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Saralee Bernstein, Retired Librarian


Marcia Bornfriend, Retired Instructional Technology Teacher

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  1. Absolute Shakespeare

This site is a terrific first stop in our online tour. In addition to a complete library of Shakespeare's work, Absolute houses summaries (recommended reading before attacking the original texts) and famous quotes organized by work: "To be, or not to be: that is the question" Hamlet, Act III, Scene I. Best of all, there's a glossary that "explains the meanings of the words the Bard uses that are not in common use today." H

  1. Activities for ESL Students

This site has a variety of tests, quizzes, exercises, and puzzles, aims to help students learning a second language. Has from easy to difficult levels Lessons… UE M H

  1. A Kids Heart

An early childhood site that has clip art, coloring pages, games, and activities. EC

  1. Alphabet Soup

This site contains thematic units, holiday units, games and activities for teachers, students, and parents. EC

  1. American Folklore

A variety of Americana Folklore from tall tales, myths, and legends, Native Americans, heroes and villains, campfire stories, Canadian folklore, Mexican folklore and more. Teacher’s will find lesson plans and activities and stories on teaching folklore. E M

  1. A Guide to Grammar and Style

A resource guide for many of the English grammar rules and conventions. UE M H

  1. Animated Tall Tales

When you need or want students to read tall tales like Paul Bunyan, this is the place to go. There is even fun stuff to do after the story. E M

  1. Picture Book Maker

Students and teachers can create their own books using backgrounds and characters to write their own story. Books can be printed out so each student can have their own copy. E

  1. The Art of Storytelling

Teachers and students can create stories using tools of characters, setting backgrounds, props, and more. Students can type their favorite genre of story. Stories can be shared with others, too. E M H

  1. Babel Fish opens to

This site allows you to translate words, phrases, blocks of text, and Webpages into a foreign language. You can even translate a foreign language into English. Great for ESL. E M H

  1. Barking Spiders (and Other Such Stuff) Poetry

CJ Heck is a grandma, columnist, author and poet. Her Barking Spiders website shares a title with her first published poetry book for kids. The site includes poems written from a child's perspective, stories, tongue twisters, printable mazes, tips for budding authors, favorite quotes and fill-in-the-blank poems to complete. E M

  1. The Oxford Shakespeare

I liked the bookshelf metaphor of the IPL interface. Other reasons to visit are the links to scholarly criticism, a Shakespeare search function, and a single downloadable file of Shakespeare's complete body of work. H

  1. The Patchworker Game

This is a sequence game that allows students the opportunity to arrange words in order to form sentences. When they select the correct word they get a puzzle piece. If the sentence is correct the entire puzzle picture is shown. E

  1. Words and Pictures

This site has great games and activities from the BBC. E

  1. Stories and Rhymes

Interactive on-line stories and activities E

  1. Roly Mo

Spelling and phonics interactive games and activities E

  1. Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Students can read and listen to the story after which there is an activity with vocabulary words from the story. EC

  1. New Which Writing is Right?

Students make decisions about expository writing and learn why authors write and deliver information. UE M

  1. Phonics

This site teaches phonics E

  1. Bembo’s Zoo

This is a great site for young children. Students can click on a letter and hear a sound as the letterforms the shape of the animal. E

  1. Berenstain Bears

This site has the beloved characters from the books. Students can read and complete activities. E

  1. Biography Maker

This site helps students to write a biography. It guides them through the research and the questioning, learning, synthesizing, storytelling, and the six traits of writing. UE M H

  1. Bibliomania

Full text of many classic works of fiction; reference and nonfiction to be added. M H

  1. Historical Fiction

Here is a list of links to lists of historical fiction to time periods. When you click on a time period you will find a list of titles and age appropriate books. Site for librarians and classroom teachers for E M H

  1. New Brainnook

Teachers can create classroom lists and monitor student’s progress as they tackle language arts skills. Students can earn rewards and teachers can print out certificates. E

  1. Bubblesnaps

Be a little creative and add text to photos to tell a story. See how far you imagination can take you. You can explain a concept, tell a story, and to document a field trip. E M H

  1. Children’s Digital Library Collection

The International Children’s Digital Library Collection includes 1585 books in 38 languages. This is a great way to supplement teaching the genre in the language arts curriculum. E M

  1. Clickable Poems

Students can use this website to learn about Hyper-poems, Hip Hop, Slam, and Visual Voice in creating poetry using technology. H

  1. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Kids—My StoryMaker

In this site, you can manipulate characters and objects and then write your story. You can then print out the story or share it with friends. E

  1. New Cookie

This site is great for early childhood learners with games, activities, worksheets, stories, and much more. EC

  1. Grandma’s Cup of Tea

    Students read a brief story about making a cup of tea and then drag and drop the pictures into the correct order that tell how grandma likes to make her cup of tea. Students can check to see if they are correct and go back to redo any mistakes. E

  1. The Three Little Pigs Sequencing Activity

    Students can click and drag the pictures to retell the story of the Three Little Pigs. EC

  1. Sticky Letters

    Students can type letters and create words and save them to a word bank. They can clear words and begin again. E

  1. A Seaside Postcard

    Students click on parts of the postcard and then type in their response. When they are done the postcard can be printed. E

  1. Compound Words

    Click and drag the words with the colored word parts. Students can check their answers. E

  1. Collective Nouns

    Students have to match the pictures of nouns and match them to the terms. Students may have to do research for the terms. Students can check to see if they are correct. E.

  1. Verbs

    Click and drag the verbs to the correct column. Students can click to check their work. E

  1. Spelling Rules Tester

    Students can type in a singular word and then type in its plural form. They can click check to see if they are correct. If they are wrong the correct form is displayed. E

  1. High Frequency Word

    Students can click on the word next and randomly words are selected for students to read from the list. Words pop up for the student to read. Students can reset the list. There are four lists of words of difficulty. E

  1. World Wheel 1

    Students can practice phoneme blending by clicking the start and stop wheel and then click make a word. They can make rhyming words by changing beginning consonants and then changing ending patterns. EC

  1. Word Wheel 2

    Students can practice blending phoneme clusters by clicking the start and stop button and then the make a word button. EC

  1. Descriptions of Nouns

    Students drag the descriptions of nouns to the nouns of objects around the house. EC

  1. CVC Maker

    Students can click on the arrows to change the beginning consonant and then click to change the ending consonant letter. Students can click word play and word match. EC

  1. Triple Activity

    There are three scene activities. Students can choose to play a type of hangman game, or search the scenes for floppy by answering questions, or compose your own scenes to color and make and even print. E

  1. Aliens

    Students write their own story about aliens. Students type in the bubbles and then click the arrow to the next scene in the story until the story is over. EC E

  1. Fruit Labeling

    Students drag the words to the pictures of the fruit. There is a link to a dictionary. EC

  1. Vegetable Labeling

    Students drag the words to the pictures of the vegetables. There is a link to a dictionary. EC

  1. Street Scene Labels

    Students chooses a scenes and then write in the scene. They can use word bubbles and drag the bubbles to the scene. The scenes are A playground scene or a busy street scene. E

  1. Parrot the Word

Listen to the word spoken by the parrot and then drag the parrot to the stand with the printed word on the sign by the stand. EC

  1. GooGames

GooGames—Interactive language arts activities for elementary. EC E M

  1. Grammar Revolution

Students can practice parts of speech, word lists, phrases, as well as grammar games. Teachers can get lesson plans. E M

  1. English-Zone

Kids can learn about grammar, idioms, spelling, writing, study skills. There are worksheets, rubrics, dictionary, holiday section, and much more. E M

  1. New Phonics Lesson Plan  put on matrix

Teacher will find a phonics lesson plan for kindergarten. EC 

  1. Reading lesson 

This is a detailed lesson plan on spelling and vocabulary building for 1st grade. E matrix

  1. Eduplace—Reading

This site is sponsored by Houghton Mifflin—Reading. It has authors and illustrators, weekly reader articles and book adventures or grades 1 – 6 E M

  1. Grammar Blasts

This site is from Houghton Mifflin Publishers. There are interactivities activities on punctuation and capitalization. Multiple-choice activities lend itself to test awareness for standardized tests E

  1. Enchanted Learning

This site has just about everything. If your students are studying about dinosaurs this site is a must. Students can learn about the US, the states, it s past and it’s present. Students can learn about endangered animals famous inventors and even read some funny jokes. Lots of activities are free. This site also charges for membership for full access to the activities, lessons, etc. E

  1. English Daily

Students can learn about idioms and grammar as well as common mistakes made in the English language. Students can also learn American slang. M H

  1. Verbs

This site is a tutorial on verbs with activities about tense of verbs. E M

  1. English Raven

This is an educational resource and materials for teachers of EFL and ESL. There are activities and grammar resources, flash cards, as well as world news for kids. E M H

  1. The EFL Playhouse

For students learning English, this site can prove to be invaluable. A collection of educational games, stories, songs, finger plays and craft ideas can be found under one site. EC E

  1. Instant Poetry Forms

Looking for poetry forms and lesson ideas for poetry? This site will assist with ideas and interactive tools. E M

  1. Creative Thinking

Find activities and links for lessons and activities on all types of seasonal and subject topics like St. Patrick’s Day, making a favorite book quilt, throwing a reading party and much more. E M

  1. New FCAT Express—Author’s Purpose

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn how to evaluate the author’s purpose in a passage. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Cause and Effect

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn how to evaluate the author’s purpose in a passage. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Chronological Order

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn how to place ideas in chronological order from a passage. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Graphic Organizers

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn how graphic organizers form a visual picture that allows the reader to identify sequence, patterns, or relationships in a text. This is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Probable Passage

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn how to use vocabulary to improve comprehension in a story structure purpose. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Question and Answer Relationships

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn that there is a relationship between a question on a given reading passage, the text, and the background information of the reader. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Selective Underlining

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn the recall of facts from a given passage. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Semantic Feature Analysis

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn how vocabulary is built on prior knowledge as well as classifying vocabulary according to their features. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. New FCAT Express—Story Mapping

This site has a reading activity that helps students learn how to identify the main elements and categorize main events in sequential order. Students will find graphic representations that will help them illustrate story structure and sequence. There is a strategy overview and a student activity. E

  1. Sentence Builder

Students get to build sentences by putting words in order to build sentences and adding the punctuation mark at the end. Students can build 5 or 7 word sentences. EC E

  1. Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poet

Welcome to the home of funny poetry by the Fizzy Funny Fuzzy poet, Gareth Lancaster. Find out if elephants are real, what lurks within your school bag and why some pirates shouldn't set sail… E M

  1. Folger’s Shakespeare Library

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