Rnib group annual report and accounts 2010/11

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Who's who at RNIB

Patron, President and Vice-Presidents


  • HM The Queen


  • His Grace the Duke of Westminster KG, CB, OBE, TD, DL

Vice Presidents

  • Sir John Beckwith CBE

  • The Rt Hon David Blunkett MP

  • Richard Brewster

  • Professor Ian Bruce CBE

  • Jeremy Bull

  • Haruhisa Handa

  • Dr Euclid Herie

  • Lady Joan Jarvis

  • Penny Lancaster-Stewart

  • Lord Low of Dalston CBE MA (Oxon)

  • Sir Mike Rake

  • Dr Dermot Smurfit

  • Rod Stewart CBE

  • The Rt Hon Earl of Stockton

  • Sir Duncan Watson

Honorary officers


  • Kevin Carey MA (Cantab) MA (Kings College, London)

Vice Chair

  • Derek Child MA

Honorary Treasurer

  • Terry Moody MA, BA

Chief Executive Officer and Group Directors

Chief Executive Officer

  • Lesley-Anne Alexander MSc

Group Directors


  • Keith Hickey BSc MSc FCCA DChA

Inclusive Society

  • Fazilet Hadi BA

Prevention and International Affairs

  • Stephen P King MBA, FCMI


  • Eifron Hopper (Acting Director until May 2010)
  • Wanda Hamilton BA (Law) MInstF (from May 2010)

Supporting Independent Living

  • Sally Harvey BA (Hons)

Chief Executive, Action for Blind People

  • Stephen Remington

Professional advisers


PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

7 More London Riverside



Actuaries and investment advisers

AON Hewitt Ltd

6 More London Place




Royal Bank of Scotland plc

Marlylebone Road and Harley Street Branch

10 Marylebone High Street



Property advisers

Knight Frank

20 Hanover Square




Bates Wells & Braithwaite

2-6 Cannon Street



Board of Trustees

Members of the Board of Trustees are listed below. Full details of membership of committees are available from the Governance Unit at RNIB's Judd Street address. Over three-quarters of the Board are blind or partially sighted.

  • Kevin Carey (Chair)

  • Derek Child (Vice Chair)

  • Terry Moody (Honorary Treasurer)

  • Margaret Bennett

  • Carol Borowski

  • Lisa Charlton MBE

  • James Cook JP

  • Michael Crowther (until December 2010)

  • Gareth Davies

  • Michael Dudgeon (from October 2010 to May 2011)

  • Heather Giles (from January 2011)

  • Cindy Godfrey-McKay (until March 2011)

  • Richard Godfrey-McKay (until December 2010)

  • Vidar Hjardeng

  • Anna Lawson (until December 2010)

  • John McNamee (until December 2010)

  • Dr Mike Nussbaum (from May 2011)

  • Richard Moore (from January 2011)

  • John Ramm (until December 2010)

  • Tony Rucinski

  • Paul Ryb (from January 2011)

  • Robert Silbermann

  • Eleanor Southwood

  • John Spence (until October 2010)

  • Alan Suttie

  • Mike Townsend

  • Louise Wright

Independent members of the Audit Committee

  • Nick Goddard

  • Frances Teague

UK Members' Forum

In 2010, our UK Assembly was replaced by the UK Members' Forum, a new body designed to give us a closer rapport with our membership. The forum is a place for membership representatives to come together and discuss the issues of importance to them. These issues then go forward to the Board of Trustees. It gives our members a direct link to RNIB's most senior governing body and helps identify and shape major strategy, policy and service issues.

The UK Members' Forum first met in March 2010, and meets twice a year (one meeting includes the Annual General Meeting). It is supported by local member forums - nine in England, one in Northern Ireland, one in Scotland and one in Wales. As well as enabling our members to have a direct role in shaping our strategy, the UK Members' Forum increases opportunities for interaction between members at a local and national level. All members are invited to the forum meeting in their region or country, and each forum chooses its representatives to the UK Members' Forum.

UK Members' Forum Representatives

South East

  • Kevin Deacon

  • Jane Payne

  • Michael Radford

South West

  • Michael Dyke

  • Christina Ellis

  • Marie Freeman


  • Maggy Bower

  • Ian Jentle

  • David Quigley

East of England

  • Marian Knights

  • Marion Mansfield

  • Diane Stedman (until July 2010)

East Midlands

  • Peter Bailey

  • Sophia Chandler

  • Chris Grethe (until February 2011)

West Midlands

  • Paul Bryce

  • Bhanumati Dhabi

  • Mark Williams


  • Frances (Faye) Jones MBE

  • Chris Malone

  • Robert Teague

Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Donald Baron

  • Barbara Stephenson (from July 2010)

  • Peter Westwood

North West

  • Linda Bancroft (from February 2011)

  • Michelle Powell (until February 2010)

  • Anne Rigby

  • Colin Shuttleworth

North East

  • Jillian Grant

  • Denise Ross

  • Doreen Tyler (until July 2010)


  • Margaret Cowie

  • David McKerral

  • Ken Reid

Northern Ireland

  • Joe Kenny

  • Paula Meenan

  • Alan Owens

A number of former UK Assembly members were asked to join the UK Members' Forum for a transitional period of two years (ending July 2011). The Members are:

  • Jill Allen-King MBE

  • Timothy Bamber

  • Nancy Blaik MBE

  • Felix Brenner

  • Peter Brown

  • Derek Child (also a Trustee)

  • Michael Crowther (also a Trustee until December 2010)

  • Patricia Donaghy

  • Alistair Fielder

  • Maggie Harris

  • Andrew Millar MBE

  • Brian Payne

  • Fred Reid

  • Alan Suttie (also a Trustee)

  • Mike Townsend (also a Trustee)

Your support

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Contact information


105 Judd Street



T: 020 7388 1266

RNIB Cymru

Trident Court

East Moors Road


CF24 5TD

T: 02920 45 04 40

RNIB Northern Ireland

40 Linenhall Street



T: 028 9032 9373

RNIB Scotland

12-14 Hilside Crescent



T: 0131 652 3140

RNIB Helpline

T: 0303 123 9999


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RNIB is a certified member of the Information Standard

This report is available in print, Braille and audio CD. To order contact the RNIB Helpline.

We also produce annual reviews for RNIB, RNIB Cymru, RNIB Northern Ireland and RNIB Scotland. For a copy call the RNIB Helpline or visit www.rnib.org.uk

The latest annual report and accounts is available to download from our website in both PDF and Word at www.rnib.org.uk . The Word version is available to enable effective use by people who need to use screen reader technology and are unable to use the PDF. If you are sent a Word version of our report and accounts from a source you are unsure of, please refer to our website.
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