Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament of Booze Education and Stuff: That Means You, Sorice Tossups by Colin O’Donnell, Bernadette Spencer, Dan Passner Dave Letzler,


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Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament of Booze Education and Stuff: That Means You, Sorice

Tossups by Colin O’Donnell, Bernadette Spencer, Dan Passner Dave Letzler, Evan Silberman, Auroni Gupta, Andy Watkins, and Fred Morlan

Bonuses by Colin O'Donnell, Bernadette Spencer, and Andy Watkins

Edited by Colin O’Donnell

Packet 9
1. Treasuries of this comic are nearly universally titled after fine arts parodized to include animals; a slight exception is the limited edition 2008 color strip treasury The Crass Menagerie. Among the minor characters is the adorable Duck, a veteran of an unknown war that bombs intruders on the protagonists’ yard. Its protagonists live next door to a group of animals with indeterminate accents, all of whom belong to the pseudo-Greek society Zeeba Zeeba Eata. Stephen Pastis, its creator, often writes himself into its episodes, usually to hear complaints from its stars. Known best for the stupidity of its rodent supporting character Rat, for ten points, name this daily comic strip that features a zebra and a semi-namesake pig.

Answer: Pearls Before Swine

2. Their obsession with avant garde art is displayed in the cover art to their 2005 album, based on a portrait of Lilya Brik, and by a song which asks if the object of the narrator's affection will continue to be Camille Claudel in seventeen years, "Outsiders." They were inspired by a racehorse to pick their alliterative name, whose death framed the narrative for the B-side "All For You, Sophia." January 2009 will see the release of their third album, which is slated to feature a song from Madden NFL 09, "Lucid Dreams." They may be best known for their 2004 debut that talks about a mancrush in a disco in "Michael," a desire to "burn this city" in "This Fire," and a song that declares that the singer "won't be leaving here with you," "Take Me Out." For ten points, name this Scottish dance-rock act named for a prince killed in Sarajevo in 1914.

Answer: Franz Ferdinand

3. His "official online presence" notes his work as the lover of sign-language instructor and speech therapist Ethel Horowitz, the deaf SS officer Linemund Thatty in If You Could Hear What I See.  He was introduced to Shakespeare by Max Bailey in a juvenile detention center in Perth, which led him to a role on the short-lived drama Rap Street, a hip-hop crime drama in his native Australia.  This six-time Crying Monkey Award winner visited the Mir Space Station for research for his film Moonshot, while he gained mass acclaim for playing a homosexual monk alongside Tobey Maguire in the costume drama Satan's Alley.  He was recently spotted in a Singapore clinic, presumably to dye his skin for a role in a war epic alongside Tugg Speedman, whom he decried for going "full retard."  For ten points, name this fictional actor portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr. in 2008's Tropic Thunder.
Answer: Kirk Lazarus (accept either)

4. In one episode of this show, the protagonist explains his abilities by beating Sheriff McAllister six times in a row at Rock, Paper, Scissors; later in that episode, he uses a method that he claims “worked on the chicken” to awkwardly attempt to seduce truth out of Raquel, a friend of supporting character Kimball Cho. Its protagonist’s family died five years before its pilot at the hands of the serial killer Red John, who in that episode gets cleared of further murders. CBI features prominently in this show, though not as a bad quizbowl organization and instead as the employer of characters Teresa Lisbon and the protagonist, an admitted fraud psychic. Simon Baker portrays, for ten points, what titular character of a new CBS drama following the life of Patrick Jane?

Answer: The Mentalist

5. They lost their first game to the Minnesota Timberwolves, going down by six in a game in Billings, Montana. Their future home preseason games will be played at the BOK Center, the home of their D-League affiliate the Tulsa 66'ers. Its owners, namely lead owner Clay Bennett, may be on the hook for $30 million in 2013 depending on expansion after buying the team from Howard Schultz in 2006. Originally concieved after the Hornets's time after Hurricane Katrina, details of this team were discovered when non-thinking league officials didn't censor their nickname from other teams's schedules. The agreement to start this team saw them lose all rights to their historic logos but retain both records like a 1979 NBA championship and players like Johan Petro, Nick Collison and Kevin Durant. For ten points, identify this team, the result of the relocation of the Seattle SuperSonics.

Answer: Oklahoma City Thunder (accept either)

6. One Youtube video of this sees its main character, whom its creator has named Bosh or Dude, jump a shark, while another sees him escaping a one-eyed giant. The most famous video is set to “Tank!” by The Seatbelts and features a huge log, a cabin, a snowman, and a ton of the objects in its title, “Jagged Peak Adventure”. For some reason, a sequel for the Wii, “Unbound”, is scheduled to come out, and later versions have added an eraser button to go with the pencil, hand, play button, stop button, trash can, and floppy disk that grace the top of its screen. For 10 points, name this toy created by Slovenian Bostjan Cadez, which uses physics and allows users to draw the title objects to move the title character in interesting ways, famous for its many Youtube clips of people recording their own runs.

Answer: Line Rider

7. Leo Wolpert's nickname is shared with a single by this group featuring Slim Thug subtitled "What it Do." Delays from Jive Records' emphasis on pop music led to their forming of thr Re-Up Gang with Ab-Liva and Sandman; that group released a series of mixtapes in the interim before 2006's Hell Hath No Fury. They appear as part of the Clones doing a rework of a 2002 song, "Cot Damn," while they saw brief pop stardom rapping on Justin Timberlake's "Like I Love You." They're best known for an album cut as members of the Star Trak crew which features songs about lying about settling down to screw Faith Evans, "Ma, I Don't Really Love Her," as well as bigger singles like "When the Last Time" and a summer anthem about being famous thanks to production by their friend Pharrell Williams, "Grindin'." Brothers Malice and Pusha T are, for ten points, what rap duo best known for 2002's Lord Willin'?

Answer: Clipse

8. Its protagonist and his partner, Harry Temple, receive an award early in this film for the failed killing of its archvillain, a former specialist for the Atlanta Bomb Squad. It's noted for prominent product placement, namely in its use of GM's New Look, and is mainly set in the then-unopened I-110 stacks. "Mac" McMahon, portrayed by Joe Morton, substitutes his usual job as SWAT team co-ordinator for a traffic reporter in this movie, which circles around the maniacal plans of Howard Payne. The film is best known for a one-take shot of an overpass jump and its two stars making out on a rolling floor panel in the LAX runway. Keanu Reeves stars in, for ten points, what action film about a bus that will explode if it doesn't slow down to under 50 miles an hour?

Answer: Speed

9. The film Three Girls About Town ends with most of the cast doing this to Charity Banner.  John and Patrick Wayne give each other hard metal objects to help do this action at two points in McClintock!, and Nick Charles does this while saying "This'll show you the power of the press!"  in The Thin Man Goes Home.  Also ending Act I of Kiss Me, Kate, this act concludes Amanda’s rubdown session in Adam's Rib and is done by Peter Warne after Ellie Andrews claims her father was a “great piggy-backer” in It Happened One Night. A more recent example occurs as one character reads a letter to Mr. Garvey that Edward Grey finds unacceptably error-ridden.  For ten points, name this act notably performed on Maggie Gyllenhaal in Secretary, a form of corporal punishment.

ANSWER: spanking

10. He was cited in an ESPN report about college coaches and agents looking into extremely young players; that report cited a newspaper article calling him a phenom at age 13. During that seventh grade year, he scored 27 points in his debut for the Rose Hill Christian Academy's varsity team. He moved to Cincinatti with his spiritual grandfather Dwaine Barnes and won two Mr. Basketball titles in Ohio before moving to Huntington, West Virginia and signing a letter of intent to play under Tim Floyd. In his only collegiate season, he led his team to an NCAA berth before losing to fellow phenom Michael Beasley in the first round. The victim of a controversy surrounding payment from the Bill Davis Agency and the subject of a trade that saw Mike Miller sent to the Timberwolves, for ten points, identify this one-time USC Trojan and current Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard.

Answer: Ovington J'Anthony “O.J.” Mayo

11. This film's protagonist frequently hangs at a coffee shop with characters played by Kal Penn, Nick Swardson, and Keili Lefkovitz, and he claims that he could “tell you stories, make your caterer cry.” Kal Penn's character complains of lemon-scented aromatherapy candles in an early scene, and in the final scene Hadji wields a Stinger rocket launcher with four missiles. The protagonist's ignorance of any real danger allows him to get in good with Tec, though he shoots himself in the foot, leading Tec to think that Shondra is giving him head. The plot begins after the protagonist attempts to support his father's campaign with an unexpected, lame rap performance, leading to that gubernatorial candidate to have his campaign manager hire Sean and PJ to reform him, arranging his kidnapping. For 10 points, identify this hilarious movie about B-Rad's introduction to life on the streets in a certain city.

ANSWER: Malibu's Most Wanted

12. Two spots in this crew transitioned for a short while before settling with Scorpio and Raheim. One member criticized a friend by saying that he, in his new job in the Army, would go “hip/hop/hip/hop” in an early rap battle, giving the genre a name; another is credited with being the first rapper to call himself an MC. That member took over the group as one member departed for a solo career and caught fame for songs that upped Jesse Jackson's political career as well an the ironic party anthem cum anti-cocaine rhyme, 1983's “White Lines (Don't Do It!)” Most of this group's records ignored the works of its DJ leader, who gained prominence through his namesake adventures “on the Wheels of Steel.” Notably absent from their biggest hit, 1982's “The Message,” for ten points identify this rap crew that rhymed over beats by Grandmaster Flash.

Answer: The Furious Five (accept “Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five,” prompt on “Grandmaster Flash”)

13. Wikipedia calls him the most highly recruited two-sport athlete from his region since CFL legend Tom Clements. His statement that the NBA would keep him from getting “beat up as much” led Jamie Dixon to push for him to stay in-state to play basketball at Pitt. Rich Rodriquez's move from West Virginia reportedly increased his interest in Michigan, which would have seen him play with cousin Toney Clemons. In addition to leading an offense that scored a Pennsylvania-record 860 points in 2007 at Jeanette High School, he became the first quarterback in state history to pass and rush for over 4,000 yards. He combined for 92 yards in a September 13 loss that saw his team drop from #5 to #14 in ESPN polls before throwing four touchdowns in his first start against Troy. For ten points, identify this quarterback who replaced Todd Boeckman as the head of The Ohio State offense in 2008.

Answer: Terrelle Pryor

14. Chris Romero tried to edit out stuff or something, leaving a “-d” in its announcement thread. One person involved with it praised Shady Side’s attitude and performance during it, and the author of one post preempts a mention of it, stating that he could only “beg forgiveness” in USC’s position. A proxy account spares blame on “Shorter College”, and, with one post to date, points to an Irina Prozorov question with one unique clue. A portrait of Nicholas II was posted by a proxy who conflates three Russia Alexanders, much like a tossup in this tournament. Subtitled “Crime on Goat Island” and seen as ironic in light of its co-director’s panning of a Sword Bowl in the same year, for 10 points, name this horribly conceived tournament directed by Eric Kwartler and Jerry Vinokurov and played at Carnegie Mellon.

ANSWER: ECSO [or East Coast Summer Open: Crime on Goat Island]

15. One of his works depicts the homosexual affair of Josif and Ansset, the latter of whom is trained in the title profession, Songmaster, though he has sought to reclaim his religious credentials in Sarah, Rebekah, and other novels from his “Women of Genesis” series. A better-known series involves the escaped slave Arthur Stuart, who is befriended by a seventh son of a seventh son of the colonial American West in works like Red Prophet. He’s best-known for a series that includes the tale of Gloriously Bright and shows the adverse effects of the descolada virus on the piggies of Lusitania, solved by the Speaker for the Dead. For 10 points, name this creator of Alvin Maker, as well as Peter, Valentine, and Andrew Wiggin from Ender’s Game.

ANSWER: Orson Scott Card

16. This film opens with a monologue by an unseen member of the Constantinople black market who never is identified or involved in the plot. Its protagonist is mocked by Mr. Crabbin for invoking Zane Grey during an unplanned speech on the modern novel after running from Baron Kurtz, who had killed the porter and Harbin to cover up the existence of its title character. At its close, the protagonist watches Anna Schmidt walk wordlessly past him in response to his betrayal of the penicillin scheme of its villain, who had said he thought of “people” no more than governments did and that Italy under the Borgias had produced far more than 500 years of peace in Switzerland. Featuring a zither score, name, for 10 points, this film where Joseph Cotton searches for Orson Welles’ Harry Lime in post-war Vienna.

Answer: The Third Man

17. This team is known for running satirical advertising on its players, including one comparing an infielder to Dudley Do-Right and one with the pitching staff singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" under the direction of pitching coach Rick Anderson. They were nearly sold by owner Carl Pohlad in 1997 and were among the teams slated for contraction during the 2002 season. 2006 saw players from this team win both the AL batting title and the MVP award, as well as the emergence of Francisco Liriano, while their greatest successes came in 1987 and 1991 when they won the World Series under the leadership of players like Kent Hrbek and Kirby Puckett. For ten points, name this AL Central team managed by Ron Gardenhire and led by catcher Joe Mauer and first baseman Justin Morneau.

Answer: Minnesota Twins (accept either)

18. One movie recently filmed in this nation is German Volker Schlondorf’s Ulzhan; another is the recent festival darling The Gift of Stalin.  Its most famous director filmed a work about Mansur’s attempts to unite its tribes, Nomad, and a film in which the title character communes with an omnipresent wolf, marries Borte, and backstabs blood-brother Taichar to become Khan, Mongol.  We ignorant Americans, knowing little of Rusteem Abdrashav and Sergei Bodrov, probably know it best for its potassium exports, abundant pubic hair, its national anthem's claim that "all other countries are run by little girls," and a man who abducted Pamela Anderson during a 2007 "cultural expedition" to “make benefit” this “glorious nation.”  For 10 points, name this Central Asian home of Borat.

ANSWER: The Republic of Kazakhstan

19. One strip of this comic features a deer with a laser eye, while in another, a priest yells “Sons of the most high” before going to the emergency room. In one strip, the Lyles constant is “BOOBS”, and another sees a dead turtle after its owner is interrupted from “Taking Care of Your Turtle” by a declaration of “Let’s do it and never stop”. More well-known strips feature a boy praying to have his grandfather come alive for one more day, only for him to be lying in his grave; Sgt. Grumbles eating honey; and a spanking line initiated by the word “weeaboo”. Often featuring people with completely round heads and no nose, for 10 points, name this semiretired webcomic drawn by Nicholas Gurewitch named after a church in Maine.

Answer: “The Perry Bible Fellowship”

20. The central object of this work can be used as shirt, sock, glove, or hat, and even as carpet, pillow, sheet, curtains, and bicycle seats, while three animals created in itk are the Humming-fish, the Swomee-swans, and the brown Barbaloots. Taking place in “the land where the Grickle-grass grows,” one of its main characters lives in a Snuvv within a Lerkim, and only tells his story after a boy puts fifteen cents, a nail, and the shell of a great-great-great-grandfather snail into his lowered pail. That man is the Once-ler, whose over-exploitation of the Trufflas to create Thneeds had caused the title character to vanish, only leaving behind a seed and the word “Unless.” For 10 points, name this novel about a being who “speaks for the trees” in an environmentalist children’s book by Dr. Seuss.
ANSWER: The Lorax
1. He ended his career working in the Honolulu shop Chinatown. For ten points each:

[10] Identify this one-time Navyman who became well known for Asian-influenced tattoos.

Answer: Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins (accept either)

[10] Collins was first inked in 1938, when he joined this governmental organization promoted by the Village People.

Answer: United States Navy

[10] Collins's Honolulu shop was noted for its use of this as wallpaper. Tattoo artists use it to make trace patterns.

Answer: flash paper

2. Dr. Pepper plans to give everyone in America (who signs up) a free can because this album will come out before December 31st, through Best Buy no less. For ten points each:

[10] Name this album that, for fourteen years, has been the anticipated follow-up to Use Your Illusion by L.A. rockers Guns 'n' Roses.

Answer: Chinese Democracy

[10] The first track from Chinese Democracy to hit ears is this song on Rock Band II. In it, Axl Rose wails about having "an itchy finger and there'll be hell to pay."

Answer: "Shackler's Revenge"

[10] This Kevin Cogill blog leaked nine songs from Chinese Democracy, leading him to be arrested by the FBI in late August.


3. Identify these films starring the mildly funny Ryan Reynolds for ten points each:

[10] Reynolds appears as a male nurse in this 2004 film that, in addition to making Kal Penn a superstar, reminded viewers of the awesomeness of Sliders and Neil Patrick Harris.

Answer: Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

[10] Reynolds plays protagonist Chris in this 2005 movie co-starring Amy Smart, who spends nearly the entire movie completely disinterested in his romantic overtures.

Answer: Just Friends

[10] Reynolds stars as George Lutz in this decidedly not funny 2005 horror film, a remake of a 1979 movie starring James Brolin about a family's dream home being infested with the paranormal.

Answer: The Amityville Horror

4. Then-owner Abe Pollin wanted to change his team's name to something considerably less violent. For ten points each:

[10] Pollin changed this team's name to Wizards after being called this since 1963.

Answer: Washington Bullets

[10] The Bullets changed their name upon arriving in this city, then also known for being the home of the Colts.

Answer: Baltimore, Maryland

[10] The original Bullets franchise spent their first two seasons in this city, where they were known as the Packers and Zephyrs.

Answer: Chicago, Illinois
5. Fans hated this game for only having 63 of its series's 151 characters. For ten points each:

[10] Name this N64 game where players roll around in a dune buggy taking pictures for Professor Oak.

Answer: Pokemon Snap

[10] In the game, players act as this photographer, whose last name is revealed in Pokemon anime as Snap. He never appears again.

Answer: Todd

[10] Pokemon Snap was the first Pokemon game released for this Wii Shop feature that reworks games as old as the NES.

Answer: Virtual Console
6. He managed to pick up a Badger fumble and run six straight plays for a touchdown in 1928 while sporting a set of cracked vertebrae. For ten points each:

[10] Name this legendary fullback and tackle for the University of Minnesota, the namesake of college football's award for best defensive player.

Answer: Bronko Nagurski

[10] Legend says that a member of the Chicago Bears, Nagurski noted to his coach that the "last guy gave me quite a nick." That last guy was the brick wall at this stadium whose walls are now covered in ivy.

Answer: Wrigley Field

[10] After his playing career, Nagurski retired to this Minnesota city, which finally settled a trademark dispute with a Colorado city to call itself the "Icebox of the Nation."

Answer: International Falls
7. Among the participants in its attempted shutdown was a flamboyantly gay assistant building manager. For ten points each:

[10] Name this corollary to Minnesota Open written by Andrew Hart, which took place during the writing of the last Rob Pilatus packet.

Answer: Minnesota Open Lit Doubles: An Encounter (accept either side of the colon)

[10] This site opted out of running Lit Doubles on Saturday night, instead originally attempting run the Main Event in the evening after Rob Pilatus in the morning.

Answer: Stanford University

[10] This site caved at the last moment to run An Encounter but didn't run Rob Pilatus, opting for their perpetually terrible Big Lots trash tournament that features visual aid bonuses.

Answer: University of Tennessee-Chattanooga or UTC (accept chants of "Steinhice")

8. One of the protagonists keeps a witness talking all night by continuously asking for more coffee. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this film in which the actions of G. Gordon Liddy and C.R.E.E.P. are investigated by the Washington Post Journalists Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein.

Answer: All the Presidents Men

[10] Carl Bernstein was portrayed by this Method actor also known for such roles as Captain Hook in Hook and Stanley Motss in Wag the Dog.

Answer: Dustin Hoffman

[10] Hoffman starred in this film based on a David Mamet play of the same name as Teach who tries to steal a coin collection and according to Wikipedia, utters the word “cunt” “numerous times.

Answer: American Buffalo

9. Notable stupid lyrics on this album include, "Never let me slip / cause if I slip, then I slippin'." For ten points each:

[10] Name this 1992 Dr. Dre album named for high-grade cannabis that broke Snoop Dogg on tracks like "Nuthin' But a G Thang."

Answer: The Chronic

[10] On this track, Dre disses former NWA bandmate Eazy-E, saying, "Strap on your Compton hat, you locs / And watch your back cuz you might get smoked, locs." Snoop Dogg makes the most sense of the situation, doing his bow wow rap before saying "Death Row's in the muthafuckin' house."

Answer: "Fuck Wit Dre Day (and Everyone's Celebratin')" (accept "Dre Day")

[10] In the video for "Let Me Ride," this rapper effectively ends the beef between himself and Dre by referencing his single "It Was a Good Day" while strolling like a pimp out of the women's bathroom.

Answer: Ice Cube or O'Shea Jackson
10. The most annoying part of Rick Sanchez's afternoon show on CNN is his insistence that people using this service deserve to have their 140 characters heard. For ten points each:

[10] Name this site that lets you micro-blog by texting the site.


[10] In April of 2008 this Berkeley grad student and his translator were sprung from a Cairo jail by getting a hold of his friends through a tweet, alerting them that the Egyptian government busted their photography of an anti-Mubarak protest.

Answer: James Buck

[10] Twitter's code is based on this open source framework noted for overusing Javascripts like Prototype and, as well as for Model-View-Controller architecture.

Answer: Ruby on Rails or Ruby (accept RoR)
11. He trails only Lou Gehrig for lifetime doubles as a Yankee. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this former Yankee centerfielder, the first player to win a Gold Glove, the batting title, and the World Series in one year, an aspiring jazz guitarist.

Answer: Bernabé (Bernie) Figueroa Williams

[10] Along with Mike Lowell and Javier Vasquéz, Williams represented this polity in the much-maligned 2006 World Baseball Classic. Carlos Beltrán and the Alomars also hail from here.

Answer: Puerto Rico

[10] The Puerto Rico team was managed by this former utility player for the Mets who earned the first decision in 20 years by a non-pitcher when he threw two innings against the Braves. He set a Major League record low of three errors in a 150+ game season in 1990 is currently the third base coach for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Answer: José Oquendo

12. She asks “What would I give/If I could live/Out of these waters?” in “Part of Your World” and is delighted with her new haircare device, the dinglehopper. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this red-headed, fish-tailed Disney Princess who longs to be human and tries to comb her hair with a fork in The Little Mermaid.

Answer: Ariel

[10] Ariel receives the fork from this scavenging seagull voiced by Buddy Hackett who also gives her a gift of a pipe, upon which he bestows the name “Snorflatt.”

Answer: Scuttle

[10] Ariel’s love, Prince Eric, is assisted throughout the film by this old and stuffy majordomo who dresses in black, gets seasick, and enjoys crab.

Answer: Grimsby
13. Answer the following about CHRIS RAY’S favorite subject: Candy Bar(ges) for 10 points each.

[10] Chris Ray loves quizbowl so much that he could probably qualify as one of these boxes of tiny sour blobs that often come in pairs of flavors like Strawberry and Electric Blue.

Answer: Nerds

[10] When Chris Ray travels to Spain as Esteban Cordova, he will be sure to find in the duty-free shops this Swiss chocolate bar containing nougat, honey, and almond shaped like the Matterhorn Mountains.

Answer: Toblerone

[10] Chris Ray would love this taffy-like Australian candy not only for its gooey texture and sweet raspberry flavor but also because it shares a name with a team represented by his ubiquitous jacket.

Answer: Redskins
14. One strip typical of this webcomic depicts some marriage vows interrupted when the groom objects to the line "til death do us part," declaring that he's a necrophiliac, not to mention one in which Jesus justifies the fact that he does his own taxes by explaining that he used to be Jewish. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this comic starring a lot of nameless characters, as well as some superheroes, including Captain Obvious and Ass Rape Man.

ANSWER: Cyanide and Happiness

[10] This superhero is named after the offensive interjection he'll shout, generally causing disorder.


[10] This superhero uses his X-ray vision to determine why a woman is experiencing morning sickness, then explains that she /was/ pregnant, asking if she's "ever irradiated a fetus before."

ANSWER: Superjerk
15. Instead of the actual science of propulsion, this book's focus is mainly on characters like Wally Schirra and Virgil Grissom. For ten points each:

[10] Name this 1979 book that detailed the early years of NASA through the eyes of awesomely dressed embedded social reporter Tom Wolfe.

Answer: The Right Stuff

[10] The Right Stuff was inspired by Wolfe's work covering the Apollo missions for this magazine head edited and published to this day by Jann Wenner.

Answer: Rolling Stone

[10] Wolfe's first major space story for Rolling Stone was this four-part series detailing this psychiatric issue, a clinical depression suffered by astronauts after their flights.

Answer: "Post-Orbital Response"

16. It originally focused on the Horton family but has since evolved to center on the Brady and DiMera families as well. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this NBC soap opera that tells of both the working and home lives of doctors and other professionals including Maggie Horton and Marlena Evans in Salem and often contains supernatural storylines.

Answer: Days of Our Lives

[10] This character on Days of Our Lives was almost killed by a robot in 1983 and once drugged doughnuts she fed to Roman Brady to prove his innocence. Although she was “killed off” by the Salem murderer in 2004, this Horton family matriarch continues to appear on the show, and she has appeared in every season of the show since 1965.

Answer: Alice Horton

[10] In Friends, Joey Tribbiani had a recurring role on Days of Our Lives as this neurosurgeon who was originally killed off by falling down an elevator shaft but was resurrected by supplanting a female brain into his body.

Answer: Dr. Drake Ramoray

17. Identify these wide receivers, all of whom played part of their careers in Pittsburgh, for 10 points each.

[10] This receiver is perhaps most famous for launching a beautiful touchdown pass to Hines Ward in Super Bowl XL; the year after the Steelers gave up Plaxico Burress to the Giants, they let this talent walk to a different NFC East team.

ANSWER: Antwaan Randle El

[10] The following year, which saw the departure of Ken Whisenhunt to the Arizona Cardinals, the Steelers let this special teams specialist, a veteran they'd signed from the Eagles in 2004, go to the Cards as well.

ANSWER: Sean Morey

[10] This wide receiver started out with the Chargers but played for the Steelers from 1992 to 1997, after which he left for the Oilers. He caught a fantastic last second touchdown, schooling Deion Sanders, before halftime in Super Bowl XXX. He was also a fine posession receiver in Super Bowl XIV for the Titans.

ANSWER: Yancey Thigpen

18. He directed the teen health video Time Out: The Truth about HIV, AIDS, and You and guest starred as one of Hillary’s boyfriends on Fresh Prince of Bel Air. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this actor best known for playing Bill Cosby’s son Theo Huxtable on The Cosby Show.

Answer: Malcolm-Jamal Warner

[10] Warner provided the voice of The Producer in this childrens’ animated series surrounding the scientific adventures of a school class and their teacher Ms. Frizzle.

Answer: Magic School Bus

[10] Warner appeared as a boat-lending gangster who helps out Finn Finnegan in this 2008 romantic comedy and treasure hunting film starring Matthew McConaughey.

Answer: Fool’s Gold

19. Oils are measured in this scale by diluting them in sugar water before being tasted. For ten points each:

[10] Name this scale that measures the hotness in a pepper.

Answer: Scoville Scale

[10] The highest possible Scoville Rating, sixteen million, is reserved for this chemical, the primary acidic heat of a pepper.

[10] This non-capsacin carrying variety of the pepper ranks the lowest on the Scoville Scale.

Answer: bell pepper
20. Contestants are cloistered in an RV that follows around the show’s namesake van. For 10 points each:

[10] Identify this MTV dating show that involves many contestants attempting to get a date with one person who may be dismissed at any moment at the sound of the titular word.

Answer: Next

[10] This dating show is modeled after Date Night and tricks people into thinking obnoxiously horrendous people are really interested in then until a midget dressed as a devil runs out and ruins the fun.

Answer: Hell Date

[10] This NBC dating show was hosted by Mark Consuelos and attempted to use empirical techniques to discover whether the titular method of study could accurately predict the soulmate for former NFL player Adam Johnson.

Answer: Science of Love


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