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Students and teachers can use this site to record audio and video then post it on a blog or school Website. E M H

  1. Remember the Milk

This site acts just like a to do list to manage your tasks. M H

  1. Rich Chart Live

You can create charts using data from existing excel files or other files. It’s an easy step by step process. M H

  1. Screencast-O-Matic

This site is an Online screen recorder for recording from your browser. M H

  1. Scratch

This is a great site to engage students in drawing and creating stories. You have to download the free software to create interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art. It has a paint program that you can use without animation. Materials can only be viewed with the software. It will work in school. There are some cool projects already created that can give you an idea as to how you can use it with your students. M H

  1. Sen Teacher

Online Certificate Maker. T

  1. Podcasting and Education

This site has lots of links to different ways to use podcasts in education. It also has rubrics and ways to access podcasts. T

  1. Shwup

You can combine photos, videos, and music to create a movie in three easy steps. What makes this site interest is that students can work on collaboratively in projects. Free E M H

  1. New

You can create a video slide show with photos and music. M H

  1. New SideVibe

This Website is a way for teachers to bring the Web and your classroom together. This site can replace the use of handouts when students are engaged in a Web based activity. It also promotes real-time collaborative communication. Teachers can easily see student’s responses and work. Communications can be send between teacher and student. E M H

  1. New Slidestaxx

This Web-based tool offers another way to create slide presentations using social media such as pictures, videos, and Websites. M H

  1. SmugMug

In this Website, you can place pictures into groups and sub-groups. You also can create a variety of products with your pictures.E M H

  1. Sqooltools

The tools of “the read-write web” will dramatically impact education as we know it.  This session demonstrates how virtual learning environments, such as Moodle, can be used to not only support reading and writing, but to empower students and create exciting new learning opportunities. T

  1. Stage’D

Students can create animated comics to tell a story. However you will have to install unity web player on your computer. M H

  1. Storyjumper

Students can create their own children’s book and publish on the Web. A teacher can sign up for a whole class. E M

  1. Strutta

You can create Online contests. E M H

  1. New Study Blue

Teachers can create flashcards for students to study as well as students can create there own. The flashcards can be converted into study sheets and/or quizzes. This site can be accessed through the Internet or mobile device. M H

  1. Stupeflix

You can make free videos using this site. You can select a theme, add titles, your photos, their music to create videos for special projects. E M H

  1. Super Hero Comic

Students can create a comic strip or a comic book using this site. They can save and print their work. E M H

  1. SurveyMonkey

An Online site where you can use the free version which offers 10 questions per survey and up to 100 responses with real time results. E M H

  1. Tagxedo

Tagxedo allows students and teachers to create word clouds in shapes that relates to most subject areas. The words are emphasized as one takes the mouse over the words. You can edit the words and style just in Wordle, but this site allows more interactive use of the words. E M H

  1. Teachersfirst

TeachersFirst is a rich collection of lessons, units, and web resources designed to save teachers time by delivering just what they need in a practical, user-friendly, and ad-free format. T

  1. Teachertube

This site provides an online community for sharing instructional videos and seeks to fill a need for a more educationally focused, safe venue for teachers, schools, and home learners. It is a site to provide anytime, anywhere professional development with teachers teaching teachers. As well, it is a site where teachers can post videos designed for students to view in order to learn a concept or skill. T

  1. Video: I Started a Blog (Song) T

  1. Timeglider

Students and teachers can create interactive timelines using pictures, information from newspapers, videos. Students can log on using their teachers login information. M H

  1. Track Class

Students can get and stay organized using this free site. Students can keep their notes organized, and get reminders about assignments and tests. H

  1. Timelinr

Students can create a simple Online timeline. All they have to do is type the start and end year and the events and then it is created for them . E M

  1. New TimeRime

Timelines can be created using multimedia to tell a story or an event. H

  1. TimeToast

This site is a bulleted centered timeline with text and pictures. E M H

  1. 21 Classes Cooperative Learning

Setting up classroom accounts T

  1. ToonDoo

A cartoon strip creator that you just drag-drop or click to create comic strips that express your views, opinions, angst or to just have fun, loads of it!. You can create, publish, share, and discuss creations. E M H

  1. Twitter

A Website service to communicate and stay connected by using short bite size updates about your life that gives more information that you can send to people between your blog posts and emails. Students can use this to summarize journal entry to keep the teacher posted on their progress, can be used for scavenger hunt tools. E M H

  1. TypingWeb

A free Online typing and keyboard tutor—all levels with lessons. UE M

  1. UStream

This site allows you to post videos as they are happening. You can record conferences, plays, presentations, and lessons. M H

  1. New Videolicious

You can make a short one-minute video with 20 shots in 3 easy steps. E M H

  1. Vocaroo

This is a voice recording service. You can record your voice and download it to use it in many was. E M H

  1. VUVOX

You can use three different ways to create multimedia slides shows with photos, video, audio. The best educational use for this site is Collage. You can create timelines ,and photo journals with students. Free sign-up. M H

  1. Vyew—Free Anytime Collaboration and Live Conferencing

Free collaboration and Web conferencing tool. M H

  1. Wallwisher

Collaborative tool to share ideas between students M H

  1. Weblogg-ed

Learning with the read write lab. M H

  1. Slide Share

What is Web 2.0 for K12 » SlideShare

Very short, high level presentation for intro to Web2.0 for a K12 audience. E M H

  1. New Wikidot

This sight is not just a wiki. An educator can create a website, post lessons, collaboration with students, and more. There is a Educational status that is free. E M H

  1. Wikispaces

This is a free site that allows educators a place to create wikis for great classroom collaboration projects. E M H

  1. Wisemapping


A visual tool to create outlines. M H C

  1. WiZiQ

Enables teachers and learner to collaborate through virtual classes, Online tests, content sharing and content management. M H T

  1. Word Press

This site can be use to write blogs and create Webpages. M H T

  1. New You Tell Story

This site is a collaborative story telling tool. A way for students and teacher to present ideas and topics in an engaging format. E M H

  1. Xtra Normal

Using this site is an easy and fun way to instantly create movies which include sets, actors, and sounds. E M H

  1. Zoomerang

You can create free Online surveys and polls. M H T

  1. New Zimmertwins

Students can create a story using characters, settings, props and dialogue. E M


  1. Braineos

You can create flashcards or students can play using created cards on a variety of topics. Topics range from math, history, foreign to science. You do have to be longed in order for scores to be saved. E M H

  1. Brain Nook

This site allows students to improve their math and English skills while learning about the Earth. Students will compete with students around the world. There is a subscription fee for this site. E

  1. More Templates

These could be repeats of other games. E M H

  1. Homemade PowerPoint Games

This site has templates and directions. E M H

  1. PowerPoint Tutorial

This site may help those novices who need a little extra assistance with animation, or text features when creating the games. E M H

  1. PowerPoint

This site has tutorials as well as templates and prepared games. E M H

  1. PowerPoint Games

PowerPoint Game Templates and directions

Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Weakest Leak E M H

  1. Games Kids Play Power Point Pizzazz

Tips on PowerPoint with Photos, sound recordings and videos from the Library of Congress. E M H

  1. Microsoft Downloads/Games

Microsoft has some game templates you can download. They have tic tac toe and sudoku, checkers, crossword puzzles, and bingo. E M H

  1. PPT Tools

You will find tutorials for keeping score, and downloads. E M H

  1. Presentation Magic

This site has tutorials and PowerPoint templates as well as sample presentations. E M H T

  1. Wild Team

PowerPoint Games that have been created by teachers for teachers. Pre-k to Grade 12 can be found on this site. Everything from games on The Farm to games on Coupon Frenzy can be found. E M H

  1. PowerPoint Lessons

PowerPoint Activities E M H

  1. PowerPoint Games

There are games for all subjects and grade levels-Prek-5 E

  1. Tucoola

This site has games, videos, and activities for young children. Parents can track their child’s progress after they have signed up for the site and have logged in. EC

  1. What2Learn

Students can engage in learning games for reading and math or teachers can create games. Anyone who uses site has to be signed up. There are online and printable. E M


  1. ArtRage 2.5 Free Paint Simulation Software

This site provides realistic simulations of using paint on a canvas, along with pencils, pens, crayons, water, and other art tools. There is a manual available as a part of the software. UE M

  1. The Kea Coloring Book

Free coloring book software that can be downloaded. The coloring books are interactive and lend themselves to educational units and lesson. There are colors to use as well as to mix and to add sound effects to the pages of the coloring books. EC

  1. 2Funny Math for Kids

This software helps students learn math by doing addition, subtraction, multination, division, and comparing numbers. There are about 20 activities that allow students the opportunity to practice the skill. E

  1. Paint Net- A free Photo Shop Clone

This is a Photo shop look-a-like software that is free. It lets you edit and manipulate photos or create digital art. M H

  1. Teacher Tools

Fire Fly Web Browser

Firefly is a Web Bowser made specifically for kids to make their surf experience safe. “As such it offers these features, again quoting “It always starts at; It can only go to websites liked from these pages AND pages that are approved by parents that are added to your favorites. It uses Google to perform searches, but presents results that are filtered of inappropriate content. Access to the Google results will require an adult password; it has a time management facility so that parents can set the time that browser will work. E and for parents E M


Language Arts

  1. Story Kit

Students can create an electronic storybook using this app.

  1. Idea Sketch

Use this app to draw diagrams, mind maps similar to Inspiration software.

  1. ABC Phonics- place with other apps

This is a free application for elementary level students. There are phonic word sight games.

  1. ABC Phonics and Sight Words

Students have DOLCH word lists as well as flash cards, drag and spell and unscramble activities for the iPad.

  1. My Spelling Test

Create spelling tests and students can take spelling tests. Teachers can track students’ progress.

  1. Paperdesk Lite

This app replaces a notebook. It is a simple pad of paper for you iPad.

  1. Word Web Dictionary

This is a dictionary and thesaurus with fast searching for words, synonyms and definitions.

  1. Grammar Dragon

This app is for the iPhone and helps students learn about grammar by playing games. E

  1. Merriam Webster Dictionary

This is a free iPad app that allows students and adults to look up words and search for words. E M H

  1. My ABC Lite

This is a free app that allows young students to learn their letters in the alphabet and phonic sounds as well as ASL. EC

  1. Read Me Stories

This is a free app for iphone and ipad that has stories for students to read. EC E

  1. ABC Phonics Sight Words HD Free Lite – for iPad

Activities to help students read better using sight words

  1. Learning the origins of words and meanings

Free Exam Vocabulary Builder by AccelaStudy

  1. Free Book – 23,469 classics to go

Download any of the classic books and read with the fully featured ereader.

  1. ABC Phonics Animals Free Lite

Talking & Spelling Alphabet Flashcards Kids Games

  1. Spelling Hero – Custom Spelling Lists and Spelling Tests

Students can practice for school spelling bees.

  1. Grammar Express: Parts of Speech Lite

In this app, there are 130 pages of lessons on each part of speech with examples

  1. Grammar Fun Free

A game that students match grammatical constructs to corresponding words in sentences.

  1. Mad Libs

This app has silly stories and word games

  1. Making Pizza-LAZ Reader—First Grade

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. A Seed Grows -- LAZ Reader—First Grade

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. Math Text Mix Up -- LAZ Reader—First Grade

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. Discovering Dinosaurs – LAZ Reader—First Grade

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. Farm Animals – LAZ Reader—Kindergarten

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. Riding with Rosa Parks – LAZ Reader—First Grade

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. How Zebras Got Their Stripes – LAZ Reader—Second Grade

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. The Sky is Falling – LAZ Reader—First Grade

This app has fiction and not-fiction stories. This book is available in a twelve book series (Not all the books are free)

  1. ABC Magic 3 Line Math

In this app, students can tap on letters and object and then hear their sounds. They can also draw line with their fingers to connect pictures.

  1. Nook for iPad from Barnes & Noble—Free books, magazines, and newspapers (some free)

Using this app, students and teachers can start to read books magazines and newspapers.

Users need to create an account.

  1. The Complete Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales

This app has classic fairy tales

  1. Imangi

In this app, students can slide rows and columns to create words in different arrangements.

  1. Fishtropolis – Word Fun for Everyone

This site is a game that students spell types of fish to move to levels

  1. Textropolis

Find hidden words

  1. iSpelllingWorm Free

In this app, students pick the correct letter. EC E

  1. Words Free – 4 Letter Words and Spelling

This app helps students in spelling 4 letter words

  1. ABC Spelling Magic—Short Vowel Words

In this app, students learn word sounds and how to build words

  1. ABC Spelling Magic 2—Consonant Blends

This app focuses on teaching consonant blends

  1. ABC Spelling Magic 3—Blends and Syllables

Students can practice spelling 5 – 7 letter words

  1. Chicktionary fo iPad

This app is a word game that students will unscramble letters to create words

  1. Shake and Spell

This app is a spelling game

  1. Word Families Free

The app teaches students word families

  1. Bluster!/id416160693?mt=8

Students learn vocabulary and their definitions through word matching games

  1. Spel It Rite

This app helps students recognize misspelled word

  1. Miss Spell’s Class

In this app, student’s practice spelling and recognizing misspelled words

  1. A Bee See Sight Words Free Lite -- Talking & Spelling Flash Cards

Students learn pronunciation and spelling

  1. Aesop’s Fables For Kids

This app has stories that are interactive

  1. Tales2Go

Access to audio stories

  1. Scribble Press

Students can write and share their own stories. This app has drawing and writing tools.

  1. Demibooks

Students can create interactive books.

  1. Flat Stanley

Students learn about travel and different cultures.

  1. Word Games for Kids – Futaba

A game to build vocabulary

  1. Vocabulary Central Grade 6

  1. Vocabulary Central Grade 7

  1. Vocabulary Central Grade 8

  1. Vocabulary Central Grade 9

  1. Vocabulary Central Grade 10

  1. Vocabulary Central Grade 11

  1. Vocabulary Central Grade 12

Flashcards, songs and games help students with their vocabulary

  1. Word Drop – Free

This app helps with students typing skills at the same time, learn new words

  1. Sight Words by Little Speller

Children learn to read and spell

  1. 1000 Sight Words Superhero HD Free

Recognize words by sight sound

  1. Trading Cards

This app allows students to share their understanding of topics by summarizing information. They can create trading cards in various categories include vocabulary, event, object, real place, fictional place, real person, and fictional person. E M H

  1. Word Mover

This app allows students to create their own magnetic poetry by choosing from word banks and categories. They can save their poems to photos and they can print their poems to a wireless printer and they can send them by email. E M H

  1. iTooch

This app has about 10,000 exercises that cover common core standards in grades 6 – 8 in language arts and math and health in grade 6. M

  1. Grammar Wonderland

Students can practice their grammar skills in a wonderland adventure. E

  1. Kidz Memory Quiz

Students will read 6 stories and select the best answer to questions that will test their memory and retention. EC E

  1. Reading Monster Town 1

There are stories in 6 units ranging from my family and I to growing up and weather. The stories cover fiction and non-fiction passages. There comprehension activities, sentence building and sentence structure within the units. EC

  1. StoryBots New

Students create personalized stories. They can use their own name and face in the story. E

  1. Storyrobe New

Students can create audio and visual stories. They can upload photos and record narration or voice-overs. They can do interviews, used on field trips, documentation and much more. The stories can be shared Online. E M H

  1. New Create a Comic

Students can create a story in a comic book fashion E M

  1. New Videolicous

Create you own short videos in a few easy steps. You can combine the short videos in to longer ones by using iMovie or Windows MovieMaker. E M H

  1. New Pocket WavePad

You can record, edit and use sound effects. You can download the sound clip. E M H

  1. New Storyboards 3D

Students can create storyboards with characters and setting. They can be emailed to themselves.

  1. Beginning phonics

Children are engages with beginning phonics. EC

  1. Build a word express

practice spelling and learning letter sounds and names.

  1. Find the synonym

A game about synonyms and antonyms. E


  1. New Arcademic Skill Builders

This site has standard-aligned educational games that make learning fun based on video games. Covers basic math skills: multiplication, division, and subtraction. Games can be played in groups or only a single player. The site has also has a teacher manual and standard based lessons. E

  1. Basic Math

Basic operations of math with choices. Teachers can see student’s results and email parents.

  1. Easel Algebra I Lite

There are interactive and lessons with a “Show Me” model. The “Show Me” model does a step-by-step process if you need help.

  1. HMH Fuse Geometry

This is an interactive curriculum for the iPad.

  1. Coin Genius

Introduces students to coins.

  1. Coinmath

Learn all about financial literacy. $1.99. There is a free version but we do not recommend it because of inappropriate ads.

  1. Mad Math Lite

This app allows you to have more than one user on an iPad in the classroom. The teacher can set the students’ settings depending upon what operation they are working on. This app can also record a report card on the students’ progress.

  1. Fraction Basics

This app is a quick and simple way to learn the basic info about fractions.

  1. Oh No Fractions

In this app students will learn about fractions on a simple and intuitive interface.

  1. Time Math

This app help young children learn about telling time and it is voice activated. $1.99

  1. Your Teacher—Math.

This app has math lessons

  1. Painless algebra

This app tests your knowledge and then skills on Algebra

  1. 24 Game

This app using only single digit numbers but it helps students learn math quickly. $.99

  1. Fractions by Brainingcamp

In this app, teachers can illustrate fraction concepts quickly. $.99

  1. Math Concentration

This app allows students to practice their math skills by matching whole numbers, shapes, fractions, or multiplication facts to equivalent representations. They can practice with closed window panes for transparent window panes. There are different levels and can play by themselves or with others. PreK – 5.

  1. Equivalent Fractions

Students can create equivalent fractions by dividing and shading square or circles and math each fraction to its location on a number line. Students can check their work and teachers can build their own equivalent fraction to test students.

  1. 10 Frame Fill

Students can learn number sense by counting and moving cirlces into the 10 frames. The circles are in colors and appear with how many more are needed to fill giving student practice with basic addition and subtraction sentences. EC E

  1. Math Showdown: Multiplication

Helps students memorize the multiplication tables in a timed manner. It identifies the fact family that gives you difficulty and lets you review that family over. $.99

  1. Sushi Monster by Scholastic

Students can practice and reinforce math fact fluency by being engaged and challenged in leveled games. They help the monster target a product or sum and earn point for each correct answer. E

  1. Algebra Champ

Student can practice algebra skills with timed rounds. It provides problem solving, single variable and linear equations in a game like environment. M

  1. Tiny Chickens Learn Currency: Market

Children learn about currency in a real life scenario by practicing their basic math skills while selling items and making change at a farmers market. E

  1. Ninga Chicken – Tiny Chicken Learns Prime Numbers

Students will have fun and engages in learning prime numbers from 1 to 100. E

  1. Math Bingo

Students can choose from 4 games: addition, subtractions, multiplication, and division and they have 3 levels to choose from: easy, medium and hard. They can choose an avatar and keep track of the number of games and their score. (hint, have students use the same ipad to collect data) $.99 E

  1. Scan (QR Scanner)

Teachers can create their own QR Codes. This is another fun way of engaging students in problem solving. Teachers can create a scan of their contact info for parent to scan using their smart phones. Online QR Code creator:

  1. Interactive Integers – Addition and Subtraction

Provides interactive and engaging methods of learning and understanding positive and negative integers using addition and subtraction. E, M $.99

  1. Virtual Manipulative!/id471341079?mt=8

This app has fraction bars, circles, and similar manipulative that can be used to help students gather concepts of fractions, decimals, and percent’s. E

  1. Graph

In this app, you can create your own graphs with your data.

  1. Graphs

This app is a guide and workbook to understand types of graphs including line, bar and pie graphs.

  1. iTooch

This app has about 10,000 exercises that cover common core standards in grades 6 – 8 in language arts and math and health in grade 6. M

  1. Basic math multiplication showdown

Game that helps you memorize the multiplication tables from 1 through 9. $.99

  1. Candy Count

teaching colors and numbers using this app. EC


  1. Calculator Pro

This is for iPad and has a standard and scientific calculator.

  1. Molecules

View 3-D renderings of molecules that can be manipulated by using your finger.

  1. A graphing calculator

National Science Foundation

  1. Science 360 for iPad

Science 360 is from the NSF and is for the iPad. It provides videos and images about engineering and science around the world. There is news feed featuring world breaking news. This is a free application and is geared for middle and high school. M H

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