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Just for Kids Games

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Just for Kids Games

There are games that help students learn math and science. E M

  1. Farm Stand Math Addition and Multiplication

Students add and multiply the cost and numbers of eggs and apples on the farm. E

  1. Kahn Academy

Sid Khan has put together a web site of videos that enable students and teachers to learn and reinforce math concepts. Students can practice with exercises. E M H

  1. New Kid Port

Interactive activities on a variety of skills. The site has a teacher’s page. You will find other subject areas as well. E M

  1. Trig Mini Golf

Students can practice their swing by working out formulas in Trigonometry. H

  1. Learner/Interactives

This site has lots of interactives for teachers and students on all subject areas such as arts, foreign language, literature, language arts, math, science, social studies, and history. E M H

  1. New Learner Express

They have Learner Express is a gallery of short videos that also are linked to Common Core Standards and also linked to classroom activities. E M H

  1. Monica Yuskaitis PowerPoint’s

Monica Yuskaitis Interactive PowerPoint Math problems E

  1. Investing for Kids

Investing for Kids—Open Court Grade 3 has a unit on Money as well as Grade 4. E

  1. Interactives—Math in Daily Life

This site shows students how math affects their lives everyday from the kitchen to home decorating. H

  1. Interactives—3D Shapes

Students will learn about 3D shapes: the vocabulary, how to calculate surface area and volume. H

  1. Interactives—Metric Conversions

Students will learn about the metric system. H

  1. HH

  1. Statistics

This site helps learners learn about statistics and the roll that they play in our lives. Teachers can use this site to promote writing. M

  1. Absurd Math

Absurd Math is an interactive mathematical problem solving game series that focuses on pre-algebra. M H

  1. New Learn Zillion

This site has short videos and lessons that are aligned to the common core standards. This site can be used if venturing into using a flip classroom model. E M H

  1. Manga High

This is a free game based math-learning site. Schools can sign up and teachers can assign their students to a specific game that targets a skill. They can monitor the students. Students can get tutorial help as they play the games. E M

  1. Manipulative Instructions

Teachers can print and cut out manipulative to use with students or students can print them out to use at home. M


The world of math online: homework help and practice for basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, statistics, calculus, and much more. You can also ask an expert and have access to calculators, tools, etc. E M H

  1. Math Encyclopedia

This site is a math encyclopedia for every area of math E M H

  1. Mathalicious

This site has lessons related to real world problems. You can get lessons for specific grade and skill level. You will need to look for free lessons since there is a subscription for the site. If you like the lessons you may find that it is worth the price. E M H

  1. Mathbits

This site has challenging activities and resources for algebra, fractions, geometry and calculus. M H

  1. Math By Design

This site uses math and design to solve real world problems. There are videos as well as interactive activities. E M H

  1. Math Cats

Math exploration for elementary E

  1. Math Fact Café

The Math Fact Café is presented in grades 1 – 4. Once you click on a grade there are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, greater than less then, conversion skills. There are flashcards, problems, missing numbers, and fill-ins for students to complete. E

  1. Math Forum

Extensive resource for improving math learning and teaching. There is also math help with Dr. Math and an interactive math library. E M H

  1. Math Forum Library—Lesson Plans/Activities

Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library full of lesson plans E M H

  1. What is a Tessellation

All about tessellations M H

  1. Mathematics Virtual Library

Lesson Plans contains lesson plans for K-12 in math, science and more ... Games material and PowerPoint’s E M H

  1. Math Games 365

This site has a wealth of math games that cover the basic math concepts to challenging thinking mental thinking skills. E M

  1. New Math Game Time 

This site has a variety of math games, videos, and worksheets that can be used to challenge students and well as to motivate and support learning in math. EC E M

  1. Math Playground

This site is a site that is filled with games, word problems, puzzles and videos lessons that will give your brain a workout. EC E M

  1. Mathwords

Students can locate math definitions. This is an interactive dictionary for students for all types of math terms. M H

  1. Math Worksheet World

This site has math worksheets for K-12 levels. You do have to register. You can search by topic or grade level. E M H

  1. Money

Students click and drag pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to the correct amount. Great for counting money EC E

  1. New Mr. Nussbaum

This sites and interactive activities and materials in the core subject areas. There are printable resources or teachers. Mr. Nussbaum has begun to organized activities aligned with Common Core Standards. E M

  1. New Multiplication

Student can practice their multiplication facts through challenging games. E

  1. My Money

Students and teachers learn about money and how to protect, save and spend. E M H

  1. New My School House

Students can get quick tutorials and practice with feedback on a variety of math skills. E

  1. Create a Graph

Students can input data and select the type of graph they want to create. Students can print out graphs that are created. E M H

  1. Chances—NCES Kids’ Zone

This dice game allows you to see how increasing or decreasing the number of dice rolls affects and outcome. M H

  1. Room 108—Math

Room 108 Math Activities—Math worksheets, addition, subtraction, time, graphing, geometry, measuring, fractions, money using songs and games. E M

  1. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Students learn about the following areas with these interactive activities—numbers, operations, algebra, geometry, measurement data, analysis, probability. Lesson plans, standards, and instructions are provided. EC E M H

  1. SAT Math Question of the Day

Students can practice math test questions. They are given the opportunity to select the correct answer and then they are shown how to get the correct answer. H

  1. New OSCD Interactive Games

This site has a variety of interactive math games such as numbers, subtraction, sequence, multiplications, addition, division, fractions, and lots more. Teachers can also create their own games. E

  1. Online Math Utilities

On-Line Utilities & Software—grapher tools, regression tools, linear algebra tools, calculus tools, finance tools, probability and statistics tools. H

  1. The Ascent of Money

This is based on the PBS program about money. Students will learn about how insurance and the stock market began and the history behind it’s beginning. There are lessons and video clips about insurance, the stock market and entrepreneurship. H

  1. Decimals

Students will have to drag spare tracks on the tracks to fix them. E

  1. Measurement

Students have to help fill the scrape book by pointing the telescope to each planet in the night sky. E

  1. Bar Graphs

Students have to clear a room of bugs an fit the bugs with the same color in the same column. E

  1. Estimation

Students estimate numbers by adding numbers E

  1. Counter

Students have questions to answer and click on the person who holds the answer. Questions vary on prime numbers to odd and even numbers. E

  1. Equivalent Fractions

Students help the wizard put the bottles of potion back on the shelf in order using fractions.

  1. Fractions

Students learn about how to look and think about the fraction. E

  1. Tangrams

Students have to use the pieces to create the animal shape. E

  1. Using a Compass

Students have to get back 4 pieces of the eye of ROM from a maze by using a compass. E M

  1. Venn Diagram

Students compare animals in the zoo with similar characteristics by using the Venn Diagram. E

  1. Know Your Dough

This is an interactive money activity to help students understand budgets and spending money. E

  1. Halloween and Math

This site is filled with interactive math activities that integrate the holiday of Halloween with math skills. E M

  1. New Pitara—Kids Network

This activity is on telling time to the half hour. E

  1. Power to Learn—Mixin Math

Learn math by playing interactive games. E

  1. Practical Money Skills

Learn practical money skills for life. This site has lessons, Interactive games, videos and good information for students to understand how to handle money in their life. E M H

  1. Primary Games-Math

This site has over 100 free online Math games. Practice skills in addition, subtraction, geometry, algebra and more. E M H

  1. Primary Games

This site has activities in all subject areas for grades Pre-k to 5.

You can find thematic stationary for students that will motivate students to write. There are science, social studies and math activities as well as a reading. EC E

  1. Lemonade Larry

Students use their multiplication skills to figure out how much the lemonade cost. Students type in the answer and click the answer to check. E

  1. Wally’s Stock Ticker

Students can learn about the stock market by clicking on the Stock Symbol, Current Price, Change from Yesterday, Time from Last Trade, High and Low, Volume of Shares and Stock Certificate. Students can select a particular stock from a list of stocks like Home Depot, Hershey, Apple, Pixar, etc. E M

  1. Batters Up Baseball Addition and Multiplication

Students play the game just like real baseball with getting singles, doubles triples, and homeruns. They can add and multiply to get the hits and to the next base. E M

  1. Shape Maker

Students can click on the shapes and make patterns. This activity gives younger students the practice in using a mouse. EC

  1. Mad Math Game Addition

Students are able to add 3 digit addends by typing in the numbers and clicking to check their answers. EC E

  1. Mad Math Game Multiplication

Students can multiply two numbers together then type the answer and then check the Total button to see if the answer is correct. E

  1. Math Adding Game

This allows 2 students to play together to add numbers. Students can type in their answers and hit the total button to check to see if the answer is correct. EC

  1. Quia

Online Interactive Math activities E M H

  1. Quia—shared

Online Interactive activities just type in a search of the math area to get lots of activities E M H

  1. Quick Math—Automatic Math Solutions

This is an automated tool that assists in answering common math problems in algebra, equations, inequalities, calculus, matrices, graphs, numbers. and scientific notations. H

  1. Do you have a problem with that?

Students use problem solving, number sense and computation skills in this math Webquest for grade 4. E

  1. Multiplisimplicity Webquest about multiplication

This is a math web quest for grade 5 and 6 students. The web quest has them learn math tips with multiplication. E M

  1. Brain Food Math

Give your mind a work out on our devious collection of puzzles. There are hundreds, ranging from word games to logic problems to riddles. Some are tricky. Some require innovation. All require thinking power. M H

  1. SAT Math Pro

Preparing students for the SAT’s using videos on demand that you will find in this site. H

  1. Homework Help

Students can select a video clip to help them with math concepts. E

  1. Homework Help

Students can select areas in math where students can select a video clip to help them with the math concept. E

  1. School Time Games—Math

Students have access to games to reinforce their math skills E M

  1. School Time Games

Students have access to games to reinforce math, social studies, language arts, logic, and science skills. E M

  1. Science U—Geometry Center

This site included The Geometry Center, which has interactive math activities, with engaging exhibits using computer graphics to explain how triangle tiling’s and symmetry combine to produce polyhedron. M H

  1. Interactive Math Activities

This site has lots of interactive math activities and tools that motivate students to use critical thinking skills. Teachers have access to lessons, assessments, and discussions for each activity. You just click on the “Jump to” drop down menu to select area of interest. E M H

  1. Soft School

This site provides free math games and worksheets. Links to other subject area. EC E M

  1. Sqool Tubes—Math

Teachers can use this site motivate students by using videos on a variety of math concepts. E M

  1. Superkids Math Worksheet Creator

Make your own worksheets on this site which will be created and printed for you. E

  1. Surf Net Kids

Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters: can you count them? Can you give

change? Money-counting skills require practice, and these online money-

counting games make it fun. Learn to Count Money Printable available (** for premium members only) E M

  1. Teaching Time

Grades K-2 provide interactive games to support teaching time using analog and digital clocks. A resource for teachers. EC E

  1. Interactive Clock

Students can see actual elapsed time. They can click on the hour forward or backward. EC E

  1. Toon University list in MASS

Learning games and adventures for K-8 students E M

  1. ToonUniversity—Math

Math activities for students in grades 1 to 6. Teachers and students can create a login to gain access to all the activities and can control student’s activities. E M

  1. Vi Hart’s Everything

Vi Hart has created a site that mingles math with her artistic and creative awareness in

everything. She has videos that show how doodling in math class can explain concepts. She demonstrates math in music and how creative you can be with balloons and food. This site is geared more to secondary students. H

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