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Villainy, Inc.

    Integrates mathematical experiences with adventure. Recommended for middle school level. Students use critical thinking skills to move through the process. M

  1. Visual Fractions

Visual representation is always better to understand. Students can rename, multiply, divide, add, subtract, investigate and play games with fractions. E M

  1. Visual Math Learning

This site allows students to use visual learning to re-enforce their math skills. Downloads for Iphone and Ipad E M

  1. Web Math

Web Math is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems as entered by a user. The site also shows the student how to arrive at the answers. E M H

  1. Webtots

Early childhood website that has activities that incorporates math art and music into technology. EC

  1. Math Magician

This site allows students to answer math questions against a clock. It has different levels and different operations. E

  1. What’s My Score

Students learn about credit ratings and their credit score as well as how to protect their money by participating in games and activities on their finances. H C

  1. Woodland’s Math Zone

Interactive math activities cover numbers skills, shape and space skills, data and probability, measure skills, and math investigations. E M

  1. Conversion Calculator

Everyone can use this site to convert length, volume, weight, pressure, and temperature in English and metric units. E M H

  1. Whyville

Here is a safe place online where kids can engage in social networking that is an educational tool sponsored by NASA and others to engage children in activities that will impact their understanding in real life. M


  1. Abolition Project

The Transatlantic Slave Trade and Thomas Clarkson and other abolitionists are examined in this site. M H

  1. New Annenberg Classroom

In this site there are teaching guides, lesson plans, timelines, and videos on the constitution curriculum. M H

  1. New Story of the Bill of Rights

Students and teachers can learn about the various parts of the Bill of Rights as a whole video or in segments and then play a game testing your knowledge. M H

  1. The Kulture Kids

Web site to learn about African American Culture E M

  1. Explorers A to Z

This site was created to teach students how to gather information about a topic to conduct research. These are for elementary age students. This site is set up as a Webquest that teaches students to gather useful information and to collect data. The activity is gear to differentiated learning and it was developed by a group of teachers. E M

  1. American History recheck this site I changed the URL

Students examine history first hand. Students examine objects, documents and artifacts from life 200 years to see what life was like in Delaware. E M

  1. Building a Sod House Recheck the content of the site

Students who learn about pioneer days and how the pioneers built their homes when they went out west. Students learn about the sod home as well as how to construct a sod house. E M.

  1. American Journeys

American Journeys has documents, images, and resources of eyewitness accounts of the exploration of North America. It contains information from the Vikings to the peoples who lived in the Rockies. A great asset for National History Day Projects. E M

  1. American Presidents

The American Presidents web site, created for the television series, contains a complete video archive of all American Presidents: Life Portraits programming, plus these additional resources. E M

  1. American’s Story

Explore the states, travel back in time, see, hear, and sing. E

  1. Explore the States

    Students can click on a state they want to explore and find information and links to important events and events in the history of the state. E

  1. British Museum: Pyramid

This British Museum exhibit for upper-elementary and middle-school students is divided into three sections: Story (about the building of the Great Pyramid built for pharaoh Khufu) , Explore (a reconstruction of the pyramid) and Challenge. The challenge is to find the height, area and weight of the Great Pyramid. Here's a hint. When estimating how many stacked buses would equal the height of the pyramid, keep in mind that the English ride double-decker buses! E M

  1. Ancient History

Videos and stories about ancient Egypt. M

  1. Cultural Anthropology Tutorials

Web site from the Behavioral Sciences Department at Palomar College addresses numerous topics related to culture as a concept, including language, economic system, social organization, kinship patterns, the process of socialization, cultural change, and more. H

  1. Apples4 the Teacher

Free Interactive Educational Online Learning Games and activities. These games are not only social studies and history, but cultural and include geographical games as well. E M

  1. Maps—Finding Our Place in the World

This Website will let you learn about maps and map making as you explore history and maps from the past. E M

  1. National Archive

Teaching with primary resources and using resources to research our past. E M H

  1. War of 1812

Military resources for the war of 1812 everything from discharge certificates to historical backgrounds to records about impress seamen and links to other resources. M H

  1. WW1

Resources and links to information for other site to WWI M H

  1. WW2

Resources and links to information for other sites to WWII M H

  1. Authentic History

Contains an impressive array of pictures, documents, audio, and video from the antebellum period to the 9/11 terrorist attack. E M H

  1. The Avalon Project

Hundreds of digital documents relevant to the fields of law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy and government. M H

  1. Mayflower Compact

Text of the 1620 Mayflower Compact, the first colonial agreement that formed a government E M

  1. Click 2 History

This site has stories that cover a variety of topics in history from ancient Olympics to political cartoons. Teachers must request a free membership. E M

  1. History—What Came First—BBC

History What Came First—Travel back to Vikings, Tudors, and Victorian times. E M

  1. Pyramid Challenge

This activity takes you back to the time of Egypt’s Old Kingdom to the Pyramid Age. E M

  1. Mummy Maker

Ancient History: Egyptians —The Mummy Maker. Learning what it takes to mummify a body E M

  1. The Street

The Street—This is an excellent attempt to demonstrate the concept of The Global Village to the elementary and even middle school set. 'The Street' has five houses, each belonging to a family from a different country: Brazil, India, Ireland, Nigeria, and Turkey. You click on a house and children can find out about the similarities like music, food, and religion. It makes the global world smaller. E M

  1. World War I

This site gives you causes and events and people in the conflict of WWI, even has animated maps. M H

  1. Primary History—Ancient Greeks

This site offers students the opportunity to explore ancient Greek history and learn about their hero’s, life, and what it was like growing up in ancient Greece. Student’s can explore timelines and they can select an area to explore. There is also a resource area for teachers. E M

  1. The Vikings

The Vikings—Learn about the Vikings in an interactive style M

  1. Biography Maker

This site helps students to write a biography. It guides them though the research and the questioning, learning, synthesizing, storytelling, and the six traits of writing. Upper Elementary, middle and high school. M H

  1. Build a Prairie­

Geared to Elementary and Middle school students, they can build an ecosystem using the knowledge they have to create and interactive prairie E M

  1. Place the State

Students play a game of placing the state on the map. Students click and drag the individual state onto the map of the US. E M

  1. Best History Sites

A well-chosen, well-arranged, and rated list of annotated links to history Web sites of all eras. M H

  1. New

Teachers and students can use this site to search for specific people or categories of people such as black history, African American scientists, scientists, explorers, presidents, etc. There are videos and photos. E M H

  1. Bio Guide

This is a website that you can search for any member of congress from 1774 to the present. UE M H

  1. Learning—Voices of the Holocaust

This well organized website from the British Library features actual voices of Holocaust survivors describing life before and during their imprisonment. The site also offers information on the background of the Holocaust as well as suggested activities and other teacher resources. This is an excellent resource to help students understand what to them is 'ancient' history. UE M H

  1. Historical Fiction

    Here is a list of links to lists of historical fiction to time periods. When you click on a time period you will find a list of titles and age appropriate books. Site for Librarians and classroom teachers for Elementary, Middle and High school teachers. UE M H

  1. The Tudors and Henry VIII

Interactive site for 7-10 year olds on the Tudors and Henry VIII. E M

  1. In Search of The Ways of the Knowing Trail

Take an environmental adventure with four local children through the Ituri Forest in central Africa. Recommended by the Association for Library Service to Children. E M


eLECTIONS is a free 3 dimensional multimedia game about elections that is partnered with CNN Student News, C-SPAN. Cable in the Classroom created this game. It allows you to have the ability to print out, save and play later, analysis your strategies, and you can see how you play against other schools. E M H

  1. C—Span Classroom

A site whose goal is to supply teachers and students with the resources to "teach public affairs using primary sources"; you will find all kinds of election material here. UE M H

  1. Zero Foot Print—Kids Calculator

This is an environmental Website to help students learn about the results of what they do and how it impacts the environment. E M

  1. Countries A to Z

List of Websites from different countries E M

  1. Canadian Geographic

This site is the Canadian version of National Geographic. It has photos, articles about all thinks related to Canada. There is even a Canadian Atlas Online. M H

  1. Kids Atlas Online

This site is all about Canada. It has areas to go to such as School of Rock, Geodome, Time Machine, and a Culture Club. In each of these areas you can find videos, an Online mapping tool, games and quizzes, lesson plans, and much more. M H

  1. Ancient Americas

Students explore the culture and history behind the ancient Americas. They travel along the paths taken as the ancient Incas, Aztecs and other early Americas as they settled and developed their civilizations E M H

  1. Ancient Greece

Student learn about different topics of ancient Greece from architecture to democracy to gods and goddesses, and much more. UE M

  1. Museum of the CIA

Students can learn about the history of the CIA, the artifacts, as well as careers in the CIA. M H

  1. Census in the Schools

    This site has games and coloring pages and activities for learning about the census. There are tabs for teachers, kids, and teens. There is an interactive U.S. map that can be used on a Whiteboard. E M H

  1. Cable in the Classroom elections—Adventures in Politics

Students learn about the election process and the candidates by playing a game and reading resources. E M

  1. New Class of Steel

Students can browse battles from early history to modern times. M H

  1. Class zone—Creating America

Historic cases of the Supreme Court, H

  1. Class zone—Geography

One step beyond the classroom is Class Zone, where McDougal Littell's Mathematics, World Languages, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts textbooks come to life. World Geography: Want to become a World Geography expert? With all the exciting resources, activities, and links right at your fingertips, you're well on your way! Click on one of the units below to begin your trip around the globe, it's that easy! E M

  1. Clever Apple

Resources including: American History, Elections, Geography, General History, Ancient Civilizations, African American History and much more E M H

  1. Cmap Tools Alternative to Inspiration

CmapTools program empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps.” To better understand this, visit the homepage shown below, itself created with Cmap Tools, and also visit “The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct a visual map. M H

  1. From Colony to Country

This site has a military overview of the wars from a Canadian viewpoint. H

  1. Congress for Kids

This interactive site helps students understand the job and responsibilities of Congress. The site is broken down into the Constitution, the Executive, Legislative, Judicial, branches and Independence. There are also quizzes. E M

  1. The Center on Congress at Indiana University

This website has information about the work and role of congress and its impact on peoples lives and the importance of civic participation E M H

  1. Learn About Congress

There is a wealth of information about Congress on the site. You can click on topics of Classroom Resources to get resources. E M H

  1. Conservation International

    Discover, learn and explore conservation of Mexico Africa and Madagascar, South America, Asia, coast of Mexico. There are videos, photos, articles, and Interactive maps. UE M H

  1. Country Reports

This site has an interactive map and links to learning games, religion, fashion, sports and more on countries around the world. E M

  1. Constitutional Rights Foundation—Education Tomorrow’s Citizens

This site has resources that will help support the social studies curriculum in teaching students about the Constitution, bill of Rights, and the foundations of our government. Teachers can get information about quotes of the month, free newsletters, and lessons. E M H

  1. Culture Crossing

This site has a wealth of information about cultures from around the world. You can find data about cultures from around the world. There are main headings to click on to learn about other cultures from learning about greetings in other countries to ask an expert. E M H

  1. 2008 Election Lessons

Election lesson E

  1. Cyber Learning World

A Social Studies site that has lots of links from the Holocaust to Interactive Projects for students. UE M H

  1. DK e encyclopedia

e-encyclopedia—an easy-to-use, online encyclopedia produced by Dorling Kindersley and powered by Google; it includes both DK content and images and links to related Web sites (also see History and Science) E M H

  1. New York City Public Library—Digital Gallery

Provides free and open access to over six hundred and eighty-five thousand digital images from New York Public Libraries Collections. E M H

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