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Teacher Net

A site for lesson plans tech tools, and sharing. E M H

  1. Teacher Training Videos

Teachers can find videos on a variety of topics on technology. Teachers can view topics on wikis to how to use survey monkey. E M H

  1. 10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained

An attempt to answer common myths about copyright seen on the net and cover issues related to copyright and USENET/Internet publication. E M H

  1. New Graphic Organizers at 

This site has samples of graphic organizers and how they can be integrated into the curriculum. He also includes interactive organizers and lessons. E M

  1. The Teacher Corner

A free resource for educators- Lesson plans, units, and lots more. E

  1. The Teachers Guide

Teacher’s Guide Special Education Resources-All Levels. E M H

  1. Thinkfinity

The following are sites partnering with Thinkfinity: E M H








Thinkport is a free comprehensive online resource for Maryland educators, families, and community members brought to you by Maryland Public Television and the Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education. Thinkport is here to help you with the essential information. E M H

  1. Teacher Files Clip Art

This site has a nice selection of clip art with everything from writing to titles and headings. E M H

  1. Teacher Domain

Once teacher’s register, you have access to multimedia resources for the classroom in language arts, social studies, math, science, and professional development. E M H

  1. Teacher Planet

This site contains a Calendar with clickable events to help you plan for special lessons and activities well ahead of time, or at the last minute, if required! E M


Teacher resources: printable, lesson plans, web tools, etc.E M

  1. PowerPoint Activities

The following links include templates and examples of Jeopardy, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, and Hollywood Squares games and other lesson ideas that were created using PowerPoint


This is a great site for creating rubrics, lessons, and activities. E M

  1. The Best On The Web

Best sites on the web for teachers- great resource. E M H

  1. Teampedia

This site is a collaborative encyclopedia of team building activities, ice breakers, and team resources that can be used for professional development activities or beginning of the year activities. E M H

  1. Teams Educational Resources—Distance and Online Learning

This site has a collection of educational resources for all subject teachers, students, administrators, paraprofessionals, and parents. It gives you information on lessons plans, projects, grant writing, and much more. E M H

  1. Diversity Calendar

This site has a list of diverse holidays by the month and links to resources. E M H

  1. Tin Snips

A special Education Resource

There are activities, lessons, and strategies that are available for use on many types of disabilities. E M H

  1. Together We Teach

A collection of over 1000 saying, quotes and expressions from teachers from all over the United States. It includes fountains of wisdoms of 6000 favorite sayings from Americas attorneys, nurses, engineers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, military, etc M H

  1. Toon University

Learning games and adventures for K-8 students in math grammer, reading science and social studies-free. E M

  1. Interactive White board activities

This site has interactive activities that you can use with your whiteboard in math, Literacy and science. E M

  1. New Turtle Diary

There are activities, videos, worksheets, geared to early childhood level. Subject covered are math, language arts and science. EC

  1. New TV 411

This site is a great resource for short videos, and lessons in reading, writing, math science, finance. You can get it in Spanish or English. Teachers have an area to find indexed lessons and activities that are Online with immediate feedback or they can create their own lessons. Free registration for teachers. E M H

  1. TVO Kids

This site is the Canadian version of PBS. It is broken into Pre School and Upper Elementary. It is organized into different subjects. You can find games, videos, stories, downloads, homework zone and much more. EC E

  1. An Educators Guide for Machines

This is a guide for k – 12 educators for teaching machines with science standards that have activities for investigating machines. E M H

  1. Houghton Mifflin Science Graphic Organizers

This site provides a large selection of printable graphic organizer. The organizers are listed by grade and topic. E M

  1. Virtual Explorers

In this site, is a group of individuals are committed to providing teachers and students with access to wildlife biologists working in the field. This web site provides students with an opportunity to experience wildlife research as it takes place. E M

  1. New How Stuff Works

Teacher can find videos, games, quizzes, articles, on everything from culture (geography, history, people) to entertainment. Teachers should preview links before students view the site. E M H

  1. New Video Lectures

Educators are able to browse and find lectures from renowned lecturers on topics; such as physics, biology, technology, Earth sciences and much more. H

  1. Visual Dictionary

Students just need to click on the picture and other pictures and terms on the topic appear. E M H

  1. Voice of the Shuttle

Part of an extensive guide to humanities resources that provides numerous links to feature sites, teaching resources, electronic journals, course syllabi, and more. Aimed at university educators. E M

  1. New Watch know learn

A multitude of educational videos that are organized by subject and content and are linked to common core standards. EC E M H

  1. Web English Teacher

This site presents the best of K-12 English/Language Arts teaching resources: lesson plans, WebQuests, videos, biography, e-texts, criticism, jokes, puzzles, and classroom activities. E M H

  1. Shakespeare

Shakespeare sites M H

  1. PBL Exemplary Projects

This site has several project based learning activities for all grade levels. The topics range from science to social studies. There are links to rubrics on this site. E M H

  1. What 2 Learn

The interactive learning solution providing fun and effective educational resources and

reducing teacher workloads. Students in the U.S. can register for science, math, literacy, etc that pertain to U.S. There are even French activities available. E M H

  1. Woopid

Free technology tutorials on all type of topics. You can find topics on Excel, iMovie, and more. E M H

  1. Font Capture

Create your own font from your own handwriting. E M H

  1. Time Line

This is a site where you can create a timeline. You can search a timeline or create a timeline. M H


  1. Watch Know Learn

Educational videos categorized by subjects E M H

  1. Neo K12

Teachers have access to free educational resources: videos, lessons, quizzes, and much more. E M H

  1. MIT Video

Teachers can search for audio and video items on a variety of subjects: symphonic music, physics, engineering, robotics, biology, etc. These videos are geared to AP and IB levels. H C

  1. Teacher Tube

Free educational videos in all subjects E M H

  1. New You Tube Video Channels

TED Education

About 50 education videos on Science and Math that you can share with your students. H C

  1. YouTube Education

This site has videos for teachers and students. E M H

  1. New YouTube for Schools

Schools have access to a plethora of YouTube videos. Free school sign up allows teachers and admin to log in and select videos to student viewing. Student have restricted access. E M H

  1. Buck Institute for Education

Project-based learning videos form theory to practice. M H

  1. Teaching Channel

Teachers can find videos on a variety of strategies that support classroom instruction. E M H

  1. Edutopia

Great source for educational videos. There is theory practice as well as videos to use in the classroom. E M H

  1. YouTube: Toonbo

Videos based on songs about numbers and the alphabet. EC

  1. New Kids tv 123

YouTube videos about the ABCs, Animal Sounds, Phonics and much more from KidsTV123. EC

  1. New iKids World

This site has videos to help children to learn basic concepts of colors, letters, sounds and numbers. EC

  1. New Peter Weatherall Instructional Videos

On this site are short to the point singing videos on science, math, reading, English, and much more. E

  1. Wakko, Yakko and Animaniacs

Videos of songs on different topics such as Wakko’s 50 State Capitals, Wakko’s America, Yakko’s Universe Song, Presidents, and lots more. E



  1. ABC Ya

Looking for technology activities your young students? Look no more. ABCya is a site that has elementary technology activities and lessons. EC E

  1. PowerPoint in the Classroom

This website is broken down in to eight models” providing screen shots those complement instruction. E M H

  1. Museum of Modern Technology

A site that has a tutorial and quiz for Microsoft Windows, E-mail, and Networking with quizzes E M H


GoLive tutorial from their website M H

  1. Alice

Developed by Carnegie Mellon University, the program advertises on its homepage that, “Alice is an innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Alice is a teaching tool for introductory computing. It uses 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating first programming experience.” In other words – it makes programming enjoyable for all of us, whether or not we’re natural-born programmers. M H

  1. Digital Media Resources

K-12 Students using digital resources. There are tutorials and tips, planning and assessments as well as free materials. E M H

  1. Assign a Day

This is a site that lets you create a calendar for each of your classes. Its free, but you must still register. You can share multiple dates and assignments with students and classes. You can duplicate the edit the events. E M

  1. Atomic Learning

A limited variety of free tutorials. You can become a member and have access to all of the tutorials UE M H

  1. New Determining Fair Use Video

Short tutorial on what is considered fair use for teachers and students. E M H

  1. Bag the Web

Teachers and students can curate the Web by using this easy tool. Teachers and student can share Websites and activities and publish to the Web. M H

  1. Dan Mat Typing

This site is for elementary age students who need to practice keyboarding skills.

Students have to complete 12 stages to become a top typist. E

  1. Bubbl Us

This on line tool allows anyone the opportunity to create a graphic organizer similar to Inspiration. You can save your organizers but you do have to sign up. E M H

  1. Casa Notes

Teachers can quickly make and customize notes to send home to parents or students. E M H

  1. New Class Badges

Free online tool where teachers can award badges for accomplishments EC E

  1. New Class Pager

Teacher can use this site to engage students with polls, reminders, personalized feedback to students and more. E M H

  1. Classroom Clip Art

A source for free clipart, pictures, videos, and illustrations E M H

  1. ClipARToday

Free clipart for teachers- great resource E M H

  1. Clips

Teachers and students can submit videos to this site and browse for student made videos. E M H

  1. Cmap Tools—Alternative to Inspiration

Cmap Tools program empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps “To better understand this, visit the homepage shown below, itself created with Cmap Tools, and also visit “The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct E M H

  1. Computer Hope

Common questions and answers to operating systems in general can be found in this Website. M H

  1. Cool Clips

Over 300 pieces of educational clip-art for use in the classroom E M H

  1. Copyright Free Images and Sound

There are links to copyright free image files and sound files for presentations and projects. E M H

  1. Cuil Search Engine

A powerful search engine that searches based on context of text and provides uncluttered useful results. E M H

  1. Cyber Learning World

A Social Studies site that has lots of links from the Holocaust to Interactive Projects for students M H

  1. Discovery Schools

Discovery Channel School-The Thrill of Discovery in Your Classroom" E M H

  1. DMOZ—Open Directory Project

Computer graphics web tutorials E M


  1. DragonTape

You can mix tapes on your iPhone as well as search for videos on your phone. You can edit them as well. H C

  1. Dumper—Photo Fun

Share, email print and blog uploaded photographs. You also can create unique different effects photographs. E M H

  1. Adobe Digital School Collections teacher resources

Teachers can find lessons and activities that help integrate technology into the curriculum. E M H

  1. Edicy

Teachers can build a website for free. It’s a basic website, but it is free and easy to do. E M H

  1. Education Arcade

These are reality simulation games that combine real world experiences with additional information supplied to them by hand held computers. M H

  1. Texas Instrument—Education Technology

Texas Instrument programs. M H

  1. Education World—Techtorials Archives

Technology tutorials E M H

  1. Creating a WebQuest-It’s easier Than You Think

This article helps the novice with the process of building a WebQuest. There are many links that give assistance with the process and even helps the teacher with posting the Webquest when it is completed. T

  1. Education-World--Tools

Teacher tools and templates E M H

  1. Presentations

This site has lots of templates and recourses for PowerPoint and keynote themes

  1. Everything Pre-School

This site is for the Early Childhood Educator. There are lessons, activities, recipe ideas and bulletin board ideas. EC

  1. Technology Integration Matrix

The matrix demonstrates how teachers can integrate technology into their lessons by using the five characteristics of a meaning-learning environment. There are five levels of technology integration. EC E M H

  1. Fix Picture

This is a free digital editing program for digital camera. Upload photo and select the type of image you want and convert the photo. E M H

  1. Flashcard Exchange

Create your own flashcards. The Flash Card Exchange allows you to create your own virtual flash cards, study online, print and download flashcards. Have flashcards spoken to you. Study the cards online and play a memory game with them. View the card list to see the entire group. E M H

  1. Free Book Notes

Free Book Notes .com – is a comprehensive guide to free book notes, free book summaries, literature notes, and study guides (like "cliff notes") for over 1600 books, plays, and poems. M H

  1. Free eBooks

Each month there are five free eBooks for your mobile device or iPad. M H

  1. Free Play Music

Copyright free music E M H

  1. Free Typing Game

Free typing game, activities and tests E M

  1. Get Paint

This is a free imaging and photo-editing software for computers that run Windows. E M H

  1. Geo Gebra—Geometry Algebra Calculus

Free multiplatform math software that joins geometry, algebra, and calculus M H

  1. On line Typing Course

Students can register to take an online typing course. This can even be used by parents E

  1. Graphic Soft

Tutorial for Flash M H

  1. Guides and Tutorials

Guides and tutorials on Dream Weaver, digital Photography, as well as Pod Casting H

  1. How 2 Add

Learn the Quick and Easy Way to Create Online Games

Hours of classroom fun as you and your students discover step-by-step how to turn websites into interactive game zones! Includes a multimedia training video titled "How to Add a Word Search Puzzle to Your Site." H

  1. HTML Tutorials

Tutorial for HTML H

  1. Imagination Cubed

This Website allows students to draw, write, and create organizational maps and charts. This site can be used with whiteboards. Free E

  1. Inspiration

Graphic organizers E

  1. Obby’s Beginner Help for Using MS Paint

This site give examples and directions to creating using MS Paint and other programs to develop skills in technology design and basic computer help E M


Directions and helpful hints to use the tools and functions in Windows Paint. The pages have lots of project examples. E M


List of free graphic programs E M H

  1. Internet 4 Classrooms—Excel

Step by step directions for making an interactive crossword puzzle in MS Excel. M H

  1. Welcome to Ed Psyc Central

This site has resources for educators in educational psychology and other related areas and interested in learning and teaching across the lifespan. This site is for general and special educators. There are journals, research, theory and practice just to name a few of the topics. T

  1. Host Search

This site provides web tutorials such as design tips and planning H

  1. High School Tutorials

A good resource that has a variety of self-paced tutorials focusing on computer programs for middle and high school. M H

  1. Imageoid

You can transform effects to an image. You will need to use Firefox as your browser. This does not work with Explorer. E M H

  1. Google Images

Google images. I.E. clip art E M H

  1. IN TIME

A site which allows you to watch online video vignettes of PreK-12 teachers integrating technology into their classrooms E M H

  1. ipiccy

This is a free photo editor that allows you to add effects and text to your photos. E M H

  1. Jan’s lustrated computer literacy 101

.Great lessons about computer literacy that you can use in the classroom. E M H


Lessons about a computer’s hardware and software. E M H

  1. Jimdo

Teachers can build a website for free. It’s a basic website. E M H

  1. JING

You can record what you do on your computer. It is a free capture program. Good for showing students the process of how to do something. You can embed in a PowerPoint and/or send it as an email. E M H

  1. Bloomin’ Google

Clickable image map of Google tools that support Bloom’s Taxonomy. T

  1. The Kea Coloring Book

Free coloring book software that can be downloaded. The coloring books are interactive and lend themselves to educational units and lessons. There are colors to use as well as to mix and to add sound effects to the pages of the coloring books. E

  1. Keepvid

Just paste a Youtube video URL into this site and you can download the video on your computer. E M H

  1. New Click-N-Learn

Student can learn about the inside of a computer and then move through the stages of learning from novice to expert. M H

  1. Kid Smart Early Learning

A guide to early learning and technology, Information resources and promising practices for teachers to use with their students in integrating technology in their curriculum. Geared to early childhood and students who speak other languages. EC E

  1. Filamentality

A Website you can find scavenger hunts and WebQuests that are created by teachers. You can post your own activities here. E M H

  1. Technology How to Guides

There are technology guides on topics such as Web 2.0, Podcasting, Vodcasting, Blackboard, Digital Photography and much more. E M H

  1. Fire Fly Web Browser

Firefly is a Web Browser made specifically for kids to make their surf experience safe.” As such it offers these features, again quoting: “It always starts at; It can only go to websites linked from these pages AND pages approved by parents that are added to your favorites; It uses Google to perform searches, but presents results that are filtered of inappropriate content. Access to the Google results will require an adult password; It has a time-management facility so that parents can set the time the browser will work.” E

  1. Media-Convert

This site is a free online video converter E M H

  1. Privacy Playground

Using the story of the Three Little Pigs, students are taught about cyber safety. EC E

  1. Mentor Mob technology resource

Students and teachers can curate and organize videos, articles and Websites into a playlist and share. M H

  1. Moonfruit

This is a free site for building websites. Easy drag and drop for placing photos and text. E M H

  1. MOONK Flash Your Media

This site offers a way to show photos videos and mp3 on your website or profiles or blogs. E M H

  1. Evaluating Websites

A readable essay for students on the topic of evaluating Websites E M H

  1. My Learning Tube

This site has short videos done by students and teachers on a variety of educational topics you can browse for. It has lesson plan ideas and strategies for teaching. Constantly updated E M H

  1. National Tech Center

National Center for Technology Innovation is a resource for teachers that covers a wide spectrum of technology issues that even help teacher with grant writing to students with disabilities. E M H

  1. National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

National Council of Teachers of English promotes literacy skills and 21st century curriculum and assessments. There are resources and lesson plan for all grade levels. E M H

  1. Binary—it’s Digitalicious

A site that help students understand about the binary number system H

  1. Nimble Fingers

Free typing tutorial EC E

  1. 99Polls

Create flash polls and surveys for your students and school. You can share them on a Website, blog, email, and even a social network. E M H

  1. Nortel Learn It

This site is a great resource for using technology in the classroom. It is broken down in to three main areas: lessons, video tutorials, and resources. Easy to use. E M H

  1. Note Star

Students and teachers can set up research projects with topics and subtopics. They can collect and organize their notes as well as prepare their bibliography page. M H

  1. Omni Lang—Ultimate Online Translator

Omni Lang offers free translators to read web sites in 30 different languages. M H

  1. Movavi Online Video Converter

This site is a free Online video converter E M H


This is an Online converter that you can convert media files, (audio, video, image, document, ebook, and hash) from one format to another. It can convert documents to a PDF document. There is very little waiting time on this site. E M

  1. OpenOffice

This site has is an open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, graphics, databases and more. This suite is free and an alternative for people who do not have MS Office on their home computer. Free E M H

  1. Over Stream

You can add subtitles or text to any video and send a video postcard or video message. It is easy to use and free. You can get videos from You Tube, Google, My Space Video, etc. E M H C

  1. The OWL at Purdue

This site offers online writing, research, and MLA and APA style help to the world M H

  1. Kids Against Bullying

Students learn about cyberbullying by watching videos, games, listening to other and reacting to others. E M H

  1. PanRaven

This site lets you use photos to tell stories. You do have to register to even see how the site works. It is free. Use words and pictures to tell digital stories. You can add sounds to create videos. E M H

  1. Free Clip Art by Phillip Martin

This site has free clip art teachers and students can use in their projects. E M H

  1. Tech4Learning—Pics4Learning

This site has free pictures that can be used for student projects. They are organized by topics. E M H

  1. PicJuice

This is a free digital editing site. You can crop, rotate, flip, and resize any photo or image. E M H


Edit photos online and store then too. E M H

  1. Pixorial!home

You can store videos, create, edit, add music, yours or the websites all from a computer or mobile device. You can upload to share with friends or order a DVD. E M H C

  1. Podcasting Tools

This site is a comprehensive podcasting resource. E M H

  1. Poll Everywhere

Teachers can use this Website as a classroom response system. Students can use laptops, tablets and any phone to respond to the questions. E M H

  1. Quia

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