiers within the city walls!


Whitehawk, Amazon Blademistress
As a lead scout and a trusted warrior under the command of the Red Duchess of Khamsin, Whitehawk and her band of Amazon warriors find themselves facing off against a band of determined Atlantean warriors. With sword, bow, and skill, Whitehawk must defeat the Atlantean invaders in order to keep Wolfsgate safe from Empire domination!

The Story:

Scenario #1: Twin Patrols

Technomancer Venthu

Atlantis Guild

Emperor Nujarek was very specific in his orders: Wolfsgate must fall, and the Rebel defenders put to death.

As Venthu, the Atlantean Technomancer in charge of the raid, led his troops along the swollen banks of the Roa Khamita, he pondered his assignment. His lightning strike against the river-city of Wolfsgate was critical to Emperor Nujarek’s attack plans, because his unit bore the difficult task of cracking open the gates to allow the Atlantean armies into Khamsin territory. If Venthu failed, the armies would simply ford the river to the north, but they would lose valuable weeks of time—and the element of surprise—in the crossing.

But the largest obstacle that Venthu faced, apart from the Red Duchess and her garrison of able Rebel defenders, was the Atlantean traitor Lord Andreus. Once an ally and fellow general within the Empire’s military, now the traitor was supposedly aiding the Rebel cause by revealing key Atlantean tactics and procedures that the Emperor had used in his first assault. Through this rogue attack, Venthu hoped his warriors would be able to thwart the traitor’s plans, open the gates at just the right time, and earn favor and prestige in the Atlantean courts.

Venthu smiled as he negotiated his mechanical spider legs over a fallen log. Just as his metal feet touched back down to earth, he heard a blast fired by one of his Amotep Gunners just up ahead. They’d met resistance! Venthu summoned the power of his Magestone implants, and readied himself for battle.

Black Powder Rebels

Whitehawk knelt down to the earth and tore up a handful of trampled grass. Sniffing the sod carefully, she caught the scent of peppermint—Empire soldiers. Caressed by perfumes of decadence, Atlantean feet never tread upon the ground without leaving some artificial trace behind. As the Amazon carefully examined the narrow path, trying to decipher how many soldiers had passed, she drew her twin enchanted swords from their sheaths. They were light as feathers, yet sharp as razors. More than ten-score Atlanteans had met their end at their keen edges, and if her Hawk totem was willing, ten-score more would follow very, very soon.

Turning to her Amazon sisters, she whispered her orders: “The Empire has men here.

A patrol of perhaps a dozen warriors, heavily armed. They move quietly, spying upon the city and readying to attack.” She gestured just up the path. “And they are but minutes ahead of this place.” Whitehawk’s Blademistresses drew their swords in an instant, crouching in their famed fighting stance and ready to deal death in flurries of graceful motion. Whitehawk offered a prayer to her totem god, the Shining Hawk, and began to lead her warriors around the Atlantean column to prepare an ambush at the clearing just up ahead.


Having crossed the Roa Khamita by dark of night, the Atlantean strike team, led by the Technomancer Venthu, heads toward the Atlantean rendezvous point. Whitehawk, an experienced Amazon warrior with loyalty to Khamsin and the Rebel cause, lays an ambush for the Atlanteans to test their strength and battle prowess.

Each player aims to defeat the other.

Army Size
Two-player game; 125 points per player. Single-dial figures only. No titans are allowed except for artillery pieces. No castle pieces are allowed. The Rebel player is the first player.

Rule Set
Mage Knight: Unlimited

Time Limit
50 minutes

Setting the Scene
Set up terrain per the map. No additional terrain is placed. Terrain piece R is deep-water terrain.

Special Rules
The Atlantis Guild player must have at least one figure from the Atlantis Guild faction in his or her army. The Black Powder Rebel player must have at least one figure from the Black Powder Rebel faction in his or her army.

Victory Conditions
Use the standard Mage Knight Unlimited victory conditions.

Battlefield Map:

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