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Shakespeare resources for teachers H

  1. Free Book Notes

Just like with Cliff Notes, this site has free notes for many great novels and study guides. You can search for a book title or author. M H C

  1. Free Rice

Build your vocabulary and help feed children around at the same time. E M

  1. Free Children Stories

In this site there are narrated stories and books students can read on their own. EC E

  1. Literature Based Reading Lessons

Activities that go along with literature based stories such as “Flat Stanley”, “Little House in the Big Woods”, “Stone Fox” and many others. E

  1. Goodreads

Keep track of what you read and see what others have read. You can see reviews of books. You can post reviews of your own. Can be good for book clubs and summer reading assignments. E M H

  1. Grammar and English

Dozens of digital handouts on grammar and English usage, over 170 computer-graded quizzes, and recommendations on writing -- from sentence structure to research papers. E M

  1. New Grammar Ninja

Students will learn and review parts of speech by playing this ninja grammar game. There are three different levels that progress from easy to more advanced. E

  1. Grammar Now

This site allows you to get any questions you have about grammar. Great for editing and proof reading. E M

  1. New Grandpa's Tuckers Rhymes and Tales 

This website has silly tale tales stories and silly poems. Can be used to help teach alliteration. E

  1. Grockit

    Students can practice SAT and ACT on line through collaboration. Students have to register, but then they work in groups of five. They answer questions in teams. They earn points together. H

  1. Main Idea

This site has activities on Main Ideas. The directions to get started are spoken for the students. Helpful for students who need extra auditory assistance. E

  1. Word Builder

Students can test their knowledge of how to spell works on different levels. This site has levels 1 – 5 and is sponsored by Harcourt Brace E

  1. Heads Up English

This site has ESL lesson plans fro Elementary and Middle school teachers as well as ESLmaterials can be printed and used by teachers and students as well in Beginner, Lower intermediate, E M

  1. Homework Help

This site covers a variety of topics, reference links, games, etc. H

  1. Homework Help

This site covers a variety of topics, reference links, games, etc. M

  1. Homework Help

This site covers a variety of topics, reference links, games, etc. E

  1. RTNDF High School Broadcast Journalism Project

This site is geared for high school level students. There are resources such as lessons for teachers. H

  1. New High School Journalism from ASNE

There are lessons and activities for teaching journalism in the high school level. H

  1. Ict Games—Teaching Resource

A variety of games and activities about literacy. EC

  1. I Know That Language Arts Activities

Interactive games to play alone or with a small group. Match words to pictures, or find hidden words. E

  1. The Internet Public Library

Another site where you'll find the complete text of all Shakespeare's plays, so there's no need to panic when you've left your copy in your locker at school. Although the library actually consists of links to another site. M H

  1. Jayzeebear

This website has reading and game levels for early childhood to upper elementary. EC E

  1. Journalism Education Association

This site is geared to high school level students. There are curriculum and resource materials for teachers and students. H

  1. New Kid Port matrix

Interactive activities on a variety of skills. The site has a teacher’s page. You will find other subject areas as well. E M

  1. Kids Authors

Students can publish their original stories and poems. They can share their work with other students around the world. E M

  1. Kids Click

This is a great resource for students. This site was designed by librarians for kids to web search. This site can be a one- stop search site for your students. E M

  1. Repeat It Game

It’s a memory game. Students listen to the sounds and click on the button to make the sounds in the patterns. EC

  1. Kids Mysterynet

Kids can solve mysteries using critical thinking skills. Contest were kids can write and post them. E

  1. Kids Pages

This site if for early learners to learn the alphabet, stories, games, rhymes and more. E

  1. Kim’s Korner

This site has activities to help motivate and foster writing. Included are tools for teaching organizing, voice, fluency and much more. E

  1. New Kindersay

Videos about the alphabet and how to pronounce them. There are also videos to practice words. EC

  1. Metaphors

This site has loads of links for learning metaphors. Students can find resources and exercises to help extend their writing and make their writing more creative. M H

  1. Know it All

ETV's educational Web portal, a collection of fun, interactive websites for K-12 students, teachers and parents. E M H

  1. Gullah Tales

Folktales told in English. There are teacher resources on the site. E

  1. Imaginon—Just for Fun

Interactive games and activities to support book students read in school. E

  1. Pioneer Days and Lauren Ingalls Wilder

Take an interactive journey as you follow the life of pioneers as they may have lived. E

  1. Make a Word

Students click and drag the letters to the workspace to see how many words they can make from a given word. They have the option of starting over at any point. This site also has stories and poems and games. E

  1. Fairy Tale Land

Classic fairytales with writing and listening activities. E

  1. Learner/Interactives-COMMON CORE-MATRIX

This site has lots of interactives for teachers and students on all subject areas such as arts, foreign language, literature, language arts, math, science, social studies, and history. E M H

  1. New Learner Express-use in matrix

They have Learner Express is a gallery of short videos that also are linked to Common Core Standards and also linked to classroom activities. E M H

  1. Learning Chocolate

Students can memorize vocabulary words. Students can click on pictures and hear the pronunciation. There are matching games at different levels. The vocabulary is divided into topics for ESL. E M

  1. New Learn Zillion

This site has short videos and lessons that are aligned to the common core standards. This site can be used if venturing into using a flip classroom model. E M H

  1. Lil’ Fingers Storybooks

Storybooks for Toddlers

Storybooks and games for toddlers that include free coloring pages. EC

  1. Luminarium: Anthology of English Literature

This web site covers Medieval, Renaissance, 17th Century, and Restoration periods in English Literature. H

  1. Children’s Storybooks Online

Online books for young children. You can also find books for older children and young adults. There are links to free talking ebooks E M

  1. The Farm Animals—talking ebook

Free Online talking ebooks about farm animals. Click and hear every individual word pronounced, hear every page read, and listen to real farm animal sounds. E

  1. Make Beliefs

Students can click on tools to create comics that can talk to each other. Students can choose characters and emotions and add text to their characters. E M

  1. New Manythings

This site is a resource for teachers and students. It has a vast collect of games and activities as well as videos for non-native speakers. It can be used on devises such as ipads and iphones. It this sections Flash is not needed. E M H

  1. Mighty Book

This site has a variety of children’s books, songs, raps and art and music that are audible. Teachers may stop the story at any point to review words that may rhyme, vowel patterns, or new vocabulary words. The words are highlighted as they are being read. There is a subscription fee, but there are many of free items. EC E

  1. New Mr. Nussbaum

This sites and interactive activities and materials in the core subject areas. There are printable resources or teachers. Mr. Nussbaum has begun to organized activities aligned with Common Core Standards. E M

  1. New My Little Animals

Videos learning about the alphabet and how each letter sounds. EC

  1. New Myths and Legends

This site has a variety of interesting old myths and legends based on English and Irish tales. Students can listen to the story or read along using a text version. There is a teacher’s resources section that has lesson ideas, a glossary section, and story origin section for each story. This site is a British site so some words in the stories are not spelled as in the US. E M H

  1. Mysterynet—learn

This site has lesson plans ideas and mysteries that help teach and promote critical thinking and comprehension. E M

  1. Poynter Online

This site is geared for high school and has loads of information on journalism and photojournalism. It is sponsored by the Northwestern University. H

  1. Learn to Print

Students see the letter, hear the letter name said and hear an object for the letter. Students learn how to trace and make the letter. EC

  1. Similes

This site has lots of activities on similes and how to use them to improve students writing. E M

  1. New No Red Ink

This site can help students improve their writing skills through learning about grammar. Teachers can create individualized plans for students to increase proficiency in writing. Students and teachers will have to sign up for a free account. E M

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab

This site has tutorials, workshops, and study materials for students and teachers. This site offers power point presentations as well as handouts. The OWL at Purdue offers online writing, research, and MLA and APA style help to the world. M H

  1. Oz Speller

An on line spelling and keyboard tutor. It may say Australian, but it works in our language, too. Keyboard tutor is especially good. When using the Spelling Tutor, students will see the sentence and hear the word being asked to spell. Of course they will hear it with an Australian accent! E

  1. Page by Page

Hundreds of classic books you can read right online. E M H

  1. PBS Kids

All of the favorite characters and ideas from PBS programs. Students can read stories, complete activities and learn songs. E

  1. Don’t Buy It

a site for middle and high school students dealing with advertising and media literacy; it includes an area for teachers and parents E

  1. You Got Braille

Students can learn about Braille and student diversity. Just have students type in a phrase, word, sentence and click on the translate button and it will be translated into Braille. It can be printed. Students can put dots of glue on the dots and then feel what Braille feels like to visually impaired people. EC E

  1. Read Between the Lions: The Best Trampolini Game

Students must match up the positive, superlative or comparative adjectives by clicking on a rope to change the terms or hat if the terms are correct. E

  1. PBS Kids Island

The newest addition to PBS Kids—Kids Island. It lets students keep track of reading progress by playing games and earning tickets that are kept in the playhouse. They build a playground with each successful skill they master. There are stories and reading activities that help build reading literacy. EC

  1. Web Karaoke

Students can create their own poem and put it to music and sing it as a song. E M

  1. Colonial House “Tis a Very Dirty Manner of Life

This is an interactive activity produced by PBS about how the English language evolved from the 17th century to the 21st century in America. There is a Meet the Colonist page, Behind the Scenes, Interactive History, and Media Gallery included. This is a great way to integrate social studies into the language arts curriculum. E M

  1. Interactive Whiteboard Games

PBS has interactive games for whiteboards. EC E

  1. Great Performances -the-role-of-osric-activity/970

This is a modern day retelling of Hamlet. There is a teacher’s guide and video by scene or you can watch the entire video. H

  1. Poe Revealed

This site celebrates Edgar Allen Poe’s life and his writing. There are classroom activity packets for teachers and activities for students. M H

  1. Poetry Teachers

Poetry Teachers

This site is for teachers and students about the different types of poetry.

There are forums for students to post poems. E M

  1. Poetry 4 Kids

Funny children's poems and poetry books, games, contests, lessons, discussion forums, and journals, plus a rhyming dictionary, streaming audio, school visit information and more. E M

  1. Poetry Foundations

A good source for poetry appreciation. Students can search for poems and poets by category, title, or by a theme. H

  1. Poetry Online

A free, online famous poetry resource providing the famous poems by the World's most popular Poets. E M H

  1. An E Book Pomp The Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar

    This is an e book by Liz Sonneborn about the baby that can be seen on the Sacagawea Dollar. This is a six chapter book that is offered on line. UE.

  1. Popular Children Stories

You can get children stories, old classics, nursery rhymes, holiday stories, and search by an author. Literature- You can get the full version of stories Online. E

  1. Primary Games

This site has activities in all subject areas for grades Pre-k to 5.

You can find thematic stationary for students that will motivate students to write. There are science, social studies and math activities as well as a reading. EC E

  1. Primary Success Publications

This site has free resources of thematic poems in the freebies link that are quite extensive. There are free downloadable books on themed topics that the teachers can print and use for every student. EC

New Professor Garfield

Students can have fun reading, creating, exploring, and playing activities to promote literacy through one of their favorite comic characters Garfield. E M

  1. Sight Word Game

Students can drag the picture to the word and when they are correct they hear the word. EC

  1. Quia
Interactive activities Online activities. E M H


There are quizzes on spelling, sight words as well as activities for ESL for Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. E M

  1. Quotes and Poem

This site has a variety of famous poets as well as famous quotes that are searchable by alphabet and author. M H

  1. Road Hog Spelling

This is a fun spelling activity for students. Students have to fill up the tank by running over the letters from the word display. E


A Website by James Patterson that encourage students to be life long readers. It has reviews of children’s books by age and interest levels and topics and much more. This Website is a great resource for book talks. EC E M H

  1. Into the Book

Comprehension resource for students and teachers focusing on the eight research based strategies for reading. The site includes videos and interactive activities. E M

  1. Reading Rockets

This is a wonderful resource for teachers of reading. There are videos and research on teaching strategies and how to help students become better readers. There are videos of famous authors and illustrators discussing how they became interesting on writing. There are videos from the TV show that will assist teachers. There are links to state resources. E

  1. The Reading Room

Stories and lessons Online. Some chapter books are included. E

  1. Comparison and Contrast Guide

This site is interactive and is done by Read Write E

  1. Picture Match

Matching pictures to the first letter in a word EC E

  1. Rhyme Zone

Students who need to use rhyming words when writing poems can use this helpful dictionary tool to find rhyming words. E M

  1. Brain Food

Give your mind a work out on our devious collection of puzzles. There are hundreds, ranging from word games to logic problems to riddles. Some are tricky. Some require innovation. All require thinking power. E M

  1. Online Phonics

Games and activities for students from vowels to synonyms EC E

  1. SAT Question of the Day

Students can review a question of the day from the SAT test format. M H

  1. School Time Games

Students have access to games to reinforce math, social studies, language arts, logic, and science skills. E M

  1. Sebastian Swan

This site has a collection of books whose character is a swan. Students learn about animals, their environment as well as rhyming words, story sequence and helps students identify initial sounds. There is teacher and parent page. This site is cross-curricular. EC E

  1. Secondary English

A web site geared to high school students and teachers that have video essays and PowerPoint’s. There are also reviews of books and articles. There are videos of poems as well. H

  1. Seussville

Who doesn’t like Dr. Seuss? His birthday was March 2. This site has activities for early learning years. EC E

  1. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

This site has plays and poetry of Shakespeare. H

  1. Shakespeare and the Internet

For scholarly research, or just plain fun, this well-organized site is a must for all Shakespeare fans. It includes both original content (such as a time line of Shakespeare's life) and annotated links to a wide assortment of external sites. These links range from the useful (online Shakespeare courses) to the bizarre (a Star Trek site which is offers Shakespeare in its "original Klingon form."). Want more? Visit the "five-diamond" recommendations listed under Best Sites. H

  1. Exploring English

Explore the wonders and quirks of the English Language including the parts of speech, sentences, style guidelines, usage, punctuation, and spelling. Includes online tutorial. E M

  1. Magnetic Poetry Shocked Poetry

Students can create their own writing using the words and phrases. They can select a background and even print their work when they are done. Just click and drag the words and phrases to the work area. E M

  1. Silly Books

An animated world of free reading, writing and learning fun for kids. Children can even have their own stories published, for. free. Recommended for elementary. Phonics and fluency and comprehension. EC E

  1. New Prediction and Inference matrix 

This is a slide presentation that can be used to help reinforce the reading skill of making predictions and inferences. E M

  1. Speak Read Write

This site provides teaching resources, study materials, and links for students and teachers, good for ESL teachers. E M H

  1. Spelling City

This site has a lot of activities that will help students to increase their spelling fluency. E M

  1. Sqool Tube—Language Arts

Teachers will find a variety of free videos on topics such as comprehension, vocabulary, phonics, grammar, and more. E M

  1. Star Fall

Interactive activities and stories- phonics based. EC E

  1. Story it

This site has poems online, write on shapes, story starters, and interactive games. Writing and spelling skills. EC

  1. Word Families

Students are shown words and have to click on the word that doesn’t belong. They hear a ring if they are correct. EC

  1. The Story Place

Stories that have students adding input and solving mysteries using clues EC E

  1. Bananas for Lunch

Story on line about a Banana for Lunch. There is a counting activity as well as a paper bag puppet to retell the story. EC

  1. Storyjumper

Students can create their own children’s book and publish on the Web. A teacher can sign up for a whole class. E M

  1. Storyline on Line

Students get to hear celebrities read stories. This site is from the screen actor’s guild. Each book as has activities and lesson ideas to accompany the book. EC E

  1. New Story Time

Students will read and learn about Greek mythology as well as ancient Greek history. M

  1. New Scholastic Story Starter

An automatic story generator that enables students to be creative with an idea as they write in different formats. Students are able to either download or print out finished products. E

  1. William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare Printable (** for premium members only) E M

  1. Story-starters.

This site helps you to get started on a story. Kids can learn how to write a story through promps. They also can publish stories. E

  1. Tuxedo

This word cloud application allows students and teachers to be creative with the power of words. They can create word clouds using a variety of shapes and formats. E M H

  1. Building Language for Literacy

Students can click on a character and choose an adventure. The adventures begin in a store, restaurant, museum, firehouse, farm, aquarium, and zoo just to name a few. EC

  1. Folktales

This site has folktales, myths, and storytelling exercises for students. There is the story How Monkey Stole the Drum on this page, however, students can find other stories on the site. E

  1. Teaching Time

Grades K-2 provide interactive games to support teaching time using analog and digital clocks. A resource for teachers. EC

  1. Theme Links

Thematic lesson planning for early childhood educators. EC

  1. Fridge Magnetic Poetry

Students can click and drag the words on the board to create poems or sentences or any creative form of expressive writing. E M

  1. Tikatok

Student can create a book using the tools in this site. You can choose between different papers, layouts, add pictures from a gallery. It is a great way for children to express themselves. E

  1. Time For Kids

Current events and the latest in science and technology can be found here. This site offers students high interest stories to read. Teachers will find this site useful for critical thinking and writing. E M

  1. Today in Literature

This site is a calendar of engaging stories about literature history. You can also get an author index, biographical information, and stories about authors. M H

  1. Alphabetical Order

    Students click the word that comes in correct alphabetical order. EC

  1. Online Writing Support

This site is support from Towson University that gives students assistance with writing tools such as Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Usage, Exercises, Plagiarism information and Punctuation. There are other links as well. Useful for middle and high school students. M H

  1. New Turtle diary

Online writing activity for kids Pre-school. EC

  1. Jo Jo’s Letter Sound Dash

Having fun with letter sounds while you play a board game. E

  1. New TV 411

This site has video, lesson, and activity that follow how to use prefixes. E M

  1. Up Stage Review

A resource for anyone interested in producing theater production for middle and high school It included classroom activities, monologues, lighting, sets, costumes, and props. M H

  1. ESL Teacher—Handouts

Free English grammar and vocabulary worksheets and printable handouts, for English language and English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and instructors to use in the classroom or other teaching environment. E M H

  1. English Resources in Literature

An overview and a review of the major collections of websites of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature" H

  1. Vocabulary. Com

This site helps to increase vocabulary usage and understanding. There are lesson plans, puzzles, word lists, and test prep assessments. H

  1. Word Ahead

This is a site that has word videos. You can watch short videos on a word. Teachers can sign up for a word a day video. E M H

  1. Merriam-Webster's Word Central

This site offers kids a student dictionary, Daily Buzzword, and interactive word games E M H

  1. Wordle

This site lets you make “word clouds” Students can use these for poetry to theme designs to expand their vocabulary and creativity. E M H

  1. New Word Tamer

Students learn the elements of story writing as they learn about plot, setting and characters. Students can print out their finished products or save them to the computer. E M

  1. Ziggity Zoom

You can read stories with sound, play games, educational activities for early childhood. You can print a page for writing. EC E



  1. AAA Math

This site has interactive arithmetic lessons in all areas including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, algebra, etc. It also has mental math and money lessons. EC E M

  1. New Adapted Mind—Math Videos Across the Web

Once you go to this Website, just click on the Video tab at the top of the page to find the videos. These free videos are organized into skill topics and are from Khan Academy and Adapted Mind. E M

  1. A Grade Math

Practice your math skills and watch videos and even make flash cards. This site has calculators, flashcards, games, homework assistance, worksheets, and much more. The videos are from YouTube, so they may be blocked from a school site. (You can use or to convert videos from YouTube so you can down load them to your computer) EC E M

  1. All Math

This site is for grades 1 to 6. It provides interactive math tools and has biographies of mathematicians E M

  1. Addition Machine

Helps students with adding E

  1. New Subtraction Machine

Helps students with subtraction E

  1. New Multiplication Machine

Helps students with multiplications E

  1. New Function Machine

Help students with functions E

  1. A Plus Math

This interactive site helps students improve their math skills. Students can play games, use flashcards, word puzzles, worksheets, and homework helpers. The site covers basic math concepts. E M

  1. Money

"How much money is here?" Aplusmath's interactive money-counting flash cards present one problem at a time, using dollar bills, quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies. E

  1. Money Worksheets

An interactive worksheet with ten, twenty or fifty problems on a single screen. On both pages, the coins and bills are laid out in order from pennies to dollar, making it a little bit easier to count them than if they were scattered randomly. EC

  1. Arcademic Skill Builders

This site has standard-aligned educational games that make learning fun based on video games. Covers basic math skills: multiplication, division, and subtraction. Games can be played in groups or only a single player. The site has also has a teacher manual and standard based lessons. E

  1. Math Active Lessons

This site has Flash animated modules designed for grades K – 12. Each module features content touches on geometry performance objectives. E M H

  1. Math Active Lessons

This site has math activities of math shapes that students have to identify two dimensional shapes, solves problems, recognize different sizes, in contextual situations, and learning direction names. EC

  1. The Banking Kids

This site is a fun way to learn about money matters. It includes information and activities on the ins and outs of savings, credit, and interest. E M

  1. Set the Time with Snap Dragon ales/snapdragon/yesflash/time-1.htm

Read the time and click on the arrow to make the hands on the clock move to the correct number. The bell on the clock rings when the time is correct. EC

  1. Biz Kids

A TV series that shows you how to make and manage money. It has videos, monthly newsletters, download teaching and learning materials. It is sponsored by Junior Achievement. E

  1. New Brainnook

Teachers can create classroom lists and monitor student’s progress as they tackle math skills. Students can earn rewards and teachers can print out certificates. E

  1. By Math

This is a high school math helper for algebra, geometry and trigonometry. H

  1. Mega Mathematics

This site is brings unusual and important mathematical ideas to elementary, middle, and high school classrooms. There are games and activities that promote critical thinking E M H

  1. U.S. Census Bureau

The government agency gives all latest statistics for personal as well as business. M H

  1. New Channel 4 Learning-Math

Student use critical thinking to solve math problems by playing games. E

  1. Classroom—Math

Games and activities that help students practice math and art activities that are primary based. EC E

  1. New Chilly Math

Free math help with resources in algebra that gives students diagrams and step by step help in building their math confidence. There are also worksheets and quizzes. UE M

  1. Cool Math

An amusement park of math and more—interactive activities and lessons that build math concepts from. E M H

  1. Lemonade Stand

A game that teaches student to be successful in business. E M H

  1. Crick Web

A variety of interactive games and activities to learn math, science, history, geography, foreign languages skills for early childhood to intermediate. Be aware that any money activities are in pounds not in U.S. currency EC E M

  1. Cut the Knot

This site has interactive On-line Activities and Simulations for all areas of math i.e. fractals, chaos, logic, geometry, algebra, probability, arithmetic and much more. You also will find link to other sites. E M

  1. New The Mystery if the Voters Who Don’t Vote

In the lesson the key concepts are decision making, cost/benefit analysis and choice. Student will evaluate the applicability to voter behavior and indicate what basic economic principles best describe voter behavior. H

  1. Education Planet

Focusing on Math lessons and worksheets. This site also has articles E M H

  1. Eduplace

The site, part of Houghton Mifflin's "Education Place," provides mathematics drill and instruction for Grades K-6 in a "Carnival" format, with lots of "games" designed to teach/reinforce/test various skills. EC E M

  1. Knowledge Box Math Games

    This site many math games on a variety of skills and grade levels. E M

  1. Fact Monster—Math

This site has information about numbers, measurement, tables and formulas, money, factors and fractions. You can also find a conversion calculator a Roman numeral challenge, flashcards, and much more. E M

  1. Fact Monster—Homework Helper

In this site, students can find help with numbers, formulas, factors, fractions, measurement, and money. There a also math just for fun. E M

  1. Federal Reserve Education

The Federal Reserve System is committed to economic and personal financial education. Here you can find links to instructional materials and tools that can increase your understanding of the Federal Reserve, economics and financial education. E M H

  1. Federal reserve Educations--Activities

You will find classroom activities produced by the federal government by topic. E M H

  1. Family Education Network—Math Splat

Students have to splat bugs on the windshield, the students are presented with mixed fractions to add and subtract. If the answer is correct, the students see the word correct, if they get it wrong a bug gets splat. Students see their score at the end. E

  1. Family Education Network

Piggybank—An interactive money game that shows children how to count using coins. E

  1. New Take a Challenge

Students are given rigorous challenges in Math to complete. There are step by step assistance as well as information in helping them meet the challenge. UE M

  1. Formula List: Academic Equation Reference

This site is designed to help students to find formula related information. It is organized as a database of common formulas used in many subjects. H

  1. Funbrain

A teacher’s resource- E M

  1. FunBrain—Change Maker E

An interactive game that helps students calculate making change. E

  1. Sweeps Brain Playground

Activities for early childhood that have early number concepts and eye/hand coordination games. EC

  1. Funbain—Fractions

Students can play a game about fractions and baking with difficulty levels E

  1. 2Funny Math for Kids

    This software that you download helps students learn math by doing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and comparing numbers. There are about 20 activities that allow students the opportunity to practice the skills. E

  1. Geo Gebra Geometry Algebra Calculus

Free multiplatform math software that you download that joins geometry, algebra, and calculus. E M H

  1. Multilingual EGlossary

Glossary of math terms. Students can select a letter or term for math vocabulary words. Upper elementary, M H

  1. Grockit

    Students can practice SAT and ACT on line through collaboration. Students have to register, but then they work in groups of five. They answer questions in teams. They earn points together. H

  1. Problem Solving-place in Physics, Chemistry

Reliable problem solving in all subjects that use mathematics for problem solving in Algebra, E M H

  1. Harcourt Math Glossary

This is an interactive glossary about math terms for concepts from arithmetic, algebra, and geometry and much more. E

  1. Calculator Addition and Subtraction

Students can use the calculator to add or subtract given problems. E

  1. Quiz Hub

A free online interactive learning center Language Arts, Math, History,Geopgraphy, Science E M H

  1. Tessellations

Lots of examples of Tessellations. E M H

  1. Hot Math

This site has hands on math learning activities for pre algebra, algebra I and II, Trigonometry, and geometry. You need to click on the videos, and game links to use the site for free. Using the lessons will have a subscription fee. H

  1. Homework Spot—Elementary School

Elementary Math Help E

  1. Homework Spot—Middle School

Middle School Math Help M

  1. Homework Spot—High School

High School Math Help H

  1. High School Tutorials

A good resource that has a variety of self-paced tutorials ((Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Geometry, plus lots more) for high school math. H

  1. Science and More to Music

Music based learning for Science math topics. Students can sing the songs as they learn the topics. Also see science and Social Studies E M

  1. ICT Games

A variety of number games (Numbers, Money, Counting, Shapes and Measuring, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Time, and lots more) geared to early childhood. EC

  1. Manipula Math with Java

You will find interactive programs that you can manipulate and a lot of animation in Trigonometry, Calculus, Vector, Complex Numbers, and Miscellaneous applets that helps you to grasp the meaning of mathematical ideas. M H C

  1. Interactive Mathematics

This site invites users to "Learn mathematics while you play with it!" Using dozens of interactive demonstrations, this site covers all areas of math — algebra, fractions, geometry, money, graphs, trigonometry, probability, statistics, calculus, and lots. Mini lessons include definitions, formulas, examples, and exercises connecting concepts to the real world. This site is geared for students in secondary and undergraduate levels. M H C

  1. New InterAct Math

This site has exercises from textbooks from Addison-Wesley and Prentice Hall. You can choose a book and then skill and exercise to complete. There are hints if you get an answer incorrect and students can try again. Exercises are shown in multiple choice formats. E M H

  1. It All Adds Up

In this site, students play Online games and simulations to learn about credit management, buying a car, budgeting, investing and much more. H

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