Rime of the Ancient Mariner


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Rime of the Ancient Mariner

Questions Part I

  1. What event is happening as the Mariner tells his story?

  1. Describe the atmosphere (or general feeling in the air) of Part I. What does Coleridge write about that helps indicate the feeling in the air?

  1. Why is the wedding guest compelled to listen to the mariner’s story?

  1. What “good” did the Albatross bring? What “bad”?

  1. How is the storm personified, or given human-like qualities?

  1. What is the symbolic meaning of the Albatross?

  1. What act did the mariner commit that could be considered horrible and tragic to the crew? Explain.

Questions Part II

  1. What are the shipmates’ feelings towards the Ancient Mariner after he kills the Albatross?

  1. Why did the Mariner consider his act “hellish?”

  1. Describe the supernatural occurrences that are happening.

  1. Why was the Albatross hung around the Mariner’s neck?

  1. What does the Mariner mean by, “water, water, everywhere, and all the boards did shrink; water, water, everywhere nor any drop to drink?”

Questions Part III

  1. What is the condition of the crew in Part III? Why are they in such a state?

  1. What strange things are occurring in nature?

  1. What horror is discovered by the crew of the Mariner’s ship? (What is discovered about the other ship?)

  1. What is the prize to be won in the dice game between Death and Life-in-Death?

  1. What immediate change occurred that added fear to the Mariner’s situation?

  1. How did the Mariner describe the souls escaping the bodies?

Questions Part IV

  1. In the opening, what or whom does the Wedding Guest fear is talking to him?

  1. Why does the Ancient Mariner close his eyes and turn his head away?

  1. What does the Mariner see swimming around the ship? What does he do?

22. How does the Mariner lose the Albatross?


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