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International Theatrical Marketing Strategy – draft #8 – 8.7.05

US Release Dates: September 9, 2005 on 2000+ screens
MPAA Rating: PG-13


In an extremely rare decision, the Catholic Church officially recognized the demonic possession of a 19-year-old college freshman. Told in terrifying flashbacks, THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE chronicles the haunting trial of the priest accused of negligence resulting in the death of the young girl believed to be possessed.

LAURA LINNEY – The two-time Academy Award nominee, for her performances in YOU CAN COUNT ON ME with Mark Ruffalo, and last year’s KINSEY with Liam Neeson, is considered one of America’s finest working actors today. Ms. Linney is consistently lauded by critics and is popular with audiences for her blonde good looks and winsome smile. She came to be known to television audiences as Maryann Singleton in the continuing miniseries, TALES OF THE CITY based on the bestselling novels by Armistead Maupin. After appearing in PRIMAL FEAR in 1996, Ms. Linney made such an impression on Clint Eastwood he selected her for a major role in ABSOLUTE POWER. Ms. Linney went on to make THE TRUMAN SHOW with Jim Carrey, THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE with Kevin Spacey and MYSTIC RIVER with Sean Penn. She will next be seen in THE SQUID AND THE WHALE with Jeff Daniels.

TOM WILKINSON – Long a popular British character actor, Tom Wilkinson broke through to movie audiences around the world for his performance in the smash international hit THE FULL MONTY. He went on to critical acclaim for his performances in the Academy Award winning SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE and THE PATRIOT with Mel Gibson. But it was Mr. Wilkinson’s performance in the multiple-Oscar nominated film IN THE BEDROOM with Sissy Spacek that earned him his Best Actor Academy Award nomination. Mr. Wilkinson has won the prestigious London Critics Circle Theatre Award and he is an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services in drama.

CAMPBELL SCOTT – After studying drama at Lawrence University, Mr. Scott was widely noticed for his performance with Julia Roberts in DYING YOUNG. He has gone on to star in some of the most popular indy films in the last fifteen years, including SINGLES with Matt Dillon and Bridget Fonda, the groundbreaking aids drama, LONGTIME COMPANION, DEAD AGAIN with Kenneth Branaugh, MR.S PARKER AND THE VICIOUS CIRCLE with Jennifer Jason Leigh, and most recently, RODGER DODGER and THE SECRET LIVES OF DENTISTS. Mr. Scott has twice been nominated for a Best Actor/ Independent Spirit Award. Mr. Scott is also an accomplished director and producer, his most noted achievement THE BIG NIGHT which he co-directed with Stanley Tucci. The film won the Independent Spirit Award for Best Feature, and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at both Sundance and Deauville. Campbell Scott is pure Hollywood Royalty, the son of Academy Award-winnIng actor George C. Scott and Emmy Award-winning actress Colleen Dewhurst.
JENNIFER CARPENTER – Ms. Carpenter, who plays the possessed Emily in the film, makes the move into thrillers after appearing with the Wayan brothers in the hit WHITE CHICKS and D.E.B.S. Director Scott Derrickson knew he had to find a young actress for the role of Emily who could handle the complicated behaviors and physical contortions

we associate with demonic possession. Ms. Carpenter’s performance at a call-back audition eased Mr. Derrickson's mind about the crucial scenes.When I saw her I was like, 'Well, you've just got to turn the camera on and point it at her.'” She will soon be appearing with Judd Nelson in LETHAL EVICTION.

SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO – Ms. Aghdashloo was born in Iran in 1952, and at age 20 achieved nationwide fame and critical acclaim starring in THE REPORT, directed by the renowned Abbass Kiarostami, and SOOTEH DELAN directed by the late Ali Hatami. During the 1978 Islamic revolution, Aghdashloo left Iran for England, where she completed her education and continued acting. It was her breakthrough performance in 2004's HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG that earned her a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award nomination, the Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Actress, and Best Supporting Actress awards from the LA Film Critics Association and the NY Film Critics Circle, making her a hot commodity in the filmmaking community. She will soon be appearing in IL MARE with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock.

Director – SCOTT DERRICKSON – An accomplished director and screenwriter with an undergraduate degree in theology and a Master’s Degree in Film Production from the USC School of Cinema and Television (which boasts Stephen Spielberg as their most celebrated alumnus), Scott Derrickson directed URBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT and HELLRAISER: INFERNO. With Paul Harris Boardman, he recently adapted the book BEWARE THE NIGHT for producer Jerry Bruckheimer, and wrote a science-fiction epic for director Martin Scorsese. Earlier this year Mr. Derrickson wrote the story for Wim Wenders’ LAND OF PLENTY. Mr. Derrickson is active in the Christian community, which gives his choice of this film’s subject matter an interesting perspective.
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Running Time: 97 minutes
Feature Delivery Target: mid-August 2005


THE new EXORCIST. A true story told for the first time. Beyond scary with strong performances. An intelligent yet terrifying horror/thriller, with an Academy Award nominated cast of Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson.
Sony’s legal department has approved our use of the tag line:
"Not since THE EXORCIST has a film terrified audiences like THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE"
This could be a great positioning line and can be used to brand the film.




Males and females: 13 – 35, high school and college students



Males and females: 35-45

Horror fans

Gay cult fans of Laura Linney


• Market as a suspenseful horror film like THE EXORCIST

• Keep it real. The event really happened; this is the story. There may be aspects of the

actual story that have been altered in the film version, but focus must remain on the fact that it was a real, documented exorcism that went horribly wrong. The fact that it actually took place makes it even scarier.

• Advertising driven – U.S. trailer is being shown in theatres and on-line and fans of the genre have been buzzing about it. Early placement of the international trailer should be happening the same way; get on-screen asap with big film titles, on top local web sites. All materials throughout the campaign – trailers, tv spots, radio spots, print – will consistently support the promise of high levels of terror, but maintain a “big picture” feel at all times.
• Take advantage of the opportunity to attract the broadest commercial audience with the pedigree of the cast


• action-packed suspenseful thriller/horror

• smart and absorbing; this is not an empty-headed horror/thriller, but has an intriguing and engrossing plotline
• inspired by true events, the first time ever told
• really really scary, an edge-of-your-seat quality missing from most films today
• great performances by Academy Award nominated actors Laura Linney and Tom Wilkinson
• well-made thrillers have a good track record of success
• Laura Linney has a gay following thanks to KINSEY and TALES OF THE CITY


• no high-profile young cast members to attract teen audience

• word-of-mouth could reveal that majority of the film is in the courtroom setting

• some current internet buzz asking if the story is really true or not

Like Picture Comps


Screening Strategies

Careful word of mouth screenings should be held as well to spread the word amongst key media opinion/tastemakers and talkers. Get local celebs to endorse the film saying, “I’ve never been more scared in my life.”

Paid sneaks should be explored as appropriate – please come back to us with your thoughts on this option after you have screened the film.


IMPORTANT: There is a possible lawsuit pending with the family in

Germany. Please make sure your materials say “inspired by true events” only.


The US poster (above) is being serviced as a teaser poster for your use. We are working on a new look that is more explicit and graphic and I look forward to sharing that with you very soon. In the meantime, the teaser is being printed and layered files are available on the SPRI/Graphic Orb site.

We will be creating in-theatre materials including standees or banners and lobby cards pending creative lock of final materials.

The 1.55-minute trailer has been serviced to you. The reactions to the trailer have been excellent and you should use it as the cornerstone of your marketing campaign. We are prepared to also create a shorter version of the trailer for your markets if appropriate. PLEASE GET BACK TO SAL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IF YOU NEED A :30 OR :60 TRAILER.

In addition, Cathy has developed a very cool trailer mailer which is being made available for your use. See TRAILER MAILER under Publicity.


THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE is both a DGA and a WGA film, and the title is cleared.


• Artwork title tie-in to any cast; 1st position

• Likeness must appear if recognizable likenesses of more than 2 starring actors appear [substantially equal size]

• Has stills approval; resubmission of approved stills for key art

• Audio mention tie-in to any cast

• Excluded Ad tie-in to any cast

• Approval of bloopers, outtakes, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage


• Artwork title tie-in to Linney

• Stills approval [Note:  Not a contractual requirement, but as a courtesy should probably let him approve any stills of him that you plan to use]

• Excluded Ad tie-in to Linney

• Approval of bloopers, outtakes, interviews and behind-the-scenes footage


• Has stills approval – must use approved still if include likeness in key art

• Excluded Ad tie-in to any cast


• Has stills approval – must use approved still if include likeness in key art

• Excluded Ad tie-in to any cast in the billing block


• Has stills approval – must use approved still if include likeness in key art

• Approval re blooper and outtake footage


• Has stills approval – must use approved still if include likeness in key art

• Excluded Ad tie-in to Czerny

• Approval re blooper and outtake footage

HENRY CZERNY (2nd to last position - “with Henry Czerny”)

• Has stills approval – must use approved still if include likeness in key art

SHOHREH AGHDASHLOO (Last position = “and Shohreh Aghdashloo”)

• Has stills approval – must use approved still if include likeness in key art

• Excluded Ad tie-in to any cast

• Tabloid Press Restriction:  cannot submit stills to tabloid press

• Approval re blooper, outtake and behind-the-scenes footage


• Approval re blooper and outtake footage


• Logo parity with Screen Gems logo (animated and static logos)

• No reference to any prior Lakeshore movies or awards or to Lakeshore executives without prior written consent

•Consent required to use voices or likenesses of Lakeshore executives


• Can say “Based on a True Story” without any type of qualification.  However, if you decide to use qualifying language must use the following phrase in its entirety:  “Names and locations have been changed for privacy concerns and certain events dramatized”




Censorship Rating Guidelines

Rated R


Generate must see interest against “horror” fans while creating cross-over interest and “want to see” amongst the discerning, sophisticated and older movie going audience.

Exploit each medium to its fullest and schedule activity wisely to create and extend the box office life. EMILY ROSE delivers a powerful combination of original story and compelling drama providing both marketability and playability.


Primary: Adults 13 - 35

Secondary: 35 +, older, frequent movie goers


Where possible, use TV as lead medium to broadly communicate the dramatic visuals, compelling “true story” hook and strong playability of the film. Be careful to achieve threshold levels of TV in order to safeguard the out-of-pocket necessary to include TV in the mix.
Use cable/satellite to cost effectively reach the target with little media waste. Additional Pan-regional support with supplemental “added value” will be negotiated from home office.
Where affordable, kick-off campaigns with longer length units to reveal story, visuals, reviews and true story hook. Decrease lengths and increase unit frequency closer to release to push audiences into theaters with a sense of urgency, and being sure to highlight positive review spots just prior to launch. Consider broad-based, older skewing adult programs as well to achieve audience cross-over.


Newspaper schedules should be limited so as not to dilute TV efforts. Concentrate efforts on key papers, on key days, with page dominant ads only for maximum impact. Positive review ads will play an essential role. Consider unconventional sizes (banner ads, consecutive pages) for even further impact, particularly in markets where breakout TV levels will be difficult to afford.
Consider color space premiums including one-color treatments on key days to help ads “pop”.


A strong cost-efficient supplement to target young movie-goers on pop stations as well as older “commuters” during morning and evening drive times.
Radio activity should be scheduled in the days close to release as a high frequency call-to-action when movie-goers are drafting weekend plans. Schedules should spike at between 10 –12 spots per station per day where possible to make “noise” pre-weekend.
Radio buys should also yield heavy promotional added value benefits in terms of DJ mentions, screenings and giveaways…
In conjunction with the audible cries of EMILY ROSE, the expected positive reviews will make a powerful local spot and a strong cost-efficient choice to sustain the box office momentum and give the picture legs.


Use efficiently particularly in outdoor friendly markets. Given it is winter season in a majority of territories, traditional backlit outdoor campaigns may prove costly and could dilute TV efforts.
Consider metro activity where available and affordable.
However, pedestrian accessible outdoor, (a.k.a., wild posting, bookshops, college campuses, music stores, internet cafes, discos, coffee houses, postcards, etc.) can provide inexpensive support.


Limit use of paid ads wherever possible, however, given the absence of key talent, consider magazines where publicity coverage will be compromised.
Schedules should include street press and directory vehicles reaching frequent movie-goers with little waste. With the broad audience that the film is expected to attract, make the most of long lead reviews.


Prime, emerging medium effective for reaching the younger demo cost-efficiently and often times with a unique message or content.

Utilize unique international campaign encompassing audio-visual elements in pop-ups and banner ads on broad search engines as well as movie, sports, news and listing sites.
Work with Michael Fisk to synch up efforts and maximize all the available assets.
In negotiations with other medias i.e. television, radio and press utilize leverage to include online presence for their respective media sites.


CD Press Kit: Delivery week of August 22.
EPK: Delivery late August. EPK is scheduled to have a bit of B-roll, but not an extensive amount. More footage has been requested, but uncertain if it is available.
TV Special:

13 minute Starz TV Special – delivery late August

1 hour special on possessions and exorcisms – delivery late August - *****NOW IS THE TIME TO BEING SETTING UP CABLE PROGRAMMING EVENTS TO TIE IN WITH YOUR RELEASE DATE***

17 photos were posted on the Sony website July 27th.

• Key photography to be shipped after August 20. • There is NO Laura Linney studio owned special photo shoot.
Special items made for THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE:

Promotional Newspaper:

Please find attached a newspaper layout created by our domestic colleagues at Screen Gems. The newspaper contains actual articles that chronicle the real life events surrounding the act of exorcism. The images and articles are being licensed by SPRI for worldwide use and the final files will be emailed shortly. Please let us know how many of these “newspapers “ – which can be distributed at horror/fantasy festivals, as bag stuffers in comic book and fantasy shops, bag stuffers for a local promotion with an appropriate retailer, give-aways at the movie theatres, etc. ) you think you can use.

The idea is to target key press and media opinion/tastemakers to get them excited (and scared) about the film.

Trailer Mailer:

Files of the mailer have already been forwarded to you. When the mailer is opened, a scream/groan sounds and a DVD of the trailer will be placed on the right side. An insert could be included, inviting journalists to a screening, event, etc. The unit price is $12.00 so quantities are limited. You should plan to use these for your most important media partners and press contacts. However, you can request more if you can cover the additional costs out of your budget. See the layout of the trailer mailer that follows:

Book: No novelization prospects at this point in time, but we are still investigating.

Film Festivals:

The World Premiere Special Screening will take place at the Venice Film Festival, and the screening date of September 1 has been confirmed. Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson, Jennifer Carpenter, Scott Derrickson and Paul Harris Boardman are confirmed to be in attendance.  

You should also consider local, high profile mainstream and fantasy/horror festivals (see some specific ideas for promotions in the Promotions section). We believe that fantasy/horror fests can compliment your mainstream sell and can be utilized without narrowing the film’s appeal.


Scheduled to take place in New York City on Monday, August 29th. Talent expected to attend includes:

Laura Linney

Tom Wilkinson

Jennifer Carpenter

Scott Derrickson

Paul Harris Boardman

Laura, Tom and Jennifer will do TV and print.  Scott and Paul will do print only together.

NOTE: Take advantage of both NY and VENICE international publicity opportunities as appropriate.

Tours and Premieres:

Other than Venice we will not be touring any talent.

Editorial Concepts:

Look for horror/fantasy magazines and youth-oriented fashion, music and culture magazines, also college newspapers.

• Laura Linney – the difference between working on an art house film and a commercial film

• Tom Wilkinson – same question – what’s the difference between working on an art house film and a commercial film? Has he ever played a priest before? What are his beliefs about exorcism?

• Special Effects pieces

• the history of exorcisms – where they came from, when they started, what the myths are, the real role and position of the Catholic Church, how many different stories are there?

• What makes this thriller different than others?

• Do exorcisms still happen today? Look into local cases.

• Interview people who claim to have been exorcised and those who have performed exorcisms.

• Exorcism in film – from THE EXORCIST to THE EXORCISM OF EMILY ROSE – how has this type of thriller changed in the last 30 years?

• Jennifer Carpenter – her body positions in the movie, did she require some special training? Was it hard? (great for teen mags)

• Scott Derrickson – making a film about exorcism as a devout Christian – what was the attraction? How did it come about? How do his own beliefs influence the making of this film?

• Don't overlook Laura Linney's cult/gay following thanks to both KINSEY and TALES OF THE CITY.
See below a cool piece that broke in Brazil. (to be attached)


Objectives/Strategy: Concentrate on media promotions only. We believe the film's content doesn't allow for any third party brand promotions, but please do let us know if you see any potential in your market.

Media Promotions: Focus on print, TV, radio, and online partnerships that target the following demographics:  university students, teens, males/females 18-35, horror and supernatural genre media and independent cinema fans.

SCI-FI HORROR FESTIVALS: These events have huge followings and there are opportunities to screen trailers, show one-sheets, advertise in the flyers, sponsor festival side events, provide plastic bags, interview talent or filmmakers, etc. These festivals reach the core of the horror movie crowd and are a great place to build anticipation and buzz.
Here is a list of some of the festivals that will be occurring internationally this fall and early spring 2006. We hope you can take advantage of these opportunities as time and release dates permit.
INTERACTION - WORLDCON 2005 (the 63rd Worldcon)

4-8 august 2005 Glasgow

Location: Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), Moat House & City Inn Hotels, Glasgow, Scotland.



379 Myrtle Road,


South Yorkshire,

S2 3HQ,




12-14 august 2005

Location: New Hall, Cambridge

Guests of Honour: David Pulver, Marcus Rowland

Membership: GBP 20.00 until 01 August 2004.

Contact: 130 South Rd, Erdington, Birmingham, B23 6EL


12 august 05

Location: Marine Ct Hotel, Bangor, Co Down, Ireland.

Guests of Honour: Colin Baker

Membership: GBP 20.00

Email: banopticon2005 at yahoo dot co dot uk 


2-4 september 05

Location: Day's Hotel, Sackville St, Manchester

Membership: GBP 70:00 USD 140:00

Day Membership: GBP 30.00 USD 60.00

Contact: 95 Meadowgate Rd, Salford, Manchester, M6 8EN

Fax +44 (0) 161 792 0991. 



30 september – 2 october, 05

Location: Quality Hotel, Walsall

Guests of Honour: TBA

Other Details: TBA  

15-16 october 05

Location: Glenroyal Hotel, Straffan Road, Maynooth, Co Kildare, Ireland

Guests of Honour: Anne McCaffrey, Harry Harrison, Juliet E. McKenna, Michael Carroll, Michael Scott, Roger Gregg and John Vaughan

Email: info2005 at octocon dot com

Webpage: http://www.octocon.com  


11-13 october 05

Location: Quality Hotel, Bentley, Walsall

Guest of Honour: Alastair Reynolds

Membership: GBP 33.00 until end of Eastercon 2005, GBP 36.00 until 30/10/2005, GBP 40.00 at the door.

Contact: 79 Myrtle Road, Sheffield, S2 3HQ;

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 281 1572.

Webpage: http://www.novacon.org/


3-4 September 05


Dreamworker - Xena

10th Anniversary Xena convention.

9-11 september 05

Leicester - United Kingdom

The premier charity event for the Midlands continues for a third year at the Holiday Inn, Leicester.

Visit Web Sitehttp://www.sfball.com/reunion/


25-28 august 05

Location: Tilff, Esneux, Belgium (15km south of Liège)

Guests of Honour: Peter Motte, Corinne Guittaud, Joël Champetier, Valérie Frances, Georges Panchard, Jean-Michel Truong & Olivier Paquet

Membership: Until 31st August 2004, Euro 40.00. Until 31st July 2005, Euro 50.00. At the door: TBA

Accommodation: There is a hostel close to the convention centre but space is limited. There are hotels nearby.

Link to: Progress Report n° 2  (in French)

Contact: wilf dot james at ntlworld dot com (I can read French and translate for you.)

E-mail:  (Alain le Bussy) xuensf at yucom dot be


30 September – 2 october 05

Neuss, near to Duesseldorf - Germany

“We are the biggest Star Trek Convention in Europe in Germany for the ninth year.”


16-18 september 05

A convention devoted to all three of the shows by Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek, Andromeda & Earth: Final Conflict (by default ithas Stargate too)

LOCATION: Latrobe University, Bundoora Campus, Melbourne, Australia

GUEST OF HONOUR: Eugene Roddenberry Jr., Steve Bacic, Vaughn Armstrong, Anita La Selva and David Winning with more to be announced

Membership: before 1st May 1 day: AUD30.00; 2 days: AUD50.00 after 1st May 1 day: AUD60.00; 2 days: AUD100.00; Autographs, Cocktail party & dinner extra. Packages available.



21-23 october 05

Location: Hotel Grand Chancellor, Brisbane Queensland, Australia

Guests of Honour: Richard Arnold, Steve Pratt, Ged Maybury, Katy Manning

Membership: AUD 230.00 for full weekend before 21/10/2005 AUD 250.00 at the door AUD 85.00 Day pass

Accommodation: Convention Hotel ,Hotel Grand Chancellor (mention Convention when booking)

Note: Proceeds go to Royal Flying Doctor Service.

Mail address: GPO Box 1376 Brisbane Queensland, 4001, Australia.

Contact: Yvonne Thomsen

Telephone: +61 7 3350 5620

Email: president2005 at conquestforever dot com

Webpage: http://www.conquestforever.com


21 August 05

Melbourne - Australia

Convention for fans of Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda with Kevin Sorbo and Laura Bertram. Autographs, p

Visit Web Site  Contact: Email



16-18 september 05

Melbourne - Australia

A tribute to all three shows created by the late Gene Roddenberry including Earth Final Conflict


29 october 05

Lidcombe (Sydney) NS- Australia

Stargate convention with dealer room, Q&A with the guests, and more.


11-13 november 05

Canberra - Australia


27 october - 2 november 05

Buenos Aires, Argentina

WEBSITE: http://rojosangre.quintadimension.com/

EMAIL: correo(AT)quintadimension.com


FEES AND DEADLINES: September 15, 2005

EVENT DATES: October 27 - November 2, 2005

Tita Merello Cinemas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mailing address:


Carlos Pellegrini 1743, Martínez

(CP 1640) Buenos Aires



These are places to go to advertise the film or create promotions.


Great sci-fi fantasy site with links and references to many different things.


This site calls itself "Europe's most popular science fiction & fantasy site” -

lots of editorial about movies coming out. SERENITY is already listed and they open September 30.

This web site is dedicated to all films and dvds horror, with a special emphasis on those films indy horror. They have a dedicated correspondent in Europe: her information is as follows:

Axelle Carolyn, European Correspondent: This horror vixen found her calling after ditching years of study in law and politics for the wholesome combination of frights, guts 'n gore. Now she's workin' for us (we have our ways of keeping her around), amongst other horror media outlets, providing you the latest international film fest coverage and genre flick reviews. In her down time you'll likely find her sippin' on chocolate shakes and kneeling before her mighty shrine to Jeffrey Combs and Alice Cooper. Sound like a woman who's too good to be true? Sorry, but Dread Central owns the exclusive rights to clone this femme and believe us, in due time, we intend to.”

• UK and European territories, please look into this new content provider, SCIFSMS, that delivers horror and sci-fi content over your cel phone, if you aren’t already familiar with it. This looks like an opportunity not only to advertise the movie over the cel through this service, but to organize promotions using it as well.



“.. SCIFISMS, Europe's first sci-fi, fantasy & horror mobile content provider….new and innovative services for the sci-fi, fantasy and horror fan everywhere.  When you need something sci-fi, from news to jokes..  allows the true fan to use their mobile phone to not only stay informed but also have fun!...has a range of services aimed at businesses in the sci-fi, fantasy and horror sector, these can range from free maps of your business location available to the public…the possibilities are endless. “

• Sightings of Emily…use the text messaging service (possible Scifisms) to report on “sightings” of Emily throughout the city…could also be tied in with a radio or television station that would be tracking the process…make an event out of it…people can be alerting each other to the sightings….if you see her at all the locations you win an extra part in a Sony picture

• Hold special seminars at horror festivals – a) Have you ever been exorcised? Come tell your story. B) Learn how to perform an exorcism – maybe have a non-denominational “exorcist” come and show people how it is done…could get a great turn-out

• Exorcism night at a local club, combined with midnight screenings

• Tie in with Halloween or Day of the Dead if applicable

• “Stay Up All Night” events – a movie marathon sponsored by Columbia Pictures and a local theatre, show EMILY ROSE and then other classic horror films, or keep it Sony/Columbia specific and include BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, WOLF, etc. Can be coordinated through local radio stations and colleges.

• Use the scream from the trailer as a teaser lead-in for radio, and then a voice-over: "THIS IS A REAL SCREAM, THIS COULD BE YOU" and the a call-to-action message. This

radio campaign could work together with the newspaper insert at the same

time, to combine two media to generate buzz around the movie.

Legal Guidelines: See Creative Advertising for the full report on legals.
Due to the genre of the film, it will not possess a released single and all music is original score.  Distribution will either be through whether Lakeshore Records or Sony Classical. Will advise when distribution deals are locked.


Objective: Generate awareness and interest about the film through the website, online ads, and features.

  • Primary: 13-35 moviegoers, students, equal male/female

  • Secondary: 35-45, horror fans

Approach: Position the site as a “high class horror” by marketing the eerie realness of the events in the movie.

  • Feature the story about Emily Rose. Who is she? How did she die such a horrific death?

  • Generate trailer views and create online buzz and excitement for the film.

  • Downplay the courtroom drama. Position it more as a horror.


The teaser site for Emily Rose is currently available on CineShare.

Please realize that this is a teaser. The full site will look different and position it more as a horror. The purpose of the teaser is to generate online buzz and awareness.

Teaser Website Highlights

The overall feel is to make it seem like a police report. The visitor is meant to find the clues as to what happened to Emily Rose through newspaper clippings and photos. (See screen shot to the right.)
The main navigation elements are:

  • About Emily (Offers clues about her life and final day via newspaper clippings)

  • Story

  • Photo Gallery

Because the site is meant to look like it’s about Emily Rose, the typical elements of “Cast & Crew” are not included here.
To see the international site live, go to:


Use this link if you do not create a local teaser or full site.

None. Not appropriate for this film.

Cinema Listings

None. Since this is meant to look like a site dedicated to Emily Rose.

The site requires Flash Player 7. Offer the following link on the site if most internet visitors don’t have Flash so that they can download it. http://www.macromedia.com/shockwave/download/download.cgi?P1_Prod_Version=ShockwaveFlash

Teaser site: To those countries who create teaser sites (and not full sites), please use the teaser site which is hosted on CineShare.
Ad units: tbd
Trailer: Use the international trailer and not the domestic trailer. Offer it in high and low versions for visitors with high and low internet connections.

If possible, have the trailer auto-play when people click on the site. Research has shown the trailer as the most compelling sell-point of a film.

Video Clips:


U.S. Online Media: Below is an example of what done in the U.S. and to offer examples to spur ideas:

  • AtomFilms

  • Rotten Tomatoes

  • GNM Horror

  • UGO

U.S. Online Promotions. tbd
Search Engine Marketing:

The following is to help search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, MSN) find your site.

Please use the following code when translating the site into your language. Also, submit your site to your local search engines.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose - Sony Pictures Official International Site

Please alter this name to your local territory.

Please translate and add to your local territory and language.

Feel free to include the release date.

Please alter the keywords with ones pertinent to your local territory and language.

Access to website source files:

Go to Sony’s CineShare to download the website to use in your country/territory.

The following files are on CineShare:

Full Site: tbd

Teaser Site:

Ad units: tbd
Other URLs to promote:


This site highlights many Sony territories. It acts as a gateway page to all Sony international theatrical releases. If you have a gateway site and it is not listed on SonyPictures.net, please let Michael Fisk know and he’ll make sure that it is added.

Additionally, promote your local gateway and film URLs at junkets and press opportunities.

Please address all your mobile requests to:

Rachel Cadden, Director of Marketing & Promotions, Sony Pictures Digital. Rachel will coordinate with the appropriate mobile group(s). She can be reached as follows:

Tel. 310-482-4813, Mobile 310-384-3337 rcadden@sonypictures.com

If Rachel is not reachable, please use the following contacts:
For Europe:

Chris Generalis, Tel. +44-207-533-1288, cgeneralis@sonypictures.com

For Asia:

Text messaging: You are encouraged to create text messaging campaigns.

Downloads: Trailers and TV spots used for promotional purposes must be given to consumers for free. Profit by mobile carriers and providers may not be made from promo spots.


Each country is encouraged to use other digital campaigns such as email, email signatures, and WAP portals. As for email signatures, there have been file size, spam and security problems using them in the past on Lotus Notes users (which Sony U.S. uses). At the moment, there are no plans to create email signatures for use. However, each country is encouraged to create their own if they work within their email deployment system.

As always, if you create digital assets that you think other countries can use, please let Michael Fisk know and he’ll share with everyone. Sharing ideas improves the marketing campaigns for everyone.

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