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Fine Arts links: Visual arts, music, theater, dance E M H

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Fine Arts links: Visual arts, music, theater, dance E M H

  1. Open Music Archives

This site has compiled music that is in public domain and can be downloaded free. E M H

  1. Orchestral Library Center

A source for all kinds of information about classical and orchestral music. E M H

  1. Paintbrush

This is a simple paint program for MAC OSX (similar to Windows Paint) It allows users a way to make simple images quickly. E M H for MAC users.

  1. Angelina Ballerina

This new series explores music and dance through this literature based character. Preschool and E

  1. PBS Jazz

Learn about jazz, meet musicians that played apart of musical history M H

  1. The Blues

The site is a road trip to the Blues It travels the US as it explores the history of the Blues from its origin in the south to its influences in the music throughout the US. There are lesson plans and teacher’s guides. M H

  1. American Masters

Students can learn about the great masters in visual, performing, music, literature, film, and TV. H

  1. Public Domain Music

A list of public domain music and royalty free music recordings. You and license and public domain sheet music that you can use for school or personal use. It is a one time fee for each. E M H

  1. Incredible @rtDepartment

This site is sponsored by Princeton Online

Links to art lesson for all levels, art resources, art tool box with rubrics, special education lessons, art history, websites, art news and art links, and much more. E M H

  1. Psyko

This site lets you create paintings out of photographs by using Online tools. M H

  1. The Renaissance Connection

Connecting the Renaissance to the world of today. M H

  1. Rhythm Masters

This site is a resource that can be used in counting and identification of rhythms. It has tools, games, and vocabulary. E M

  1. Royalty Free Music

You can find royalty free music to use in your classroom. This site is dedicated for educational use. Teachers need to submit an application to be able to download stock music for free. E M H

  1. SBO—School Band and Orchestra

This site is a monthly online magazine that keeps you informed with information and educational link, with events, and even a how to series. M H

  1. Sketchcast

Record a sketch with or without voice. You can explain something or create art. Post on blog or school Website. UE M H

  1. The Puppetry Home Page

This web site gives assistance on getting started on using and creating puppets to enhance story telling and drama in the curriculum. E M

  1. Learning About Landscapes

Students can gain understanding about different types of landscapes by going to different examples. Then they can practice creating their own landscape. E M

  1. San Francisco Symphony Kids Instruments of the Orchestra

This is an animated site where students can learn about the instrument families. The Radio feature consists of six channels, each featuring a different musical theme. For example, Channel Two is Big Moments, and includes Richard Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries, Aaron Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man, and Igor Stravinsky's Rite of Spring E

  1. San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra—A fun interactive symphony site for kids. Kids can meet notes, instruments, and make music using instruments in the music lab. EC E

  1. Slimber—Drawing

In this site Online drawing and paint site, students can create artwork. These painting can be saved can be saved and replayed. E M H

  1. Smart Kids

The David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art- lots of ways to explore art. E

  1. Smart Music

This site has some resources for teachers such as lesson plans and curriculum resources. E

  1. Sony Creative Software

Students can create music Online. E M

Sphinx Kids

Students explore composers and instruments as well as play games such instrument match game and rhythm back. Students an learn about minority composers. You can also create music. E

  1. Sumo Point

This site is a free image editing software you can use on Online. It has lots of tools and layer support. E M H

  1. Silicon Valley Art Museum

This excellent site from the Silicon Valley museum links art with technology. The Exhibition Lobby houses featured exhibits such as "Tradition and Protest," which shows art as a vehicle of social protest. "Through the Green Fuse" is a portfolio of unique photographs of flowers and plants. "Remembrance" is a commemorative work by Asian American artists, and there's more. By clicking to Education and Art Lessons, students and teachers can access 24 art activities such as self-portraits, fanfolds, painting with liquid starch and chalk, salt-clay stick puppets, tube sock dragons, a potato print family, and others, all designed to teach a specific artistic concept. E M H

  1. Teoria—Music Theory

There are tutorials and exercises about different aspects of music theory and ear training skills. M H

  1. Textile Museum

This museum-mounted exhibition both examines the culture and cultural artifacts of pre-Columbian America and opens viewers' eyes to the role archaeology plays in constructing pictures of the past. Lessons and resources are included. E M H

  1. Theater Pro

The site focuses on the New York and London Theater. There are archival review of major playwrights, and reviews of contemporary performances. H

  1. Art Studio Chalkboard

These pages are a resource for artists and art students that focus on the technical fundamentals of perspective, shading, color and painting. E M H

  1. The Radio

Type in by a title, category, or artist and you get their music. E M H

  1. Make a Splash with Color

Make a Splash with Color, has three areas: Talking About Color; The Lighter Side of Color and An Eye on Color. Use the table of contents of overview to view the 3-4 subjects in each area. Explore hue, saturation and brightness. Learn about reflection, filters, dyes, glowing light and sources of light. Discover how we see, how animals see and the inner workings of the human eye. E M

  1. New

Compose your own music using a keyboard online. M H

  1. What is Jazz

This site is a lecture series that was presented at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The series discusses jazz from the early days of ragtime through modern bop. E M

  1. Quincy and the Magic Instruments—Little Einstein’s

Match instruments to create music. EC

  1. Up Stage Review

A resource for anyone interested in producing theater production for middle and high school It included classroom activities, monologues, lighting, sets, costumes, and props. M H

  1. NEW Study Art

Students will explore the world of art and artists by learning about the color wheel, elements and principles of art as well as using interactive to learn about the vocabulary of art. E M

  1. Jack Wolcott’s Theatre History on the Web

An extensive list of links to historical information, current practices, and to all aspects of drama and theatre. H

  1. Kente Cloth

Description and links to online exhibits about the unique Ghanaian fabric. E M H

  1. Royalty Free Illustrations

The photography and illustrations on this site are free for educational use. E M H

  1. Webtots

Early childhood website that has activities that incorporates math art and music into technology. EC

  1. Artist’s Biographies

An site for biographies of Impressionist artists. M H

  1. Xtranormal

This tool lets you use text to speech to create movies. You will have to be signed in to use the site. There are several avenues to select from in order to create your movie. You can choose characters, setting, background and music. This is more like a movie with using camera angles. E M H

  1. The Black Renaissance

The music, performing, and visual arts of 1920’s and 1930’s Harlem Renaissance is explored. E M H

  1. Zimmer Twins

Students can make their own animated stories. They can make them from scratch or use some existing story starters. Students can work in groups, alone or as a class to create stories. They can click and drag objects and type text into the story. E M H


  1. Classroom Olympic Resources

Print outs that can be used to promote creative writing and research for a thematic unit on the Olympics. E M

  1. Access Excellence—The National Health Museum—Activities Exchange

This site has a variety of interactive activities, lesson plans, and black line masters for all grade levels. E M H

  1. Body and Mind

This site was developed by the Center for Disease Control and is geared for elementary through middle school age students. There are classroom activities and quizzes that help students to make wise choices about good health and nutrition. E M

  1. Baseball Links

This site has information about baseball including information about teams in major leagues to colleges. E M H

  1. Line-Links—a guide to the world of Line Dancing

A comprehensive list of links to line dances both nationally and internationally. E M H

  1. FDA Food and Drug Administration

Find out about how to promote good health. E M H

  1. Choose My Plate

This site has nutritional information about food and nutrition. There are podcasts, coloring pages and interactive activities. E M H

  1. Physical Education Resources

Lessons, activities, health, nutrition, games, power point presentation, and professional resources. E M H

  1. Fitness Theme Page

This "Theme Page" has links to information about Fitness. Students and teachers will find curricular resources (information, content...) to help them learn about this topic. In addition, there are also links to instructional materials (game directions, lists of exercises, lessons) which will help teachers provide instruction in this theme. E M H

  1. Health and Sports

Health and Sports- Units and activities for Physical Education Professionals to use. E M

  1. New Smart-mouth

Students learn about nutrition as they go through the activities. They will find recepees as well. E

  1. Dairy Council of California

This site has a complete health and nuitrican resource of educators. Has activities and handouts and you can order free materials. E M

  1. Discovery Education—Health can not open

Lesson plans library at Discovery Schools E M

  1. Dole 5 a Day

Elementary health education activities for students and teachers (songs, games). EC E

  1. Education in the Physical

EDiPHY: EDucation in the PHYsical—this site is to encourage physical, intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement through Physical Education. There are activities as well as lessons. Teachers, Parents and Students can find areas of interest. E M

  1. Education Index—Physical Education

Physical Education site that has an index of topics and themes in physical education. E M

  1. New Physical Education Lesson Plans

Teachers will find a variety of lesson plans for elementary and middle school levels. E M

  1. Education World—PE and Sports

PE and sports site has a variety of activities for students. E M

  1. Nutrition Café

Games that teach about nutrion. Sponsored by the Pacific Science Center. E

  1. Exploratorium

Students will eplore a variety of sporting topics and learn about how the sports work. UE M H

  1. FDA Food and Drug Administration

Selected health topics E M

  1. FDA—Kid’s Home Page

This site is about food safety, medicines, and vaccines. It is sponsored by the U.S. Food and nutrition. E M

  1. Food Safety

An FDA site that includes links to food safety topics. E M

  1. President’s Council on Physical Fitness

President’s Council on Physical Fitness the health, physical activity, fitness and sports information website of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports. You can find out about the Council and its work, view our publications, and link to the resources of other government agencies as well as to health and fitness organizations. E M

  1. Welcome to Florida Citrus

This site has fun facts, posters, teachers guide, games, and resources as well as recommended reading. E

  1. Food Safety

Gateway to Government Food Safety Information E

  1. Kids Games

There are links to games and how to’s to playing the games. There are circle games, ball games and jump rope games. E M

  1. Powerful Girls have Powerful Bones

A site that promotes healthy bones, staying strong, and eating healthy. E M

  1. Good Character

This site has a collection of the lessons for teaching character education. The guides and activities are divided according to grade level. E M H

  1. Which Way Do I Go

A variety of health lessons covering topics such as stress. E M

  1. Be Active

Health Activities on a variety of topics. E M

  1. Health Teacher

A series of over 300 lesson plans for improving school-based health education. E M

  1. Health Finder

Games and activities for kids to do to that will keep them healthy. This site is produced by a government organization. E M

  1. Teach Net—Health and Physical Education

Health and Physical education lessons. E M H

  1. McGruff and Scruff

Drug and violence prevention story and activity Website. The site help to teach kids about being safe and thinking smart. E

  1. Kidnetic

This site was produced by the International Food Council. This site promotes physical activity. Lots of movement involved at this site. This site is geared to upper elementary to middle school aged students. E M

  1. Kids Health

Information and games with how the body works. There is information for parents and teachers. E M

  1. Coaching/Physical Education Resources

Physical education resources for coaches and teachers. E M H

  1. Meals Matter

A nutrition Website guide to help students parents and educators plan and teach health living and to teach nutrition. Click on eating for health and then click on interactive tools. E M

  1. Physical Education Lesson Plan Page

An ever-growing list of PE teacher-submitted lesson plans. E M

  1. Food and Nutrition Information Center

A set of bookmarks put together to all types of nutrition sites. There are a variety of resources on this site. E M H

  1. Negro League Baseball

History of the Negro Baseball League. Students will find a timeline, photos and information about the players. E M H

  1. NetFit

Free access to health and fitness information is available on this web site. Categories include fitness, workouts, food facts, healthy places, fat burn and fit tips. E M H

  1. Nutrition Explorations

A Website that explores healthy ways to get students to be more nutritionally conscentous and more active. There are tips for recycling, eathing healthy, making classroom and cafeteria connections. There is a section for partents. E M

  1. Nutrition Explorations: Kids

Kids Explore the World of Nutrition with Nutrition Exploration

Students can explore nutrition by playing games, making recipes, reading stories, and even voting for their favorite president of a school lunch. E M

  1. Livingston Health and Physical Fitness Resources for Teachers

This site gives a wealth of Internet links to information about topics on Drugs and substance abuse to links for adapted physical education E M H

  1. International Olympic Committee

This site connects to detailed information on the Olympics for kids and teachers. E M

  1. Angelina Ballerina

This new series explores music and dance through this literature based character. EC E

  1. Nutrition

Hectic Harvest

Students learn about harvest and planting foot by interactive activities. E

  1. Elmo’s Special Cupcakes rewrite explanation

Helps children to cope with feelings of sadness and separation when a parent goes to work. This lesson can be used with young children in getting them ready to understand the role of a parent going to work. There is sequencing activities, matching pictures to emotions, and creating a collage. EC

  1. Elmo Goes to the Doctor

This is an interactive activity that helps students learn about what a doctor does. EC

  1. PE Central

Web Site for Health and Physical Education Teachers. This is a must resource for teachers, parents, and students. E M H

  1. PE Central—Lessons

PE Central presents a large number of Middle/High lesson ideas for you to use in your physical education program. M H

  1. PE Universe

You can find videos that will help support activities in your Physical Education class. Videos are uploaded from teachers for teachers. E M H

  1. Playnormous New

This site has games for health. E

The President’s Challenge

Students will learn about nutrition and becoming active. E M H

  1. Quia
There are interactive activities on health. Scroll down to view the various activities that are available online. E M

  1. New Self-Nutrition Data

This site has lots of information about nutrition and your heath. M H

  1. SI Kids

Provides advice on a range of sports, includes baseball, skating, BMX biking and go-karting. E M

  1. Sports Media

There are lessons for physical education and sports for everyone. Many of the lessons are free, however, you can also get a subscription to more plans. E M

  1. ToxMystery

Teaching children about chemicals in the home and it is sponsored by the National Library of Medicine. E

  1. New Heath for Grades 3 – 6

Students can learn about health, nutrition, the human body and safety as they participate in the activities. E M H

  1. USA Pears—Just for Kids

A site for young children that introduces them to good nutrition through characters and

stories. EC E

  1. Non-Traditional Gymnastics

This web sites has information about starting or using non traditional along with the traditional gymnastic program. E M

  1. New Awesome Eats—Whole Kids Foundation

Teachers will be able to gather information and ideas to use in teaching nutrition as well as finding grants and hands on projects to do with students. E M



  1. Career One Stop

This site allows students the opportunity to explore careers. There are tools for resumes. This site has videos as well as information about occupations and industry news. H

  1. Architect Studio

Students get to be architects and design and build houses an online interactive tool which allows users to design and build a virtual home with the assistance of a virtual Frank Lloyd Wright; it also includes a teacher and research section. H

  1. Aunt Edna's Kitchen

A site with cooking measurements and information as well as recipes. E M H

  1. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Occupational Outlook Handbook-The premier source for investigating future job trends and patterns listed by occupation. M H

  1. Consumer Jungle

An interactive, web-based program to help high school students become savvy consumers. M H

  1. Center for Occupational Research and Development

This site provides leadership in developing a more productive competitive workforce. H

  1. Vocational Education Skill Standards

Links to sites which include industry-based skills standards H

  1. K-12 Resources for Food History Lessons

A fun site to use in support of social studies and catering courses; includes a food timeline, food customs, and a whole lot more! E M H

  1. Game Theory

This is a resource for teaching game theory. The materials including lecture notes, quizzes and test, as well as interactive materials that can be used on a high school level. H

  1. Online Learning Environment (OLE)

A technology/engineering curriculum support site which includes information, links, and quizzes on the covered topics H

  1. Glenco

Interactive college keyboarding and document processing activities. H C

  1. I Could Be

This is a mentoring and mentee site. Students and schools can find career information. H

  1. Visual Dictionary

This site has a icons that allow students to locate information and diagrams on a topic. Students can locate words and diagrams on the human body, music, animals or find specific words. E M H

  1. Job Smart : Career Guides

A site with nicely arranged links to career information H

  1. Vocational Information Center

Links to career exploration, job market, post-secondary education, reference resources and teacher resources in vocational education H

  1. Step-By-Step Magazine

This is an online magazine for teens that will help guide them through finding a college or a career. H

  1. Owl—Purdue Writing Lab

Business/Professional Writing-General Business Writing Issues. This page gives links to PowerPoint presentations that give good information on cover letters and resume writing. H

  1. Job Interview Questions

A variety of occupations and questions that might be encountered in an interview H

  1. Family and Consumer Science Resources Online

A list of links to support the teaching of consumer science and home economics. H

  1. Journal of Vocational and Technical Education

A scholarly journal dealing with vocational and technical education. H


  1. Ad Out

You can block ads or banners on web sites for students using this site. E M H C

  1. Explorers A to Z

This site was create to teach students how to gather information about a topic to conduct research. These are for elementary age students. This site is set up as a Webquest that teaches students to gather useful information and to collect data. The activity is gear to differentiated learning and it was developed by a group of teachers. E

  1. Ask Kids

A search engine for kids E M

  1. Awesome Library

This site organizes the Web with 24,000 carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5 percent in education. E M

  1. Awesome Talking Library

By adding a Natural Voice to Web pages, children and teens can learn to pronounce words as they read them. Awesome Talkster, the Awesome Talking Library, includes an animated character, providing synchronized highlighting so that children can follow along even more easily. This multi-sensory approach is a powerful method for improving reading skills. Online books for children and teens to practice their reading skills are available in the Awesome Library. E M

  1. Historical Fiction

Here is a list of links to lists of historical fiction to time periods. When you click on a time period you will find a list of titles and age appropriate books. Site for librarians and classroom teachers for E M H

  1. BreitLinks Library Media Resources

This site is a good resource for library specialists. E M

  1. OSLIS Elementary Citation Maker

Citation maker for elementary and secondary schools. Easy to use. E M H

  1. Copyright Alliance Education Foundation

This site Inspired to develop curriculum designed to help you incorporate copyright lessons into your classroom plans. E M H

  1. Teacher 2 Teacher

There are free writing activities and reinforcement sight word helpers. There are also crossword puzzles, writing helpers, math helpers, accommodations checklist, and behavior charts for special education just to name a few of the free stuff you will get on this site. E M

  1. CyberBee

Resource for information on copyright APA and MLA bibliographies. E M


A guide for rating the curriculum content on web sites. E M

  1. Cyber Sleuth--Kids

Cybersleuth Kids

An Internet search guide for students. E M H

  1. Digital Book Talk

Enhance your book talks with videos by using this site. E M H

  1. Duck Duck Go

A search engine that can make searching more efficient for students. It has continuous listing of sites. You do not have to click on each page. It offers instant answers depending on what you are searching. Easy to us. EC E

  1. Eastern North Carolina Digital Library

This site has several resources for librarians and teachers. There are lessons, books on lines, maps, and podcasts. Many pertain to North Carolina history; however, they do relate to American history. M H

  1. Open Thinking

This web site has videos on a variety of topics that deal with media literacy. The videos are more relevant to educational technology. M H

  1. Easy Bib

Students can easily research any topic and site the source. With just a click students can get the resources they need to research topics and then cite the sources. E M H C

  1. Encyclopedia Online

Over 17,000 brief entries in this online encyclopedia. E M H

  1. Fact Monster

Resource for Social Studies, Vocabulary, Science. Links can take students to games and information in any curriculum area. Word Wise has spelling, analogies, mythology, and all about books. E M

  1. Food Timeline

K-12 Resources for Food History Lessons

a fun site to use in support of social studies; includes a food timeline, food customs, and a whole lot more! E M H

  1. New Library Services

Librarians will find this site helpful. There are many lessons involving library skills integrated with curriculum. E M H

  1. New History Buff

This site offers free primary source material on major American history events during the past 400 years. You will able to find archived newspapers dating back to the 1700’s. E M H

  1. I Love Libraries

You can get answer to many questions on the American Library Associations I Love Library site. E M H

  1. Info Mine

A huge, well-chosen, subject-arranged list of Internet resources of relevance to students and faculty at the university level. E M H

  1. Info Please

A ready-reference source with keyword searches to brief entries taken from commercial almanacs, dictionary, and an encyclopedia. E M H

  1. Ingenta

A site that allows you to search over 17,000 academic periodical titles from 1988 to the present. M H

  1. Internet 101

A very nicely done beginner's Internet tutorial that is well-arranged and well-presented. E M H

  1. Internet Public Library

A comprehensive, well-arranged site to all types of resources. E M H

  1. Internet Library for Librarians

Links to many of the guides for bibliographic citation of Internet sites. E M H

  1. Science Fair Projects and Experiments

Topics, ideas, resources and samples projects. E M H

  1. Kid Rex

A safe search engine for young children. E

  1. New Kid Port

Interactive activities on a variety of skills. The site has a teacher’s page. You will find other subject areas as well. E M

  1. The English Room Thirty Days of Poetry

This web site offers ideas for 30 days of teaching poetry to children. You can click on a day and view a sample and directions for student created work. E M H

  1. Landmarks—Citation Machine

This site is an interactive tool designed to help teachers and students in producing reference citations for crediting information from other people. E M H


A good teacher reference tool. E M H

  1. Sci-Math World Workshop

The Sci-Math World workshop is designed for teachers and librarians who wish to expand their knowledge of science & math education Web resources . E M H

  1. Library Spot

Links to hundreds of libraries and reference sources, as well as timely articles for parents, teachers, and students. E M H

  1. U of Alberta Libraries—Preventing Plagiarism

University of Alberta: Preventing Plagiarism. M H

  1. K – 6 Library Media Lessons

This site has compiled 30 minute lesson plans for grades 1 to 6 by teachers from the Modesto City Schools. This site also has a great Dewy Rap song. E M

  1. Citation Style for Research Papers

Mr.—A collection of websites of elementary games to enhance learning. E M

  1. Multi URL

This is a tool that lets you combine multiple links and then share the link with others. You will have to register. E M H C

  1. Interactive museum of news

The world's first interactive museum of news

Features front pages from 400 U.S. and International headlines. Play the news trivia game that's as fresh as today's headlines, with your host, Rita Laboudit. M H

  1. Plagiarism Workshop

Plagiarism Workshop WebQuest for Students—a hotlist and lesson plan for 8 – 12th graders. M H

  1. New York Times Learning Network

This website is for grades 3-12 with lessons and activities for teachers, students and parents. Topics cover daily news as well as test prep, science, and history, E M H

  1. Old

A primary source of information found in old magazines; like photographs, interviews, journals, and more. The articles have been redone in PDF format with topics covering everything from Prohibition to silent movies. The dates start from 1860 to WWII. E M H

  1. Purdue University OWL

Avoiding Plagiarism UE M H

  1. Parents in Touch

Website. for parents that gives them information on methods and advise on helping your child. there are worksheets, and newsletter for parents. E M

  1. PBS Kids Go—Get Your Web License

Get Your Web License- An assessment of students knowledge of being safe on the Internet. EC E

  1. Plagiarism Checker

Check for plagiarism of a webpage, document, or handouts. You can even report plagiarism. E M H C

  1. Pete’s PowerPoint Station

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format in different subject areas as well as lessons, activities, videos and clipart. They can be used on whiteboards, webpages and downloadable. E M

  1. Refdesk

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