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A Biographical Sketch of Michael Magone, a Pupil of the Oratory of St. Francis de Sales, written by Fr. John Bosco Turin 1861

Translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani October 2, 2002

Contact Provincial Residence, New Rochelle NY

Photocopied version available

A Man Sent by God

by Fr. Paul Aronica, SDB.

Salesiana Publishers NJ

A 20-minute biography of St. John Bosco written in 1988

A Short Life of Don Bosco

Robert Schiele SDB St Pauls Australia (1996)

Telephone 02 9746 2288 Facsimile 02 9746 1140 Email

ISBN: 1875570705

Robert Schiele SDB of the Paris Province of Salesians - educator, preacher, spiritual director, author, keen disciple of Don Bosco, of whom he said: 'From the I was small I have been captivated by Don Bosco.' He was further inspired by Frenchman and fellow Salesian, Francis Desramaut SDB who encouraged him to publish his research into Don Bosco's life and work.

Beyond the Classroom Principles of Salesian Education

Available from Don Bosco Publications Thornleigh Salesian House UK


May need to be re-ordered from the US

Bury me Deep

P. Lappin. Available from Don Bosco Publications Thornleigh Salesian House UK


The story of an Indian boy who became a Salesian Brother. May need to be re-ordered from the US

By Love Compelled

by Peter Rinaldi, 2nd edition, 1992 Salesiana Publishers NJ

215 pp + illus paperback    $5.00

Biography of Blessed Philip Rinaldi, Don Bosco's 3rd successor

Dominic Savio

Peter Lappin SDB,

Tej Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Mumbai

Rs 50/-

Dominic Savio: Teenage Apostle Saint

trans. Terence O’Brien, SDB, with commentary and explanation. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Salesiana, 1969

Don Bosco

Don Bosco Multimedia New Rochelle

Paperback / ISBN0899440819

Don Bosco

Teresio Bosco. Translated by Silvano Borruso 31 January 2003 published by Paulines Publications Africa Don Bosco Printing Press Kenya

ISBN 9966-21-881-5

Don Bosco - to my Filippino Boys

Oscar Deltom, CICM, Salesiana Pub. Makati, Phils. 1971

Don Bosco and the Salesians

by Morand Wirth, translated by David de Burgh. 1982. Available from US (Salesiana) or from Thornleigh UK

432 pp paperback   $10.95

Popular style; thorough treatment of the development of the Salesians, Salesian Sisters, Cooperators, alumni, from 1815 to Vatican II.

Don Bosco and the Spiritual Life

by Francis Desramaut, translated by Roger Luna. 1979 Salesiana Publishers NJ

348 pp paperback   $8.95

Scholarly study of Don Bosco's personal and educational spirituality.

Don Bosco Life & Works

P. Stella/ Salesiana Publishers, Makati 1987

Don Bosco We Remember You

Peter Brocardo/ DB Publications, Madras, India 1984

Don Bosco writes to us

Carlo Maria Martini/ DB Press Makati, Philippines 1988

Don Bosco: A Spiritual Portrait

E.B. Phelan/ Doubleday & Co. Inc. NY1963

Don Bosco: deeply human, deeply holy

By Fr. Peter Brocardo translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani January 31 2003

Contact Provincial Residence New Rochelle NY

This book also once existed in published version from India. Certainly available in photocopied bound version from NY

Don Bosco: Life and Work (Don Bosco in the History of Catholic Religious Thought & Practice Series)

by Pietro Stella, John Drury (Translator), Pietro Stella

Salesiana Publishers; (December 1985)

List Price: $24.95

344 pp hardcover   $47.50 ISBN: 0899440800

Scholarly--first historically critical study of Don Bosco, concentrating on theological, religious, and political background; appendix "Don Bosco & the Death of Charles."

Don Bosco: Religious Outlook and Spirituality

Pietro Stella
Paperback / Salesiana Publishers

Also, Publisher: Don Bosco Multimedia; (November 1995) ASIN: 0899441610

ISBN: 0899441629

616 pp paperback   $36.00

Thought and practice of Don Bosco the writer, preacher, teacher, spiritual guide of the young, and founder in the religious and spiritual context of 19th-century Italy

Don Bosco: Spiritual Director of Young People

Trans. Wallace Cornell

Salesiana Publishers, Makati, Manila 1986

the biographies of Savio, Magone, and Besucco and excerpts from the Memoirs of the Oratory, The Companion of Youth, letters, and advice to the young.

Don Bosco: The Death of Charles

Pietro Stella Tr. John Drury December 1985 Publisher: Salesiana Publishers NJ

Format: Hardcover, 336pp

ISBN: 0899440819

Don Bosco's Dreams: A Historico-Documentary Analysis of Selected Samples

Pietro Stella

Publisher: Salesiana Publishers NJ; (August 1996) Also available from Thornleigh UK

ISBN: 0899442706

32-pp pamphlet.  $1.50

Foundational research into the nature, purpose, and types of Don Bosco's dreams, the insights into his personality and pastoral practice that they offer, and the value of the texts that relate them.

Don Bosco's Gospel Way

By Michael Thomas Winstanley SDB

Don Bosco Publications

Thornleigh Salesian House
Sharples Park
Bolton BL1 6PQ

Tel: (01204) 308811

Euro 14.00

The author shows how Don Bosco was drawn to the spirituality of St Francis de Sales , the famous Bishop of Geneva, named his religious family, the Salesians, after him, and forged his own distinctive way of following the Gospel and his particular mission to young people. A lovely book!

Don Bosco’s Pedagogical Experience

Pietro Braido. Rome LAS 1989

In 1990 was $15 180 pp.

May now be out of print in the English editino.

Don Bosco’s Place in history (Acts of the 1st International Congress of Salesian Studies Rome Jan 1989

Eds Patrick Egan and Mario Midali. LAS Roma 1993

550 pages

There may still be multiple copies available from LAS directly. One of the best works to come out of the Don Bosco Centenary.

Don Vincent Cimatti SDB: The Don Bosco of Japan

by Mampra, Antony and Puthenkalam, Joseph, Kristu Jyoti Publications, Bangalore 1999

190 pages

ISBN: 8187370033


A biography of Don Vincent Cimatti (1879-1965), the pioneer missionary educator to Japan.

Dreams, Visions & Prophecies of Don Bosco

Eugene Brown

Don Bosco Multimedia, New Rochelle


[255 pp/pbk]

ISBN  0-89944-086-X     $9.90

A study of the significance of dreams in Don Bosco's life, the life and mission of the Salesians, and his predictions for the future.

Every Day With St. Francis de Sales

compiled by Augustine Archenti and Arnold Pedrini, translated by Wallace Cornell, and edited by Francis Klauder. 1997 Salesiana Publishers NJ

380 pp paperback   $13.00

personal writings of the Saint

First Lady of the World

by Peter Lappin,

Salesiana Publishers NJ

Paperback.     $9.95

Survey of devotion to Mary, including Don Bosco and Mary Help of Christians

Forty Dreams of Don Bosco

By Peter Lappin available from Thornleigh Salesian House UK


May need to be re-ordered from US

Foundational Themes of Salesian Spirituality by Fr. Juan Vecchi Rector Major of the Salesian of Don Bosco

Translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani April 24, 2002

Contact Provincial Residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions available

Francis de Sales

W. Ainsworth SDB.

Don Bosco Publications Thornleigh Salesian House Sharples Park Bolton UK


Short life of the Saint

Give me Souls: Life of Don Bosco

Peter Lappin Salesiana Publishers NJ also available through Thornleigh UK

368 pp/pbk
ISBN 0-89944-087-8  


Don Bosco is the apostle of youth, a man of extraordinary dreams and visions.  Fr. Lappin explores "the intense interior spirituality of the saint..."

God Desires You. St. Francis de Sales, on living the Gospel

Fr. Eunan McDonnell, SDB Columba Press, Dublin

The main inspiration for his book is the optimistic spirituality of St. Francis de Sales and especially, his portrayal of a loving God. "It is a book which aims to show how God passionately desires us. He continually invites but does not use force - we can always resist, but our resistance calls on more creativity on the part of God to find new ways of drawing us to himself."

For an SDB audience, "its purpose is to help us reflect on our busy, active, apostolic way of life, and to see how it is rooted in a Salesian understanding of God who is active in our world. Furthermore, there is a specific reference to and exploration of St. John Bosco's indebtedness to the 'spirit of St. Francis de Sales' - how this permeates his own spirituality at a personal level, and how he hoped that this spirit be studied and lived by his sons."

Growing with the Young

By Peter Gonsalves published by Tej Prasarini

USD 3.00

A cartoon presentation of the educative system of Don Bosco for the busy teacher, parent, youth-leader of all cultures. A practical guide to applying the system to children and youth of varying ages is included.

Halfway to Heaven

P. Lappin available also from Thornleigh Salesian House UK


Story of St. Mary Mazzarello

Heart speaks to Heart – The Salesian Tradition

Wendy Wright. Available through Thornleigh Salesian House Bolton UK


Salesian as in St. Francis de Sales

In the Footsteps of Mother Mary Mazzarello: A wise woman.

Trans. Louise Passero FMA

Rome: Istituto Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice 1992

171 pp. Original title: Sulle orme di Madre Mazzarello: donna sapiente

Just 15 The story of St. Dominic Savio

P. Sexton SDB

Don Bosco Publications Thornleigh Salesian House Bolton UK


Keys to the Hearts of Youth

Paul P. Avallone SDB Salesiana Publishers NJ also available from Thornleigh UK

100 pp/pbk
ISBN 0-89944-376-1  

List price $5.00

The Salesians are the inheritors of Don Bosco's special method of education called The Preventive System.  Fr. Avallone explains this theory and practice.

Man with a Dream

P. Rinaldi/ DB Pub. N.Y. 1978

Memoirs of the Oratory of Saint Francis de Sales from 1815 to 1855: The Autobiography of Saint John Bosco

trans. Daniel Lyons, SDB, with notes and commentary by Eugenio Ceria, SDB, Lawrence Castelvecchi, SDB, and Michael Mendl, SDB. New Rochelle, N.Y.:

Don Bosco Publication, 1989

Nine Good Nights of Fr. Luigi Ricceri given at 1965 XIX General Chapter

Translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani May 2000

Contact Provincial residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions only

Pedagogical Talks of Blessed Philip Rinaldi from notes taken by Theology Students of Folizzo, Italy from 1906 to 1914

Translated from the Italian by Fr. Vincent Zuliani June 2004

Contact Provincial residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions available

Profiles of the Members of the First General Council of the Salesian Society (b/n 1865-1950

By Fr. Eugene Ceria SDB translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani March 19, 2003

Contact Provincial Residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions only

Profiles of thirty three Salesian Coadjutor Brothers written by Fr. Eugene Ceria. Published at Colle Don Bosco in 1952

Translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani July 15 2003 New Rochelle NY

Contact Provincial residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions available

Reflections on the Coadjutor Brother by Fr. Philip Rinaldi, Fr. Joseph Vespignani and Don Bosco with a commentary by Fr. Vespignani.

Translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani New Rochelle, NY 2004

Contact Provincial Residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions only

Saint John Bosco - The friend of children and young people

By Carole Monmarché and the Salesians of Don Bosco [Éditions du Signe]
Don Bosco Publications
Thornleigh Salesian House
Sharples Park
Bolton BL1 6PQ
Tel: (01204) 308811
also: Salesiana Publsihers NJ

Euro 10.00

Full-colour hardback, telling the wonderful and exciting story of Don Bosco, the special friend of poor and needy youth.

Saint Mary Mazzarello: The Spirit of Joy

by Domenico Agasso, translated by Sr. Louise Passero, FMA Boston: Pauline Books, 1996

Salesiana Publishers NJ

222 pp pb $9.00

The life of the dynamic woman who collaborated with Don Bosco in founding the Salesian Sisters

Salesian Youth Ministry Made Simple

Fr. Mario Antonio Villegas Baclig Rome 2003

Contact author directly either in Rome (Pisana) or through Provincial House, Philippines

Savio: A Study Guide for Parents, Priests & Educators

by Fr. Joseph Aubry, translated by Fr. Joseph Boenzi, SDB. 1979, Salesiana Publishers NJ

69 pp pamphlet   $2.50

Accompanies Don Bosco's biography of St. Dominic Savio. Historical insights, spirituality, and practical lessons

Shepherds for An Information Age


pp. 418; INR. 375/- U$ 20.00 

A tome of information to equip Salesians - as well as Religious, Priests and those involved in Pastoral Leadership - with the necessary knowledge and skills to face an increasingly media saturated world. Designed as lesson plans that cover a nine-year formation period from the pre-novitiate to the third year of Theology. 

Smiling Don Bosco

J.L. Chiaranivo/ St. Paul Pub. Makati 1965

Spiritual Writings of St. John Bosco

By Joseph Aubry (Editor))
Salesiana Publishers NJ


St John Bosco - The Priest, The Man, The Times

Fr William Ainsworth

Don Bosco Publications

Thornleigh Salesian House
Sharples Park
Bolton BL1 6PQ

Tel: (01204) 308811

Price  £5.95

Fr William Ainsworth writes “I am quite confident that even those who already love Don Bosco will find much that is new in this little book.”

St. Dominic Savio

trans. with notes by Paul Aronica, SDB. 2nd ed. Foreword by Card. Humberto Medeiros. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Don Bosco Publ., 1979

St. Francis de Sales: Don Bosco's Patron

by Arnaldo Pedrini, translated by Wallace Cornell; edited by Francis Klauder. 1988 Salesiana Publishers NJ

pp paperback   $8.95

Stories of Don Bosco

By Peter Lappin

Don Bosco Publications

Thornleigh Salesian House
Sharples Park
Bolton BL1 6PQ
Also available from Salesiana Publishers NJ (USA)

ISBN  0-89944-036-3 


Tel: (01204) 308811

264 page paperback
Euro 2.00

Also available from Tej Prasarini, Mumbai for Rs. 50/-

with hundreds of anecdotes from Don Bosco's life, from his earliest years to his death, and bringing out in vivid fashion the development of his character and spirit. Highly entertaining and instructive for readers of all ages.

Sunshine in the Shadows; Mama Margaret, Mother of St. John Bosco

Peter Lappin

Salesiana Publishers NJ also available from Thornleigh UK


The Biographical Memoirs of St. John Bosco

by Giovanni Battista Lemoyne, et al., translated and edited by Diego Borgatello. Salesiana Publishers NJ

Request further information from

Each vol. Hardcover at $35.00 to $45.00 (depending on length). Details on contents of each volume are available. 

Essential for full know-ledge of Don Bosco. hc. Vols. 1-4, 6-19 available. Vol 20... eventually

The Children's Priest

by Teresio Bosco

Don Bosco Publications

Thornleigh Salesian House
Sharples Park
Bolton BL1 6PQ
Tel: (01204) 308811

Euro 7.00

Full-colour comic paperback on one of the most popular saints ever, St John Bosco - founder of the Salesians.

The Circular Letters of Fr. Paul Albera, second successor of Don Bosco

Translated from the Italian by Fr. Vincent Zuliani July 24 2002

Contact the Provincial Residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions only as far as we know.

The Conquering March of DB

E. Doherty Vol. II – Salesiana Publishers N. J 1957

The Educational Philosophy of St. John Bosco

by John Morrison, 1979 Salesiana Publishers NJ

258 pp paperback    $12.50

Lay administrator's insights. Scholarly

The Foundation Decade at Shrigley Seminary, Church & Shrine 1929-1939

Peter Roebuck, Piccola Biblioteca series of the Salesian Historical Institute

The Life of Saint Dominic Savio

trans. with notes by Paul Aronica, SDB. 3rd ed. Foreword by Molly Kelly. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Salesiana, 1996

The Life of St. Joseph Cafasso

trans. Patrick O’Connell. Rockford, Ill.: TAN, 1983

The Life of the Little Shepherd from the Alps, namely, The Life of the Young Francis Besucco from Argentera written by the priest John Bosco

Originally published in Italy translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani

Contact Provincial Residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied version

The Man with a Thousand Faces - Facets of Don Bosco

By Pascual Chávez Villanueva, Rector Major of the Salesians and 9th successor of St John Bosco

Don Bosco Publications

Thornleigh Salesian House
Sharples Park
Bolton BL1 6PQ

Tel: (01204) 308811

Euro 2.00

Black and white booklet, reflecting on how Don Bosco lived as though seeing the Invisible One. Collection of articles published in the Italian Bollettino Salesiano during 2003, and now made available to a wider audience of friends of Don Bosco.

The Mustard Seed – Introduction to St. John Bosco

J. Hunt and M. Robinson

Don Bosco Publications Thornleigh Salesian House UK

Pamphlet £.75

The Salesian Family

Ed. And contributor, Paul Pathanangady SDB.

Kristu Jyoti Publications Bangalore 1982

109 pages. Available in paperback $9.95

An overview of the work of the Salesians in India in light of their history and the principles of Don Bosco.

The Spiritual Writings of Saint John Bosco

ed. Joseph Aubry, trans. Joseph Caselli, SDB. New Rochelle, N.Y.: Don Bosco Publ., 1984

The Spirituality of Salesian Assistance

P.M. Thomas SDB,

Tej Prasarini Don Bosco Communications Mumbai

Rp 20.

In this book the author shows how "Assistance" - the dynamic availablility of the Salesian to the young person – is more than a mere technique employed to ‘manage’ youth. It is a spiritual path for both the educator and the educand.

The Theology of Consecrated Life: Notes from lectures given by Fr. Octavio Balderas SDB at the UPS 1998

Translated by Fr. Vincent Zuliani

Contact Provincial Residence New Rochelle NY

Photocopied versions available

The Wine in the Chalice

Peter Lappin.

Salesiana Publishers New Rochelle

Story of Michael Rua

Tricks of DB's Trade

E. Corcoran/ DB Publications Madras1979

When Millions Saw the Shroud

Peter M. Rinaldi

Salesiana Publishers NJ

Wisdom from a Man with a Vision

Compiled by WC Cornell, SDB SPI Makati 1986

With DB Throughout the Year

W.C. Cornell, SDB/ Salesiana Pub. Makati, Philippines1986


Zatti – a biography

Peter Lappin SDB

Salesian Publishers New Jersey

Tej Prasarini, Don Bosco Communications, Mumbai

77 pp paperback   $2.50
Rs. 40/-

Life of Venerable Artemis Zatti, Brother, missionary to Patagonia

"The Zeal of the Salesians is Just the Thing...":  Founding the Salesian Work in New York

by Michael F. Mendl. Salesiana Publishers NJ Published 1998

iii + 122 pp notes, bibliography pb/plastic-bound       $13.00

Study of the establishment of the Salesians in New York in historical context, 1883-1908

15 Days of Prayer with Don Bosco

By Robert Schiele SDB
Liguori Publications - May 2001


The Wine in the Chalice

Peter Lappin.

Salesiana Publishers New Rochelle

Story of Michael Rua


A Brother to Asians: Salesian missionary for 64 years

Bro. Joseph Kramer, Don Bosco Press, Makati City Philippines

Pamphlet. Possibly in short supply these days

The Education of the Young,” January

The Catholic Digest 8 (1944), condensed from Don Bosco in the West, “The Preventive System,” Nov.-Dec. 1943

pp. 22-25.

A Saint Speaks for Another Saint

trans. Patrick O’Connell. Dublin: Veritas, 1957

A Thought a Day

ed. August Bosio, SC. Newton, N.J.: Salesiana, 1946

Probably unavailable

Blessed Friend of Youth (SJB)

N. Boyton, SJ Macmillan, NY 1954

Don Bosco

Anderson/ 3rd Edition Rajesh Printers, India 1929

probably out of print

Don Bosco

L. Sheppard/ Broadwater Press LTS, London 1957

probably out of print

Don Bosco with God

E. Ceria/ Salesian Publications Madras

Dreams of DB

Kevin O'Brien, SDB/ Laguna Philippines

Halfway to Heaven

Peter Lappin

Love what the young love: Don Bosco’s way of educating to life

Joaquim D’Souza published by Tej Prasatini Bombay

Pamphlet. Possibly out of print these days

Role of the Salesians within the Salesian Family

Joseph Aubry

Saint John Bosco - Friend of Youth

FA Forbes/ Salesiana Pub./ USA 1962

St. John Bosco

A. Auffray, SDB/Sal.Pub

The Companion of Youth: A Book of Prayers and Guidance for Boys

London: Salesian, 1955

The Life of Saint Dominic Savio

trans. with notes by Paul Aronica, SDB. 1st Amer. ed., from 5th Ital. ed. Paterson, N.J.: Salesiana, 1955 also Rev. Amer. ed.: New Rochelle, N.Y.: Salesiana, 1963.

The Quest of Don Bosco

Kuhn, Anna

Milwaukee: Bruce Publishing Co., 1942

RARE.1st ed. 192 pages. Hardcover. First edition, dated March 12, 1942, no later printings indicated. Story of Don Bosco, Salesian missionary who helped establish the Order of St. Francis de Sales & Sisters of Mary, Help of Christians.

The Salesian Society

E. Ceria/ Sal. Publishers1955

The Secret of St. John Bosco

H. Gheon FJ Sheed/ Sheed & Ward/ London1954

3. PUBLISHED BY SALESIANS IN VARIOUS DISCIPLINES – a sample only. There is an endless list of titles in fact!

A Body Broken for Broken People: Eucharist in the New Testament

By Francis J. Moloney, Leon X. Dufour February 1997 Hendrickson Publishers  May 1997

Paperback 212pp ISBN: 1565632583
List Price $14.95 

Beginning the Good News: A Narrative Approach

By Francis J. Moloney
 February 1995   Liturgical Press   April 2000  

Paperback  List Price $2.49 

Belief in the Word: Reading the Fourth Gospel, John 1-4

Written by Francis J. Moloney
Published by Fortress Press (February 1993)

ISBN 0800625846

Price $18.75

Catholic schools and faith education….

Jerome Vallabaraj SDB,

Kristu Jyoti Publications, Banglaore, 2000

395 pages.

ISBN: 8187370114


A major scholarly study in Christian education in India; the author's doctoral work at the Pontifical Salesian University in Rome.

Empowering the Young towards Fullness of Life

Jerome Vallabaraj sdb

Kristu Jyoti Publications, Bangalore 2003

ISBN 81-87370-19-X

Rs. 160.00 (Euro:10)

Thoughts on some pedagogico-pastoral requisites in youth ministry

Exercises in Media Education (revised ed)

P. Gonsalves SDB

Tej Prasarini Don Bosco Communications, Mumbai

Rs. 100

Exercises in Media Education (revised ed)

Letters from the Street. Runaway Kids on the streets of Hong Kong

Fr. Peter Newbery SDB

Francis NG Zero to One Publishing


Mark: Storyteller, Interpreter, Evangelist

Written by Francis j., SDB Moloney
Published by Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. (March 2004)

ISBN 1565635132

Price $24.95

Nuts and Bolts. A Practical Guide to Group Leadership

Peter Newbery SDB. MSW

Voc Amica Press, 2002

HK $40

Uses non-technical language to cover the practical aspects of group leadership in a way that is easily understood by professionals and non-professionals alike.

Ordinary Ways

by David O'Malley SDB

Fax: (01204) 306868


Paperback Price £4.50
plus p&p 80p UK only
ISBN 0-9538991-4-4

Hidden in the ordinary patterns of each day are a network of life-giving relationships between young people and the adults that care for them. When a parent puts down the paper to talk to their son or daughter new things become possible. When a teacher, after disciplining a difficult pupil, enquires more gently about their home situation, they have moved into a sacred space where lives can be changed. This book is about those ordinary relationships, those objects of life that become pathways to personal growth and windows of insight.

Small Christian Communities

Fr James O’Halloran SDB, Colombia Press of Dublin

Small Christian Communities

Fr James O’Halloran SDB, Colombia Press of Dublin

The ‘How to’ Book for Youth Leaders

Albano Fernandes, Kennedy Saldanha, Ian Doulton, 
Lionel Braganza, Nelson Carvalho, Peter Gonsalves

pp: 207; Rs.80/- U$ 6.00

Out of the storehouse of their rich and varied experiences in youth-work, the authors have encapsulated in one volume "everything a youth leader would like to know about youth-leadership but is too busy to ask". The book covers over 60 different topics - getting started ('how to build a youth group), personality development tips (‘how to be a good listener’), programme coordination ('how to conduct a sports tournament’), awareness education (‘how to educate for justice’), youth guidance ('how to apply for a job'), and much much more.

The changing face of the Filippino: a salesian tribute to the youth of the Philippines

Fr José Reinoso (director of the Philippine edition of the Salesian Bulletin) and Armand Robleza, whose work was completed last September

Brings together people from the social and political worlds and important opinion-leaders, to contribute personal opinions about the changes that have taken place in young people in Philippines.

The Gospel of John

Written by Francis J. Moloney , Daniel J. Harrington
Published by Michael Glazier (April 1998)

ISBN 0814658067

Price $39.95

A solid work based on the form of the Johannine text as we now have it. The commentary is divided into two parts: Interpretation and Notes, the former offering the main body of argument, and the latter the justification for the Interpretation. Some of its strengths include the following. First, although it belongs to a catholic series, there is nothing that is overtly "catholic" about the interpretation. Second, is not too large, as commentaries on John are inclined to be, and yet it offers s...

Trust the Road

Fr David O’Malley SDB

Don Bosco Publications

Thornleigh Salesian House
Sharples Park
Bolton BL1 6PQ

Tel: (01204) 308811

a collection of reflections and prayers designed as a gift for each student leaving  our Salesian schools. It was so well received by teachers and students that we have now published it for the benefit of all schools


For further information it is best to contact the province concerned. There will be more of these. Only a sample here.

The Arrival of Don Bosco in the Philippines. Requests made to the Salesians 1891-1051

Gregorio E. Bicomong Jr. SDB., Don Bosco Press Inc., Makati City

ISBN 971-522-524-1

Blood on the River Bank

Marius Rassiga, Hong Kong 1980

Don Bosco Comes Back

J. Ayers SDB/ Rome1984

In Memoriam. A tribute to the deceased Salesians who worked in China (1906-1986)

Fr. Mario Rassiga SDB Salesian Province of China 1987

Unless the Grain Falls: a history of the fist years of Salesian Work in Australia 1923-1928

Fr. Ted Cooper SDB Australian Province 1996

The Model - Counsels and examples

Stephen Trione/ Laguna Phil

The Wisdom of a Saint: The Saint of Common Sense

Fr. Adolf Faroni SDB Don Bosco Press Inc. Makati

Fr. Faroni has translated, compiled a hundred or more popular titles of varying interest and applicability

Could be useful for readers who are generally new to the English language and want something simple

The Salesian Family of Don Bosco

Direzione Generale Opere Don Bosco Via della Pisana 1111 CP 18333 00163 Roma


Information on the 20 plus groups of the Salesian Family

Going among the young with courage

Nicola Palisano. Tr. Alton Fernandez SDB.

Don bosco Press Inc.


Don Bosco and underprivileged youth

At school in Don Bosco’s style

Nicola Palmisano. Tr. Alton Fernandez SDB.

Don Bosco Press Inc.


The Preventive System

The Preventive System of Don Bosco

Don Bosco Press Inc.

Translation of the strenna or message of Fr. Viganò: called to freedom we rediscover the preventive system by educating the young to values.

A Greater Love

Daniel Madden

Salesian Missions New Rochelle NY


A brief account of the life of Bl. Laura Vicuna

Venerable Simon Srugi from Nazareth. Something good.

Ernesto Forti tr. By Fr. Prospero Roero SDB Bethlehem 2002.

Latin Patriarchate Printing Press


Francis de Sales The Salesian Connection

Fr. J. Ayers SDB. Available only from Salesian Provincial Centre Australia


Formation of Salesians of Don Bosco. Principles and norms. Ratio Fundamentalis Institutionis et studiorum. Third edition

Extra commercial edition Rome 2000 (Direzione Generale Opere Don Bosco)

The English edition of this would appear to be already out of print

  1. Translations available on the web via Salesian sites.

The Letter from Rome

Critical edition P. Braido, tr. P. Laws with modifications by G. Williams.

Extract from the Companion to Youth (Giovane Provveduto)

Critical edition P. Braido tr. And notes P. Laws

Don Bosco for Poor and Abandoned Young People in two previously unedited documents 1854, 1862

Critical edition P. Braido tr. P. Laws

Conversation with Urban Ratazzi

Critical edition A. Ferreira da Silva, tra and notes P. Laws

Confidential memento to Salesian Rectors

Critical Text F. Motto, tr P. Laws

A conversation with Francis Bodrato

Tr from the critical edition of Antonio Ferreira da Silva by P. Laws

The Idea of the Salesian Society in the ‘Historical Outline’ by Don Bosco 1873-74

Critical edition by P. Braido, tr. With selected annotations by P. Laws

Historical Outline on the Congregation of St. Francis de Sales with related clarifications 1874

Tr P. Laws

Memento for Missionaries

Critical edition Jesus Borrego tr P. Laws

The Preventive System in the Education of the Young

Critical edition P. Braido tr P. Laws

The general articles of the regulations for the Houses 1877

Critical edition P. Braido, tr and notes P. Laws

The Preventive System applied to young people at risk

Critical edition P. Braido, tr and notes P. Laws

Concerning punishments

Critical edition J. Prelezzo tr P. Laws

Three Letters to the Salesians in America

Critical edition F. Motto tr and notes P. Laws

Close up view of Don Bosco – sworn testimony of G. Moglia

Tr A. McDonald

Don Bosco’s Confessor – sworn testimony of Fr. Giacomelli

Tr. A. McDonald

Prince Czartoryski

Tr. A. McDonald

There is obviously the English version of with an increasing number of English translations of materials (rarely of critical editions however). From time to time other English language Salesian sites indicate publications available, but there are at present only two ‘repositories’ for texts that are downloadable – and

The Journal of Salesian Studies Spring 1996 Vol VII No. 1 (Berkeley) contains a lengthy list of all works in English on St. Francis de Sales, compiled by Fr. Joe Boenzi SDB. Too long to reproduce here. Refer either to said volume or contact Boenzi at Salesian High School Richmond Ca.


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