Review: Jordan Fields Presents 2084

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Review: Jordan Fields Presents 2084

ight at the moment, I could be listening to Royksopp. Or a pre 1990's computer game, or indeed american elevator music. I am however still listening to Jordan Fields 'presents 2084', track number 8 - the chase.

When the album arrived a while back, it didn't get listened to straight away. Then we moved house/office and whatever else and sadly up until about 2 hours ago '2084' remained untouched and unlistened in a box under the stairs. It's quite exciting that we now have stairs, but that's different story.

Described as a chicago house legend and after 3 years away from full studio albums, Jordan Fields is back, with the follow up to 2002’s  ‘Moments In Dub’ and he’s in better form than ever. See that's what the press release says anyway, though I wouldn't really disagree.

Jordan Fields is a new name to me, and normally I'm not a person to listen to an entire production album more than once. Generally, it all starts to sound the same, but thats maybe because i'm a lover of the dance floor movement and the various places mixing 30 different artists together takes you. Jordan fields however, seems to experiment right across the 'chicago house' sound, whatever that is, cause at moments it's a dance floor pleaser yet only tracks later its a laid back feat of an album (especially the HEAVY track 'Why must I ask you why feat Colette')

I don't know much about chicago house, something you may have realised in the past few paragraphs. What I do know though is Jordan Fields has put together a collection of tracks that work for the moment. It's a drive in your car with the windows down cd that wouldn't feel out of place mooched on your sofa after a heavy night out. Not the music you would find me dancing to I admit, though the odd track wouldnt go amiss during my dance floor antics.

Generally, this is one of the hardest reviews i've ever found myself writing. Maybe i've had too much lemsip and not enough love, or maybe im just finding it hard to describe how good this album is. Maybe I should listen to more chicago house. And maybe I should stop saying maybe.

It's a lush mix of deep house, downtempo, nu jazz and broken beats, served up with a large slice of Chicago sensibility. That just about covers it.

JORDAN FIELDS: "2084 EP" ­ Nice + Smooth

Chicago House pioneer and top DJ/ producer Jordan Fields releases this EP
opening with "Why Must I Ask You Why" featuring Colette. This has
atmospheric backing with its chiming synths and clean r&b groove but Jordan
lets the vocal take prominence with only minimal music and breakbeat.
"Heaven" featuring R-Diva is more upbeat with a minimal bassline synth led
backing moving into a deep groove.



Issue 407 - January 20th, 2006

The Hype Chart 100

1 Polyphonics Changing Times Sole Music

2 Groove Junkies Just Groovin’ Om
3 Sandy Brown Parker For Your Love Oxyd
4 Theo Parrish Falling Up 3rd Ear
5 Soul Central Need You Now Defected
6 Dave Lee ft Ann Saunderson You're Not Alone Interface/Z
7 Teamsters Feels Like Love Montana
8 Rasmus Faber ft Melo Come With Me Farplane
9 Axwell & Steve Edwards Watch The Sunrise Axtone
10 Rolling Stones Rain Fall Down Virgin
11 Innervisions Pres Ame Rej Sonar Kollectiv

12 Fatback Band ft Bah Samba Spanish Hustle BKO

13 Jamiroquai Electric Mistress Sony
14 Fairmont Gazebo Border Community
15 Freemasons Watchin Loaded
16 Bionic Phunk In My Head Prog City
17 Phunk Nouveau ft Neele Ternes Someone Kickin
18 King Unique Flashing Lights EP JBO
19 Stacey Mallory What Is House Music Jellybean
20 Laid ft Yota Me Loaded
21 DJ Exacta Shake My Soul Subliminal
22 Silicone Soul Inferno Soma
23 Tiger Stripes New York New York Prog City
24 Colder To The Music Output
25 Keith Thompson Africa In Your Veins Waking Monster
26 Shaun Escoffrey Heard It Thru The Grapevine Oyster
27 Tim Deluxe I Don't Care AT
28 Cass & Mangan Shoes EP Fine
29 Chicken Lips White Dwarf Adrift
30 Julien Jabre Swimming Places Defected
31 Tiger Stripes Vem Sambar White Label
32 Timo Garcia & The Chesire Catz Discotech Berwick St
33 Colombia Juicy Fruit Columbia 1st Groove
34 Full Intention I Believe In You Eye Industries
35 Jordan Fields 2084 EP nice + smooth
36 Tiga Do It Don't Stop PIAS
37 Lenny Fontana ft Ochtavia The Way Defected
38 Joey Negro Make A Move Data
39 Mixed Pickles I'll Show U Fragile
40 Peven Everett Stuck

Right into this one..."

illes Peterson / London UK

BBC Radio 1 / Worldwide

:: Tracklisting 06/11/05
1) Ben Westbeech – ‘Untitled’ (White)
2) Jordan Fields Feat Colette –

Why Must I Ask You Why’ (Nice + Smooth)

3) Angie Stone – ‘I Wasn’t Kidding You’ (Sony/BMG)
4) Rich Medina Feat Sy Smith – ‘I Cant’ Hold Back’ (Kindred Spirits)
5) Ben Westbeech – ‘Untitled’ (White)
6) Ian Simmonds – ‘The Dog’ (Kompakt)
7) Bajka – ‘The Only Religion That I Believe (Jazzman)

Gilles Peterson / London
BBC Radio 1 / Worldwide

:: Tracklisting 27/11/05

1, Raul Midon - 'Sunshine' (EMI)
2, Atjazz - 'Put It On' (Osunlade Mix) (White)
3, Prins Thomas - 'Goettsching' (Bear Entertainment)
4, Duminie - 'No Demons, No Majik' (Sound Signature)
5, Lindstrom – ‘Untitled’ (White)
6, Roberto Di Gioia’s Marsmobil - ‘Flowers’ (Fauna Flash Remix) (Compost)
7, John Lennon - 'Hold On' (Apple Records)
8, Emmanuel Feat Braintax - 'Lets Go Away' (Little League)
9, Various Productions - 'Untitled' (White)
10, Pressure feat. Warrior Queen - ‘Money Honey’ (Remix) (Hypedub Records)
11, Edu K feat Deizz Tigrona - 'Sex-O-Matic' (Solid Groove Remix) (Man Recordings)
12, Soil & Pimp – ‘Fragment’ (Victor)
13, Mark Murphy - 'My Favourite Things' (Riverside)
14, Billy Paul - 'Malorie’ (Philadelphia International Records)
15, The Horace Silver Quintet – ‘Sayonara Blues’ (Blue Note)
16, Domu - 'Unfazed' (Archive)
17, Bakura - 'Thinking About' (Especial)
18, Domu - 'Dangerous Times' (Co-Op)
19, Domu - 'Untitled' (White)
20, Nicola Kramer - 'Last Time' (White)
21, Carmen Lundy – ‘Better Day’s (A Frasia)

22, Jordan Fields Feat Colette – ‘Why Must I Ask You Why’ (Nice & Smooth)

M8 UK / Jan 2006

IDJ - UK Jan 2006


JORDAN FIELDS presents 2084


MARCH 2006 (publishing Feb, 2006)
Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to say that the whole pigeon-holing, genre

defining logic is finally a thing of the past. Theres been plenty of hints

over the last 18 months with producers such as Dubble D, Secret Stealth and

Infekto serving up highly eclectic cuts that embrace everything from soul to

dub to straight up jacking house. Its a message the likes of Laurent

Garnier has preached for years, and with 2084, Jordan Fields hasnt just

cemented this ideology, hes honed it down to perfection creating entirely

fresh, not to mention exciting, sounds along the way.

You see, if you tried to categorise, define or pigeon hole Jordans

sounds with one throw away term, your head could quite feasibly explode.

From the stuttering broken beats and subdued horns of the opener Orangina

On The Rocks to the dreamy, Zed Bias meets Nathan Haines over a bottle of

full strength Valium, vibes of No Copa Dub, this is some truly original

shiznit that defies any previous generic sensibilities. Take Get Busy On

The 1 for instance, its a dubby little number garnished with deliciously

sweet keys and the soft growls of a b-line that wouldnt go amiss on a UK

garage or breakbeat tune while the beats sound like a dread bass style drum

and bass tune on half speed.

I could go on like that about every tune on this this heart warming,

enticing set. From the beautiful walk in the park style soundtrack that is

Bluechip Lounge Mix to the effortless warm boompty beats of Heaven, you

could say theres a real timeless quality about 2084. But it goes beyond

that; this is jazz licked futurism perfect for that barbeque I plan to have

when property becomes available on the moon.

Taking off from where Moments In Dub, his debut opus on Mo Wax, left

us, Fields has displayed a sophistication that can only be derived from

years of longstanding service to the great American sounds. From sultry soul

to funky electro to smooth hip hop and bumpy Chicago house music, everything

is covered but thats where the genre defining ends. I happen to like my

head, and if it exploded I would no longer be able to enjoy this highly

deserving album of the month. 5/5


(Canada’s hottest!!!!!)

Jordan Fields ‘2084 e.p’ Charting at#4

December 2005

Echoes Magazine – UK January 2006

ordan Fields Presents "2084" (Nice & Smooth)

Jordan Fields has been knocking out quality jams since the late 80's & it's

easy to hear his knowledge on this album. Taking in disco, funk, hip hop &

jazz elements, Fields turns each track out with ease. "A Rainbow Dub" is

truly gorgeous deep house; "Why Must I Ask You" is a stunner featuring OM's

Colette, while the pick for me is the electronic beauty of "Heaven". I'd

recommend this album to all dance fans, whether you have heard of Jordan

Fields before or his name is new to you - either way, you'll love it 4/4

Night Magazine – UK January 2006

Review: Jordan Fields presents 2084

At the tender age of twelve, DJ and producer Jordan Fields broke onto the b-boy scene in the Windy City; an era of wild creativity that would later evolve and give birth to the global culture of house music.

Fast-forward to 2005 and Fields drops a remarkable full-length release, influenced by his thrilling cultural upbringing and oozing with musical sophistication. The short but stunning Orangina On The Rocks introduces Fields’ wonderful sound; stuttering drums and stabs with a flailing saxophone loop riding feverishly over a raw rhythm track.

Complementing the rough groove of Orangina On The Rocks is the smooth soul of Heaven – ambient beats and a tickling bassline tenderly wrap-up R Diva’s warm vocals. On a more experimental tip is ‘Get Buzy On The One’; six minutes of unprompted drums, deftly layered with whispering keys and synthesised wanderings.

Nu York Afterdark is an instrumental masterpiece. It is here that Jordan Fields’ musical wisdom shines through: live drum sounds that couldn’t be further from the painfully monotonous boom-chi-boom-chi drum loops that saturate most modern dance music.

The album closes with a daring cover version of the Miles Davis and Robert Irving III track, Decoy. Broken beats, mumbling bass and Fields’ mesmerising keyboards fuse brilliantly in this empirical closing piece. Abstract yet accessible, smooth but spontaneous.

2084 is an album of note: a collection of bumping club tracks with a sprinkling of downtempo gems and jazz-infused flair.

:: Gavin Moruda - November 2005 --

Jordan Fields "2084 EP":

I’ve always had a soft spot for my man Jordan

Fields, for he’s one of those stealth producers. You’ve jammed to his quality house tunes numerous times, you just never knew who exactly who he, the producer, was. Respected by his peers and known for his excellent ear, Fields delivers a one-two punch as he serves up his latest piece.

Featuring the vocal talents of Colette and R-Diva, Fields’ vocals are to die for. The Colette tune is a surefire crowd pleaser with attitude and a nice little swagger. The standout, however, is R-Diva’s turn,

which will make the hair s on the back of your neck stand up straight. A thumping groove underscores an almost melancholy melody as R-Diva hauntingly croons over the top of it all. It’s definitely one of my

faves this week and after one spin, I’m sure it’ll be one of yours. Lovely!


ORDAN FIELDS >> 2084 e.p.>> (12” NICE + SMOOTH)

“Why Must I Ask You Why” which features the lovely vocals of Colette is a lovely slice of R’n’B that is very catchy and very head nodding material indeed, I like this a lot. On the other side we hear Jordan’s more Chicago House sound with its analogical bassline and vocals offered by R-Diva. Two tracks from the forthcoming full length CD release entitled “2084” which sounds like it may be very interesting indeed…


Talk of the Devil… here it is, the full length album from Mr. Fields and very nice it is too. 12 tracks from this man who likes to wander between Chicago & New York garage, House and Disco, Detroit Techno, Electro, NU Wave, Nu Jazz, Broken Beat, Lounge, Brazilian and Dub…you can also throw in some R&B and soulfulness to the equation! A solid album that has been worked brilliantly in the studio, track it down and give it a good listen I’m sure you will like this one! David Colkett, Sound Barriers / Discoid Magazine Italy

Headphoniq's main vein delivers a track a piece of deep edged house and hip
hop. It's the house rub that's of most interest, an on point production that
concentrates on the floor bothering staples with no extra additives.
Swinging, tight beats, a superb bumping bassline and an emotive chord
sequence provide the main meat for R-Diva’s vocals to scat over. Quite
what she's blathering on about is anyone's guess, but it's the strong
musical content and rump shaking shuffle that takes the plaudits. 4/4

Alex Moran - Update – UK Dec 2005

2084" is Jordan Fields' first full-length CD release since 2002’s hot Mo’Wax album “Moments in Dub”. This album takes you on a journey through various music styles, including r&b, deep house, broken beats, downtempo and nu jazz with a Chicago sensibility. Included are a cover of the Giorgio Morder classic "The chase" and "Decoy" by Miles Davis/Robert Irving III. The album is sophisticated and innovative at the same time, being one of the most versatile dance album that has been released in years. If you don't like it with the first listen, give it another chance as it truly deserves it.
This super nice project is from a label that knows great music has a single blazing the house charts called "Heaven?" feat. R-Diva. The album is a cool experience that and has will open your mind and introduce you to rhythm and vibes that will set you soul free. JORDAN FIELDS, a Chicago Native knows what we call house music. The flavors of deep vibes and funky grooves are definitely apparent. chart position #2 on top 50 – Jan 6, 2005 -

DJ Reactions pg1: 12” promo “Jordan Fields presents: 2084 e.p.” November 2005

Filter Mag – Espen Wiik

“Oh dear oh dear, my old friend jordan is back – this man is so talented –

it’s wicked awesome production.

Personal reaction - 9.5 / 10

Audience reaction - 9.5 / 10

Charting #2

Martin Lodge - House FM London

“Loved both tracks, feeling the downtempo groove of “Why Must I”

Personal reaction - 9 / 10

Audience reaction - 9 / 10

Charting Top 5

Chassy T – UK

“Heaven is the one that works – old sounds mixed with the new vibe.”

Personal reaction - 9 / 10 Audience reaction - 8 / 10

Charting #7

Anton Fielding – UK (Shindig Club + others)

“Heaven is working well for me everywhere – quality House Music”

Personal reaction - 9 / 10 Audience reaction - 8 / 10

Charting #4

Craig Smith - UK - Audio/ Radio Magnetic

“Both cuts cool but really diggin’ the downtempo vibe of Why Must I..”good feedback from initial radio/club play.”

Personal reaction - 8 / 10 Audience reaction - 7 / 10 Charting #10

DJ Reactions pg2: 12” promo “Jordan Fields presents: 2084 e.p.” November 2005
St-John De Silva

“Always positive grooves, good vocals & production sound really definite.”

Personal reaction - 8 / 10 Audience reaction - 8 / 10 Charting #2
Shane Johnson (Fish Go Deep - Go Deep, Ireland)

“Cool stuff. Great bassline action and a simple vocal that works

well. Everybody's happy!” Personal Reaction: 7 Audience Reaction: 7
Mark Hoss (Slammin Boys – Galaxy Network – UK)

“A very deep groove that works – a treat!”

Personal Reaction: 8 Audience Reaction: 7
Stuart Patterson (Faith, Lodge, House FM – UK)

“Really into Heaven” Personal Reaction: 8 Audience Reaction: 7 Charting – #11

Greg Fenton (mono/m8,update – UK)

“Nice groove!” Personal Reaction: 7 Audience Reaction: 7

Umberto-Giannini Mosradio Italy

“ Very early 90's in feel. nice track that's very well produced. in the right circles should do well.”

Funkie P (unknown fm, garage city – UK)

“ A big room tune,It will always work.”

Rob Mello – UK

“Wicked! Jordan doing what he does so well. Love it!”

John Kong / Toronto

"I really like it....I'm feeling it!"
Felix Haaksman / Berlin
"The stuff sounds really good!"

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#1 Jordan Fields 2084 nice+smooth

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#8 Jordan Fields 2084 nice+smooth

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