Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament of Booze Education and Stuff: That Includes You, Sorice


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Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament of Booze Education and Stuff: That Includes You, Sorice

Packet 5

Tossups and bonuses by David Seal

Edited by Colin O’Donnell

1. This man's second game is playable in two languages, English and Al Bhed and that game features a quest to have Wilford Brimley cure a character's diabetes. IGN recently named this man the sixth best video game athlete ever in a game in which also had characters such as T-Bone and Newts. The sequel to that game sees him fight alongside characters such as his son Hoopz and Vinceborg 2050, a cyborg version of Vince Carter. In that game he fights fellow Dream Team member Michael Jordan, who tracks this man after he released the "Chaos Dunk." In the NBA Jam Arcade edition this man was featured alongside Phoenix teammate Dan Majerle. For ten points name this former star for the Suns and 76ers and title character of the Shut Up and Jam series of video games.  

Answer: Charles Barkley
2. One recent episode of this show had the TV cliche of students being paired together to raise a doll to simulate parenthood, with Navid being assigned to work with another boy and a student who recently moved form Kansas assigned to work with Ethan. The pilot of this show saw Ty Collins take Annie Wilson to San Francisco on a private jet for a first date, however Annie's grandmother Tabitha, played by Jessica Walter, got in a car accident while she was gone. Kelly Taylor, played by Jennie Garth, serves as the guidance counselor for BHHS in this series and Brenda Walsh, played by Shannen Doherty, is directing the high school play at BHHS. For ten points, name this CW series that drops "Beverly Hills" from the title of its predecessor. 

Answer: 90210

3. One of the singers in this song complains of eating a meal where "the macaroni's soggy, the peas are mushed and the chicken tastes like wood." Another singer in this song, Hank, declares that "I'm the c-a-s-a-n-o-v-a, I'm fly." This song also prominently features the bass line from the song "Good Times" by Chic. The chorus to this song starts with Wonder Mike singing the lyric "I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie" and ends with the lyric "say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie, the beat." For ten points name this song often considered to be one of the earliest successful hip hop songs, a rap by The Sugar Hill Gang. 

Answer: "Rappers Delight"

4. This names a short story by Haruki Murakami that describes a relationship between a woman and a man she met at a ski resort. It is the nickname of a rapper who makes the claim "I'm fresher than a fruit bowl" and "I'm prancin' on the scene crawlin' down like fire ants" in the song "I'm Throwed", Paul Wall. The X-man by this name had his first used his powers when he was on a date with Judy Harmon. That character was played by Shawn Ashmore in the film series and was dating Rogue. This is the nickname of both the all-time leading scorer in San Antonio Spurs history and of a former UFC Light Heavyweight title holder who lost the title to "Ramapage" Jackson. FTP give this nickname which is also the nickname of Maverick's rival in Top Gun. 

Answer: Iceman

5. Patton Oswalt guest starred as Leon, the dead soul of one of these, in an episode of Reaper and Kevin Bacon is executive producing a series about a family that includes a notable one of these for Showtime.  Sarah Vowell wrote a book in which she details the titular "Vacation" to see the sights where these men have done their handiwork, Stephen Sondheim wrote a 1990 musical that featured these and the song, "Gun Song." A would-be one was inspired to do his deed by Jodie Foster and the film JFK details the handiwork of one of them. For ten points name this group which includes people such as Leon Czolgosz and John Wilkes Booth.

Answer: Presidential Assassins (Accept alternatives)

6. One former owner of this team was McDonald's mogul Ray Kroc, and this team was the victim of Dock Ellis' 1970 LSD-assisted no-hitter. The record holder for most RBI's in a double header, Nate Colbert, set the record while playing for this team and he is its all-time leader in home runs with 163. Gaylord Perry became the first player to win the Cy Young award in both leagues when he won the NL Cy Young with this team in 1978 and this team lost its longest tenured manager in 2006 to the San Francisco Giants. This team has the least amount of wins of any team that has appeared in multiple World Series, losing in five games to the Tigers in 1984 and being swept by the 1998 Yankees. For ten points name this team that plays in the expansive PETCO Park, the former team of Tony Gwynn.

Answer: San Diego Padres

7. This singer holds the record for the longest serving cast member of the children's show Kid's Incorporated and she was the voice of Sally Brown for Charlie Brown cartoons in 1984 and 1985. She is the most recent winner of the Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Award for Favorite Female Singer This singer samples Little Richard's song "The Girl Can't Help It" in her 2007 song "Clumsy" and her most recent single is "Labels or Love." In one of her hits she sings "How come every time you come around/ My London London Bridge wanna go down." For ten points name this former Black-Eyed Peas singer that describes herself as "Fergalicious"

Answer: Stacy Ann Ferguson or Fergie

8. This man's mentor was Al Humphries , a member of the bomb squad, and one of his numerous one liners is "You sleep with the devil, you end up in Hell." In the episode "Rampage" of the show in which this character appears his wife, Marisol, was killed and he pursued the man who ordered the hit on her, Antonio Riaz, to Brazil and killed him. This character was seemingly shot at the end of the sixth season of the show on which he appears but he had actually faked his own death with the help of Ryan Wolfe to pursue an ammo dealer, Ron Saris. This character has often been parodied for the way in which he puts on and removes his sunglasses. For ten points name this character, played by David Caruso, the star of CSI: Miami.

Answer: Horatio Caine (Accept Either)

9. The main character of this film sleeps with the young woman Amy, played by Teri Garr as well as sleeping with Meredith. The main character works for the Director, played by Robert Duvall, and the Director's assistant, Martin, played by Harrison, is superior than the main character at their job. The main character becomes paranoid after he successfully records a conversation between the couple, Mark and Ann. This film ends with the main character playing a saxophone after destroying his apartment looking for an audio bug. For ten points name this film which stars Gene Hackman as a surveillance expert Harry Caul, directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Answer: The Conversation
10. The narrator of this book discusses his affair with Rosie the simultaneous orgasm girl and he dates a musician that looks like Susan Dey for part of the book. One episode in this book details the narrator's refusal to buy a set of extremely valuable records at a discount from a scorned wife and another features a discussion of the meaning of the phrase "I haven't seen Reservoir Dogs yet." The narrator of this book says that a "bootleg Merseybeat-style version" of "Everyday I Write the Book" is one of his top-5 Elvis Costello songs and he opens the book with a list of his top-5 breakups. FTP name this Nick Hornby book about the relationship between the music store owner, Rob, and Laura, that was made into a 2000 John Cusack movie.

Answer: High Fidelity

11. This quarterback punted five times in 1980 and his pro career saw him throw for 212 touchdowns, only two more than his 210 career interceptions and he threw 24 picks in his 1970 rookie season. This man threw two touchdowns in the final football game at Shea Stadium. This man's brief acting career reached its nadir when he had a nude scene in the romantic comedy Failure to Launch. When he retired this man had thrown 9 touchdowns in Super Bowls and the most notable pass this man threw came in a 1972 Divisional Playoff game against the Oakland Raiders. For ten points name this current Fox analyst and former Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback who won four Super Bowls in the 1970's.

Answer: Terry Bradshaw

12. One character from this series told Paula Abdul he was kidnapped after becoming obsessed with the video to Opposites Attract and one spinoff movie of this series saw the main character travel to Australia and meet a Mermaid. The theme song to this series was set to a montage of the titular character changing clothes in front of a mirror. This character's two main rivals are Libby and Willard Kraft, played by Martin Mull, principal of her high school, Westbridge High. Nick Bakay voiced the talking black cat, Salem, on this show. For ten points name this series, part of ABC's TGIF, starring Melissa Joan Hart as the titular magic user.

Answer: Sabrina, The Teenage Witch

13. Clark Kellogg was the drafted by this team in 1982 and they had their highest draft pick in 1988 when they took a center from Marist with the second overall pick. This team traded the eventual pick that would become Sam Bowie to the Portland TrailBlazers and this franchise has the most ABA championships of any team with three. This team has appeared in only one NBA Finals, losing in six games to the Lakers in 2000. The past season saw this team acquire T.J. Ford in exchange for Jermaine O'Neal. For ten points name this NBA team that has Larry Bird as its current president. 

Answer: Indiana Pacers
14. The Texas State Fair recently gave a Chicken Fried variety of this food the best taste award and the A.V. Club has tested many strange foods flavored with this food, such as salt, mints, chocolate and lollipops. Eric Ripert wraps mission figs in this food to make one of his favorite forms of tapas and Richard from season 4 of Top Chef made ice cream of this meat in the season finale and Canadians call one variety of this food Peameal, but Americans call that same variety Canadian.  For ten points name this food that is normally taken in strips from the side, belly or back of a pig.

Answer: Bacon

15. This groups last top 40 hit, "Indestructible", was used by NBC in its 1988 Olympics coverage and they detail a mans reaction to rumors that he is being cheated on in "Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)". In 2005 an original member of this group who cowrote the song "What's Going On" with Marvin Gaye, Obie Benson, died.  This groups production in the 70's saw them release a song for the movie Shaft in Africa, "Are You Man Enough" as well as the song "Ain't No Woman Like the One I've Got." This group's album Reach Out included the songs "Bernadette" and the title track "Reach Out I'll Be There", the groups second number one Hit. Vocalist Levi Stubbs of this band died Friday. Their song, "It's the Same Old Song", is actually just a sped up version of one of its earlier hits of, for ten points, this Motown group responsible for "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)."

Answer: The Four Tops

16. Kevin Olmstead's record for the most money won by an American game show contestant broke a record set by David Legler on this show. The most famous champion of this show was St. John's graduate that was teaching at Columbia at the time. This show briefly returned to the air in 2000, appearing on NBC and it was hosted by Maury Povich. In the 1950's this show saw a scandal involving college professor Herbert Stempel and Charles Van Doren, documented in the 1994 film Quiz Show. For ten points name this game show which revolves around the contestants trying to get to the title number by answering trivia questions. 

Answer: Twenty One

17. Some of the enemies encountered in this game are the Igloo Turtle and the Fire Nose and late in this game the player must fight a pair of giant robot owls who wear top hats, Lechku and Nechku. In this game you can urinate on your foes to obtain demon fangs and the main characters shrink in size to travel inside the stomach of the Emperor of Japan to fight the boss Blight. The Wii remake of this game allows for the wiimote to directly control the motion of the Celestial Brush and the player must fight the evil dragon Orochi three times in this game. For ten points name this game that sees the adventures of the miniature painter Issun, and the white wolf form of the goddess Amaterasu.

Answer: Okami

18. This man finished second in the 2005 Most Improved Player award voting, losing to the Phoenix Suns' Boris Diaw. This man's last college game was a second round loss to Maryland in 2003, the same year he won his third Atlantic 10 player of the year award in a row and was the 18th pick in the NBA Draft. This past season saw this player score 40 points for the first time in a November win over the Grizzlies and he made his first all-star appearance, as a backup to Tim Duncan. He scored 38 points in his teams game five win in round two of the playoffs but he was limited by a back injury as his team lost in seven games to the Spurs. For ten points name this graduate of Xavier University who currently plays power forward for the New Orleans Hornets. 

Answer: David West

19. The former voice of Freddy from Scooby Doo, Frank Welker, provides the voice of one of the antagonists in this film and the tagline "It will take your breath away" refers to the cause of death of many of the characters in this film. This film was the first in which a character played by Owen Wilson died, occurring when his character, Gary, fell off a boat. A character is poisoned early in this film after being stung by a wasp and Jon Voight was nominated for a Worst Actor Razzie for his role as a villain, Paul Sarone. The sequel to this film takes place in Thailand and revolves around the search for a flower that can extend longevity. For ten points name this film that revolves around a film crew (which includes characters played by Ice Cube and Jennifer Lopez) and a specimen of the titular snake.

Answer: Anaconda 

20. This type of "shades" are the most expensive glasses the player can buy in Rock Band.  This song's writer namechecks both Vini Lopez and his little league team in the first lines and goes on to discuss drug busts by "Scotland Yard" and a friend "complaining that he caught the clap / from some mousetrap he caught last night."  The singer notes that "Mama always told me not to look into the sights of the sun," an action that could result in the singer suffering from the title of this song.  Its writer credits the success of a cover of this song to listeners mishearing the word "deuce" in the chorus as "douche." For ten points name this song originally appearing as the first released track by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band that became a hit for Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

Answer: Blinded by the Light

1. This man's sexual partners include bureaucrat Morgan Proctor, a series of Amazonians, the alien Yivo and a radiator.  For ten points each...:

[10] Name this great times thirty uncle of Professor Farnsworth, the time-travelling delivery boy star of Futurama.

Answer: Philip J. Fry

[10] Fry has also had sex with this Planet Express intern. Her family owns half of Mars, having bought it for a bead, and she recently married her long time lover Kif Kroker.

Answer: Amy Wong

[10] In the FOX finale of Futurama Fry was commissioned to write an holophoner opera by this golden robot. He is often accompanied by his servant Jambi, whom he orders to spread chocolate over him.

Answer: Hedonismbot

2. Name these rock and roll groups that feature brothers in their lineup for ten points each.

[10] This band, known for songs such as "Don't Look Back in Anger" and "Wonderwall" features both Liam and Noel Gallagher.

Answer: Oasis

[10] The founders of this band include the Abbott brothers, but their most famous member, Dimebag Darrell, was killed during a show. This band released the song "Cowboys From Hell."

Answer: Pantera

[10] This band, the most famous Christian heavy metal group, includes the Sweet brothers. They released the album To Hell With the Devil.

Answer: Stryper

3. In an interview with ESPN, Rich Rodriguez described the development and execution of the zone read, an element crucial to the success of this offense. For ten points each:

[10] Name this offense which Rodriguez has brought from West Virginia to Michigan that involves using multiple wide recievers and the no-huddle. 

Answer: Spread Offense

[10] Rodriguez is noted for his use of this variant of the spread used by Chip Kelly at Oregon that uses misdirection and a quarterback apt to run the keeper.
Answer: Spread Option

[10] To institute the spread, Auburn hired Tony Franklin, noted for his work creating the spread at this Sun Belt school, as offensive coordinator.

Answer: Troy University

4. For ten points each name these films which starred the great William Zabka as the villain.

[10] Zabka's most notable role came in this film, where he played Johnny Lawrence, who loses to the title character due to a crane kick.

Answer: The Karate Kid

[10] In this 1986 film Zabka once again is upstaged by the main character in a sporting event, this time coming when he is replaced in the diving competition by Rodney Dangerfield's character, Thornton Mellon.

Answer: Back To School

[10] In this other 1986 film Zabka plays Greg, who bullies the main character, Terri, a girl disguising herself as a boy to write a story for the school paper.

Answer: Just One of the Guys 

5. This superhero duo once had to fight the villainous Philip Seymour Hoffman and NBC head Jeff Zucker.

[10] For ten points name this super hero duo nown primarily for the white color of their skin.

Answer: Pale Force

[10] Pale Force was created by this comedian, who briefly had his own CBS series Welcome to New York. He is the main superhero of Pale Force and his side kick is Conan O'Brien. 

Answer: Jim Gaffigan

[10] Gaffigan's stand up routine often makes fun of this microwaveable food stuff, manufactured by Nestle. He often makes fun of its commercials, which feature its name being said in a high pitched voice.

Answer: Hot Pockets

6. Dante's Divine Comedy is a major influence on popular culture. Name some things that have been influenced by it for ten points each.

[10] This Capcom video game series named two of its main characters, Dante and Vergil, after the two poets featured in The Divine Comedy.

Answer: Devil May Cry

[10] This 1995 film sees Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman study The Divine Comedy in order to catch a serial killer.

Answer: Se7en

[10] This band that released the 1994 album, Stranger Than Fiction, used some of Dore's illustrations of The Inferno on their album New Maps of Hell

Answer: Bad Religion

7. This man is responsible for creating the series which starred characters such as Sergeant Andy Sipowicz and Detective John Kelly.  For ten points each...:

[10] Name this man who created NYPD Blue with David Milch and LA Law.

Answer: Stephen Bochco

[10] Bochco has cast the former Zack Morris, Mark Paul Gosselar, in two series, NYPD Blue and this new TNT series which sees Gosselar playing a long-haired lawyer.

Answer: Raising the Bar

[10] Bochco's biggest mistake was creating this 1990 series that only lasted 11 episodes on ABC. It was a police drama that featured musical numbers.

Answer: Cop Rock

8. This game allows the player to fight bosses such as Catfish and Pipistrello using one of four knights, Red, Blue, Orange and Green. 

[10] For ten points name this 2-D, side-scrolling beat-em up released in August for XBOX Live Arcade.

Answer:  Castle Crashers

[10] Castle Crashers was developed by The Behemoth, who were also behind this 2004 game in which the titular extraterrestrial attempts to escape enemies such as the FBI and the KGB. The title character appears both as playable character and as an enemy in Castle Crashers

Answer: Alien Hominid

[10] One controversial aspect of Castle Crashers was the price, at 1200 of these, which is equivalent to fifteen dollars. Many thought this was too high for an XBOX Live Arcade game. 

Answer: Microsoft Points 
9. This album included a letter from the artist that thanked his fans for their support during his legal troubles and it included the postscript "When you see me, hug a thug." For ten points each:

[10] Name this 2003 R&B album that includes the song "Step in the Name of Love", and in some editions the EP Loveland.

Answer: Chocolate Factory

[10] This singer, behind the song "I Believe I Can Fly" and the opera "Trapped in the Closet", released the album Chocolate Factory.

Answer: Robert Kelly

[10] Chocolate Factory also includes this song and its "Remix" version on it. In the song he notes that the remix of the title is "Fresh out the Kitchen."

Answer: "Ignition"

10. 2008 saw a lot of surprisingly effective closers emerge throughout Major League Baseball. Name some for ten points each:

[10] This Royals closer was dominant this past season, throwing for 46 saves and a 2.11 ERA and making the All-Star team.

Answer: Joakim Soria

[10] This man had a perfect season as a closer, going 41 for 41 on save opportunities for the NL East champion Phillies.

Answer: Brad Lidge

[10] He only spent a short time at closer for the Texas Rangers, notching five saves as a replacement to CJ Wilson. He’s better known for getting better than a strikeout an inning as a setup man who threw 63 innings.

Answer: Frank Francisco

11. This series recent season finale saw a Labor Day clambake thrown by the Decker family, who recently discovered they are pregnant.  For ten points each...:

[10] Name this recent CBS series that focused on the spouse swapping between three couples in 1970's Chicago. 

Answer: Swingtown

[10] The 1970's saw two pitchers, Fritz Peterson and Mike Kelkich, from this baseball team swap their entire families.

Answer: New York Yankees

[10] This series premiered on FOX in 2004. It revolves around two families temporarily trading matriarchs and it is subtitled, "Meet Your New Mommy."

Answer: Trading Spouses

12. The first weekend of September saw the worst box office weekend in five years. Name some things about the movies that contributed to this calamity for ten points each.

[10] This movie opened at number one with a paltry 7.8 million dollars. It stars Nicholas Cage as a hitman who travels to the titular Asian city.

Answer: Bangkok Dangerous

[10] Babylon A.D. finished the weekend sixth in the box office. It stars this actor, behind flops such as The Pacifier and The Chronicles of Riddick, as a man who attempts to escort a genetically engineered woman named Aurora.

Answer: Vin Diesel

[10] The weekend also saw the continued existence of the abomination known as Disaster Movie, written by these two men, who also wrote Meet the Spartans. Name either.

Answer: Jason Friedberg or Aaron Seltzer

13. The first ever draft pick by this team was Kiki Vandeweghe, taken in 1980, although he was traded to Denver before ever playing for this team. 

[10] For ten points name this team that also featured Rolando Blackman and Mark Aguirre in the early 1980's.

Answer: Dallas Mavericks

[10] Mark Aguirre was traded to the Pistons in exchange for this Notre Dame graduate. He was the leading scorer in the NBA in both 1981 and 1984.

Answer: Adrian Dantley

[10] The Mavericks had success in the middle of the 1990's due to their "Three J's"; Jim Jackson, Jamal Mashburn and this former Cal plalyer. He is the Mavs' current point guard.

Answer: Jason Kidd

14. This soft drink has relied on basketball based advertisements such as "Grant Hill" drinks this soft drink and having LeBron James appear alongside the doll Miles Thirst.

[10] For ten points name this soft drink that uses the slogan "Obey Your Thirst."

Answer: Sprite

[10] One ad campaign for Sprite used strange videos of things such as a green sumo wrestler running at a yellow sumo wrestler and this slogan, supposedly a mix of the two flavors in it.

Answer: Lymon

[10] Sprite has released strange flavors of Sprite such as Sprite on Fire, a ginger based flavor, in this country.

Answer: China

15. One of this band's most recent albums only have songs that start with the letter that names the album, i.

[10] For ten points name this band that has released albums such as The Charm of the Highway Strip and Distortion and appears on a t-shirt of Seth Teitler's.

Answer: The Magnetic Fields

[10] Perhaps the most notable album by The Magnetic Fields is this 1999 release which features three albums of 23 songs each.

Answer: 69 Love Songs

[10] The Magnetic Fields were founded by this man who also has started bands such as Future Bible Heroes and The Gothic Archies.

Answer: Stephen Merritt

16. For ten points each name these books that you read when you were a pre-teen girl, (or if you are Michael Arnold still do), for ten points each.

[10] This book series, written by Ann M. Martin, details a group that was founded by Stoneybrook, CT resident Kristy Thomas.

Answer: The Baby-sitters Club

[10] The Sweet Valley High books detail the adventures of these twin sisters. The elder one, Elizabeth wants to be a journalist and the younger, Jessica, is a cheerleader for Sweet Valley High.

Answer: The Wakefield Twins

[10] This book series details magical sisters Alexandra Fielding and Camryn Barnes. It was later made into two Disney Channel Original Movies starring Tia and Tamera Mowry.

Answer: T*Witches
17. Among other things, their star-studded 1970s Christmas specials, written by Eddie Braben, shocked Britain by revealing that not only did staid news anchor Angie Rippon have legs, they were rather attractive ones.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this comedy duo whose sketches saw them perform "Singin' in the Rain" without any rain and debut "plays what I wrote."

Answer: Eric Morecambe and Ernie Wise
[10] The famous sketch in which Morecambe and Wise make breakfast to the song "The Stripper" bears similarities to an earlier musical breakfast sketch on this man's BBC show, which ran on and off from 1955 to 1989.  His regulars included Henry McGee, Bob Todd, and Jenny Lee-Wright.
Answer: Alfred "Benny" Hill
[10] On this more recent BBC show, David Brent claimed he and pal Chris Finch were as funny as Morecambe and Wise when they hung out, except that "there's no straight man, there's no dead wood."
Answer: "The Office"
18. This villain once deduced that Batman was actually Bruce Wayne, however he did not reveal the secret to anyone after confronting Batman.  For ten points each...:

[10] Name this Batman villain whose real name is Edward Nashton and who is often portrayed in a green suit with question marks.

Answer: The Riddler (accept Edward Nygma)

[10] The Riddler deduced Batman's identity in this story line. This story line was named for a villain who was a former friend of Bruce Wayne's, Tommy Elliot.

Answer: Hush

[10] The Riddler was once injected with Venom, giving him physical strength to match Batman, by this villain. This villain uses Venom to give himself super-strength and once broke Batman's back.

Answer: Bane

19. 80% of players that played under him came from the state of Kentucky. For ten points each...:

[10] Identify this legendary college basketball coach who spent 42 years as coach of the Wildcats before retiring in 1972.

Answer: Adolph Rupp

[10] One of Rupp's toughest defeats came in the 1966 NCAA Finals when he lost to this team coached by Don Haskins. That game is shown near the end of the 2006 film Glory Road.

Answer: Texas Western University

[10] Rupp's successor was this former assistant coach who played on his 1949 national championship team. He won one NCAA title in his 13 years before retiring in 1985 to host a radio show with Denny Crum.

Answer: Joe B. Hall

20. Name these History Channel programs that have absolutely nothing to do with history, for ten points each.

[10] This shows details the search for beings such as the Skunk Ape or the Chupacabra.

Answer: Monster Quest

[10] This show that debuted in 2007 details the logging crews of companies such as J.M. Browning Logging and Stump-Branch Logging.

Answer: Ax Men

[10] This recent show using computer simulations to see what would happen if various dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex and Utahraptor came into conflict. 

Answer: Jurassic Fight Club


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