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Interactive activities Online E M H

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Interactive activities Online E M H

  1. Brain Shark

Teachers and students enhance presentation with voice and/or music and share and embed them into blogs and Webpages. E M H

  1. Remember the Milk

For the person in the go; This site manages your tasks such as calendar, important dates, receive reminders via email and AIM, add your own tasks, and work together with others and share your tasks. M H

  1. Remind 101

Teachers can stay connected with students and parents to remind them of upcoming events and important messages. Teachers never have to worry about give out their phone number. E M H

  1. Royalty Free Music

You can find royalty free music to use in your classroom. This site is dedicated for educational use. Teachers need to submit an application to be able to download stock music for free. E M H

  1. Bare Bones 101

A basic tutorial on searching the web M H

  1. Scratch Programming Software

    This software lets students create stories, games, music, and art. Students get to understand the concept of programming as well as work on collaborative activities. UE M

  1. Sense-Lang

Touch typing keyboarding free program E M

  1. School-Discovery—Schrock Guide

Kathy Schrock’s guide E M H

  1. ABC’s of evaluating a website

How to Tell the Good Sites from the Bad- good to help student understand what should be included in website E M

  1. ABC Website Evaluation

This site describes how to look at the information on a Website using critical evaluation to determine the usefulness in an educational setting E M

  1. Typing Games 2 Help U

Index of typing games and lessons. E M

  1. E Book Libraries

Here you will find a wealth of eBook Resources for all grades. EC E M H

  1. SimSchool

    Sim School is a classroom simulation for teachers to analyze students behavior and differences as well as to adapt their instruction to meet the needs of their students. Teachers do have to register first before they can begin to use the site. Teachers can analyze the effectiveness of their management style. E M H

  1. School Tube

A collection of videos posted by students and schools. EC E M H

  1. Skype in the Classroom

Skype allows teachers and students the ability to collaborate with their peers on projects from around the world. They can discover new cultures, and develop a new understanding by using the connectivity of Skype. E M H

  1. Slide Share—Present Yourself

You can upload and share your Power PowerPoint presentations and documents on this site. E M H

  1. Socrative

Socrative is a student response system that engages students in learning by using smartphones, laptops, and/or tablets. E M H

  1. Soogle

Easy way to use the tools google offers you. E M H

  1. Splashup

This is a free Web based image editor. It allows students and teachers to use advanced features of digital editing like Photoshop. For schools that are limited with digital tools, this is a good alternative. You can share on the Web and/or download images. UE M H


This site allows you to isolate a small portion of You Tube video and then share it with friends on the Internet. E M H C

  1. New StopMotionMovies

This site helps students and teacher create their own Claymation movies with step-by-step resources. Teachers will find resources from storyboarding to developing characters and elements of a story as well as step-by-step movie making. M H

  1. Story Arts

This site has lesson plans and stores as well as a story library. Teachers can sign up for a newsletter, too. EC E

  1. Stroome

This is a free video-editing site that allows users to remix, add transitions, upload their own footage, and connect with others. E M H C

  1. Surf Net Kids

A great directory of topics for kids E M

  1. Sweet Search

This is a search engine for students. Students can type in words or phrases in the search box and other information will pop up to help students. Once the list is generated the students have safe places to get information. This site also has search engines for emerging learners (Sweet Search4Me) as well as for Librarians. There are also sites for students and teachers at Sweet Sites. This site has a wealth of links for teachers and students. E M H

  1. Tag Galaxy

This word cloud format is set up like a planet galaxy. E M H

  1. Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers

Great ideas for technology integrations in the classroom E M H

  1. Teacher Files

A nicely-arranged compilation of non-copyrighted, school-related clip art E M H

  1. The Best on the Web

Best sites on the web for teachers- great resource E M H


Tutorial on "Creating A Web Site For Your Students" E M H

  1. TeacherTube

You can find lots of educational videos in this site. E M H

  1. Teaching Time

Grades K-2 provides interactive games to support teaching time using analog and digital clocks. A resource for teachers EC

  1. Tech-Bytes

Site on technology activities and information E M H

  1. Creating web sites

Here are ten web sites for creating your own web sites. E M

  1. Tech Toon

Technology cartoons for teachers E M H

  1. HistoryNet

This Website contains daily features such articles, photos, quizzes, today in history, etc. You can find articles that cover aviation history, British heritage, civil war times, military history, Vietnam, World War II, and more. H

  1. High Interest Novel Helps Struggling Readers Confront Bulling in School

The sites include lessons, videos, and activities for teaching cyberbullying to students K-12. E M H

  1. Think Tank

This site helps students complete research projects. Students can refine their research topic. H

  1. Think U Know

Think U Know is the latest information and resources on keeping students safe on the Internet. Age 8 to 10. E

  1. Think U Know

for ages 11 to 16 M H

  1. Time-warp Archive of Vintage Technology Through the Decades

Interactive site for learning about technology from the 1900s to the present E M H

  1. Tiny URL

You can shorten long URL’s using this site. E M H

  1. New Tonido

Using this website you download their software so you can access and share all your documents, photos, music and videos from anywhere. E M H

  1. Topmarks

This site has whiteboard activities for elementary levels that cover subjects of literacy, math, science, art, history (United Kingdom) geography, and music. There is sound that can be turned on or off. EC E

  1. Tube Chop

You can find a video you like and if it’s too long of a video, you can chop the parts you don’t want or that aren’t important. Then you can share the video. E M

  1. Tubetorial

High school—Digital tutorial about making HTML Webpages. H

  1. Tux Typing

This is a typing tutorial that has a variety of levels of difficulty. UE

  1. Up To Ten

This site is for early childhood to age 10 that covers developmental games, stories, and art. EC

  1. Veezzle

This is a free stock photo search engine. You can search for photos from millions of on line photos. E M H

  1. VIMEO—Video Sharing For You

Upload videos to this site to convert them to High Definition. You can embed them in a blog to share with others. E M H

  1. Vocab Grabber

This site allows students to analyze the words from documents that can be copied and pasted into the workspace. It allows the words that are important to stand out. You can then create vocabulary word lists. This isn’t a flashy site like Wordle or Tagxedo. E M H

  1. Web Clip Art

A list of links with fun and useful graphics you can use for school E M H

  1. WebQuest Home Page- Bernie Dodge

This site was created by Bernie Dodge the inventor of the WebQuest. It gives you steps on how to create a WebQuest and has a resource matrix of existing WebQuest activities


Strategies for searching the Internet


  1. Webstarts

Teachers can build a website for free. This has a drag and drop feature. E M H

  1. Web Style Guide

Basic information on designing (chapter 4) a website. Layout, Lots of chapters. E M H

  1. Webtots

Early childhood website that has activities that incorporates math art and music into technology. EC

  1. Word It Out

Simple to use by copying and pasting text in the workspace or typing in the text you want. E M H C

  1. Word Sift

You can copy and paste text or type text into the workspace. You can drag a picture into the cloud. E M H C

  1. K – 12 History Internet Guide

For Teaching History in K-12 Schools E M H

  1. Youth Learn

This site connects lessons with technology and meaningful projects that promote collaboration. E M

  1. YouTube

This site is a great resource for finding all types of videos that can be used in a classroom such as instructional videos, examples of different types of videos, etc. You can convert these videos using an Online converter such as so you can download and view them onto you computer. E M H

  1. Zamzar

This site is an Online free file converter. You can convert videos to different formats. You can also convert documents into a PDF file and lots more. E M H

Alternatives to You Tube

  1. School Tube

Selection of student created videos. E M H

  1. Wqwiki

Teachers and students can create their own videos using pictures, videos, and their voice. E M H

  1. Explore

This site has a large library of videos and photographs. People can submit and share their videos from around the world in this networking site. E M H

  1. Kids Tube

Kids can upload and share their creations on this site. E M


  1. Adobe—Connect Now—Web Conferencing

Free Online collaborative way to have face-to-face interactive conferencing. H

  1. Ahead*

This is a presentation tool similar to Preszi. You can design and publish presentations, websites and widgets. You can share and layout your work. You do have to register before you can use it. E M H

  1. A History Teacher

A history teacher teaching with technology in the 21st century. H

  1. Alice

Developed by Carnegie Mellon University, the program advertises on its homepage that, “Alice is a innovative 3D programming environment that makes it easy to create an animation for telling a story, playing an interactive game, or a video to share on the web. Alice is a teaching tool for introductory computing. It uses 3D graphics and a drag and drop interface to facilitate a more engaging less frustrating first programming experience. In other words, it makes programming enjoyable for all of us whether or not we’re natural-born programmers. M H

  1. Animoto

This site is a wonderful way to create professional looking videos. All you have to do is upload picture. The site adds the transitions, effects, and times the pictures to the music for you. Unfortunately, you now have to pay a fee of $30 a year to use this site. It is still well worth it when you get great video. By the way, a new feature is that you can not upload video clips as well as pictures. E M H

  1. Animoto for Education

.You can enhance your digital classroom with Animoto, the perfect tool for creating videos and presentations. It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life. Educator can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom. E M H

  1. Apple—Education—Mobile Learning

Apple Podcasting in Education Video Series. E M H

  1. Audacity

This site is a free open source software for recording and edition sounds. E M H

  1. The Art of Storytelling

Teachers and students can create stories using tools of characters, setting backgrounds, props, and more. Students can type their favorite genre of story. Stories can be shared with others, too. E M H

  1. EBlogger

This site makes creating blogs as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Use blogs to communicate and create a forum for discussions for your students. It’s free! E M H

  1. Book Glutton

This site allows for teachers to create book clubs within the class. Teachers can post questions and groups can hold discussions about chapters. H

  1. Brainflips

This site allows teachers to create their own interactive flash cards. Teachers can create flash cards in different modes. They can be as an introduction, traditional and response method. Teachers can create math or word flash cards. Students can be timed or untimed. The ideas are endless. E M

  1. Brain Shark

Teachers and students enhance presentation with voice and/or music and share and embed them into blogs and Webpages. E M H

  1. Cacoo

This Web 2.0 site allows you to create diagrams on real time collaboration. This is a free site for students and educators. E M H

  1. Calcoolate

This Web 2.0 app is for students who need help calculating complex mathematical equations. M H

  1. Capzles

Create multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs, and documents to create a timeline. UE M H

  1. CarrotSticks

This site is an online multiplier game that improves math skills. E

  1. Casa Notes

Casa Notes is designed to allow teachers to quickly make, and customize, typical notes that are sent home to parents or given to the students. This is done by using templates and allowing the teachers to customize some of the content, choose a color scheme and add a graphic. The notes can then be printed on a black-and-white or color printer to be used. Teachers can select whether the notes should be in English or in Spanish. M H

  1. Check Dog

This site lets you check the spelling of your web site. E M H C

  1. CiteBite

You can get direct quotes from a web site. E, M H

  1. Citrify

This is an online photo editor that is free. You will have to sign up in order to use. E M H

  1. Classchatter

Class Chatter offers a free blogging and Web tools for teachers and students. E M H

  1. Class Jump

Free Websites for teachers. It allows teachers a place to have a classroom 24/7 by posting homework, documents, articles of interests, and links to resources. Students can set up individual accounts so they can upload documents for teachers and have email communications. E M H

  1. Clipgenerator

You can add music to images and text. E M H

  1. Closer it

You can upload photos zoom and share them. E M H

  1. Codeorgan

This site transforms any website into music. You just have to copy and paste the URL in the space and it converts the site into music for you to hear. E M H

  1. Educational uses of digital storytelling

This website is dedicated to the educational uses of digital storytelling. It includes everything from getting started to examples. E M H

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