Rules of Direct Speech

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Rules of Direct Speech

  1. Speech marks (“ ”) are use to show what is spoken aloud by a character.

E.g. “Hello. How are you?” said Billy.

  1. You start the speech marks before the first word spoken.

E.g. He walked at and said, “Good to see you.”

  1. You close the speech marks after the last word they speak not at the end of each sentence.

E.g. “Would you like something to drink?” Dan asked.

  1. When someone new speaks you must start a new line.

E.g. “Thank you. Do you have any cola?” Billy requested.

Of course,” Dan answered.

  1. The first word of a new piece of speech must have a capital letter.

E.g. Billy smiled and said, “Perfect!”

  1. The same rules of punctuation must be used in speech such as commas and question marks.

E.g. “Do you want ice?” he continued.

  1. You must always use punctuation to separate what is being spoken and the rest of the writing.

E.g. “No ice thank you,” Billy concluded.

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