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This site has 169 free to use educational interactive resources for Primary Schools, 15 free to use fun games for children aged 4 – 11 and over 100 links to other free interactive, image and software resources. E M

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This site has 169 free to use educational interactive resources for Primary Schools, 15 free to use fun games for children aged 4 – 11 and over 100 links to other free interactive, image and software resources. E M

  1. Crick Web

A variety of interactive games and activities to learn math, science, history, geography, foreign languages skills for early childhood to intermediate. Be aware that any money activities are in pounds. E M

  1. Critical Thinking Community

This site is the critical thinking channel on Youtube. It has videos that are relevant to teaching critical thinking to students in all grade levels. It can be use for professional development, counselors, teacher self-improvement. In the future this site will have more videos. This site is sponsored by the Foundation for Critical Thinking. E M H

  1. Word Search Generator

Teachers can create word searches using this sites generator. E M H

  1. Cybrary’s Man Educational Resources

There is a wealth of educational resources sorted by subjects. E M H

  1. New DadsWorksheets matrix

A wealth of worksheets on math skills covering a multitude of concepts. There are different versions to each concept. You can print them, use a timer, and an answer key is provided. E M

  1. New Digital Wish matrix

The site has a wealth of technology infused lessons in all subject areas and all grade levels. Teachers will find information about grants, products, and apps that are available. E M H

  1. Discovery Channel

Science resources and interactive activities that will enhance curriculum. E M H

  1. Discovery Kids

This site has videos games and activities for kids. E M

  1. District Leaders Podcast

Administrators can share ideas on this podcast. M H

  1. Dorling Kindersley Books

A super collection of curriculum-related clipart photos from the Dorling Kindersley books that students may use in projects. E M H

  1. EDinformatics

Links to a variety of educational sites. E M H

  1. Education 4 Kids

This site has drill games and flash cards for math, social studies, language arts, and science. There is a fee for more enhanced drills. E

  1. Ed Select

Resource site E M H

  1. Intel

This site provides teachers the tools they need to design project-learning activities. There are a variety of projects already created on all levels and content areas. E M H

  1. USGS Teacher Packets

Each packet has printed products, such as teacher guides, materials, and activities covering volcanoes, maps, geologic age, fossils and much more. E M H

  1. Education World—Techtorials

Creating charts and graphs in excel. E M H

  1. Education-World—Tools and templates

You can find templates for certificates, Back to School, graphic organizers, as well as flyers and posters and much more. E M H

Lesson plans for all subjects. E M H

  1. New Graphic Organizers 

Teachers will find a variety of graphic organizers that can be used in all subject areas. They can be printed and distributed to students and can be made into chart form. E M

  1. English Raven

This is an educational resource and materials for teachers of EFL and ESL. There are activities and grammar resources, flash cards, as well as world news for kids. E M H

  1. Eserver

An extensive bibliography of links to humanities-related site. M H

  1. eThemes long time opening

Teachers can find lesson plans and resources to help teach a variety of topics. E M H

  1. Exploratorium

Ten Cool Sites is a variety of projects and activities for a all subjects. E M H

  1. High School Resources

Resources by subject areas such as English, Foreign Language, SAT, and ELL. H

  1. New FCAT Express

This site has teaching strategies, rubrics, practice test, printable materials for teaching reading skills in text. E M

  1. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

There are resources on a variety of topics as well as lesson plans and photos that link to all subject areas. E M H

  1. Fuel the Brain

There are educational resources and games on a variety of topics. E

  1. WebQuest Projects

The webquests are divided into categories such as reading, math, social studies, and science. There are webqests for middle school and high school levels as well. E M H

  1. The Franklin Institute Online

Good links to other resource sites. M H


The Franklin Institute Online –More links to other resource sites. M H

  1. First School

This site features early childhood lesson plans and activities with free coloring pages and printable materials. EC

  1. Free Federal Resources

This site has a wealth of free educational resources that are listed by topics and subtopics. E M H C

  1. Funnel Brain

You can create flash cards or use ones that have already been made. You need Firefox or the latest version of Internet Explorer. E M

  1. New Game Classroom

This site has math and language arts resources such as worksheets videos and games that can help students reinforce concepts learned in school. E M

  1. New Game UP

This site offers critical thinking games from Social Studies, Science, Health, Math, and ESL games. E M H

  1. Global School Net

This site has linked schools globally with projects and activities. They have linked k-12 learning activities with engaging learning with students from around the world. E M H

  1. New

On This site teachers will find Q and A discussions around videos. Teachers may also create their own discussion question around Youtube videos. E M H

  1. High School Ace

A free online interactive learning center for high school students. H

  1. Hands Speak

A sign language dictionary on line. E M H

  1. Hippo Campus

High school students can use this one stop educational resource to assist them in their studies. The site has multimedia presentation and audio narrations. H

  1. Homework Spot

Homework resources for all areas. E M H

  1. Pink Flamingo’s Resource List

An educator’s resource page. E M H

  1. I Love That Teaching Idea

A great resource for Elementary teachers. The site has a variety of activities and awards, certificates, bookmarks and signs for your classroom. E

  1. Project Based Learning

This site has a list of project-based learning and collaborative based teaching. There are topics for inventors, biographies, countries/continents. E M H

  1. ISSUE

This site has a wide variety of digital magazines. H

  1. Interactive websites provide standards

This site is based cross-curricular web resources designed to enhance online learning opportunities.  These sites interact with the user usually through either a text-based or graphical user interface. E M H

  1. Science Buddies

This site is a educational recourse for science projects and science fairs. There are student and teacher resources as well as blogs to follow. E M H

  1. Khan Academy

This site has over 1800 instructional videos on the topic of math, brain teasers, biology and history. They can be used as tutorial videos for students who need a little extra help. They can be a great use for differentiated instruction. E M H

  1. Kid Gen

This site has free educational software to teach the alphabet, numbers, counting and reading using pictures and sound. EC

  1. Kids Konnect

Offers thousands of kids safe pre screened links that are organized alphabetically by topic and subject. EC E

  1. New Kid Rex

This is a kid friendly search engine for primary students that have filtering already built in for safe searching. It has kid related webpages and uses by Google safe search technology. EC E

  1. New KidsKnowIt

Teachers can get free educational music, videos, posters, worksheets, and activities on science, math language arts, and social studies. E

  1. New Kid Port

Interactive activities on a variety of skills. The site has a teacher’s page. You will find other subject areas as well. E M

  1. New Kidz Page

This site has a variety of free educational math, word, pictures, logic, memory, and suduko games. E

  1. Kidsspace

This is a resource that promotes creativity in writing, art and music for children with links to creative writing sites such as cartooning and poetry. E M

  1. Food Allergy Resources

For teachers who want to celebrate special events with their students and experience food with their classes this site is for you. This site has lists of food allergies for each major holiday and alternatives. E M H

  1. LD On Line

This site is a resource for teachers. It has helpful successful strategies for students with learning disabilities such as ADD and ADDHD. E M H

  1. New Grade 6 Mathematics Matrix

There are lessons and strategies that are interactive to help students learn specific concepts in math. Although this is for grade 6, it can be used for grade 5 and 7. E M

  1. Learning Planet

Get lesson plans, activities and links to other sites. You can sign up for weekly e-news for Leaning Planet. E M

  1. New Learn Zillion

This site has short videos and lessons that are aligned to the common core standards. This site can be used if venturing into using a flip classroom model. E M H

  1. Lesson Sense

This site has free online lesson plans, games, activities, worksheets for teachers. E M

  1. Literacy Connections

This site provides a wealth of information on reading, teaching, literacy, and ESL literacy. There are useful resources for read a louds, tutoring, reading comprehension, and reader’s teacher. You can find good resources here. E M H

  1. LucidChart

Tool graphic organizer is free and easy to use. Just sign up for a free account. E M H

  1. Mama Lisa’s World

Teachers can get songs from around the world as well as nursery rhymes and poetry and classic literature and recipes from around the world. EC E

  1. New MathChimp

A well-organized list of games, videos and activities that are correlated to common core standards. E M

  1. Math-Drills matrix

There are loads of free math worksheets that are printable with answer keys to be used with students to help teach and reinforce math skills. E M

  1. New Math Game Time

There is a variety of games, worksheets, and videos as well as homework help for students in Pre K through middle school. It covers all areas in math. EC E M

  1. New Math Pickle

This site has videos that support learning.Various math skills in the form of critical thinking problems. E M H

  1. New Math-Play

Students can play a variety of math games on a variety of levels. E M

  1. New Mathway 

This site provides teachers and students the tools they need to help increase skills in problem solving using math concepts in basic math, algebra, trigonometry, pre-calculus calculus, statistics. Teachers have to sign up for a free account. UE M H

  1. New Mathwire Matrix

This site has a wealth of lessons and activities on teaching math and making the connection between math and literacy. You can get resources, worksheets, literature connections. EC E M

  1. Mommy Nature

This site is geared to early childhood students. There are themed activity ideas and

lessons that can support the curriculum. E

  1. My Vocabulary

Help students increase their vocabulary while having fun. There are lesson plans on root words. This site has puzzles, word lists and SAT/ACT test prep and assessment activities. E M H

  1. 50th Anniversary of NASA

Interactive site that pans fifty years of NASA’s history. The site has videos, computer simulations and bits of NASA’s history. Lots of fun and very interesting and entertaining. E M H

  1. NoodleTools

This site is a suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with their online research. From selecting a search engine and finding some relevant sources, to citing those sources in MLA or APA style, NoodleTools makes online research easier! UE M H

  1. New Gnowledge

This site allows teachers to create tests, excersizes and asssignments so that their students can view and take tests online. Material can be shared with stuednts and parents. E M H

  1. Teaching with Historic Places

Lesson plans and maps for teaching roadside historic places. E M H

  1. Curious George Everything Must Go

Help Curious George put things away. Students will sort objects into three different groups by clicking on the correct basket. E

  1. Arthur Supermarket Adventure

Students learn about the supermarket and shopping. E

  1. Even Bigger that T Rex

Students learn math skills by learning about dinosaurs. E

  1. Skits Cooks

Students learn about cooking words by playing this interactive game. E

  1. Poets

This site has great poems, poets, lessons, and units at your fingertips. M H

  1. Paradigm Writing Assistant

This web site is an on line writing assistant that helps students with writing, editing, revising, informal essays, thesis supports, argumentative essays, explorative essays, and documenting your work. E M

  1. Pete’s PowerPoint Station

Free Presentations in PowerPoint format in different subject areas as well as lessons, activities, videos and clipart. They can be used on whiteboards, webpages and downloadable. E M

  1. Primary Games

This site has activities in all subject areas for grades Pre-k to 5.

You can find thematic stationary for students that will motivate students to write. There are science, social studies and math activities as well as a reading. E

  1. Quia
Interactive activities Online E M H

  1. Reading Rockets

This is a wonderful resource for teachers of reading. There are videos and research on teaching strategies and how to help students become better readers. There are videos of famous authors and illustrators discussing how they became interesting on writing. There are videos from the TV show that will assist teachers. There are links to state resources. E

  1. Read Write Think

Resources for teachers and student activities in reading and language arts instruction E M H

  1. Rockingham County Public School

Activities for integrating technology into curriculum for K-5 in all subject areas. E

  1. Discovery Education

Teachers can find lesson plans, puzzle creators, contests, and more E M H

  1. New Smithsonian Quests

Teacher can register their class to participate in a global learning environment. Students earn badges as they complete quest on topics of their own interest. E M H

  1. Speech Teach
A web site for parents and professionals supporting children with speech difficulties. E M

  1. Story Arts

This site has lesson plans and stores as well as a story library. Teachers can sign up for a newsletter, too. E M

  1. New StudyZone—Elementary

Teachers will be able to find activities in Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies using multiple choice test prep. E

  1. Stuff4Teaching

You will need to sign up, but there are free resources for whiteboards, and materials for early childhood materials. EC E M

  1. Minnetonka Public Schools

This site has lots of educational Websites for grades K – 5 EC E M

  1. Newspapers in Education—the Detroit News Free Press

Downloadable lessons and Online activities that promote students awareness of current events and their participation in the events that reflect important events in the news. K – 12 grades. E M H

  1. National Museum of African American History and Culture

This is a resource that has lessons, and collections on African American history. There is information for students as well as teachers. E M H

  1. New York Times on the Web Learning Network

Downloadable lessons, Online quizzes, word of the day, test pre, crossword puzzles, and science Q & A. Students can ask reporters questions, and they can read news summaries and articles. E M H

  1. New Online Stopwatch

This site has a variety of stopwatch modes you can choose from. E M H

  1. Paper Toys

A site full of cut outs and models for kids to print, put together and build. E M

  1. A Dictionary of Slang

A monster of an online dictionary of rich colorful language we call slang... all from a British perspective, with new slang added every month. E M H

  1. Welcome to Mrs. Levin’s Pre-K Pages

A variety of resources for young children. EC

  1. Preschool Express

Here are patterns for teachers to use with early childhood programs. Looking for that gingerbread man, snowflake, dinosaur, orb turtle pattern? Here are shape patterns for you to download and use. There are activities that go along with the patters, too. EC

  1. Primary Access

Primary Access is a suite of free online tools that allows students and teachers to use primary source documents to complete meaningful and compelling learning activities with digital movies, storyboards, rebus stories and other online tools. E M H

  1. Primary Success Publications

This site has free resources of thematic poems in the freebies link that are quite extensive. There are free downloadable books on themed topics that the teachers can print and use for every student. EC

  1. Puzzlemaker

You can make educational puzzles. E M H

  1. Quiz Hub—K – 12 Interactive Learning Center

The Quiz Hub includes hundreds of fun online interactive learning quizzes

that help K-12 students enhance their core knowledge of English, languages, math, science, and social studies. E M H

  1. Random House—Teachers

This site offer teachers a variety of ways to bring literature to students such as books, poems and downloadable videos for the classroom. E


A Website by James Patterson that encourage students to be life long readers. It has reviews of children’s books by age and interest levels and topics and much more. This Website is a great resource for book talks. EC M H

  1. Brain Food

Give your mind a work out on our devious collection of puzzles. There are hundreds, ranging from word games to logic problems to riddles. Some are tricky. Some require innovation. All require thinking power. E M

  1. Rubistar

Rubric generator with templates. E M H

  1. Sadlier-Oxford Content Area Readers

A resource for lots of games for social studies, math, health science. E M

  1. New Download Café

There are graphic organizers, charts and posters in math, social studies, science, reading, E Mspelling etc. that can be downloaded in PDF or Word format. E M

  1. Sara Says

Teachers may find this helpful for getting tips for teaching units. There are book reviews and teaching hints for the units. This site is recommended for early childhood and early grades for elementary. EC E

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