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A Thought

Every object is Narayana (God). Man is Narayana. The animal is Narayana, the sage is Narayana, the knowledge is also Narayana. AH that exists is Narayana. The Deity (Narayana) sports in various aspects. All things are His diverse forms and the manifestations of His glory.


Growth Is Awareness

Sri Sai Baba and National Unity

The cream of all Faiths

Om Sri Sai Siva

Destiny – Baba’s Distribution

The First Ramanavami at Shirdi in 1912

Destiny and Freewill

Power of Guru

Where is Baba? – He is Everywhere

Swamiji’s Aradhana

To the other Shore

Sri Saikoti Mahatharak Nama Yagna

Center’s Activities


Growth Is Awareness

Growth is awareness. There are certain realities in life. When we think about it, whatever limited conceptions we may have or hold -these things cannot alter what is. When man thought the earth was flat, this did not in any way alter the true shape of the earth. Nevertheless it had a very real a fled upon (he lives and habits of human beings. Our own ideas about life, our own conceptions of what is or what is not - these cannot ever alter that which is eternally. The realities of life, the truths of life, and the eternal verities-these things are and will always be no matter what men and women may think about them in the meantime.

Nevertheless our own ideas and conceptions - while they do not ever alter the real world - are the factors which, to a very large extent, govern our lives. If a man believes that he has serious heart trouble and that any exercise of any sort will be fatal - be will then be governed by that idea, held prisoner by it -whether his heart is organically sound or not. Or if a man believes that the only secret there is to be found in the world is the secret of amassing wealth - then that man will gradually lose all sense of joy and will be held prisoner by the fetters of his own thoughts. For these reasons it will be seen that we can only grow spiritually as we become more and more aware of reality. Growth is, in fact, simply a growing awareness of that which eternally is. Our Guru, Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji has given us 'Vishnu Sahasra Namam' as the best method to grow spiritually, for which we are ever grateful to him.

If we care to think upon this matter we shall quickly see that the release of a1l human potentialities, the march of human destiny, the evolution of life on earth and the fulfillment in man of all that God has in mind for him- these things depend entirely upon an inward recognition of whatever may be real in the sense that i.e. everlasting. As human beings, however, we are so constituted that we can never put generalizations first, except at our peril. For instance, the realisation that all men must have love in their hearts before we have peace on earth may be a realisation of something that is true -but it must remain a useless.
Sri Sai Baba and National Unity

By Sri Narasimha Swamiji

Special Favor!

By what mark may we know that God is pleased with a man?

When God is pleased with a man, He puts him into contact with a saint, a satpursha, a holy man. The peaceful atmosphere of Sai Baba's Samasthan was never disturbed by politics or other controversies. In his own quiet unostentatious way, Baba was however laying the solid foundations of Indian Unity, and affording both by example and precept valuable suggestions for India's welfare. The greatest stumbling block in its way is the difficulty of yoking together the two great communities to the common cause and making them pull in unison and amity. Let us note Baba's contribution to this great task.
While at Bombay and in other places, heads were being broken, temples, mosques and houses were burnt down, at Shirdi each of these groups built or lent a hand in building the others' temples, mosques and houses.

Happy Co-operation:

A Hindu Rev. Inspector gave Baba stones, for the reconstruction of his mosque; and Baba gifted them all away for the reconstruction of the Hindu temples in the village. The Hindus later collected thousands of rupees and reconstructed his mosque.

A devotee of Sai Baba viz., Sri Upasani Maharaj has put up at Sakori (3 miles off Shirdi) a neat little mosque within twenty yards of the local Siva and Maruthi temples, without any disturbance of public or private tranquility. Hindus and Muslims have always joined together for the processions and celebrations in honor of Sai Baba and for prayers at the tomb; and both partook of the vegetarian offerings (Naivedya) brought by both to Baba, after due pronouncement of Namaz.
Against Conversion:

Sai Baba symbolized the coining unity of the two creeds in Him and in His abode. Like Kabir - and Baba said he was Kabir in a former birth - he combined in himself the Hindu boring of ears with Moslem circumcision. He dressed like a Muslim Fakir, but was painted, garlanded and ornamented like a Hindu image. He spoke to Muslims in their Hindustani and to Hindus in their Marathi and quoted the Koran to the former and the Gita to the latter. He gave advice and help suited to each and was the friend and father of all. He was strictly conservative and kept each group or individual to its or his customary observances and lines of progress. He hated proselytism. Once when Bade Baba, the Malegaon Fakir, brought with him a Hindu recently convened to Islam, Baba mockingly asked the latter (knowing. of course, that the conversion was external and not a change of heart): "Well, have you changed your father?"

Pooja and Koran:

The building in which Baba resided was the 'masjid' of the Moslems; but it was styled 'Dwaraka-Mayi' by Baba himself and the Hindus. It contained the niche in the western wall called 'millibar' representing the Caaba of Mecca, to which all orthodox Muslims should turn at times of prayer, and also a perpetual lire, with its sacred ashes, a platform round the sacred tulasi for Pradakshina, and a garlanded portrait of Baba for pooja. Hindu scriptures were read there by day and the Koran by night. And at noon worship of Baba was carried on with Hindu hymns to the accompaniment of deafening music. Fully justified was Baba's remark—"This is Brahmin's mosque."

But this strange, through not unprecedented, assimilation of the two religions into one was not achieved without the exercise of the vast powers, the intense love and watchful zeal of Sai Baba for many decades. And at times especially at the outset, there were occasion’s for friction. But under Baba's care, actual friction was averted. These instances were very few - not more than 3 or 4 during a period of 3 or 4 decades, and they are the exceptions which prove the rule. We shall notice them very briefly.
Defies a Threat:

Painting Baba with sandal and worshiping him at the masque was the first and foremost cause of 'dissatisfaction to Mussalmans. In fact, Baba himself disliked these and was long preventing their performance. But the loving heart of Sai could not long resist the persistent ardor of his Hindu 'children' and he finally yielded his reluctant assent. The Moslems of Shirdi, however, were not at first inclined to yield their assent. On the other hand, they invoked the aid of Sanga inner Kali and held a council of war at which it was resolved that further desertion of the mosque should be stopped by the use of force. They resolved to beat Mahlsapathy — this was probably in the nineties of the last century, when he was the only regular worshiper of Baba —incase he continued to paint and worship Baba at the mosque. When that feeble-bodied devotee learnt of the mischief that was brewing he stood outside the mosque and carried on his pooja of Baba. But Baba knew his own power, the weakness of the opposition and the vast advantages to the public of the development of his worship. He called Mahlsapathy into the unique and ordered him to go on with the usual painting and pooja. Defying terrorism to lift its head, if it dared. The Moulvi and others present were cowed down by the firmness of this Shirdi Wizard, and gave up all idea of molesting Mahlsapathy or any other worshipper.

Pathan’s Terrible Offer:

More than a decade after the above incident, when the worship of Baba had become general, marked and assertive, a few die-hards tried to stem this current, and stop the "desecration of the mosque and the transformati on of a Moslem fakir into a Hindu Idol". One midnight, in 1915 when Baba was sleeping at the chaviidi along with R. A. Tarkhad, some other Hindus and a fierce Pathan. The last got up and telling Baba that the Hindus were "spoiling" and ruining him, begged permission to cut all the Hindu throats immediately. R. A. Tarkhad woke up and stood dead at the prospect of being murdered in cold blood. But Baba the watchful mother that he was came to the rescue. He took the entire responsibility for all the heterodox practices at the mosque on himself and declared that it was madness that spoilt the Hindus and that consequently his own throat might be cut if that was desired. As this elector the purity of Islam was not willing to go so far, the matter was dropped.

Punished on the Spot:

A little later, another Pathan who left Police service for a fakir's life, stayed with Baba at Shirdi. His /eal first spent itself in shouting out the •'Kalam", throughout the night in the proximity of Baba. The villagers who were asleep thus disturbed wished to drive him out. But Baba supported him, fed and maintained him there. This ''Rohilla" (as he was incorrectly named) though convinced by Baba's vast powers and goodness, that Baba was nothing less than Paygamnbar (i.e., Prophet) fell at the same lime that Baba was striking ai the root of Moslem orthodox traditions. This feeling gathered strength in a short time and one day this "Rohilla" decided to murder Baba and approached him from behind with a club. But the omniscience of Baba was equal to the occasion. He simply turned back and with a glance and a touch pinned the would—be—murderer to the ground w hence he was unable to lift himself without other's help. This was probably the last attempt al interference with the peaceful and united celebration of Baba's worship at Shirdi.

After Death:

When Baba passed away in October 1918, disputes arose as to the disposal of his mortal remains. Some Moslems were anxious to assert their right to this “Moslem” saint's tomb, and to keep it under their own control. The majority of worshippers being Hindus resisted this demand. The ease with which the problem was solved showed how greatly Baba had toned down creed asperities at Shirdi. When the disputes were going on, and the corpse remained unburied, the customary Hindu worship was proceeding. The public authorities that came on the scene took a plebiscite, through mahazars which showed that the majority of devotees were in favor of respecting Baba's own wish to be interred in a recent edifice of his Hindu devotee, G. M. Buty. The Moslems agreed, stipulating only that they should have free access to the tomb and mosque as usual. The inter absence of mutual violence on this occasion speaks volumes for the tolerance and co-operation so sedulously cultivated by Baba al Shirdi.

There are numerous saints all over the country, who have following among both the communities. Is it too much to hope that they also would develop the spirit of tolerance and amity as at Shirdi and render real Hindu-Muslim unity an accomplished fact?

Gratitude is a habit. You either have it, or you don't! Have you made gratitude a habit -or do you seldom feel thankful?

As I considered this question, the ditty used on our cover came in mind. How true it is that if we make a habit of praising the Lord-anyway, somehow the day seems brighter and a way opens to provide the answers we need.
But gratitude needs to be mentally nurtured in order to develop. This is done by conscious effort. When things seem to be going wrong, I force myself to think of some blessing present for which I can give thanks to God.

Follow the STAR

Every good thought is a star which leads you on, shining in the dark, making your path-way radiant.

The Cream of all the Faiths

By Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji
The true vision of God is the Vision Universal. When this happens man beholds God in everyone and everything and in all the changing vicis­situdes of life.

The essentials of all religions are the same. And Vedanta embodies these essentials. It can free Hinduism from the apotheosized hereditary caste and plethora of rituals, in accordance with the taste of the modern people. It can supply a generalized background to other faiths, as an all encompassing system for an intellectual basis.

If the followers of dogmatic, doctrinaire theologies find the Vedantic theory of all paths leading to the same Godhead difficult to incorporate in their own systems, they can at least recognize that in a land of many faiths they can accept the theory of unity in variety. This recognition will change the mental climate and pave the way for better understanding.

After all, the days of dreaming of a world religious empire are gone and if the religions are to fight the onslaught of aggressive secularism and anti-religious systems, they must unite to preserve the faith, not for political or material advantages but for the deepening of spiritual sense itself.
There are numerous saints all over the country, who have been following among both the communities. Is it too much to hone that they also would develop the spirit of tolerance and amity as at Shirdi and render real Hindu-Muslim unity an accomplished act?

Gratitude is a habit. You either have it, or you don't! Have you made gratitude a habit -or do you seldom feel thankful?

As I considered this question, the ditty used on our cover came to mind. How true it is that if we make a habit of praising the Lord-anyway, somehow the day seems brighter and a way opens to provide the answers we need.
But gratitude needs to be mentally nurtured in order to develop. This is done by conscious effort. When things seem to be going wrong, I force myself to think of some blessing present for which I can give thanks to God.

Follow the STAR

Every good thought is a star which leads you on, shining in the dark, making your path-way radiant.



The true vision of God is the Vision Universal. When this happens man beholds God in everyone and everything, and in all the changing vicis­situdes of life.

The essentials of all religions are the same. And Vedanta embodies these essentials. It can free Hinduism from the apotheosized hereditary caste and plethora of rituals, in accordance with the taste of the modem people. It can supply a generalized background to other faiths, as an all encompassing system for an intellectual basis.

If the followers of dogmatic, doctrinaire theologies find the Vedantic theory of all paths leading to the same Godhead difficult to incorporate in their own systems, they can at least recognize that in a land of many faiths they can accept the theory of unity in variety. This recognition will change the mental climate and pave the way for better understanding.

After all, the days of dreaming of a world religious empire are gone and if the religions are to fight the onslaught of aggressive secularism and anti-religious systems, they must unite to preserve the faith, not for political or material advantages but for the deepening of spiritual sense itself.
What is the core of all religions? It is not the consciousness of oneself as Spirit and has a faith in a Higher Reality and in higher values? Religions are worth the name when they foster faith in God and in the higher virtues. The true Muslims, the True Christians join the true Hindus in their faith in God, in devotion, wisdom, sacrifice and detachment.
It is not that men can be a good follower of any of these systems without changing his life, remaining earth-hound. He must lift up his mind and attune it in the Divine. Every religion says I hat. Vedanta, of course, proclaims this more emphatically and unequivocally. That is why we like to invoke the name of Vedanta or essential Hinduism, instead of Hinduism in general which has a doctrinaire side also like other religions.
Vedanta represents the essence, the core, the cream of all the faiths and it’s free from the colors of the limitations of any country or society. It points out the truth lying in every religion, unnoticed, unexplored, undeveloped. Let the different religions lake the clue from Vedanta, re-discover the truth in their own systems and express it in tune with their own genius.
Mutual understanding is the urgent necessity of the times. Let the best minds of every faith come forward and persuade the society to accept the concept ions of unity experience, of unity in variety, of the synthesis of religions.

Vedanta does not try in convert anyone; it seeks to make a Hindu a holler Hindu, a Mussalmans a holler Mussalmans, and a Christian a holler Christian. Will not the leaders of religions hear this liberal message of Yedantu for deepening the spiritual lives of their followers, for the survival of religions in this age of materialism at least out of expediency, if not out of conviction? Policies alone cannot briny about this mutual understanding, for it seeks to acquire rights, whereas religion endeavors to sacrifice them for the good of the people. This spiritual principle of self-sacrifice is fortunately still the basic idea of our society.

Simple Teachings

One said to him- "Master give me a motto for meditation every morning

And Abu Hasan said:— "This he ihc motto I pass on to you :— "Mine and thine both belong to Thee, O Lord!"

Asked, "What is sen-ice?" he -said :— "He that hath two garments, let him share with him who is naked. And let him not cat his food without sharing it with a hungry man or woman."

"Give food to the poor," he said, "and compassion to the sinner and love to all creatures."


You may be sorry that you spoke; sorry you stayed or went, sorry you won or lost, perhaps, sorry so much was spent. But, as you go through life, you'll find, — you're never sorry you’re each kind.

Within every one of us is:—

The power to do,

The power to know,

The power to love,

The difference in different persons is the use they make of this power.
Om Sri Sai Siva

By H.H. Sri Vidyanarayanu Thirth, (Dwaraka-Badankashram)

Blessed Devotees of the Lord:

God bless you. Never waste a single minute. Time and work is precious. You have a glorious mission in life. You are born to achieve great glory. Be truthful in your life journey. This will give you Peace, Health and Joy with Prosperity.

Yoga does not consist in mere reading of any holy books and discussion on a club table. Yoga means practical life to be applied in day to day activities. What you already know, adopt, adjust, acquire, analyze, act and attain the aim of your life on this Holy Earth. Serve the poor and the sick; serve the sorrowful needy, distressed and old people with love, sympathy and kindness in the spirit of worship. In serving others, you serve and worship God directly. This is the highest religion in our Sanatana Dharma.

Let the thoughts agree with the words. Let the words agree with the actions. Let there be harmony between thoughts, words and actions. Pray, meditate and chant God's name daily. Pray to the Lord with the heart filled with devotion and love. Take complete refuge in the Lord.

Respect all religions. All religions lead to one God. Respect, regard and reach the hearts of all saints and prophets. The saints of different orders are all messengers of one God. Love, serve, honor and enter the spirit of unity in diversity in the hearts of Humanity. May Lord Sri Adi Shankara Datta Sai, the Sadguru bless you all.

Om Shanti

Om Shanti

Om Shanti
Destiny-Baba's Distribution

By Prahlad Hulyaikar

The Lord has no favorites; He loves all equally. The sun shines the same on fire charcoal and on the diamond, but the diamond receives and reflects the light. Most persons have “charcoalmentalities; that is why they think that God does not bless them. The love and blessings are there; man has only to receive them.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji
It was the year 1980. The Dipavali Holidays had begun. Sri Jai Rao (son-in-law of late Kishor Sahu) started visiting us frequently. He used to attend Arathi session in the evening and then go home to Vasco. On one Friday, during Aarati session, my wife saw some events taking place in the space, close to Baba's Murthi. She saw that Sri Rao had fallen down from his Motor Cycle and his head was sprayed with a white powder. On the same night Baba appeared in her dream and said, "Your Rao has fallen down and broken his hand. Do not worry much, it is predestined, but I am distributing the quantum of suffering". My wife woke up suddenly and narrated the strange dream to me. I told her that it was a dream and not to worry.

On Saturday Jai Rao came to Calangule in the morning. He talked to me on different subjects. As it was noon, we sat for lunch. A boy named Bhanudas (Noti) happened to come to take Baba's Darshan. He is my neighbor and is a motor cycle pilot. My wife said to Rao, as she was serving "Noti is a real devotee of Sai Baba. He always helps those who are in difficulty." Shree Jai Rao exchanged greetings with him. Noti went home. The evening Aarati session was over and then Rao also left.

As Rao was leaving my wife cautioned him and advised him to go slow. Rao said, "Bai. I have been riding a motorcycle even in States. I am a seasoned driver. Your fears are baseless." My wife said to him. "Rao, nobody can escape destiny. Devotion to God mitigates the intensity less suffering". Rao said jokingly, “I do not understand the philosophy the destiny. Nothing is going to happen to me. You will see me tomorrow perfectly safe". Rao reached Vasco safely that night. On Monday Rao came as usual. He had lunch with us. He had his meal and then decided lo go to Vasco at 5 p.m. My wife insisted he should stay and go to Vasco the next day. Rao said, he could not stay as his wife was waiting for him. Rao left Calangule at 5.10 p.m. At 5.45 p.m. he dashed against a cycle rider at a place called Agashi. The cycle rider was carrying wheat flour. The cycle was badly damaged but the rider escaped unhurt. Rao fell down on his face and the whole flour was sprayed all over his body.

The lamp was damaged, his spectacles were broken to pieces and Rao got an injury to his left hand. People gathered. Rao could not get up. Just at the moment Noli was coming from Vasco to Calangute, He saw the crowd on the road. He slopped his vehicle to find out who was injured. He could not believe it - it was the same person Rao, who had exchanged greetings with him in my house, two days back. Noli lifted Rao and took him to a clinic. After first aid, he took him to Vasco in a private car.
Noli came to us and reported what had happened. At the same time when Rao fell down at Agashi a big bee stung a fingered my wife and her hand started swelling. She said tome "Rao has fallen down, Baba hesitated his distribution. Let us accept it. One Mr.Lucio Miranda. (Rao's close friend) was in Bombay when the incident took place. On the same day and at the same time, some goondas attacked him near Strand Cinema and forcibly pulled off his wrist-watch causing an injury to his left hand. On the next day we all went to Vasco to see Rao. There he got a phone message from Lucio about his encounter with goondas. Rao greeted us with one hand and said to my wife, "Bai, put a little Udi on my hand".
This incident profoundly speaks that we are all inter-related. Destiny is not absolute. We are brothers and sisters in Sai family. We all have to share pleasure and pain without any compliant. This is Baba’s Spiritual Communism, or calls it Socialism.
The First Rama Navami at Shirdi in 1912

By Miss Deepa Gopalkrishnan
'Believe from the depth of your heart that sin and misery attack you only when you turn your eyes away from God and God's power, when you lose the belief that He actually resides within you,"

—Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

It was the Ramanavami day in 1912. The usual preparations for conducting ‘urus’ were going on. The idea of celebrating the birth anniversary of Prabhu Ram occurred to Krishna Jogeshwar Bhishma. The idea was good and he decided to act. He went quickly to Kaka Mahajani and acquainted with him of his idea. Both decided to see Baba and seek His permission. Later when both entered the mosque together they were carried off with Baba's darshan which reminded them of Baba's one time incarnation of Prabhu Ram! Baba knew their mission. He said: "Kaka, what oath your friend Bhishma was swearing?"

This was a pun of the famous story of Bhishma Pratidnya from the Indian Mythology. Kaka and Bhishma understood the joke but not its underlying suggestion. Baba smiled and made another pun. "Can't you remember? Why this Krishna was talking of Rama's birth?" The question was direct. Instantly it reminded them of their early morning conversation. Hence Mahajani said: "Baba, this Bhishma has an excellent idea! Today is Rama Navami! So along with our usual 'Urus' festival why not celebrate the birth of Prabhu Ram?"
"Why not?" asked Baba, "after all Ram and Rahim are not different. Indeed it will be fine if you celebrate their festival on the same day. Go ahead! Bring Ram to birth today. Ask Mother Radhakrishna Mayi to make preparations."
Kaka Mahajani and Bhishma conveyed Baba's message to Radhakrishna Aai. The poor lady had already worked overnight to clean and whitewash the mosque to get ready for the 'Urus' festival. But with the same vigor she again worked on this assignment as soon as the received Baba's message! Going round (the village she managed to get a beautiful cradle. She got it fixed in the mosque-pedal before Baba returned from his usual roll in the Lendi Bag. She decorated the cradle with flower garlands and rich colorful sarees borrowed from ladies amongst the visitors. That done she went home and prepared some sweets for distribution as 'Prasad' at the end of the function. In spite of her young age elderly ladies would take instructions from her and helped her in the preparations which they completed in no time. Other arrangements such as flags, buntings, banners and for sitting of devotees etc. were as usual looked after by Amir Shakkar and other Muslim-brothers. So even with a short notice, preparations for the first Rama Janma Mahotsava were completed in no time!

Now a Keerthankar was essential for the musical discourse on the birth story of Prabhu Ram. As this was not immediately possible, Bhishma himself rose to the occasion and took up the responsibility of Keertanon himself. Kaka Mahajani offered to play the harmonium in accompaniment.

Baba returned from Lendi Bag and was immensely pleased at the arrangements. The procession of two flags of the 'Ums' arrived. They were hoisted high on the top of the mosque. Baba garlanded Bhishma and Mahajani and the Keertan started. This Ram-Rahim festival was unique and became a memorable event. Devotees threw ‘Gualap’ (red powder) on each other as an expression of joy. A little powder entered Baba's eyes. He became furious. The usual hurling of articles began. Many ran away from the scene. But it was a blessing in disguise.
Soon Baba cooled down. He himself served food to the fakhirs and devotees present. The rest of the day was as usual crowded with Quawali recitals, devotional songs, wrestling bouts, 'sandal' procession in the night etc. Next morning it was concluded with a keerthan. The festival was a grand success.

Every sacrifice, howsoever small, I make for u brother or a sister in need, is a light I kindle, — a light which will not easily fade.

It is the Light of Love which the nations need, —Love-in-action.

Vishnu Sahasra Narnam-V

Destiny and Free Will

By Dr. H. Janardana Acharya

'There' is nothing greater than 'Vishnu Sahasra Namam'. Nothing else can give you in destroyable peace. Nothing can give you freedom from pain and agony except recitation of Vishnu Sahasra Namam at least once a day.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji
Destiny and free will are synonymous. If the life phenomenon is a coin, the destiny is its obverse and the free-will its reverse. The relationship between them is as old and good as the relationship between the plant and the seed. Whether the destiny is the follower of free-will or otherwise is a never answerable question.

What is one today is due to the culmination of the play of one's freewill enacted yesterday, an yesterday that can be carried to an action. The product of the free will is called destiny or fate ('Adrishta'). Destiny is invisible but it is the product of one's own making and therefore one has the capacity to unmake it. The spool of destiny is wound by him and he himself would be able to unwind it.

The Sahasra Nama admits that the problem of fate and freewill is ponderous and formidable ('Gahano Guhaha'). However it clarifies the problem in ten words. The words 'Karanam Kaaranam Kartha Vikartha' say that He is the instrument and implement, He is the cause, He is the doer and He is the non-doer or undoer. In conclusion these words combine to say that it is the destiny's hand that is at work and that this phase of destiny in the phenomenon of life is un-understandable and unknowable.
But the seeker should not be discouraged. The reverse of the coin stamped ('Vyavasayah Vyavasthanah' etc,). It goads him to strive (Vyavasayah). His efforts will not go unobserved Nothing goes amiss in orderly dispensation and one's efforts will be rewarded (Sthanadah). The Dhruva is the final firm reassurance to the seeker that the destiny will run according to one's industry. It also illustrates the attainment of puranic Dharma whose persistent endeavor and final reach of Shimshumara Chakra, the pave of the universe are classically proverbial.
This son of mutual relationship between free will and destiny and the identity of them is the dispensation of His supreme wisdom which is clear to the saints of the caliber of His Holiness Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji.
What is this supreme wisdom?

We shall bury our past. Let us build our future not allowing the present (to slip away but making the best of the present. Now is our time, not tomorrow. [Keeping the classical Dhruva as our ideal, we shall hitch our wagon to the plot star and not minding the earth to which we are temporarily bound and pulled] shall try to reach the vault striving, striving and striving.

Permanent feature

The Lord Knows!

Keep on doing the good you can, though others receive the credit for it. What you do is your offering to the Lord. And none can deceive Him.

The Triple Secret

Do Tings go hard with you?

Persevere in doing your duty and also, pray to God: but in doing your duly be humble.

[If you have these three — Perseverance, prayer and humility. — It will, at last, be well with you!

Real Birthday

REAL BIRTHDAY is the day when the spiritual self emerges from beyond and overpowers the entire being from every side.

REAL BIRTHDAY is the day when divine virtues take birth with ourselves, and make us happy and peaceful

REAL BIRTHDAY is the day when old 'Samskaras' have died, giving birth to the religious zeal.

Power of Guru

From the thrilling life of Swami Rama Thinha (Courtesy: 'In days of great peace' by Mount Sadhu)

'If it is given with love, a mere handful is enough."

  • Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

Swamiji Rama's Gurudev had powers to work miracles. He recounts this story of how he and his Gurudev once found themselves in Etah, in North India. They stopped at Etah railway station and the Gurudev went to the station master and said: "My child with me is hungry. Please give us some food." The Station Master went to his home but his wife cried; "You know that our only son is suffering from small pox and all that you can think of is giving food to these wandering Sadhu! My son is dying! Go away!" The wife told her husband that if the Sadhu was a real one, he surely could cure the child!

The Station Master came back with a long face and told the guru what happened. The guru decided that he would visit the Station Master's home and see the child.

The child had abscesses all over his body and even on his face and puss was issuing from them. The guru told the pa rents: "Don't worry, in two minutes your son will be completely well." He took a glass of water, and walked round the cot on which the boy was lying. He did this three times and then drank the water. Then he looked at the Station Master's wife and said: "He's getting well, don't you see?"

To everyone's amazement, the abscesses began to disappear from the body, but to the absolute horror of Swami Rama who was then all of twelve years old, the abscesses began to appear on his guru's face? Swami Rama was terrified and started to cry. But his master said: "Don't worry, nothing will happen to me!"

Within two minutes the child's face and skin became perfectly clear and Swami Rama and his guru left the house until they came to a banyan tree. There they sat and soon the abscesses on the guru's face disappeared, even as they began to appear on the trunk of the tree. But even on the tree abscesses disappeared after ten minutes.
Faculty of Love

This task I know in my heart of hearts is most difficult, as there are people, places and occasions which may provoke unloving thoughts, but I shall cling with all my might to this principle reminding myself-forcibly that:

Love is greater than hate,

Love is greater than doubt,

Love is greater than fear.

Love is greater than anger,

Love is greater than impatience,

Love is greater than all morbid things,

Love is greater than depression.

Love is greater than all the afflictions of body and mind.

Pin your faith in Sai Baba. He takes care of the rest.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

Search for the Truth


Enjoyment leads to wandering, while renunciation leads lo stability in the self. Enjoyment gives birth to strong craving, desires and passions, which bring only suffering and misery; while renunciation makes such impulses weak, and devoid of support; they disappear of their own accord, even as fire gets extinguished in the absence of fuel.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

The true significance of the life of His Holiness Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji lies in the guidance he gave to the seekers of Ultimate Truth and initiating the devotees into "Vishnu Sahasra Namam' and finally leading them to Sai Baba. The influence he exerted - nay, still exerting from his cosmic-world - is always subtle, too subtle to submit to description, much less assessment, in human words. Those who receive divine grace know themselves the effect that Swamiji had on them.

All kinds of people came to meet Swamiji and he is able to see through them all. Some arc seekers, while others are not. Swamiji guides seekers on the right path of 'Sadhana', restores to the path who have strayed in the course of their spiritual practices, and gives a push to those who are already making efforts.
There are still among the visitors who are totally unaware of their spiritual potential. Swamiji awakens in them a desire to know God. He did this without appearing to do anything, without instructing them in any way. Still he creates in them an abiding faith in God and leads them silently, steadily and surely on the spiritual path. He clears the path of all impediments resulting from the vagaries of the mind, such as attachment, desire and infatuation. He trains and moulds each individual into a new personality. He sets him right at every step and makes him aware of the ego, negativity, ignorance, indolence, inconsistency, indiscipline and untruth that are within him.
It was in 1977. One of my colleagues invited me to her house, as she had just built a new house. Since it was a Thursday, I told her of my desire to visit Sai Mandir and obtain Swamiji's blessings before proceeding to her house. She made fun of my new-found interest and out of curiosity accompanied me to Sai Mandir.
Swamiji greeted us. She too was struck by the towering personality of Swamiji, but somehow she put a stupid question to him: I am not inclined towards the spiritual path. Should not I, therefore believe that God does not wish it and that such an inclination will come when He wills?"

Swamiji smiled at her question and calmly answered: "Doctor-if that is really your view, why not have a similar belief in all matters? For instance, why did you build a house? You should have sat quietly at one place, allowing God to build it for you, if He so willed. Instead, you took so much pains and trouble to think and plan out everything carefully, to purchase land, to take a loan and build a house of particular lyre....,.." He paused for a while and then continued:".... Just as you think and plan ahead in worldly matters, similarly you must think about the higher life. Try to realise who you are, from where you have come, where you will go after death and where true happiness lies. Find what God is and how to attain Him. Why not be determined and make every endeavor to realise Him?"

The Lady Doctor was dumb-founded. Swamiji had changed her attitude. For five minutes calmness prevailed and with tears rolling down her checks, she touched Swamiji's feet. Swamiji blessed her and asked her to chant 'Vishnu Sahasra Namam' at least once a day. Then onwards she was a totally changed personality!
I was a mute witness to a great miracle Swamiji performed on that afternoon, in transforming the young Doctor's life of frustration and confusion into a life of fulfillment. Subsequently she did come in close contact with Swamiji and sought his guidance in all matters. Her mundane, mechanical listener turned into a truly meaningful, life for it received spiritual scale within.
Where Is Baba - He Is Everywhere

By S. Muni
No matter what his caste and clan, lie who remembers Sai Baba will always he taken care of.......

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji
This is not a story or fiction but a real life situation in 1974 that happened in TlSCO-owned Hathibari Limestone quarry in Sundargarh district of Orissa.
My second son was aged five years then and on his way to the school had consumed a few berries of a wild bushy plant which is very common in the mining area. On reaching the school he had continuous vomiting and the school authorities sent him home.
My wife arranged for him to be taken to the TISCO Camp Hospital. It was a case of acute poisoning. His condition turned grave as he started vomiting blood continuously. By the time I reached the hospital he had lost his consciousness and was gasping for breath. Doctors wanted to shift him to Rourkela - 32 km away for blood transfusion, if he regained consciousness in the next thirty minutes.

The deadline of 30 minutes was a trying time for all of us. My only hope was Lord Sainath. I prayed to Him for His help. If my son survives the crisis, I vowed that I will take him to Shirdi and offer a rose-garland to His Samadhi. Otherwise, I will forget Sai Baba once and for all, I cried bitterly.

The clock was ticking and seconds grew into minutes. My pulse too was heating faster. On a mental plane I was already at Shirdi prostrating to Baba's Samadhi and seeking His blessings. As the deadline of thirty minutes set by the Doctors was about to be over, my son cried out "Where is Baba?" Doctors examined him and confirmed that his body is warming up. They had a sigh of relief and told me: "Mr. Mani, your son is calling." In Hindi, 'Baba' refers to father and them though! Thai my son was looking for me. I told them that my son is calling the Almighty Sai Baba who is everywhere.
The recovery phase was very fast- My son responded to the treatment and became all right soon. Everyone was happy at the outcome. It is indeed His grace and my son had a re-birth.
Sai Baba's Healing Power

A Comment by Mouni Baba

"When individual consciousness expands itself to cosmic consciousness, it becomes easy to feel delight in suffering for the sake of others. For him it is not suffering though the ordinary people think that he is suffering. When one's consciousness remains limited to the individual boundaries only, then the individual suffers. Pain and pleasure are a pair of opposites experienced when (he senses contact objects of the world. Those whose consciousness has expanded beyond the sensory level get freedom from this pair of opposites. There are techniques for voluntarily withdrawing the mind from the senses and focusing inwards to reveal the centre of consciousness. In such a stale of mind, one is not affected by sensory pleasure or pain. Such a one-pointed mind also creates a dynamic will which can be used for healing others. All such healing powers (low through the human being from the one source of consciousness. The moment the healer becomes conscious of his individuality that spontaneous flow of healing power stops. Healing is a natural power in man. The healing of others is possible through “that will power which is not interrupted by the lower mind.”

Only in adversity do the virtues of man reach their height. In the absence of wind, a heap of cotton is as steady as a mountain top.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

Truth, and not falsehood, always triumphs. The Puranas tell us that the goddess of wealth, "Lakshmi" attends on "Vishnu" and looks after Him for she is His escort. She is His shadow. Where there is Vishnu, there is Lakshmi. "No Vishnu, no Lakshmi". This is very true because 'Vishnu' means Truth and virtue, and 'Lakshmi' means wealth and success. Prosperity and victory are bound with Truth and virtue. Absence of Truth also implies absence of prosperity. The Vedas say: Where there is Truth, there is success and victory. If you, therefore, worship Vishnu, ie., Truth and Virtue, Wealth and Success, Lakshmi will follow you as your shadow. But it is impossible to prosper, if you deviate from the path of Truth. Your shadow cannot follow you, if back is towards the sun. The farther you go, the farther will your shadow advance. You can never overtake it. Only when you face the sun, your shadow will follow you and will never leave you just as Lakshmi follows Vishnu, the Truth. Those desirous of fame and wealth should always concentrate on Truth, the Religion.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji


If you remove a fish out of water and place it on the shore, it will flutter with intense agony. It will be thirsting for re-entry into (the water. If you keep a boy in the cold water of the Ganges for a short time he will be greatly agitated. He will shriek and yell out. He will be eager to come out of the water. When the house of man has caught fire, the owner of the house runs immediately to the municipal office to get the fire brigade for extinguishing the fire. He takes immediate steps. If the aspirant has the same thirsting, the same feeling, the same restlessness, the same earnestness or seriousness for realising God as the fish has for getting back into the water, as the boy has for getting out of the water, as the man, whose house is on fire, has for getting the fire brigade, he will have realisation of God this very second. There is no doubt about this. Oh! aspirants, be very serious and earnest in your devotional practices. Run now to the lotus feet of the Lord. Those people who are not serious and earnest about their devotional practices have lost this world on (his end and God on the other end. They are hanging in the air like Trisanku, neither there nor there. Miserable specimens, pitiable are their lot.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

Swamiji's Aradhana

The 12th Aradhana of Poojya Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji was celebrated with great devotion and love from 3lst Jan '92 to 2nd February '92. Krama Aradhana was performed on 31st Jan '92 with all rituals. Over 1000 devotees participated in the Krama Aradhana to receive the omnipresent blessings of Swamiji. In the evening of 31st there was a 'Hirakata' by Sri Anantha Padmanabha Rao on Samartha Ramdas.

There was a music recital by Smt. Gayathri Venkatesha Murthy on the 1st February 1992. Satsang by the devotees of Swamiji was held on 2nd February 1992. After a group-chanting of Vishnu Sahasra Namam we heard devotees of Swamiji paying their rich tributes for his eternal care.
Earlier, on the 14th January 1992, devotees proceeded to Devagiri Venkateswara temple in Banashankari II Stage reciting Bhajans and Vishnu Sahasra Namam. To mark Swamiji's Mahasamadhi in the English almanac there was 'Akhanda Vishnu Sahasra Namam' from 8.30 AM to 10.40 PM on that day.
Goswami Tulasidas says — blessed the son, and blessed his parents, who remember Sri Rama in whatsoever way it may be. He who utters the Name of Rama even through mistake, Let him wear a pair of shoes made of the skin of my body! Blessed is the purush who is a devotee of God and remembers Him day and night; of what avail is high birth to one who does not practice the Name of Hari? The highest mountain-peaks give shelter only to snakes, Blessed are the sugar-cane, the corn and betel leaves that flourish in low lands and give delight to all.

Repeat the name of Hari

Purusottama, abiding in the hearts of men lakes away all the sins of the Kali age, produced by place or property. Bhagavan, abiding in the heart, and heard, repeated, read of, worshiped, or honored, dissipates the ills of men for ten thousand births.

- Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji

To the other shore

Shri D. S. Gopala Rao

A picture of helpfulness and love, Sri D.S. Gopala Rao passed away at Bangalore on the 24th January 1992, after a tragic mad accident. During his last hours of his life, his body had suffered excruciating pain which he bore with a smile on his lips and ‘Vishnu Sahasra Namam’ in his heart.

Sri Rao was associated with Sri Narasimha Swamiji and Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji right from the early fifties, in whom he saw the face of God. He was an active member of the Sai Spiritual Centre right from its inception.
In the last 40 years he bloomed as one fair, radiant flower in the garden of Sri Radhakrishna Swamiji's fragrant one. He kept the light of Swamiji's teachings aglow and his dedicated services to Sai Spiritual Centre were many. He was the Vice-President for a term, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and even at the time of merging in the Eternity was a member of the Managing Committee.
He was 72 years old and had retired from the Hindustan Aeronautics as a Purchase Officer. His post-retirement period too was active and 24 hours a day even were not enough for his service. He leaves behind a sorrowing wife, two sons and a daughter and a host of Guru-bandhus - Sai Baba and Swamiji would have granted him salvation.
Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai
Sri Saikoti Mahatharak Nama Yagna (1993)

By Puttanna

With in seven months, by the grace of Sri Sai, more than 20 Sai devotees have been writing Sri Sai Likhita Japa, OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI. As on date, the total Likhita Japa has exceeded 1 crore 15 Lakhs. To celebrate the occasion on the eve of the completion of One Crore Likhita Japa, Sri Sai Mandali, Malleswaram, had arranged a Sai Sahasranama Laksha archana on 8.3.1992 between 9.30 A.M. and 11.00 A.M.

Nearly 200 Sai devotees participated and offered Sai Sahasranama Archana to Sri Sai and enjoyed the thrill of Sai Archana with immense devotion and Shradda.
Centre's Activities

By Syama Ri

Vidwan Sri B.S. Krishna Murthy gave a lecture on 'Guru Mahima' on 3rd Jai 1992. A large number of devotees attended the lecture and were immensely benefited.

Sri Krishna Murthy again conducted a 'Saptaha' on Guru Charitra' seven days from 6.2.1992 to 12.2.1992. The lectures were highly appreciated at the Mandir premises were filled with devotees on all the days. Several devotees expressed disappointment over the early conclusion and requested the management to arrange some more lectures by the eminent pundit, Sri Krishna Murthy.
The management of the Centre requested Sri Krishna Murthy to one again enlighten the devotees on 'Guru Chari tee'. He has agreed to do so.

Baba at Budigere

A Sai devotee, by name Sri Krishna Murthy from Budigere village near by Bangalore, has started work on building a temple for Sai Baba. Guddali Pooja was performed on 13.2.1992. A large number of devotees from Bangalore visited Budigere and witnessed the function. The place selected for the temple is very ideal at the elevated site. Due credit should be given to Sri Krishna Murthy for selfless Sai Prachar Work done in Budigere and nearby villages.

He mentioned about the number of devotees benefited by the Udhi Baba. Every house in Budigere has a photo of Baba. May Baba bless Sri Krishna Murthy to fulfill his desire for the early completion of the temple.
Maha Shivarathri

Maha Shivarathri was celebrated in the temple on 2nd March 1992. Large number of devotees thronged to have Darshan of Baba on that day from the early morning hours till late hours in the night. Four Yaama pojaari amidst chanting of Veda mantras were performed throughout the night, special Abhishekam arranged from 6.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m. to all devotees in larger number to participate and receive the blessings of Swami and Baba. After the first Yaama pooja at 9.30p.m. Sri B.S. Narayana Rao gave a Harikatha program on Santh Ramadas.


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