Running Head: Is Lady Gaga’s song about her ex? Rhetoric behind the song "Judas" by Lady Gaga

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Running Head: Is Lady Gaga’s song about her ex?

Rhetoric behind the song “Judas”

by Lady Gaga

Rebecca C. Castillo

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi

Lady Gaga is a well known singer that is very unique and tends to write songs that some think are offensive, but in reality she is just writing what she feels. In the song “Judas” in this song she is depicting biblical characters such as Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ. In the song she depicts Judas as the man she can never let go of, and Jesus as the good guy she has but can’t be committed to. The song is very controversial and is something that should not be taken for the general meaning but the deeper meaning.

In the song Judas by Lady Gaga, she writes about herself being “in love with Judas”, when she refers to “Judas” she is referring to the figure in the Bible that betrays Jesus. She isn’t talking about what actually happened in the Bible but only talking about her personal experiences with men. The reasons for the writing this song are unknown, but it is shown that she was writing it based on previous relationships and temptations. During the time of composition there is nothing historical that gave inspiration to this song, it was simply written on the basis of previous relationships in Lady Gaga’s life.

Lady Gaga establishes ethos through the song by putting her name in the song, “Judas! GAGA” (Lady Gaga Lyrics - Judas, 2011). While she is singing Lady Gaga sings her name twice, for this the ethos is established, this is so you know someone else didn’t sing the song. During the song she is singing about Judas being her weakness, her Achilles heel; in this way we find her knowledgeable because there is always that one douche bag that you can never let go of, even when you have a “Jesus” (Lady Gaga Lyrics - Judas, 2011) figure for a boyfriend but, “Jesus is my virtue, Judas is the demon I cling to” (2011). With Gaga stating this, she is telling us that there is always that one guy that would always treat you like crap but you would still always go back to him and leave this amazing guy your with for him. In this way you can see that she is very knowledgeable due to the fact that we can almost all state that there is that one person we would go back to even though they never treated us right in the first place. Gaga is the kind of woman that you would look up to, she is an activist and a strong writer and composer. She stands for the rights of everyone no matter their sexual orientation and also is very unique in her dress. Her writing shows the strength of her thoughts and what she thinks about things that happen in life. Yes, she convey’s a certain authority just in the way her presence comes off on stage. Lady Gaga is the kind of unique woman that no one will be able to measure up to. She is “Mother monster” and she is a symbol of a new thinking and a new way of being different.

When Lady Gaga sings, the world listens, she is one of those figures where she is so extreme in her music, clothing, and what she embodies that she is noticed all around the world. She always refers to her fans as “little monsters” they are her inspiration. She is always called “Mother monster”, if you ask what her name is you’ll get either Lady Gaga or “Mother monster” depending on the audience you ask. When your talking about Lady Gaga, of course her reputation conveys a lot, she is one of the few people who can go on stage wearing meat and look amazing. She is the one of a kind girl that if you met her on the streets before she was famous you wouldn’t even think she was anything, you would just stop and stare because you thought she was a freak, when others find her unique in her own way.

Throughout Gaga’s song she is defending the one she calls Judas, because she is in love with him. In this song she would do anything for him, and the thought of losing him is hard even when she has someone like “Jesus” that is good to her she still goes for the bad boys. The song isn’t trying to dissuade anyone but trying to give everyone a good focal point. It’s the whole point that her life is so perfect because she’s a star, when in reality it’s not that way at all. In no way is she trying to put the blame on anyone but herself for letting it get that far, where she betrays Jesus and is still wanting Judas. The song is really a teaching process, because without this you would never see how a super stars life was really like. They also have “backstabbing guy(s)” in heir life as well and that musical artists are some of the few that actually write about what happens to them in their songs. They don’t just write about the bed being soft, they usually relate what they write to their personal lives.

The intended audience is her “Little Monsters” and all the Lady Gaga fans, but in reality it is for anyone who hears the song and is able to relate it the story behind the music. The secondary audience is more of the if you hear it and like it good type, it’s not directed toward them but if they heard it and got it’s meaning then good. When music artists write songs they always think about how it will impact their audience, they never

just sit down and write the song for the hell of it or try to offend anyone. Artists write because that’s what they know to do, nothing more nothing less. When Lady Gaga wrote this she did not mean to offend anyone in the church, it was simply going off what she knows about the story of Jesus and Judas. It had some significance but this was only to relate something old and bring it back to life again. In the song Lady Gaga is talking about her current and ex boyfriend though neither are never mentioned.

The main focal point that everyone should get is, it’s “about Gaga still being very much in love with an ex lover (symbolized by Judas) despite being in a relationship with a new significant other (symbolized by Jesus). Ultimately both men betray her and she is killed by her fellow disciples. Bros before hoes.” Writing this song couldn’t have been easy it probably came with a lot of pain but Lady Gaga did it to show her “Little Monsters” that they are not alone. emotionally if you look at this song and listen to it you are taken back because everyone at one point and time was hurt by the one person that they gave their all to and they ended up with nothing after they left the good guy for them once again and it still ended up turning out just the way they thought it would.

Looking at this song you can tell why she wrote what she wrote and how she wrote it. It’s because one day a boy broke her heart, and she was never able to heal. And writing and preforming songs is sometimes how the artists heals from a deep wound such as this seems to be.


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