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Particle Zoo

Get to know the particles that make up our world

  1. Skeptical Science

About global warming

  1. Periodic Table

Interactive periodic table

  1. 3D Cell

Students learn all about the cell

  1. NASA App HD

This app has students exploring NASA

  1. Science Glossary

A glossary of scientific terms and biographies

  1. Mitosis

This app explains about cell division

  1. VideoScience

A library of over 80 Science lessons

  1. Awesome Eats: Fun Machine

Students can learn about good food choices that help to improve nutrition and wellness. E

Social Studies

  1. History: Maps of World

High-resolution historical maps.

  1. World History Atlas

This app has a collection of historical maps

  1. The Constitution

This is the original Constitution that can be viewed on iPhone and I Pod Touch. It is geared to Middle and high school use. This is a free application.

  1. History-Maps of the World

Students can view historical maps on iPod. It is a free application geared to middle and high school students. Some reviews of the app were negative due to banners and ads as well as download time.

  1. Library of Congress

This is a virtual tour of the Library of Congress site to be used on the iPhone. Students and teachers can access photos and other collections. This is a free application.

  1. New My Congress

Students can locate and learn about their representative in congress as well as view how they vote on issues. E M H

  1. Timbuktu

This is a free magazine for children using the iPad. Elementary students can learn about specific topics around the world.

  1. Women’s Empowerment: Muslim Feminism

Students will meet a young Muslim woman studying martial arts and wants to defy the Arab traditions. There is a video and lessons. M H

  1. John F. Kennedy Residential Museum Library

This site has access to all of the archives of the Kennedy collections. You can search the digital library as well as visit exhibits at the library. E M H

  1. Stack the States Lite

A game that ask you questions about state in the US. E

World Languages

  1. French tutor 24/7

Flashcard program that has interactive tools for learning French.

  1. Spanish Tutor 24/7

Flashcard program that has interactive tools for learning Spanish.

  1. Sign Language

Learn American Sign Language and to fingerspell words, numbers and basic sentences.

  1. Spanish Dictionary Pro Free

A two-way Spanish dictionary

  1. Learn Spanish Quick

Using flashcards to build students Spanish vocabulary

  1. Learn French – MindSnacks

A fun way to learn French

  1. Learn Spanish – MindSnacks

A fund way to learn Spanish

The Arts

  1. How to Draw (Free Lessons)

18 tutorials on drawing faces, cartoon characters and much more.

  1. Toontastic

Students can draw, animate, and share their cartoons.

  1. Bill Atkinson PhotoCard – Postcards

Students can create their own postcards

  1. Comic Touch Lite

Students can turn their photos into comics

Informational and Teacher Resources and Study Skills

  1. ifunface

You can make a photograph talk by animating the mouth and recording a message. $.99

  1. Flash Cards

This application lets students study by using material for any class by creating flashcardlets. This is a free application. It has study material for any class or standardized test. It can be used on an iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

  1. Total Recall

This is a free app and is for the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch. This app allows students to create mind maps and share them with others. Students can break down theme, characters and central ideas. E M H

  1. Khan Academy: a classroom in your pocket

You will have access to over 2,500 videos covering a variety of math and science topics

  1. BrainPop Featured Movie

Students can watch a variety of animated movies then they can be tested on their knowledge.

  1. Baby Flash Cards: 450+ flashcards for babies to Preschool and Kindergarten

Children can learn colors, letters, music, numbers, animals, and food pictures with sound.

  1. PBS Kids Video

Students can watch PBS television series such as Curious George, The Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That, etc.

  1. TED

Find more that 900 TEDTalk videos about educational radicals, tech geniuses, medical mavericks, business gurus, and music legends

  1. Dragon Dictation

Voice recognition, which allows you to speak words instead of type. You can see text and email messages.

  1. Bookster

Students can record their voices and play it back.

  1. Puppet Pals HD

Students can create scenes using puppets and also can record their voices.

  1. New ScreenChomp

You can create short videos to show students a specific concept. Students can demonstrate their knowledge of what they have learned.

  1. Animoto New

Students can create their own videos using photos, effects, text and music. E M H

  1. Alien Buddies

Four engaging activities: matching, puzzles, dot to dot and stickers with varied difficulty levels reinforcing colors, shapes, numbers and letters. EC $1.99

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica

The complete Encyclopedia Britannica.

  1. Brain pop jr movie of the week

Learning through BrainPop jr. movie of the week.

  1. Common Core for Busy Teachers

Quick list of ideas and resources to use while implementing common core curriculum in your classroom.

  1. A Must Havde Evaluation Rubric for iPad Apps

An evaluation tool to assist teachers to evaluate iPad apps for use in the classroom E M H


  1. eClicker- Free for students

This app is a students response system. It allows students to answer questions and get immediate feedback. Needs to be used in conjunction with the eClicker Host.

  1. eClicker Host- Costs $9.99

This app is a personal response system that allows teachers to ask questions and get immediate feedback from their students. This is a site that gives teacher’s information about the eClicker Host:

  1. Dropbox

You can save files and take them with you.

  1. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard

Teachers can use their iPad as a Whtieboard. Teachers can create their own books and record their voices

  1. K12 Attendance

Teachers can keep students attendance and check their attendance using this app. Right now it is only for use with iphone. This is a free App.

  1. Social Skills Sampler HD

This is a free application for the iPad geared for special needs students. There are videos that designed to teach and reinforce life skills that impact independent living.

  1. Educrations

This app creates a whiteboard for students and teachers to show and demonstrate work. Work can be recorded and saved. E M H

  1. Videolicious

Make a video creation by combining videos, photos, music and stories into a movie easily. E M H

  1. Vlix

This app is a fun way to personalize and share your video. E M H


  1. Character Counts

This site has lesson plans and free teaching tools and grant writing resources to help your school with strategies for teaching character education.

  1. Character Education and Life Skills Lessons

This site has lesson plans and resources for middle and high school level students.

  1. Crabbie Masters

Help understand the mood of students who may be having a bad day. This site is good for character education or for social workers or school counselors. This site provides adults with strategies for helping young people manage the ups and downs of every day life.

  1. You Can Handle Them All

This site helps with discipline. It has resources for behaviors at home and at school.

  1. Empowered Kidz—The Power of Healthy Eating

This website gives loads of information on prevention, assessments, and taking action on helping kids who may have eating disorders.

Generation On

Educators can get lessons and resources as well as themed units that are aligned with common core standards to help students develop engagement in their community. E M H

  1. Good Character

The sites as a wealth of information the focus on building character elementary middle and high school teaching guides and lessons.

  1. MVU Career Forward

This site has a partnership with between Microsoft, and Michigan Virtual University to help students identify and design an Individual Development Plan for a career path. Middle school and high school.

  1. New It’s My Life

This site helps to teach kids about dealing with life’s issues in middle school from bullying, cheating to money management. M

  1. Teacher Vision

Conflict resolution lessons from Educator for Social Responsibility

  1. Teaching Tolerance

This site has classroom activities and resources that help students cooperate and collaborate with others.

Researched and compiled by Marcia S. Bornfriend,

and Saralee Bernstein,

Reading/Language Arts/Journalism/Yearbook | Math | Social Studies | Science | World Languages | The Arts | Physical Education & Health | Career & Technology Education | Information Resource | Teacher Resource | Technology Resource |Collaborative Technology Tools/Web 2.0 |

iPad Apps | Guidance/Counseling

The Electric Company Word Ball

Using word skills to catch word balls with nine game enhanced videos. E

Fetch! Lunch Rush!-lunch-rush/id469089331?mt=8

multi-player game, you need to keep up with lunch orders from Ruff’s movie crew. The challenge is keeping track of how many pieces of sushi everyone wants. E

Wild Kratts Creature Math

practice addition and subtraction and learn valuable ecology/science concepts as they create their very own animal habitat

Fuzzy’s Lunch Lab Fresh Pick

Take on 8 exciting challenges that will put your math and problem solving skills E

Teacher Clicker—Socrative

Theachers can engage the entire classroom with educational exercises and games while capturing student results in real-time.

Alarm Clock Gear
Black Board Mobile
Countdown Timer
In Class
Mind Mash
My Moodle
PDF Report
Reminder & Count Down Free


MSO Learn

isual exploration of an orchestra, featuring the different instrumental families, individual instruments and the musicians who play them.

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