Russia 101228 Basic Political Developments


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Russia 101228

Basic Political Developments

  • Palestine should have its own state – Russian deputy FM - Russia's Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Saltanov, who recently visited the Middle East, says a co-ordinated global response is vital for resolving the conflict in Israel and ending the suffering of Palestinians.

  • Kyrgyz Prime Minister to meet Russia’s Presidential Administration Chief - Earlier Mr. Atambayev was supposed to meet with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. However, as it turned out, Almazbek Atambayev will meet with the head of the administration.

    • Kyrgyzstan for Union Entry

    • Kyrgyzstan wants to join Customs Union - premier - "Kyrgyzstan and Russia have a common past, and I think our future will also be shared. We see Kyrgyzstan in the Customs Union and in the common economic space," Atambayev told the head of the Russian presidential administration, Sergei Naryshkin, during a meeting in Moscow.

  • Tursunbek Akun: Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan to support migrants - “Recently, some 100 Kyrgyz migrants have been deported from Russia. Our countrymen are pursued by law enforcement agencies of Russia, their rights are violated. We want to prevent this in Kazakhstan, thus I met with the Ombudsman of Kazakhstan Askar Shakirov. In early January 2011, I will hold a meeting with the Ombudsman of the Russian Federation. Furthermore, the agreement with Kazakhstan will be signed in July 2011,” Tursunbek Akun explained.

  • Our Ukraine demands explanations of closure of Ukrainian literature library in Moscow
  • Georgian Foreign Minister comments on ties with Russia - "When the president says that we are ready to discuss with Russia at any time and in any place all the problems we have it means the conversation is gong to focus primarily on resuming the territorial integrity and the complete, unconditional de-occupation and the return of refugees. Neither these, nor future authorities will have any other problem to discuss with Russia", - Our Abkhazia is citing Vashadze.

  • Tbilisi Condemns Khodorkovsky Verdict - “The verdict has once again confirmed the attitude, which the Russian judiciary has towards rule of law; this is mockery, injustice and violation of all the legal norms,” Manana Manjgaladze, the president’s spokesperson, said in a statement read out on December 28.   

  • Zatlers and Kristovskis see improvement in relations with Russia - At their meeting yesterday, Latvia’s President Valdis Zatlers and Foreign Minister Girts Valdis Kristovskis (Unity) marked improvement in relations between Latvia and Russia, as attested to by Zatlers' recent official visit. The people of both countries will be the ones to reap the benefits, they agreed.

  • Khodorkovsky verdict reading continues - The reading of the 250-page verdict in the second trial of jailed oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and his business partner Platon Lebedev resumed on Tuesday, a day after they were found guilty of embezzlement.

    • US condemns Khodorkovsky verdict

    • Khodorkovsky's lawyers plan to appeal to president

    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta: The verdict is in

    • Khodorkovsky Guilty, Plans Appeal

  • In tit-for-tat move, Russia expels 2 Spanish diplomats

    • Moscow, Madrid mutually expel diplomats

  • Lithuanian defense minister says Russian-French warship deal 'mistake'

  • Moscow demands release of detained Russians in Belarus
  • Korea, Japan, Russia to Make Joint Bid for Mongolian Coal Mine

  • Putin to visit VTB new HQ Tue to review performance - The Head of Government will also familiarize himself with the work of the Dealing Centre, the Bank’s subdivision that tackles operations involving securities and foreign-exchange currency.

  • Russia to transition to free software by 2015 - Vladimir Putin, Russia's Prime Minister, has signed a government order for transitioning all Russian federal bodies and agencies of the federal budget to use free software by 2015. The change will move away from proprietary software and move onto free or open-source software such as Linux, a free open-source operating system.

  • RF panel to consider allocation of radiofreqiencies

  • Minister promises huge financial injections into Russian sport - Sports minister Vitaly Mutko announced that around 1.4 billion US dollars will be spent on sport in the country next year.

  • Serbia - Dacic, Shoigu discuss Nis emergency situations centre

  • EU immigration fears over Polish visa deal with Russia - As part of a Polish policy to improve co-operation with Russia, Warsaw wants to sign a bilateral agreement with Moscow that would allow Kaliningrad's citizens to cross into Poland unfettered by visas.

  • New hierarch to administer Russian parishes in Western Europe - The Holy Synod at its Friday session appointed new head of the Korsun Diocese that unites parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate in Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland.
  • Key opposition member vows to bring Day of Wrath protests to federal level in 2011 -"Since the Moscow authorities are unwilling to promote civilized dialogue with citizens, Day of Wrath events will reach the federal level next year. Their venue could be relocated from Tverskaya Square to some place close to the Kremlin," he said.

  • Russia Profile Weekly Experts Panel: Are the Moscow Riots Symptoms of Larger Political Trouble?

  • Kadyrov to help head of sharia court of Ichkeria return to Chechnya - During a meeting between Kadyrov and the clergy on Saturday, Shamsudi's uncle Khusein Batukayev, who is the imam of a Grozny mosque, asked Kadyrov to help his nephew get documents to come to Russia and live in Chechnya.

  • One killed, one injured in Nalchik house blast - The explosion ripped through the five-storey apartment house at around 23:00, Moscow time, on Monday.

    • A blast kills one in Russian Caucasus city

    • South Russia bomb kills one - One person died in south Russia’s North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria after a suspected explosive device went off in an apartment, officials said on Tuesday.

  • Three dead bodies found at Dauria oil refinery

  • Official arrested over attack on Russian environmentalist - Police have detained a Moscow region official suspected of organizing an attack on an activist who criticized a controversial road project, a police source said on Tuesday.

  • Police officer shot dead in Moscow

  • Prosecutors start inquiry into flight delays at Moscow airports

  • Interfax: Passengers at Domodedovo airport on the verge of hysteria

    • Domodedovo power supply fully restored--FATA chief

  • 3,806 houses in Moscow reg still without electricity after Sunday sleet

  • Scope of financial irregularities uncovered in Moscow calls for further inquiry - Audit Chamber chief
  • Russian Press at a Glance, Tuesday, December 28, 2010

  • Spies sparring as Russia tries to merge agencies, experts believe
    Trud: Five of the most notable events of the year

  • Party of the Year - Extensive New Year Holidays Bring Economic Losses and Alcohol-Related Deaths, but Most Russians Aren’t Willing to Give Them Up

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