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Sample Press Release

For Immediate Release
A Teller of Tales to Appear at __________
Sharon Clarke, "The Story Lady" is scheduled to appear at __(where)__ on _(when)_ at _(time)_.
She will entertain with her unique blend of music and storytelling to delight and captive her listeners for the _____(event)_____.
Sharon Clarke, also known as "The Storytelling Troubadour" is a mother, grandmother, storyteller, songwriter, entertainer and educator. She has been entertaining audiences of all ages throughout the southeast for over 15 years. She worked in early childhood education and in Youth Services Programming for the Public Library System before venturing out into storytelling full time. She is a member of the North Carolina Storytellers Guild, The National Storytelling Network and is the owner/director of Mini-Minstrels Music for Kids.

As a youth, Sharon spent endless hours in her favorite place.....The library! Books, storytelling, music and working with children were her passion. She began playing the guitar when she was nine years old and later took piano, banjo, and voice lessons as well. At 15, she had the wonderful opportunity to tour The British Isles with the Discovery Youth Chorale, singing and playing the guitar in cathedrals and castles all over Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. She also worked with children teaching guitar lessons, leading music activities for Vacation Bible School and was part of her church Praise and Worship Team. During High School, she had the opportunity to work with physically and mentally handicapped children. It was through this experience that she decided to seek out a career in Music Therapy. Later, a public speaking teacher took a special interest in her talents and encouraged her to join the school forensic team for public speaking competitions. She found that she excelled at this as well, winning awards all over the state! After college, Sharon blended her music and storytelling together. The "Story Lady" performs at preschools, libraries, elementary schools, day cares, summer camps, festivals, bookstores, picnics, churches, birthday parties.... and anywhere else children can be found!!! Sharon brings with her a variety of instruments, props and sometimes puppets to actively involve the audience in each performance. It's an experience you will not soon forget when "The Story Lady" comes to town!!

Sharon also conducts hands-on workshops for adults and children in the areas of storytelling, music and puppetry in many educational venues from early childhood education conferences to Sunday school teacher workdays. Her unique blend of audience participation, easy and fun to make puppets, silly songs, and inspiring stories makes her a "Never-a-Dull-Moment" presenter.

Storytelling is truly an art form. One in which words form pictures in the minds eye.... Where imagination is sparked to life and cultural awareness is enhanced. Come and experience the dramatic storytelling of Sharon Clarke as she weaves together song with story.... imagery with imagination for a delightful and engaging performance.

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