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Collaborize Classroom

You can share files and assignments with students. No longer do you have to waste paper. Students can share and review work and assignments. E M H

  1. Comic Master

This web site allows students the ability to create their own comics by using speech bubbles, objects and backgrounds. You need to register in order to save work. This is a free site. M H

  1. Confusing Words

This site helps you understand words that may be confusing. E M H

  1. Copyscape

This site checks for on line plagiarism. E M H

  1. Convert Cartoon

You can convert your photos to cartoons. E M H

  1. Cosmeo

Discovery Channel’s Online Homework Help for grades K – 12. Includes over 30,000 videos tutorials and nearly 150,000 reference articles and educational interactive games. Free Trial E M H

  1. Cambridge and Ridge and Latin School Outline Maker

This is a very easy outline tool to use. Just fill in the blanks and then click- Create Ouline and the outline is done. E M H C

  1. Cube Tree

This site allows you to create wikis, blogs, profiles for your groups. E, M H


A site where educators can share curriculum and they can find curriculum aligned with common core as well as finding project that promote rigorous learning. E M H

  1. Dabbleboard

This site is an Online collaboration application that centered around whiteboards. E M H

  1. Delicious

One of the most popular bookmarking tools on the web, lets you bookmark websites and tag them for easy retrieval. H

  1. Digital Films

You can create your own digital films for free. Choose your characters, setting, background and effects. E M H C

  1. Diigo

This site is a social platform for bringing your students into a community where they can connect with each other. They collaborate; create bookmarks, and much more. Go to the Diigo Help Center to create an educational account. M H

  1. DocPals

This is a free online document file converter. E M H C

  1. Doink

This site is a place to create custom animation and share with others your creations. E M H

  1. Do You Buzz

Create online resume by adding photos, video, documents and presentations. H C

  1. New Dragon on Tape

Use this site to quickly merge together videos. UE M H

  1. Draw Anywhere

Draw flowcharts, network diagrams, organization charts and more online. M H

  1. Dweeber

On this sites students can be connect and collaborate with each and help with homework and assignments. Collaborative white boards can be used to solve science and math problems. Users from age 13 and up. M H

  1. Edmodo

This is a web.2.0 site that allows teachers and students to communicate in real time. Teachers and students can post assignments and grades as well as have class discussions. M H

  1. EdtechMag

Article explaining Web 2.0 T

  1. Edublogs

10 Ways to use your edublog to teach

This site assists educators with the 10 ways blogs can be used in the educational setting. Take the time to read the 10 points T

  1. Web Base Educational Software

There are a lot of free educational software and other resources that you can find directly on the Internet. No need to download and install them! T

  1. Educational Software and Web 2.0

An educator’s wiki that has links and information about the latest trends in Web 2.0 T

  1. Voice Thread

This site is an online tool that students and educators can collaborate using any type a media within a secure environment. E M H

  1. Education Tech Focus on K-12

Color, Play, Podcast is a lesson plan for elementary school students to share their learning with a wider audience over the Web. This site has other Web 2.0 links. E

  1. Education Tech Focus on K-12

Podcasting at School. This article talks about the trends in podcasting in a school setting. Education Tech Focus on K-12 E M H

  1. eLearningspace

everything elearning E M H

  1. School 2.0 eToolkit

This site was designed to help schools, districts, and communities develop a common education vision can be supported by the integration of technology. T

  1. Evernote

This site lets you grab Webpages, pictures, and take notes and then place it in a private location on their server for use in the future. You can organize your information and can even create albums that can be make for public access. M H

  1. Downloader Helper

The site is a way to discover many sites showing Web videos from all around the world. You also can download such as Firefox and other technology tools. H

  1. The Amazing Web 2.0 Project Book

Terry Freidman has collected practical ways to use 2.0 projects, everything from voicethreads, to wikis, to wordle, to tikiwiki and much more. It covers grades first to high school. T

  1. Flash Meeting

This site is an online meeting application. H T

  1. Fleck

This site allows you to put notes on web sites to tell students exactly what you want them to do, read, or look for. Depending upon what you want them to look for, you can use the sticky notes to guide students through a web page or site. M H

  1. Flickr

You can share and save your photos to use with projects with your students. All you have to do is create an account. It’s free. E M H

  1. Flisti

Create free Online polls without signing up. Simple to use. E M

  1. FlixTime

You can use video using photos, videos, text and music to create a 60 seconds. Free UE M H

  1. The Newspaper Clippings Generator

Your students can create their own newspapers and write articles using this newspaper clippings generator. Use this tool to motivate or to engage your students. E M

  1. Web 2.0 Fotobabble

Students can upload their own photos and record their own voice as a narrative for the photos. They can share the photos. It’s a great motivator for students to talk and create conversation or dialogue. Students can create stories around their talking photos. EC E M

  1. Friendship Through Education

Collaborative effort to build understanding between nations by connecting students around the world. M H

  1. Gaggle Net

Safe email and blogging for students usually unblocked. E M

  1. Gamequarium

Search Educational Videos ... Computer Lab for Kids. For Teachers. Educational Videos ... Free Web 2.0 Tools and How-To. For Parents T

  1. Geo Greeting

Create greeting cards using google maps and letters. Just type a message and it appears on a map from google maps. Fun way to send a greeting card. E M

  1. Glogster

An easy way of creating a multimedia Web presentation. You can also create a blog with video. M H

  1. Glypho

You can write a story and others can add to the story. You can read what others have written as well. E M H

  1. Classik TV

You can create your own movies by adding music and effects. E M H

  1. Grapholite

This site allows you to create flowcharts, organizational, mind and graphic organizers to use online and off line. There is a free version and a subscription version. H T

  1. New Hello Slide

Teachers and/or students can create audio presentations by just typing in text. The site converts the text to audio. E M H

  1. Hot Potatoes

This site enables you to create interactive multiple-choice, short answer, jumbled-sentence, crossword, matching/ordering and much more. E M H

  1. Howjsay

This is an online talking dictionary that has a good speech quality. Students can type in a word and hear the pronunciation and whether the word is noun, verb, adverb, or adjective. E M H C

  1. New Knovio

Teachers can use this Web-based tool (Flash is needed) to add video or audio to PowerPoint presentations. Students can use this to create projects and share via the internet. M H

  1. Multicolr Search

You can search pictures using colors. Select a color and then select the picture you want. Pictures can be used in a variety of projects. E M H

  1. Museum of Me

This is a very cool tool that allows you to share visually your life with others by linking your photos from your Facebook account. It takes only a moment to do and it is cool to view. M H C

  1. Printing Press

Read Write Think Printing press. You can create brochures, newspapers, booklets, and flyers Online. M H

  1. Jay Cut

You can edit your movies on this site. This is a free movie editor site. Upload movies, photos and music to create masterpieces to use in projects. E M H

  1. Just Paste It

This site allows you to save text and mathematical formulas, video, and photos to share with others. All work is saved on servers at Just Paste It. Students can work collaboratively and share their work. M H

  1. Kid Blog

Kid Blog is created by teachers for teachers so that students can feel safe when blogging. Teachers can monitor and control the blogging in their community. Teachers can upload student’s names quickly into classes. Students can log on by just clicking on their name. They do not need to memorize passwords. E M

  1. Kwout-A Brilliant Way to Quote

This website allows you to capture and embed a portion of a Website onto a blog while retaining the hyperlinks. H

  1. Learning in Hand

Handheld computer, podcasts, iPods & mobility from Tony Vincent. This site has lots of information about how to get started creating podcasts. M H

  1. Collab-o Write

You can write and illustrate your own story. You can add your own illustrations. E M H

  1. Library of Congress

Teachers will find everything they need to help students create projects. Teachers will find safe videos and photos that be used for multimedia projects and interactive games. You don’t have to worry about copyright when it comes to the photos on this site. E M H

  1. Loose Stitch

This is an online collaborative tool that you can create outlines with one user or more and it can be exported to the web. M H C

  1. Lovelycharts

You can create a variety of flowchart, organizational charts, wire frames, and more Online it is free Website. The charts are then downloadable as a jpeg. E M H

  1. Make Beliefs Comix

In this site, you can make your own comics. E M

  1. Math Playground

This site has addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, problems with numbers for elementary and primary grades. EC E

  1. New Meograph

Another tool for developing stories using a multimedia approach. There is a section for education as well as journalism. H

  1. Mind Meister

This is a real time collaborative tool that allows everyone to brainstorm and create outlines. M H C


Looking for a way to get your students more engaged? Mixbook is proud to present Mixbook for Educators, a program that allows educators even easier access to the most powerful suite of digital storytelling tools on the web. Check out the stories below to hear how Mixbook can help YOU. E M H

  1. Radio Willow Web

Radio Willow Web is a podcast for kids and by kids from the students at Willowdale Elementary School in Omaha, Nebraska. Listen to Internet audio programs by elementary students. E

  1. Museum Box

A Web 2.0 Tool that provides students with the opportunities to build a virtual museum box of information that can describe an event person or historical period. M H

  1. New My Pop Studio

This site was created by Media Education Lab at Temple University. It introduces children, 9 – 14 to media literacy. Activities and games include creating a pop star and pop song, Eediting a TV show, and designing a comic strip. There are lesson plans and activities to accompany the online learning. E M

  1. My Stickies

On this site you can place yellow squares of digital paper anywhere on the Internet. It also is a strong interface to browse, search, sort, and edit on the Internet. M H

  1. Create a Graph

You can create a graph online. M H

  1. Obsurvey

This site has a wiki interface to create surveys with different styles of questions. Survey can be imbedded in blogs and Websites. You can collect and analyze responses. E M H

  1. One True Media

You can mix you photos, and videos with special effects to create a dynamic slide show. Free UE M H.

  1. Orangoo

This is a spell check site. It’s a free spell check site that you can add to your website. You can spell check in English or change it to another language. E M H C

  1. Pbwiki

This is another site for creating wikis. Once again, a free site in which educators can create wikis for communication and collaboration with students. T

  1. Photo Peach

You can create slides shows using photographs. The best feature about this site is you can create quizzes using multiple-choice questions. Slide shows can be posted on a Website or blog. Free E M

  1. Picasa

Picasa is free photo editing software from Google that makes your pictures look great.

Sharing your best photos with friends and family is as easy as pressing a button! E M H

  1. The Pocket Mod

Pocket Mod lets students create pocket size books. Pocket Mod is a small book with guides on each page. Pocket Mod can be note cards, how tos or short stories that students create. Students can design their won study guides for units. It’s a free personal organizer. E M

  1. Podbean

This site is an easy and powerful way to start podcasting. E M

  1. Podcast Alley

This website has the most extensive listing of podcasts on the web. E M

  1. PodOmatic

You can create simple podcasts with this online tool. This online tool allows you to use and place sound recordings on line for your students to hear. Just think you could place home assignments on line for students who may not be able to understand the written word or may be visually impaired. This site was blocked by our district, so you may have to have it unblocked by your district if it’s blocked as well. Younger children could easily record their opinions about a favorite book or predict the plot to story. This is free. E M

  1. Poll Everywhere

Audiences use mobile devices for presenters to gather real-time responses in any venue. Free for 30 people or less. E M H T

  1. Prezi

This free site gives you tools to create zooming presentations without using frames not slide. You can make motivational presentation, flow charts, timelines, and much more.


Presentation about using Prezi in the classroom M H

  1. Quicklyst

This site allows you to create outlines as well as integrating with online research resources. You do have to sign up to use the tool. E M H C

  1. Post Card Creator

Create your own post cards. E M H

  1. Comic Creator

You can create comics online. E M H

  1. Interactive Timeline Generator

Create a timeline E M H

  1. Crazy Talk

You can make your photos talk with this site. E M H

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