Sample of a simple storyboard

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Sample of a simple storyboard

This type of storyboard is useful for lightweight, linear materials that are one step above a straight presentation.

See comments for explanations. If you don't see comments on the screen, follow these instructions.


Communicating with Care at Mendrex


April 19, 2011

Sample of a simple storyboard 1

------------------------------------------------------ 1

Communicating with Care at Mendrex 1

Introduction 2

1. Of course email is private! 2

1.1 Check this out! 2

1.2 There's no risk! 3

More samples 4



Emails, phone calls, text messages, and other quick ways to communicate can bring instant results, including results you didn't intend. This course will help you:

  • Write electronic messages that demonstrate your professionalism

  • Protect your reputation and the reputation of Mendrex

  • Follow the Mendrex guidelines for company correspondence


1. Of course email is private!

1.1 Check this out!

Text on screen: Laura is a public relations officer at Mendrex. She sends information about us to the media and general public. Right now, however, her mind isn’t on work.


Laura, in thought bubble: That was some party last night! Jeffrey was a blast. I’ve got to show him this picture I took of him.

<iStock photo>


Jeffrey works at Mendrex, too, but in a different building. What is Laura most likely to do with the photo?

  1. E-mail it to Jeffrey

  2. Upload it to a private server in a locked room in her basement and call Jeffrey to give him the password and link

  3. Put the photo on an encrypted USB drive and personally deliver it to Jeffrey, then use a remote control to make the USB drive self-destruct

Feedback for all answers: Obviously, Laura is most likely to e-mail the photo to Jeffrey, because that’s the easiest solution. But the easiest solution isn’t always the best.


1.2 There's no risk!

Text: According to a recent survey, 68% of US employees have sent a risky e-mail, but only 8% of them realize they've done so.

Sent risky e-mail. Highlight about 8% of them and label this group Know they did it.>

Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance Journal>, which indicate that it's a note, not literal content. -->


Laura, in thought bubble: I’ll send this directly to Jeffrey at his Mendrex address, so there's no risk. Besides, it's just a fun photo.

What could go wrong?




More samples

Example of an interaction with correct/incorrect answers

Javier has found a document that contains the credit card numbers and recent online purchases of all the VPs at the company.

What should Javier do?

  1. Shred the document immediately.

  2. Deliver the document in person to his compliance officer.

  3. Take the document into the parking lot and burn it.

Feedback for a: In the Dormug case, clever elves reconstructed shredded documents and ended up bankrupting the company. What would be a more secure solution?

Feedback for b: On his way to the compliance officer, Javier could be tripped by conniving colleagues and the document could be secretly photographed during the confusion. What would be a more secure solution?

Feedback for c: This is the best choice, but only if Javier makes sure the document is reduced to a powder, with no recognizable text. He could use a blowtorch to speed the process.

Example of an interaction with graphic buttons

Text on screen: Decide whether each item should be encrypted or filed normally.

Challenge image

Locked folder

Regular folder

Feedback for incorrect answer


A BCR document contains only a client's BCR number. Documents that have only one personally identifying item don't need to be encrypted.


A Nebura cancellation form contains several items that identify clients. See a sample form. please supply a completed Nebura cancellation form that can serve as a model>

Please provide a scan of a card so we can create a fictional facsimile


The card contains both the policy number and client's name.


This email contains enough information to make identity theft simple.


An email address and policy number alone aren't enough to require encryption. If the client's name were included, this should be encrypted.


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