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A mini library E M H

  1. Round Rock

Lesson plans and resources for librarians. E M H

  1. Safe Share TV

You can now share site such as You Tube with students safely using this site. It blocks the comments, ads, and banners that may be inappropriate for students. E M H

  1. Bare Bones 101

An extensive tutorial on searching the web. E M H

  1. Discovery Education—Schrock Guide

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators is a categorized list of sites useful for enhancing curriculum and professional growth. It is updated often to include the best sites for teaching and learning. E M H

  1. New Teaching Copyright

This site has a comprehensive curriculum on teaching copyright law to students in high school. H

  1. The Radio

You can search for music of all types and it through you computer. M H

  1. Study Skills—Self Help Information

A list of skills and ideas for enhancing study skills. E M H

  1. Repository of Primary Resources

A listing of over 5000 Websites that have manuscripts, books, historical photographs and other primary sources. E M H

  1. Visual Thesaurus

The Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus with an innovative display that encourages exploration and learning. E M H

  1. Plagiarism and the Web

How to deal with plagiarism in a school setting. UE M H

  1. Your Dictionary

An extensive collection of more than 1500 dictionaries found on the Web from language translators to specialized English dictionaries on many topics. E M H


  1. ABC Teach

Another great resource for Elementary teachers. You can get shape books for young writers, awards, certificates, reading comprehension activities, etc…. EC E M

  1. ABC Ya

Looking for technology activities your young students? Look no more. ABCya is a site that has elementary technology activities and lessons. EC E

  1. ABYZ Newslinks

An easy-to-use directory to newspaper Web sites from all around the world; very handy for social studies and foreign language units  E M H

  1. Activities for ESL Students

This site has a variety of tests, quizzes, exercises, and puzzles, aims to help students learning a second language. Has from easy to difficult levels Lessons… UE M H

  1. New A Math Dictionary for Kids 

Over 250 free printable math charts and posters that can be used on whiteboards, classroom displays, student handouts, and study guides. The site offers a math interactive dictionary of terms. E M H

  1. Arkive Images of Life on Earth

This site allows for students and teachers to search for pictures and videos and photos on animals and places on the earth. E M H

  1. Quiz Maker

This site allows teachers to create quizzes on line. Pictures can be added to the quizzes as well. E M H

  1. Aven’s Corner

This is a website for pre-school students and students with special needs. There are games and activities as well as computer time tips. This site is updated daily. EC

  1. Awesome Stories

This sites has lesson plans, stories, videos, images, and audio clip on biographies, famous trials, inspirations, famous people and events in history and much more. EC E M

  1. New Bagheera

A resource that has specific endangered animals. There are short videos of the animals in their habitat and well as links to other websites. E

  1. BCC Schools

BBC Schools Homepage- a variety of lessons and activities for all grade levels.


Games and activities on all subject areas. Similar to our PBSkids EC E


BBC games for all ages and subjects EC E

  1. Biography Maker

This site helps students to write a biography. It guides them though the research and the questioning, learning, synthesizing, storytelling, and the six traits of writing. UE M H

  1. BIE Project Based Learning

This site has tools and activities for designing rigorous learning activities for your students. You must register in order to download activities. M H

  1. Bob’s Place of Educational Links Smart Board Resources

This site has Smartboard activities for math activities E M H

  1. Boolify

This site lets you search and compare sites using Boolean search strategies.


  1. New Braineos

Teachers can create their own flash cards or use pre existing flash cards and games that reinforce students knowledge in vocabulary in foreign language, math, chemistry, science, geography, history, and much more. E M H

  1. Brain Pop

A variety of interactive lesson and video clips. Two free activities or buy a subscription for unlimited access. E M H

  1. New Bubbabrain

A variety of grams at all levels (K – College) as well as teachers can create their own games to challenge students in all subject areas. E M H C

  1. New Cackleberries

This is a free Website for early childhood teachers and students. There are many games and activities that promote learning English, phonics, numbers, and art activities. Activities also accommodate ESL learners as well as differentiate instruction for all learners. Software will have to be downloaded before using the programs on this site. EC E

  1. California Academy of Sciences

This site has anytime lesson plans on all types of units in the area of science. E M H

  1. Chess Kids

Students can learn how to play chess, or even adults can learn how to play chess. E M H

  1. Citation Machine

A citation generator E M H

  1. Houghton Mifflin’s Project Based Learning Space

This site has loads of information on project based learning. There are several already prepared project based learning projects ready for your class to try. M H

  1. Color Me Good

Teachers can use this site to find pictures for students to color. There are many topics for students; such as history, holidays, shapes, animals, and much more. Preschool E

  1. The Dirken Congressional Center

This is a website provides information on how the US congress works, its members, leaders, and the public policies it produces. M H

  1. Creative Writing Solutions

This site is for teachers and parents who want to help students become better writers and to instill writing as an art. There are writing prompts and worksheets offered on the web site. There are articles for teachers and parents on topics of special needs, how to write research papers and much more. UE M H

  1. Crick Web

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