Sample Preschool Lesson Plan Matches and Lighters 3/4 Year Olds

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Sample Preschool Lesson Plan - Matches and Lighters

3/4 Year Olds

Topic: Sample Preschool Lesson Plan

Total Class Time:

25 min.

Steps (samples)

Time (minutes)


Students will demonstrate the appropriate actions to take if they find matches, lighters, or grill starters.

(Anticipatory Set)

Ask the following questions:

“Do you know where I work?” “Did your teacher tell you why I am visiting today?” “How many of you are three years old?” “Raise your hand if you are a very smart child”.

“Let’s see what you already know...” Show pictures and let children get used to your presence in the room. Give high praise for correct answers to questions about the pictures. Begin with easy, non-fire pictures.

5 minutes

Introduction to New Material

Discuss “Tell a Grown-Up” as the correct behavior for children who find matches.

Show the children the matches, the lighter, and the grill starter. Ask them who can use these as tools. Ask them if it is ever o.k. for children to touch them.

Model the proper actions. Ask the teacher to play the adult and the instructor will play the child to demonstrate what should be done when a child finds matches.

5 minutes

Guided Practice

Ask for a child to be a helper.

Make-up a story about the child finding matches. Ask the class to pretend that the teacher is the child’s grandmother. Place the matches on the floor in front of the student. Carefully monitor them in case some student did not get the message and tries to pick up the matches.

Ask the student what they think they should do.

Encourage them to go over and report the matches to the teacher (grandma).

Praise the child for correctly reporting. Praise everyone sitting in the front row for not touching the matches.

If time permits, allow another student to be the “actor”.

7–8 minutes


Review the “Tell a Grown-Up Message” with the children.

Tell them a story about a boy who found matches on the playground. Ask students who the boy should tell? What if there are no grown-ups nearby? What should he do now?

5 minutes

Independent Practice

Explain to students that the teacher has worksheets for them to color.

Ask them to bring an important letter home to their caregivers for the fire department.

Thank everyone for being good listeners. Thank them for inviting you to their classroom.

2–3 minutes

Instructor Materials: Pictures (fire engine, ambulance, firefighter in Class B, Firefighter in full gear, Smoke, Fire, Smoke Alarm) Firehouse Backpack, matches, lighters, and grill starter.

Extension Materials: Preschool coloring and activity sheets, caregiver letters, teacher evaluations.

Form drawn from Fire and Life Safety Educator by Marsha Giesler 2011, Delmar Cengage Learning, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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