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Cirque Du Soleil: Birthday Week Write Up

Welcome to Birthday week, Lets explore some other worlds with Cirque Du Soleil!

Sunday: Opening Setup/ Welcome
For opening set-up we want to portray the entrance to the Circus, so set up scaffolding to go in a half round to make it as if reception was the inside of the tent and the colourful entrance and sign up table outside. Make the reception area look crazy like a surreal Dream. All counselors should dress up in zany outfits of the circus, clowns, mimes, acrobats animals etc. MC's to dress in their costume.

Setup requirements: Scaffolding, Colourful Material, crazy Posters, popcorn machine, candy floss machine, Drinks station by Check-in counter.
Inside: Have different stations for kids to dress up at, Empty the whole drama cupboard so that there's something for everyone! Make seperate places for cabins to put their bags after checking in. (Kids will be going to the New Health centre to check-in)

Requirements: Entire Drama Cupboard Laid Around Neatly for Kids, Hangers, Portable hanging racks.
Sunday: Opening night games
fter the Activities Video is done, we will bring the kids back out into the hall where they will play some Cirque Du Soleil games.

  1. Monkey See Monkey Do! - This is a cool but simple game basically seeing what people have in common with each other, while going along with the Cirque Du Freak theme.

Split the kids into cabins and go through the list to try out with your cabin. Here are some examples:

Curl your tongue, fold tongue, flower tongue, squint, move one eye, whistle, bend thumb to wrist, bend hand back, put leg behind head, put both legs behind head, touch foot to face, touch foot on back of head, do splits, do cartwheel, do roly-poly, bend over backwards, hand stand, walk on hands, touch nose with tongue, move ears, “witch” fingers, impersonations etc.

  1. Evolution: Play the Evolution game but instead of just actions the kids must become the animals and play ching chong cha the way their animal would. eg An egg would sit on the floor and wobble to another egg to play, then hatch into a chicken flapping wings and squawking etc.


They have to act really well because they are not allowed to talk to each other to ask what the other is.

All week: Ongoing Games
t is the MC's Duty to explain the Theme each morning at breakfast.

The MC will dress up in costume and makeup every morning before breakfast and the morning brief as their themed Characters for the day.

MCs will dress up fully for breakfast and then wear a couple pieces of their costume to lunch and their full costume again for dinner/evening program. Another PC must help the MC with their Make-up/dress-up (ember or Paris?)
King and Queen of Sugar Bay: All counselors will have the opportunity to become the king or queen of Cirque du Sucre!! this will run all week long where counselors must create their own campaign to advertise why they should be king or Queen. They may get help from the office to get posters made, but must create their own slogan, title and promises. They will be crowned on Party night and will have a royal thrown at the Cirque du Surcre Royal show on Tuesday. Tuesday will be their Royal day and they will oversee the Jelly food fight. Kids can get their Autographs at the banner signing in the Morning.
Counsellor Talent Show: Please talk to Tape regarding any special talents you would like to showcase for the kids on Sugarbays birthday on Tuesday afternoon. This will need to be practised and costume needs must be communicated with Paris and Magma.

Totem Burning: Each cabin will make a burnable (no plastic) totem that they can burn in the final campfire, this is based on Burning Man (or BurnAfrica) The kids have time during the early evenings and buffet breakfasts to make these as well as art classes to complete them.

Fireshow Practice: Kids who learn poi and staff can aim to do it for the fireshow if they get good enough and will have to audition for snowboard and Falcon to see if they are good enough for the fire show. They will need permission from their parents.
Morning classes: There will be 3 early morning classes of Pilates training and Fit to Flex which will be programmed into the Roster
Days Themes: Each Day will have it's own theme to which the activities will be based around:

  1. Monday: Saltibanco (Grace) This day is about graceful movements and bringing it all together. Incorporate pilates, yoga or Thai chi into your classes

  2. Tuesday: Alegria (Daring) Defying gravity is the theme and getting airborne is what it's all about, dare to take your classes to new heights (literally)

  3. Wednesday: Corteo (Acrobat) This day is dedicated to all the acrobatic and contortion. The Evening Program is Twister to go with this theme. Incorporate crazy moves into your classes.

  4. Thursday: Mystere (Imaginary worlds) (Camp-out/Camp-in) making campout/camp-in a completely different space to normal camp.

  5. Friday: Totem (Dexterity) This is a day of skill the carnival vibe to the day will emphasize skills such as poi, staff hula, juggling, hackey etc.

  6. Saturday: Quidam (Acting) This is the camp show day, costumes, make-up and Action! The kids will be preparing their skills to show off in the show in the afternoon!
  7. Sunday: Kooza (Internationality) This day is all about arts from around the world. A day of exploring other cultures. Perhaps think of where your activity originated (Google) and bring some culture to you activity

  8. Monday: Amaluna (Dance) A day full of dancing, bring dancing into all your activities because today's Sugar bays birthday and party night!!

  9. Tuesday: La Nauba (Grand Finale) It's the last day of camp and it has to be Epic!! With skill sets, carnival and an awesome documentary on the Cirque Du Sucre to watch.

Monday: Saltimbanco (Grace) Scavenger hunt and Skits and Stunts

Scavenger Hunt – around Camp

Seniors: This is the advanced photo scavenger hunt!!Each cabin gets an incomplete puzzle picture, which they must complete by going to find the different stations indicated on the photo-cards, once they find a station they must do a challenge. Challenge completed they must find the Glow in the Dark picture hidden near the station with torches to charge it.

Then the tricky bit comes in that the cabin has to memorise the picture to draw it at their base.

Once their Picture is complete they will receive their last photo-card with the Clue as to where The Ultimate Frisbee is, whoever finds it first is the winner of the game and will keep the Frisbee in their cabin for the rest of the week and will have a night game of ultimate Frisbee at a night of their choosing.

Stations: Human Knot, Human Pyramid, Under Over, Human Conveyor-belt, Blind Shapes, Sherades, Human Lettering, People machine.

Bonus: If the team finds a Glow in the Dark Bunny along the root they get get a clue from their counselor, they may also hide the bunny again along the path but may not get the same bunny twice (Different colours)

Cirque Du Skits - theatre

Juniors: Skits and Stunts!!! For this night the Juniors will be making a skit about “Running away and joining the Circus” They will also be entertained by the Counselors with some skits. It is very important for everyone to dress up as if they were in a Circus. Choose the skits that will go with the theme the best or change them so that they are theme related “Drunken Clown

Setup:This will be in the theatre so make sure the kids are comfortable and that there is a proper backstage area where they can prepare (Do a dance or a song so that they can prepare for their skit)

Decorate the Flats with Material So that the back Drop of the stage is colourful. Position them so that there are 2 entrances onto stage.

Please give any kitchen requirements to Sprout that morning if you need anything for the stunts (remember that for all food skits plastic should be laid down on the floor. This should be done for the whole show so that you don't have to lay it down halfway through and that it is protected for ALL stunts.)
Tuesday: Alegria (Daring) Nocturnal Heights
Night of Land activities
focusing on The Highropes Course and the Climbing Towers.

There will also be Skating and Arts and Dance so that everyone will be able to do something. The focus is on Daring so each of the activities must represent that in some way.

Set-up: For high ropes, run an extension from one of the top cabins (Hot Strata) to rig up some Spot lights onto the course (may have to get an extra long extension from the workshop.)

Place balloons around the climbing towers and high-ropes courses.

Skating: Make cool obstacles with Material and balloons

Arts: Make a Circus tent that they can sit under with the easy shades and material, with beanbags, mattresses and earth mats.

Requirements: Material, Easy shades from tuck shop, balloons, helium, extension cords, spotlights.

Run 2 sessions (or 3 Shorter sessions.)

Wednesday: Corteo(Acrobat) Totally Twisted

Totally Twisted- Hall

Juniors: Twister night!!! Each Cabin will compete against each other in a number of different stations!

  1. Twister : Each cabin will play twister (by the foosball tables)

The leader will call out the signals and they'll count how many moves they can do.

  1. Winky the Clown: Play Wink Murder with the kids choosing a murderer and a detective when their eyes are closed. The Winky the Clown has to wink at people (Making them fake die) without getting caught by the Detective(RingMaster)

  2. Interpretive Dance: The kids will learn how to move their bodies to show the world around them and it'll be based on their morning routine.

  3. Clowning around: 2 Kids get a Crate full of clothes and have to try put on the most amount of clothes in a set time (1min) 2 kids will vs each other, make sure everyone gets a try! The kid who has the most clothes wins!!

Setup: Setup the Four stations around the hall away from the theatre,

  1. Twister: Foosball tables, setup scaffolding around the kids so that they can't be seen.

  2. Winky the Clown: Setup the Lounge near the the Theatre(quiet game)

  3. Interpretive dance : Down by the trampolines, Hang material from the metal poles.

  4. Clowning Around: By the drama cupboards, Make sure there is place for the other kids to sit down.

Make each station last 15-20mins
Whose Show is it Anyway? - Theatre

Seniors: Will have a whose line it anyway night with improv and skits night.

Thursday: Mystere (Imaginary world) Mystical night

Encourage ALL kids to buy glow sticks at tuck-shop for the nights activities!!!


will be held at traditional campout and will run the same as usual, the kids walking to campout will follow a balloon trail placed by a PC who is dressed in a clown outfit/with rabbit ears and will be walking ahead of the kids. Seniors will be able to kayak to and from campout. There will be some glow-sticks sent with and the kids will be encouraged to buy glow sticks for the trip, transforming the camp-site into another world! Simple but fun the glow-sticks can be incorporated into the campout games such as stalk the lantern(glow stick).

Some stories will be sent with that are to do with the circus, and can be told around the fire as well as ones that you adapt and change to the theme.

will include an afternoon of activities (to be programmed closer to the time) and the Juniors will also play Hide and go seek with glow-sticks in the theatre, while seniors will play the same out on the field/highropes /Obstacle course. They will be encouraged to buy glow-sticks but then will have to try and hide them on their person so that they won't be found as easily. (You can also play similar hiding games – 123block Kick the can etc)

That night after playing the games they will have shmores around the campfire and will go up to their cabins with material to create a circus tent around a Xmas bed (mattresses on the floor)
Friday: Totem (Dexterity) Fiesta Del Carnivale

he next morning the Campin kids will disassemble their tents and will come down for breakfast. Tuckshop will be open and the kids will have a picnic out on the field in the sun, soccer arts and other fun games can be going on with beanbags and some material to sit on. The campout kids are welcome to join in or they can rest in their cabin. But they must choose one OR the other.

For dinner: this evening the kids will roam Food Court stands with different kinds of food

There will be:

  1. American Mini Hotdog stand

  2. Indian Samoosa stand

  3. German Meatballs Stand

  4. English Sausage roll stand

  5. French Fries Stand

  6. Brazillian Fruit Fiesta Stand

The kids will roam the stalls from 6-7 and at 7 they will close (or before if the food runs out quickly) and the Fiesta will start.

Choice of:

  1. Fiesta Del Carnivale is all about the skills of the circus and teaching it to the kids, in the carnival we will have stations teaching the kids: poi, staff, hacky sack, hula, magic tricks, cup stacking, spinning tops, Dress up, Haunted house, balloon animals and cupcake making.

To start off the Carnival, the counselors teaching poi and staff will do a short fire show demo for the kids to show what they can learn and if any kids are good enough they can participate in the final fireshow with their parents permission.
Setup: Hang material from the fairy lights, to create a tent like feel and have all the stations around the outside of the tent.
2. Beach Bonfire will a cool very chilled alternative with a bonfire on the beach, drumming circle stories and songs.

Take the bubble bus across after the supper and arrive back at 8:15

Saturday: Quidam (Acting) Cirque Du Sucre
his Day is The SHOW day and everything will revolve around it. In the morning the kids will have different classes to practice for the afternoon show. The Classes will comprise of:

  1. Make-up ; 3 different dance classes : Ballroom: Ember ,

Capoeria: Magma , Contemporary: OMG, Interpretive:__________; poi: _________; staff____________; drama classes: skits: Tsunami; Improv: Jaguar; singing fun : Cooper/Tgif

; mask making: Paris; backdrop painting : Paris; soccer : Finch

The Show: (which will be properly filmed by Achilles) will take place in the theatre after Tuckshop. The kids who are not at tuckshop will be helping the counselors make sure their show stuff is in order so that they can do their part. There will be a running list to show who will be performing when and when they must get ready. The segments of each class will be split up and shuffled so there is an even distribution throughout the show.

Setup: The stage will be setup in the hall facing the dining hall on the amphitheatre side of the hall. Make a really big stage with sufficient access for kids to get up on it. With chairs for the kids to sit on and a couple of crashmats in the front.
After the show: the kids will get out of their costumes and sign out some drama clothes for supper. They will go up for shower hour and come back down for dinner at 6:30, Where the dinning hall will be setup in a maze like design with scaffolding to close it in. It will be served with a platter starter, buffet main and then served dessert.The counselors will dress up and entertain the kids during the meal. Singing songs, being in character and making jokes and performing short skits. The counselors involved will eat dinner at 6:00.

Early night: The kids will head up at about 7:30 and have an early night of cabins games and rest after the excitement of the day. They will also be able to take board games up to play with their cabin as well as a list of games that can be played with each cabin.

Sunday: Kooza (International) Around the world in 80 minutes
round the world in 80 minutes

Seniors: For this night the kids will be sampling different things from around the world in their cabins travelling everywhere and will be taught some form of art or performance from each are. They will be introduced to 8 different stations/cultures. African Dance, European yodelling, Chinese Butoh theatre, Native American dancing, New Zealand Haka, Egyptian Dance, Brazilian Capoeria. The cabins will rotate to each station for 10minutes and learn some New things about the culture.
Scotty The Clown

Juniors: Scotty the Clown!! Juniors will do scotty the pirate on the field but their legs will be tied together like a 3legged race!!! Each station/base must look like a mini circus tent.
Setup: Setup scaffolding on the field to be the bases and decorate with material.

Monday: Amaluna (Dance) Party Night!

Carnival day

Today the kids will be offered skill sets in the morning and afternoon, and for those that do not want to do skill sets there will be carnival activities such as the Barrel, WOW balls, Sumo, Mechanical Surfboard, Slip and Slide etc. This will run in the morning and afternoon and the skill sets will be split between morning and afternoon, so that there are always PCs at the carnival. It will work like the Saturday mornings of a normal camp.

Party night!

Setup: Should look like they are entering a circus tent, there needs to be lots of material draped around it to give that feel. There will be rope swings hanging from each rafter. Snowboard has the rope to use which you must cover with material.

You will have to blow up a lot of balloons some with helium and a lot to cover the floor with. The helium balloons will be tied with ribbon and will be on the entrances material ceiling. A very small VIP chill area will be inside the theatre and there will be nothing outside. Lay down plastic in the chill area and provide juice and water to be drunk only in the area. Make allowances for spills and use the white bucket under the grey containers to catch the spill.

Decorate the room with lots of fabric hanging from the ceiling (use a ladder – it can be done!)

Fireshow: The fireshow will be a fully practised routined effort from the counselors, they need to come up with a routine with the fire spinning outfits and perhaps glow in the dark paint on them. Kids who have progressed to the level of spinning with fire will have auditioned with falcon who will pass the list of kids who need permission to Sprout who will in turn pass it on to Roma

Tuesday: Le Nauba (Grand Finale) All camp game

Today will be an interesting day with an all camp water balloon war! Have buckets stationed around the field with the balloons in them. They will have to run to get a balloon from their base, then run back and only if they are not caught then can they throw the balloon at someone from another team. They will have little time to do this after signing the banner, final tuckshop and the awards ceremony.

Once they are done they will go to lunch where they will be served Jelly for dessert. The counselors will hint to the kids that they should have a food fight on the field. They'll take their baymaries and run to the field to throw at each other. The counselors will bring down white tubs of jelly that they “Stole” from the kitchen.

Birthday Party: There will be a selection of counselors who will perform their best skills to the kids, Tape will MC the show and even managers will be involved. After the show there will be a special ceremony for The King and Queen of Cirque du Sucre. And then the cake and sweets will be handed out to the kids!
There will be Sweets, drinks and chips available for the kids to feast on and they will join together to sing happy birthday, get the amazing cake

Final Campfire: Cabins will have completed their totems and will bring them to final campfire, after their whole cabin has said their piece they will place their totem in the fire and watch it burn, at the end the fire will be extinguished and everyone will leave for bed.

To Do List

Before camp starts:

Co-ordinate outfits for MC's (sprout/Lone)

Get picture for puzzles of Scavenger hunt and paint the pieces on paper/material(Sprout)

Paint GITD bunnies(anyone)

Choreograph interpretive dances (Sprout)

Get Fairy lights to work for Friday night (Snowboard)

Compile Drama Classes skits class and improv (Saturday) (Sprout)

Write up international Briefs (Sunday)(Sprout/lone)

Setup Rope Swings in theatre (Monday) (Snowboard)

Get cake (tuesday) (Zoe)

Organise counselors for royal show (Tuesday) (Sprout)


Spot lights for Nightland (ask nic for more spotlights/extensions) (Sprout/lockdown person/MC)

Blow up balloons for Nocturnal heights (Tues) (Counselors)


Make up story for Campout or find online (Counselors)


Get Fairy lights to work for Friday night (Snowboard)


Setup Rope Swings in theatre (Monday) (Snowboard)


Get cake (tuesday) (Zoe)

Organise counselors for royal show (Tuesday) (Sprout)

Get water balloons filled for balloon war (In black boxes) (Tuesday morning)

  1. C
    Shopping List
    hinese lanterns (check box for amount still left first) (Everlasting)

  2. Glow in the dark paint (10 bottles) (Everlasting)

  3. Polystyrene Bunnies (1pkt) (Everlasting)

  4. Bulk face paint (Party shop)

  5. Stop watches (Makro/everlasting)

  6. Ribbon for balloons (6 rolls – colourful) (everlasting/wastecentre)

Kitchen Notes


Kids arrive today, will need sugar for candy floss and popcorn ingredients for 2pm


Beach Day will have Hamburgers instead of hotdogs to be ready at 12:30 for transport

Counselors must ask for any kitchen requirements for stunts at breakfast (eggs, cornflakes, bread, jam etc)

Please provide popcorn as evening snack


no kitchen requirements


please provide popcorn as evening snack


Buffet breakfast from9-11, please serve some nice cereals, fruit, muffins etc

Campout sign ups will be done at breakfast for a normal campout potjie

Numbers will be provided at 9ish and layouts will be given at 10


Theme Meal (1 of 2)

Dinner will be given out by counselors between 6 and 7 and will be in the hall

Please prepare enough of each so kids get some of everything

  1. Samoosas

  2. Sausage rolls

  3. Half Hotdogs – mini rolls

  4. Chips fried, provide polystyrene cups to serve in

  5. Meatballs/frikadels

  6. Cut up fruit platters

  7. Muffins


Late breakfast at 9

Theme dinner (2 of 2)

Will be served like Valentines Ball in hall


  1. Cut up Vegetables platters with dip


  1. Lasagne


  1. Chocolate brownies with sprinkles and ice cream


Beach Day will have Hotdogs to be ready at 12:30 for transport

Make jelly for jelly fight


Make jelly for jelly fight


Late breakfast at 9

Jelly to be made for dessert for LUNCH, extra jelly to be made in white buckets

This is not actually for dessert, you can make jelly earlier in the week, so kids/counselors will be “Fed up” and will start a jelly fight on the field

For evening Snack please provide popcorn


Early breakfast at 6:30am kids to leave

Please provide lunch for counselors and perm staff


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