Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament for Booze Education and Stuff: This Means You, Sorice Tossups and bonuses by Colin O’Donnell, Dan Passner, Guy Tabachnick, Auroni Gupta, Evan Silberman, Fred Morlan


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Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament for Booze Education and Stuff: This Means You, Sorice

Tossups and bonuses by Colin O’Donnell, Dan Passner, Guy Tabachnick, Auroni Gupta, Evan Silberman, Fred Morlan, and Dave Letzler

Edited by Colin O’Donnell

Packet #6
1. He wrote an essay attempting to pardon Fred Merkle's baserunning mistake in 1908, and is one of the United States's preeminent owners of the T-206 tobacco card series. He claimed the ridiculousness of the Monica Lewinsky scandal led him to anguish over his 1998 news show, White House in Crisis, though received raves for his ABC Radio reports from Ground Zero after 9-11. He gained prominence as a co-worker of Hannah Storm in the early days of ESPN2, but found greater success in his earlier work on ESPN with current Football Night in America co-host Dan Patrick. He was barred from campaign travel in September 2008 due to concerns that he and partner Chris Matthews were too partisan, an unrealistic level of shock after his July 2007 "Special Comment" after the commutation of Scooter Libby calling for the resignation of George W. Bush. For ten points, identify this former SportsCenter anchor and current host of MSNBC's Countdown.

Answer: Keith Olbermann

2. Toward this work’s beginning, its main character sings “I wonder/ If my heart keeps singing/ Will my song go winging/ To someone who’ll find me/ And bring back a song for me?”, a wish eventually fulfilled by Hubert’s son.  Later, the raven Diablo is sent from the Forbidden Mountains to bring about its main event, which Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather  had attempted to curtail in its opening scene.  Finally, having duetted on “Once Upon a Dream,” Prince Phillip uses the Sword of Truth to defeat the dragon into which Maleficent turns herself.  Featuring music from a Tchaikovsky ballet, name, for 10 points, this Disney film about Aurora Dawn, who pricks her finger on a spindle and thus spends much of it both attractive and unconscious.

ANSWER: Sleeping Beauty

3. Igor Gaskowski stars in Trash Talkin' with Milan as a janitor notorious for grammar in need of correction in its teen-centric HeadRush edition. A demand to define “pyhrric” eliminates points in its only console game, a 1999 PlayStation edition. Its UK edition uses a phone call to a pub instead of the Celebrity Crank Call that appears in Volume 2; the calls follow the format of its Fiber-Optic Field Trips, which involve cold-calling random people for game material. Its television iteration appeared for six episodes in 2001 and was notable for being the only version to show a host's face, a joke parodied in 1998's The Ride. Other running jokes include post-game commercials for tapes to learn to speak American and PSAs extolling the dangers of oxygen. Its best known for its minimalist graphics, displaying only questions by sardonic, never-seen moderators like Schmitty and Cookie Masterson though only Cookie appears on its recent internet-only iteration. Noted for asking large amounts of intentionally funn questions, for ten points, identify this series of computer trivia games.

Answer: You Don't Know Jack (accept “HeadRush” until mentioned)

4. A photo of Layne Staley inspired the unreleased 11th track on this album, “Shine,” as well as a name change from Songs of Suicide and Forgiveness. On it, a singer implores death to “let me stay” and call its name, then tells of having “already died” and “living dead inside,” hoping he can “break this empty shell forevermore” in “Cyanide.” Politics are discussed briefly on this album, namely in the “new consequence machine” from burning “all your gasoline” in “The End of the Line.” More intensely political, however, is a song that longs for “when you stand and feel the warmth” of a sunshine that “never comes,” the Iraq War-metaphoric lead single “The Day That Never Comes.” Noted for a return to solos that were largely absent from 2003's St. Anger, for ten points, identify this 2008 album by Metallica.

Answer: Death Magnetic

5. Before switching sports, he signed on to play tight end for the University of Hawai'i, presumably helped by size that led the Minneapolis Star-Tribune's Joe Christensen to call him the "Death Star." His stint with the 2000 U.S. Baseball team was cut short by a September call-up that made him the MLB's first player born in the 1980s. In 2008 he became the first player since 1970 to hit home runs in two leagues as a pitcher, the second of which happened one week after a trade that featured Matt LaPorta. After that trade, he proceeded to win his next four games, three in complete games, and replace Ben Sheets as the ace of his staff. For ten points, identify this Brewers pitcher who won the 2007 Cy Young for the Cleveland Indians.
Answer: Carsten Charles "CC" Sabathia
6. A hobo named James John James uses these in a work by WP Kinsella, while the title character of a Robert Coover work gives up his daily pastrami sandwiches when a chart combined with these items kills Damon Rutherford. A major maker of these is Lou Zocchi, whose namesake invention permutes up to a hundred and closely resembles a ball. They come from the depths of a shipwreck in a time of eternal circumstances in a work by Stephan Mallarme, while in an episode of The Wire Prez uses these to teach probability. Notably the nickname and middle name of shock comedian Andrew Clay, for ten points, name these objects, whose "World Series" featured Ashy Larry in a "Chapelle's Show" sketch, which are often found with board games like Yahtzee or craps tables.

Answer: Dice

7. She once dated Ellis West, who attempted to flood her workplace with members of the Synergix Group. A noted civil rights activist, she wrote her company’s policy protecting HIV positive workers, an act prompted by her friendship with Jeanie Boulet. Hints of her sexuality pop up through her series, notably in looking away as a runaway hides from her parents who try to send her to an anti-homosexuality camp, though she first admits to being a lesbian with her relationship with psychologist Kim Lekaspi and comes out after her second relationship, opting instead for firefighter Sandy Lopez. She’s better known for her clashes with Robert Romano as the one-time head of County General. For ten points, name this character from NBC’s ER.

Answer: Dr. Kerry Weaver (accept either)

8. After his neighbor's six year old threw rocks at his house, he drove their golf cart into a ravine as well as set their tractor on fire, leading to a 2006 lawsuit in West Chester, Pennsylvania. A 2003 incident that saw him cussed out by Rasheed Wallace led to the then-longest suspension for non-physical or game violence in NBA history. No stranger to in-game controversy, he was one of the staffers during the Brawl at Auburn Hills and first gained major notoriety for blowing calls during the Suns and Spurs series in 2007, including a pushout with Amare Stoudamire. He's better known for getting sentenced to 15 months in July 2008 for a scandal that saw him attempt to reconcile tens of thousands in gambling debt by putting money on games that all saw a team suspiciously foul into the bonus. For ten points, identify this former NBA referee accused of fixing games between 2005 and 2007.

Answer: Timothy Donaghy

9. They have included a 40 of Colt .45 as well as the collected works of Matt Morrison, who traded one for Leo Wolpert's copy of Fathers and Sons. Action figures are popular choices, including ones of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, the latter complete with quill pen. Two were awarded in one day by Matt Weiner in 2008, including the Mike Bentley-endorsed Classical Fables: Nicholas Nickelby on DVD and a semi-finalist plaque from an NAC. Thomas Jefferson is noted for popularizing them in high schools, using a pink maiden hat from Nottingham Castle and the 2008 Hampshire Ultimate Frisbee naked calendar in recent years. Other notable high school ones include a plush AFLAC duck at 2007's Harvard Fall as well as a hug from Ian Eppler. In 2007, Trevor Davis had a five tournament winning streak of these, ending the traditional superiority of Chris Ray. For ten points, identify these awards given at quiz bowl tournaments given to players who accrue large amounts of interrupts.

Answer: neg prizes

10. In “The Merger,” Michael Scott shows the Dundler Mifflin staff a Scranton-filmed remake of this film that originally appeared alongside an advertisement for a mouse trap and a child failing to spell “business” at a spelling bee. In it, Google Maps, whose awesomeness is declared “double true,” details directions for a trip to 68th and Broadway after a stop at a bakery because its protagonist had “hunger pains stickin' like duct tape” and that he loves their products “like McAdams loves Gosling.” Both a clerk at a deli where its stars purchase Red Vines and Mr. Pibb as well as a theater cashier are stunned by the protagonists use of ten dollar bills, leading themselves to call themselves “Aaron Burr,” while others are stunned by their memory of The Whole Nine Yards star Matthew Perry. It begins with Chris Parnell responding to it's narrator's greeting by saying “what's crackin'” after waking up late on a weekend afternoon. For ten points, name this Andy Samberg short detailing the adventures of two dudes out to watch The Chronic(What!)cles of Narnia.

Answer: “Lazy Sunday”

11. The resignation of the Secretary of the Treasury is believed to be an affair in this film that shows a megatsunami near Cape Hatteras. Wage and Price Controls are enacted by Tom Beck after a mistaken investigation by Jenny Lerner prompts revelations of an astronomic event found by Marcus Wolf, who dies in a speed-induced car crash, and the Elijah Wood-portrayed high schooler Leo Beiderman. Much of the film details a lottery to save one million people in the limestone of Missouri, though its major plot shows the failure of a drilling operation by the Messiah. The world is saved from the "Wolf" rock, which was selflessly blown up by Robert Duvall's Captain Fish Tanner. Considered more astronomically accurate than its box office competitor Armageddon, for ten points, name this 1998 movie showing the carnage of a comet aimed directly at Earth also noted for starring Morgan Freeman as the president of the United States.

Answer: Deep Impact

12. In its first post, the author of this site said that he will “sleep” after his main work is done, and that post also explains the PIE. The only post with the label “dirty tricks” reports on the establishment of a kind of “swat team”, and headings on the left of its main page include Acela. A recent post on this site mentions an article by Lance Tarrance, who worked for the opponent of George Deukmejian, and another claims to be “against Muslim-murdering Presidential Christian babies !FOR! Obama”. One graph on this site shows the Return on Investment Index, while another feature tracks information like Starbucks:Walmart Ratio, Same-Sex Households, and “American” Ancestry. The main statistics on this site are given along with a namesake Regression and Trend-Adjusted results, and it says that an identical map to Bush-Kerry occurred in 0 out of 10,000 simulations. For 10 points, name this site run by Baseball Prospectus man Nate Silver, which uses statistics to predict the outcome of the senatorial and presidential races, named for the number of electoral votes in the US.


13. They own the original UEFA Badge of Honor after winning five straight European Championships between 1956 and 1960, as well as in 1966 with the fully national ye-yé squad. They were noted for a supersquad of Galacticos in the early 2000s, during the tenures of players like Luis Figo and the misplaced defense mid David Beckham, while a holdover from that era continues to play in goal, Iker Casillas. Alex Ferguson was set to lodge tamping charges against this squad's chairman Ramon Calderon for his summer 2008 pursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo; despite failing to sign him, this side coached by Bernd Schuster has continued most of its dominance at the Bernabeu on the shoulders of players like Sergio Ramos and Wesley Sneidjer, as well as the emergence of Rafael van der Vaart. For ten points, identify this soccer team, the winner's of Spain's La Liga in 2008.

Answer: Real Madrid Club de Football

14. The first songstress from this country to top American charts was the voice behind 1970's “Snowbird.” Recent exports from this country have skewed toward indie rock, namely the duo behind 2007's The Con. Another female singer from this country married countryman Deryck Whibley after releasing 2004's Under My Skin. One singer from this country ironically sang of Americana in “The Summer of '69,” while another ironically sang of things devoid of irony in “Ironic.” Its most successful export, however, was the voice to the Love Theme from 1997's Titanic, “My Heart Will Go On.” For ten points, name this country that donated such musical gifts as Anne Murray, Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams, Alanis Morrissette and Celine Dion to the world.

Answer: Canada

15. Australians fold its layers and call it a flat-white, while at-home drinkers in Italy prepare this with a moka pot. In South Africa, a red one of these is made with powdered rooibos (roy-boss) tea and is akin to the Japanese matcha. Designs made in these are usually found in rosettas and depend on the quality of crema. Switching one ingredient with French press turns this into an au lait. Caribou uses sugar-free syrups to make Northern Lite versions of this, while Starbucks adds vanilla flavoring and caramel sauce to turn this into a macchiato. Traditionally it contains twice the milk than its cousin, the cappucino. For ten points, identify this drink that is made of one part espresso and two parts milk with a small amount of froth.

Answer: café latte

16. William Hootkins, this man's co-star in the BBC's Rocket to the Moon, once called him "so right-wing you have to wonder if he's kidding," despite his throwing a champagne party to toast the execution of John Wayne Gacy. His made-for-TV roles are mostly literary characters, namely his co-starring role with Dustin Hoffman as Biff in 1985's Death of a Salesman. He's found mainstream success with less serious roles as the gambling mastermind Teddy KGB in Rounders as well as criminal mastermind Cyrus the Virus in Con Air. He will appear in no less than four movies before 2008 finishes, notably as the Reverend Briegleb in Angelina Jolie's Changeling after recently portaying an ex-CIA agent with a drinking problem in a Coen brothers film, though he's best known for a pair of roles as himself in Charlie Kaufman movies including a turn in 2004's Adaptation. For ten points, identify this actor who, in a 1999 Spike Jonze film, was existed by John Cusack's Stanley.

Answer: John Malkovich

17. He was caught in Georgia in February 2008 pulling 105 miles an hour in his Range Rover without a license, but is apparently yet to do his community service show for the Boys and Girls Club. He wrote the pre-single from Spirit in the Dark, Lindsay Lohan's "Bossy," though better known songs he's ghostwritten include Mario's "Let Me Love You," two songs from Rihanna's A Girl Like Me, and Beyonce's "Irreplaceable." In the first track on his 2006 debut which guest stars Peddi Peddi, he says, "I don't need nothin' else / All I need is you / Why don't you just stay with me." He shifted sounds towards mainstream pop-rap on a 2008 album named for his love of the Rat Pack, Year of the Gentleman, but is still best known for apeing an Off the Wall-era Michael Jackson on 2007's Because of You. For ten points, name this R&B singer noted for songs like "So Sick" and a 2008 smash "Closer."

Answer: Ne-Yo or Shaffer Chimere Smith

18. He scored eight touchdowns during a standout 2002 senior season at Lincoln High in Tallahassee, the city he played college ball in. His first two seasons at Florida State saw him as a flashy nickel back and kick returner, but he didn't play a down after tearing his ACL in workouts leading to his junior season in 2005. An impressive pro day led to his being selected 19th in 2006, though he showed no real spark until a switch to special teams near the end of the season. In his second year he replaced Drayton Florence in his team's secondary after marking up two interceptions against the Colts as a substitute for Quentin Jammer. He's best known for taking a missed Ryan Longwell kick 109 yards for the longest play in NFL history, as well as for getting two interceptions in the 2007 Pro Bowl, a selection prompted by his shut down of Randy Moss in the AFC Championship game. For ten points, identify this San Diego Charger, arguably the best young cornerback in the NFL.

Answer: Antonio Cromartie

19. They were inspired by a photo shoot done by Mike Todd featuring his then-wife Elizabeth Taylor. Their production included an eBay order and flying thirty rolls of Kodak Tech Pan film from Tel Aviv to Provence, only to end up using a set of Ilford for its grainier quality. They include an avant garde shot with only the model staring agape in focus, though in the second line is a half-eaten hamburger. Other portions of this set include a topless young girl next to a Cambodian child in warpaint who, according to an accompanying story, now owns a set of dulled knives. All in black and white, a more notable image features the model obscuring an infant next to herself in a Baby Bjorn. The set's most notable image, however, sees the subject plaintively staring into the camera with a small hand visible near the partially revealed left breast. Taken by partner Brad Pitt, these are, for ten points, photos of what celebrity that see her giving lunch to a young child believed to be daughter Vivienne?

Answer: W photos of Angelina Jolie (accept reasonable variations that include "Jolie")

20. A 2007 film posits what this band would be like had they not met Eazy-E. One of its members, born Stanley Howse, never signed with Ruthless Records, leading him to be largely missing from their albums until 2000's Ressurection; shortly after, he was sentenced to 11 years for threatening a neighbor with an AK-47. Mellower sounds marked a 1997 album which mainly deals with groups like Crucial Conflict stealing their sound; that album, The Art of War, featured 2Pac's “Thug Luv” as well as a lead single that insults Three 6 Mafia, “Look Into My Eyes.” They recently made a comeback with 2007's Strength and Loyalty but are best remembered for their 1995 record E . 1999 Eternal and 1994's Creepin on ah Come Up EP. Krayzie, Layzie, Wish and Flesh make up, for ten points, what Los Angeles-via-Cleveland group noted for developing melodic rap and talking about violence and pot smoking on songs like “Thuggish Ruggish Bone?”

Answer: Bone Thugs 'n Harmony


1. Francisco Rodriguez earned the most of these in one season in MLB history in 2008. FTPE:

[10] Identify this stat credited to a pitcher who keeps a lead through the ninth inning.

Answer: save

[10] K-Rod broke the record held by this White Sock who earned over a quarter of his career saves total in one year, notching up 57 saves in 1990.

Answer: Bobby Thigpen

[10] In addition to being in the 300 saves club, this pitcher who played on nine different teams in a 22 year career owns the record for most career blown saves. He joined the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2008.

Answer: Rich "Goose" Gossage
2. Answer these questions about the United States' inexplicable 2008 Ryder Cup victory for ten points each:

[10] Saying the Cup would “define his career,” this Kentucky native was the oldest competitor. His highlight was a 3&2 win over Henrik Stenson on Sunday.

Answer: James Kenneth “Kenny” Perry

[10] The youngest competitor in the Cup, he was paired with Phil Mickelson for the first three matches before crushing Sergio Garcia 5&4 in the first singles match.

Answer: Anthony Kim

[10] This captain's pick earned at least a draw in every match during the Cup, winning 3.5 points for the U.S. that included a half against Paul Casey in Sunday Singles.

Answer: Hunter Mahan

3. Answer these questions about milk for ten points each:

[10] If not using exclusively light cream, dairies in the United States make half and half with this type of milk that is traditionally made by removing butter fat off of the top of the bottle.

Answer: skim milk

[10] Originally bred in the Netherlands, this breed of cow produces the highest amount of milk; not surprisingly, it's the predominant milk cow in the United States.

Answer: Holstein-Freisian (accept either)

[10] Within one tenth of a percent, Holstein milk usually carries this percent-by-volume of butterfat, or saturated fat, which causes two percent to have 34% of the normal content.

Answer: 3.6% (accept anything from 3.5 to 3.7%)

4. Aliases of this rapper include King Koopa and Barack Oballa. For ten points each:

[10] Name this Texas rapper who came to fame with 2005's The Sound of Revenge, an album known for songs like "Turn it Up" and "Grown and Sexy."

Answer: Chamillionaire or Hakeem Seriki

[10] Chamillionaire is best known for this song detailing racial stereotyping, namely the belief that black people do the titular action by driving around smuggling drugs.

Answer: "Ridin'" (do not accept "Ridin' Dirty," since it's wrong.)

[10] Chamillionaire's debut came while working with this fellow Houston rapper known for rhyming about the "Grillz" he makes as a jeweler.

Answer: Paul Wall or Paul Slayton
5. It focuses on Paul Biegler’s attempts to demonstrate that Frederick Manion suffered temporary insanity while killing Barney Quill for raping his wife.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this 1959 courtroom drama co-starring Lee Remick and George C. Scott.

Answer: Anatomy of a Murder

[10] Biegler is played by this actor, better-known for playing roles like George Bailey and Senator Jefferson Smith in Frank Capra films.

Answer: Jimmy Stewart

[10] Around the time he filmed Anatomy of a Murder, director Otto Preminger was shacking up with, and impregnating, this woman, whose The G-String Murders was adapted into a Barbara Stanwyck film and who was herself played by Natalie Wood in a 1962 film.

Answer: Gypsy Rose Lee (accept Louise Hovick)

6. Passing the star is a common move in this sport where points are scored during jams. For ten points each:

[10] Name this sport where the intention is to have jammers lap the pack by skating really fast and avoiding clotheslines from blockers.

Answer: roller derby

[10] To pass the star, a jammer must become this least numerous position on the circuit, which plays the last spot on defense.

Answer: pivot

[10] This city's Roller Warriors won the 2007 Women's Flat Track Derby Association National Championship. Other notable residents of this city's suburbs include Charlie Dees.

Answer: Kansas City

7. The mid-1990s saw this award show's Outstanding Male Artist be Babyface twice in a row. For ten points each:

[10] Name this award show that honors the pop cultural achievements of people of color.

Answer: NAACP Image Award

[10] A mildly racist title and his trial for child pornography led to criticism for his being nominated for Outstanding Album in 2004 for Chocolate Factory.

Answer: R. Kelly or Robert Sylvester Kelly

[10] The Image Awards were obsessed with this singer who won three Outstanding Male Artist awards in the past decade, as well as an Outstanding Song for 2004's "Dance With My Father."

Answer: Luther Vandross

8. Name the following reviled stars of football games: referees! For ten points each:

[10] The Onion showed a picture of this referee, noted for his giant biceps, decapitating Jon Kitna. His blown whistle in a September 2008 game between Denver and San Diego will lead the NFL to review the inadvertent whistle rule.

Answer: Ed Hochuli

[10] In addition to hiring brother Don as the first sibling pair of zebras in NFL history, this referee noted for odd flourishes to his first down signals also was the first black crew chief in a Super Bowl game.

Answer: Mike Carey

[10] The weekly guest for "Official Review" on NFL Network's Total Access, he's the NFL's VP of Officiating.

Answer: Mike Pereira

9. The main character in this game is represented by an "@" sign, just like in its ancestor, Rogue. For ten points each:

[10] Name this text user interface adventure-RPG, in which the player can take on such roles as rangers, samurai, and tourists, and seek the Amulet of Yendor in the randomly-generated Dungeons of Doom.

Answer: NetHack

[10] This game and its successors, loosely based on the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, are perhaps the second most popular Roguelike variants.

Answer: Angband

[10] This civilization-building game, whose text-mode interface was inspired by Roguelikes, tasks the player with helping a small band of the game's namesake creatures dig an underground home, attract settlers, and fend off goblins.

Answer: Dwarf Fortress 

10. Name these companies felled by the dot com bust, for 10 points each.

[10] This company may be best known for its sock puppet mascot, later sold to 1-800-BAR-NONE, which has a Timex watch around its neck and brown spots around its button eyes.


[10] The documentary e-Dreams tracked the rise and fall of this company, which delivered things to people in different cities for free within an hour.


[10] This company founded by Jerry Yang lost 97% of its stock value in the bust, but survived to become the most-visited website in the world, including namesake Mail, Messenger, Finance, and so on.

Answer: Yahoo!

11. This television personality of food shows started his career in the UK, but was picked up by Fox in 2005. FTPE:

[10] Name this chef, holder of twelve Michelin stars, and known for his foul mouth, and his show "Hell's Kichen".

ANSWER: Gordon Ramsay

[10] Ramsay is the host of this UK show, which is also the name of the restaurant it focuses on. The format involves Ramsay making a three-course meal for the diners.

ANSWER: the F Word

[10] Ramsay was involved in two lawsuits about this show, with restauranteurs claiming that the problems he solved in this show, focused on fixing up failing restaurants, were faked by the production crew.

ANSWER: Kitchen Nightmares
12. Answer these questions about musicians involved with the Republican National Convention for ten points each:
[10] In addition to a free show for Tent City in Denver, this rap-rock band did a two-song a capella set during the Ripple Effect Day Festival in St. Paul that included "Bulls on Parade."
Answer: Rage Against the Machine
[10] RNC delegates were treated to this former Lonestar bassist's "Raising McCain" during Wednesday's session.  He appeared sans current partner Kenny Alphin.
Answer: John "J. Money" Rich
[10] As a response to police brutality and the arrest of Amy Goodman, this band released Rapid Response, a four-song EP centered by the racially charged "Mourning in America" in September.  2007 saw them sing of "The Sons of Cain" on the album Living With the Living.

Answer: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists (prompt on partial)

13. He had a wife and three kids in Cambodia before abandoning the name David Webb. For ten points each:

[10] Name this one-time CIA black operative who became Delta One as part of Medusa, the subject of a series of Robert Ludlum novels.

Answer: Jason Bourne (accept either)

[10] While the books say that he was forced into this by the CIA, the film Ultimatum suggests that he volunteered to be brainwashed as part of this program that turned him into a killing machine.

Answer: Operation Treadstone or Treadstone Seventy-One

[10] While Matt Damon is known most for playing Bourne, this actor played him in a 1988 ABC miniseries, a format he also appeared in for Centennial and King Solomon’s Mines.

Answer: Richard Chamberlain

14. His first coaching appearance in the NCAA tournament came during his tenure at Tulsa. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this coach, who went on to win his first NCAA title at Kansas in 2008.

Answer: Bill Self

[10] Self's first job at Kansas came assisting this man, who went on to win an NBA title with the Pistons before being unable to salvage the Knicks in 2006.

Answer: Lawrence “Larry” Brown

[10] In that stint, Self replaced this man at KU, who went on to bring UMass to prominence in the early 1990s before moving to Memphis in 2000.

Answer: John Calipari

15. They really think that being able to identify the rock musician who’s an anagram of “narcoleptic” tests real knowledge at the high school level. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this abomination which previously wrote stuff for Arkansas, Illinois, and Alabama competitions, and will spoonfeed Missouri kids a new level of awful starting this season.

Answer: Questions Galore

[10] This MSHSAA guy essentially betrayed the entire state by not rejecting Questions Galore’s bid, even claiming that it was the only one that was ever submitted.

Answer: Jeremy Gibbs

[10] FZW Coach on the Missouri boards tries to defend the right of speed checks to exist by citing an example of a team that beat his at this event, which is often multiple choice. The Judge was originally created to play this format.

Answer: Bible Quiz

16. It seems like everyone once worshipped Touchdown Jesus. Identify these graduates of Notre Dame for ten points each:

[10] After graduating from Notre Dame in 1953 with a sociology degree, he gained the record for most career hours on television, many of which were with sidekicks like Kathie Lee Gifford and Kelly Ripa.

Answer: Regis Philbin

[10] While this show features a journalism graduate in Danny Concannon, its more prominent Fighting Irishman went to Notre Dame to become a priest before becoming a Nobel-winning economist and Governor of New Hampshire.

Answer: The West Wing

[10] Four members of this Chicago band dubbed the “winners of the next Phish sweepstakes” by Rolling Stone attended Notre Dame during the band's 1997 formation. They're best known for 2004's set of prog-influenced jams Anchor Drops.

Answer: Umphrey’s McGee

17. Howard Jones entered this band after a 2000 self-titled debut and 2002's acclaimed Alive or Just Breathing. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this Massachusetts metal band who most recently released As Daylight Dies in 2006.

Answer: Killswitch Engage

[10] Killswitch may be best known for the title track to this 2004 album that implores the listener to, “Seek me / for comfort / call me / for solace,” and that the singer will “be waiting here” for a variation on the titular event.

Answer: “The End of Heartache”

[10] Another track from The End of Heartache first appeared on the Freddy Vs. Jason soundtrack. In it, the singer declares that he “stands firm in his solidarity” and that “we are reborn / a dream since the dawn of man” upon the titular event.

Answer: “When Darkness Falls”

18. His name literally means “thirty years old,” though he notes he’ll be forty soon.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this wandering warrior, who gets caught in the clan conflict of Ushitora and Seibei in one film, and who helps noble-minded young fighters save the chamberlain Mutsuta in another.

Answer: Sanjuro Kuwabatake (or Sanjuro Tsubaki; prompt on Yojimbo)

[10] Sanjuro is played in both films by this favorite actor of Akira Kurosawa.

Answer: Toshiro Mifune

[10] Sanjuro is a more competent version of the ronin Kikuchyio, also played by Toshiro Mifune, reluctantly brought to the title group by Kambei and shot to death in the final battle of this earlier Kurosawa movie.

Answer: The Seven Samurai (accept Shichinin no samurai)

19. Known for his "In the Papers" commentary, he was NY1's morning anchor on September 11th.  For ten points each...:
[10] Identify this newsman also known for being the moderator on GSN's Grand Slam as well as a sarcastic monotone voice.
Answer: Pat Kiernan
[10] Kiernan's best known game show role came from this two-season VH1 show that featured categories like "Tom Cruise Movies" and the girls from team Cheetara as backstage interviewers.
Answer: The World Series of Pop Culture
[10] Kiernan has a cameo as himself in this 2006 film about Larry Daley's adventures in New York's Museum of Natural History, notably with a wax Theodore Roosevelt played by Robin Williams.
Answer: Night at the Museum
20. Answer these questions about songs unlockable or buyable in Rock Band for ten points each:

[10] To supplement the game's use of "Wave of Mutilation," one can buy all of this Boston band's 1989 breakthrough Doolittle.

Answer: the Pixies

[10] Phil Collins must be pissed to know that the lead single from this band, which pinnacled at the Lalapalalapaza Festival in an episode of South Park, appears as one of the 13 bonus tracks.

Answer: The Lords of the Underworld

[10] This Boston area band's "I Get By" is their third song featured in Harmonix games, with their "Hey" and "Soy Bomb" appearing as bonuses to the first two versions of Guitar Hero.

Answer: Honest Bob and the Factory-Dealer Incentives


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