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Digital History

This Web site was designed and developed to support the teaching of American History in K-12 schools and colleges and is supported by the Department of History and the College of Education at the University of Houston. E M H

  1. Digital Vault

There are hundreds of photos, documents, and film clips in the National Archives that allow you to create posters and movies using primary sources. A Web 2.0 Website. UE M H

  1. Distinguished Women of Past and Present

Teachers will find a database containing biographies of women who have made contributions in the world of politics, civil rights, entertainment, and education. E M H

  1. Archiving Early America

Excellent source for information on the thirteen colonies, the Revolutionary War, and the early republic. Links, essays, and maps covering subjects ranging from the Siege of Charlestown to the United States in 1812. E M H

  1. Maps of Early America

Excellent source for information on the thirteen colonies, the Revolutionary War, and the early republic. Links, essays, and maps covering subjects ranging from the Siege of Charlestown to the United States in 1812. E M H

  1. Archiving Early America

K-12, students can view short videos on early America that highlight important events in the history. View Ben Franklin, Declaring Independence, George Washington, the Treason of Benedict Arnold and the list goes on. E M H

  1. Earth Calendar

An easy to use site which is a book of holidays and celebrations around the world. Great for multicultural studies E M H

  1. New The Mystery if the Voters Who Don’t Vote

In the lesson the key concepts are decision-making, cost/benefit analysis and choice. Student will evaluate the applicability to voter behavior and indicate what basic economic principles best describe voter behavior. H

  1. I Do Solemnly Swear: Presidential Inaugurations

Inauguration Lesson Plan from Edsitement E M

  1. Education 4 Kids

This site has drill games for the following areas in Social Studies: U.S. presidents, U.S. Capitals, and U. S. Geography E M

  1. Graph the President at Inauguration

Inauguration Lesson Plans E M

  1. Geo Net Game

Geography based interactive game from Houghton Mifflin and Eduplace E M

  1. Eduweb—Playful Learning

Online learning activities about art, history and science. Our mission is to create exciting and effective learning experiences that hit the sweet spot where learning theory, Web technology, and fun meet. E M


  1. Geographic Information Systems

Provided by the United States Geological Survey this site provides in-depth information onGIS and its many uses. The site also has educational materials. E M H

  1. Maps and Pictures of Europe

The site has maps and pictures of Europe. You can find copyright free historical and physical images and maps for all historical eras. E M H

  1. Discovering Ancient Egypt

Discovering ancient Egypt history E M

  1. Eye Witness to History

A presentation of first-hand accounts of pivotal events in history; includes photographs, pictures, sound files, additional resources, and bibliographic citations. It’s a learning tool that has a movie for students to view. E M H

  1. Facing the Future

Information on population, poverty, consumption trends, conflict, and the environment M H

  1. 50 States

This site has everything you want to know about each state. Students can get specific information on a variety of topics E M

  1. On This Day

Students are able to find out about historic events in article format and in chart form. There is a link for teachers at the top. UE M H

  1. First Amendment Center

Web site of the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University. Provides links to news stories and opinion about freedom of speech and First Amendment. M H

  1. Flat Stanley Project

Students and teachers can register and create a Flat Stanley and begin to have him travel and narrate his travel journal and post it. There is an app or iPhones for students to use. Students can write original stories to share with other Flat Stanleys as well. E M

  1. Flat Stanley

This site has a wealth of activities that go along with the Flat Stanley books. There are projects, activities and books to correlate with the books. E M

  1. Build a Prairie­

Geared to Elementary and Middle school students, they can build an ecosystem using the knowledge they have to create and interactive prairie E M

  1. K-12 Resources for Food History Lessons

a fun site to use in support of social studies; includes a food timeline, food customs, and a whole lot more! E M H

  1. Internet Sourcebooks Project

This site gives middle and high school students the help in researching topics from medieval to ancient to modern times. It helps them to locate web resources for researching information and topics. M H

  1. Adam Smith: The Principle of the Mercantile System, 1776

Economist Adam Smith's famous analysis of mercantilism in Europe. M H

  1. US Department in State—Diplomacy in Action

This site is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. It gives resources to students to develop an understanding about being a diplomat in the future. M H

  1. The Gilder Lehman Institute of American History

This site promotes the study of American History. There are historic documents, history eras such as Founding Era, Slavery and Abolition, Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Westward Expansion, Early 20th Century, Immigration, the Great Depression, and America 1945 to the present. There are curriculum modules for teachers, quizzes and podcasts. M H

  1. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

This site provides lessons, tips, and ideas for use of this collection of more than 60,000 primary source documents detailing the political and social history of the US from 1493 to modern times E M H

  1. Guide to Geographic Information Systems

Very informative site on the uses of GIS and how it affects everyday life. M H

  1. Hieroglyphics—Egyptian Numbers

If you are doing a study on ancient Egypt, this site is a must have in your unit. It is filled with explanations, resources, and links about hieroglyphics. E M

  1. The World War I Document Archive

This site is a World War I archive of documents form 1890 to 1930 M H

  1. *New Have Fun With History

In this site you can find a database of videos, activities and various subjects chronicling US History. M H

  1. HBO Archives

    Get video archives from March of Times HBO. You will have to register before you can get any videos. There are video clips from the 1930s to the 1960s. M H

  1. New History Buff

This site offers free primary source material on major American history events during the past 400 years. You will able to find archived newspapers dating back to the 1700’s. E M H

  1. Quiz Hub

A variety of world history, geography, culture, and learning activities, etc. E M H

  1. History Place

This site has a lot of links to sites about the American Revolution E M

  1. History Channel

Links, information, and teacher's guides to support the use of this cable channel in the classroom E M H

  1. New America Gets a Constitution

This video explains how America got its constitution. M H

  1. New Bill of Rights

This video explains the various parts of the Bill of Rights UE M H

  1. New Founding Fathers Unite

This video explains who helped to write the Federalist Papers and why one person was given the credit. H

  1. New George Washington at Yorktown

This video depicts the battle of Yorktown and Cornwallis’s surrender. E M H

  1. New George Washington’s Precedents

This video discusses the precedents set by George Washington as the president of the United States E M H

  1. History links

You can be connected to pages that list the best historical sites organized by culture E M H

  1. Colonial Williamsburg Official Site

The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation operates the world’s largest living history museum in Williamsburg, Virginia- this site has lots of information about this period in history E M

  1. Colonial Williamsburg-Life during the 18th Century

Wide-ranging source of information about colonial life in North America, including food, manners, politics, and the African-American experience E M

  1. New History Central

Students and teachers can find information about world history, American history and biographies. E M H

  1. New History and Culture of China

Students can learn about the history and culture of China from its ancient past to modern times. E H

  1. History’s Heroes

Students will learn about what it takes to be a hero. E M H

  1. HMI Holt McDougal Current Events

Students can read and learn about current events around the world and also click on topics on the left to learn and read more about World History, World Geography, Sociology, Psychology, and more. There are links and resources as well. M H

  1. Homework Spot

Homework help- a variety of topics, references, games, news topics, contests, etc. E M

  1. United States House of Representatives

This site you can check on the legislative process for the House of Representatives. This site has and elementary piece in it. E M H

  1. Holt Online learning—Social Studies

Access Online editions to the Holt textbook. Even if you do not have the textbook, you can still access Internet resources for American History, Geography, World History, Government and Civics, Psychology and Sociology, and Economics. E M H

  1. Hyper History Online

Hyper history has compiled 3,000 years of world history into interactive timeline, lifelines, and maps. Recommended by the History channel and Discovery Channel School. E M H

  1. Science and More to Music

Music based learning to science, social studies and math topics. Students can sing the songs as they learn the topics. E

  1. Presidential Inauguration

Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies E M H

  1. New iCivics-

An interesting way for students to learn about government. There are games activities and videos on the three branches of the US Government. M H

  1. Homes Around the World

Children can find out about homes around the world. E

  1. Women’s Empowerment: Muslim Feminism

Students will meet a young Muslim woman studying martial arts and wants to defy the Arab traditions. There is a video and lessons. M H

  1. John F. Kennedy Presidential Museum Library

This site has access to all of the archives of the Kennedy collections. You can search the digital library as well as visit exhibits at the library. E M H

  1. New Kid Port

Interactive activities on a variety of skills. The site has a teacher’s page. You will find other subject areas as well. E M


Official kid’s portal for the U.S. Government. E M

  1. DirectGovkids

Animated site for young children that explores another countries government and way of life. It allows children in the United State to compare our way of life to that of those living in the United Kingdom. E M

  1. A Chronology of US Historical Documents

The complete text of the Fundamental Orders of Connecticut, published by the University of Oklahoma Law Center. There are links to other historical documents. M H

  1. Today in History

Today in History (January 20) from the American Memory Collections E M H

  1. Learner/Interactives-COMMON CORE

This site has lots of interactives for teachers and students on all subject areas such as arts, foreign language, literature, language arts, math, science, social studies, and history. E M H

  1. New Learner Express-use in matrix

They have Learner Express is a gallery of short videos that also are linked to Common Core Standards and also linked to classroom activities. E M H

  1. The Middle Ages: Feudal Life

What was it really like in the Middle Ages? A site that allows students to explore various topics connected with the Middle Ages. Also contains links to other sites and some activities. M H

  1. Learn Out Loud

This site has a variety of digital content in the area of history that allows students the opportunity to hear events that shaped the United States and the world. There are free audio and video items as well as a subscription. E M H

  1. Mysterious Dye—Indigo

Discussion of the history of the production of indigo dye in Louisiana. E M

  1. Lewis and

Students can read journal entries and see handmade maps as well a read about the mentors and people who helped make the expedition possible. You are only a click away with this site. Upper E M H

  1. Lewis and

Travel the trail with journal entries, biographies, life among the tribes and much more. There are lessons for educators when you scroll down on the page. There is a travel game in PDF format that you can print for students to complete and have fun with. UE M H

  1. Susan B. Anthony: Celebrating “A Heroic Life”

This is a collection of letters, photographs, and material on Susan B. Anthony celebrating her heroic life. E M

  1. Lincoln Bicentennial Teacher Resources

Lessons, Website, videos( through United Stream with an account) about Abraham Lincoln. Primary, 4th, 5th, 8th and high school E M H

  1. Lincoln Net

This site contains primary source materials about Lincoln. There is Lincoln’s biography, Teachers Parlor, Lesson plans, and interactive resources on this site. E M

  1. The History Chef

This is a site that is filled with information about the culinary interests of the U.S. Presidents. Just think how interesting it is to find out what John Adams ate in the state dining room or what President Garfield ate. M H

  1. Links—The School Place

LINKS for kids provides kids with a variety of learning tools and activities. You’ll find read along stories, math games and math lessons and much more. E

  1. Zoom into Maps

This site is from the Library of Congress. There are lessons and classroom materials, presentations and activities for classroom use. E M H

  1. Lonely Planet—Travel Information

An interactive clickable world map that allows students to travel to different countries around the world. When they arrive at their destination, they can click the slide show for loads of information including facts, environment, history, economy, culture, and events enhanced with beautiful photos of the people. E M

  1. Lore & Saga

This site is a resource of information for Viking, Roman, and Celtic history. There are printable resources for teachers, and links to other Websites. M H

  1. Lost World—Museum of Native American Indians

This site is interested in telling the history of the Southeastern Native American Indians. E M

  1. Celebrating Black History

This website is a salute to Black History. It has links that will enrich your knowledge of the past, present, selfless contributions made by just a FEW of our MANY great African Americans. E M

  1. Maps 4 Kids

This site is a good way for student to learn about the world. They can use interactive maps to compare data; play games while learning, conduct research, download outline maps, and much more. E M H

  1. The Mariners’ Museum

The history of Columbus's four voyages, complete with maps, pictures, and vocabulary words linked to a glossary. E M

  1. The American Revolution

This site has lesson plans, activities and quizzes about the American Revolution. E M

  1. The Mental Floss—Geography Challenge

Test your geography knowledge by playing the geography challenge. You can play by capitals or countries. E M

  1. American Memory Collection from the Library of Congress

This site provides free and open access through the Internet to written and spoken words, sound recordings, still and moving images, prints, maps, and sheet music that document the American experience. E M H

  1. New Mission US

This is site offers an interactive way to learn about US history by having students complete missions. Students take on the roles of students during a specific time period in US history. There are lesson guides as well as videos. M H

  1. New Mr. Nussbaum

This sites and interactive activities and materials in the core subject areas. There are printable resources or teachers. Mr. Nussbaum has begun to organized activities aligned with Common Core Standards. E M

  1. The Boston Tea Party

This site is an interactive site about the Boston Tea Party. Students can learn about the Boston Tea Party by video or by text. There are a series of milestone events. Students can explore a first hand experience of George Hewes account of the experience of the Boston Tea Party. E M H

  1. Clothing and Costumes

Students can research clothing and costumes from countries from around the world as well as from historical time periods. M H

  1. Mummy’s Message

This is an interactive game that helps students learn about Ancient Egyptian civilization. E, M

  1. Alaska State Museums

Cultural and historical information about Alaska's native peoples, including the Inuit, the Aleut, and the Northwest Coast peoples. E M

  1. Myths and Legends

This site has a variety of myths, legends, and folktales. E M

  1. New My Histro

Teachers and students can create interactive timelines to document a time in history. M H

  1. National geographic for kids

This site has activities that invite critical thinking in geography, social studies and language. Interactive stories, activities, and games for elementary and middle school to enhance the curriculum to world history. Searchable database is organized into three periods: pre-18th century, 19th century, and 20th century. E M H

  1. National Geographic—Kids Atlas

Students can explore the world with maps, games, and activities as well as learning about animals and their environments as they search the globe. E M

  1. GeoSpy

Help identify continents, countries, states, and provinces with interactive games by being a spy. E M

  1. Lewis and Clark Base Camp

    Students will follow the adventures of Lewis and Clark as they journey the trail west. Students only need to click on the campfires along the trail to visit the journey with Lewis and Clark. If students click on the kid’s link they can take the challenge and play along with Lewis and Clark. By reading the journal entries students will make decisions about events on the journey west with Lewis and Clark. This is not only fun but builds critical thinking skills. UE M H

  1. Xpeditions

Lesson plans, activities, interactive museum, printable maps- a partner with E M H

  1. Lesson Plan

Where were the US Presidents born? (Lesson Plan) E

  1. The National World War II Museum

Information about Hollywood and World War II. M H

  1. The National World War II Museum—For Students

Activities for kids: art and essay contests. Focus area such as science and technology of WWII, Oral History Guidelines, and a quiz bowl. M H

  1. Nations Illustrated

You can get photos from around the world for projects. It is broken down into continents that will make it easy to search. E M H

  1. Native American Rhyme

Learn about Native American history through rhyme in an entertaining and fun way. Learn about women, chiefs, wars, and life. E M H

  1. New Native American Facts for Kids

There are resources on American Indians for teachers and students. You will find fact sheets on specific American Indian tribes as well as American Indians in general. E M

  1. D-Day, Normandy and Beyond

Here students can read stories and see photographs, play actual video footage about D-Day at Normandy and WWII. Has a Webpage for teachers. M H

  1. Negative Population Growth

Information on the detrimental effects of overpopulation on our environment, natural resources and quality of life H

  1. Presidents in Waiting

This site offers a gallery of Vice Presidents. There are interviews as well as interactive timelines. E M H

  1. CryptoKids

This is a fun site that is sponsored by the National Security Agency. It promotes the use of codes and cryptology. There are games and resources. M H

  1. From Revolution to Reconstruction: Outlines: American Economy

A clear and concise discussion of the American version of free enterprise and the structure of the U.S. economy. Includes detailed descriptions of the government role in the economy and the ways in which American businesses are structured. M H

  1. Academy Curricular Exchange—Social Studies

Lots of lessons for Social Studies. H

  1. Open History Project

This site has movies, animation and mixed media that you can link to. It can link you to mummies, dinosaurs, or the growth of a nation. This site is recommended for Elementary to high school grade levels. M H

  1. New Government Documents

Download government documents—good primary source resources H

  1. New Africans in America

A collection of images, documents, stories, etc. about the African American journey. There is a teachers guide as well as a youth activity guide. E M H

  1. Freedom: A History of US—Tools and Activities

These interactive games and quizzes will help you incorporate, test, and expand upon the knowledge you have accumulated through the Webisodes, while "Freedom Stories" and "Get Involved!" provide students, teachers, and families opportunities to share and foster their visions of freedom. E M

  1. The News—for Educators

PBS News Hour is targeted for educators. There are lesson plans and a variety of government related stories. H

  1. Online News Hour: Inauguration 2001

Inaugural History H

Inaugural Fashion H
  1. The Great War—PBS

This site features educational resources with commentary and voices along with information and maps about WWI. H

  1. We are the Music

Learn about the 700 year old history of Mexico with its cultural diversity through celebrations and traditions. E M

  1. We are the Music

Learn about the history and cultural diversity of Native Americans through their celebrations and traditions. E M

  1. We are the Music

Learn about the history and cultural diversity of Europeans through their celebrations and traditions. E M

  1. Picturing America

This site you can download a variety of teacher resource book about historical art, artifact, time periods. There are also lesson plans that integrate art elements. E M H

  1. Pitara Kids Network

This site has magazines, stories, poems, reference, and word of day activities, math games for kids to actively participate in. On the right side of the screen there are famous people links, did you know, coloring pages, quotes of the day, news of the day and much more. E

  1. New Playing History

You will find interactive and simulations related to historical events. M H

  1. Playing With Time

This is a project that looks at how the world changes over a time period and there is a traveling museum. H

  1. An E Book Pomp—The Baby on the Sacagawea Dollar

This is an e book by Liz Sonneborn about the baby that can be seen on the Sacagawea Dollar. This is a six chapter book that is offered online. UE

  1. PrezQuest—Your Family, Your Politics, Your Presidents

An interactive Website that helps students learn about the presidents of the United States. Some activities are free, other have a fee. E

  1. Primary Games

This site has activities in all subject areas for grades Pre-k to 5.

You can find thematic stationary for students that will motivate students to write. There are science, social studies and math activities as well as a reading. EC E

  1. Project Explorer, Ltd.

This site is a not-for-profit organization that provides an interactive global learning experience to the kindergarten through twelfth grade community. Providing users globally the opportunity to explore the world from their own compute. It is a free all-inclusive site that uses story-based learning to spark students' imaginations. UE M H

  1. The Underground Railroad

This is an interactive site that makes students a part of the process. Students make decisions as to choices on the route of the Underground Railroad. E M

  1. School History Matters Pass It On

This excellent site has everything for primary to high school levels. This site has many Interactive games and lessons. One of the games “Walk the Plank” the object is to feed your teacher to the sharks by knowing enough of the answers! E M

  1. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery for Kids—Ancient Cultures

Ancient cultures plus Victorian and WW II—interactive activities M H

  1. U.S. Senate

This site has information on the senate, its record, its committees, recent floor activity E M H

  1. Place the State

    Students choose a state and then drag it to the correct spot on the map. If they are incorrect they are shown the correct place to drop it. There are other games of states and of Europe on the site. You will need to scroll down on the screen. E

  1. Films about Lewis and Clark

The films show the landscape of the region traveled by Lewis and Clark. The films are narrated by Sissy Spacek in Windows Media Format. The films offer a look at conserving the land and protecting the land today and for our future. E M H

  1. Doodles, Drafts, and Designs

A digital overview of a traveling exhibition presenting examples of industrial drawings from the Smithsonian collections; includes a bibliography of further sources to examine E M

  1. Virtual Middle School Library

This site has links to middle school social studies and geography sites for middle school grades. M

  1. The Mental Floss—Geography Challenge

This site has magazines, trivia and quizzes that you can use in your social studies units. There are links to timeliner and other resources to use in social students and geography. E M

  1. Maya Adventure

A site that allows students to learn about the Maya by using photographs and activities E M

  1. New Social Studies Central

You can find resources lesson plans, links to standards, Web resources that support instruction in social studies. E M H

  1. Social Studies for Kids

Social Studies activities including current events, cultures, holidays, economics, geography, Maps, U.S. Government, U.S. presidents and much more E M H

  1. Social Studies for Kids—U.S. States

These links include all kinds of interesting information about the 50 United States of America, including state symbols and emblems, history of each state, and more. E M H

  1. Social Studies for Kids—U.S. Maps

Click on the maps of the US. E M H

  1. Sqool Tube

Free videos on a wide variety of topics in Social Studies. Topics range from American Revolution to Women and WW II. E M

  1. Bananas for Lunch

Story on line about a Banana for Lunch. There is a counting activity as well as a paper bag puppet to retell the story. EC

  1. Vocabulary Test Activities: Free Online Word Lists

Vocabulary Test Activities for GRE & SAT. M H

  1. Timelines—Alterna Time

A collection of historical, scientific, arts and literature, and popular culture timelines on the Web. H

  1. Immigration: Stories of Yesterday and Today prezi matrix

Students can choose from three different nationalities and journey through their eyes to America. E M

  1. Culture & Change: Black History in America

Explore Black History through an interactive timeline. Meet famous African Americans and experience the past. E M

  1. WWII Women & the Home Front

This site focus on women on the home front during World War II. H

  1. New Teaching History

This site has teaching material, historical content, Web resources, primary sources, videos, on U.S. history. E M H

  1. Ten by Ten

This interactive site takes 100 pictures and words and presents them as a story about life. E M H

  1. The Holocaust Explained

This site helps students understand all about the Holocaust. M H

  1. HistoryNet

This Website contains daily features such articles, photos, quizzes, today in history, etc. You can find articles that cover aviation history, British heritage, civil war times, military history, Vietnam, World War II, and more. H

  1. The Holiday Zone

This site gives you links to free holiday and seasonal activities. You can click on the icons to go to the links for the activities. Seasonal activities are posted through the spring. E M

  1. The Manhattan Project

Students can explore Manhattan before it was a city, 1609. There are resources for teachers and students that can be downloaded. There is a science link that demonstrates how to build an island. M H

  1. Abraham Lincoln

Lessons and activities on the life and times of Abraham Lincoln E M H

  1. Daily Almanac

This is a daily almanac that offers News of the day, This day in History, Health news, Word of the day and more. Hosted by Slim Goodbody. E M

  1. All the President’s Men

This site explores the generals during the Civil War with Abe Lincoln. M H

  1. Time: 80 Days That Changed the World

Time Magazine provides powerful pictures and just enough narrative to tell the story. M H

  1. Time for Citizenships

Even though this site is from the UK, citizenship is citizenship no matter what country you are in. There are lessons and resources for kids and teach to gain more knowledge about being a good citizen. E M H

  1. Time For Kids

Kids discover the world with Time for Kids. E M

  1. The Traveler IQ Challenge

Traveler IQ game. You can play by world, continents and earn points. E M

  1. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scavenger Hunt

Students can learn about the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by participating in the scavenger hunt. E M

  1. The Official Site of the Official Towers

Learn about the Eiffel Tower from it’\s history to what to see. You can listen in English or French. There is a children’s page that has activities for children to do as they learn about the Eiffel Tower. You can plan a trip and even see the menu from the restaurants at the Eiffel Tower. E M H

  1. New Celebrate Constitution Day

This site has resources, lessons, activities, and videos for students to learn about the constitution. E M H

  1. United Nations Population Information Network

Official UN estimates and projections for every country in the world, including data on birth rates, deaths rates, infant mortality, and life expectancy M H

  1. Virtual Sistine Chapel

Students can take a virtual tour of the Vatican. E M H

  1. Jack Wolcott’s Theatre History on the Web

An extensive list of links to historical information, current practices, and to all aspects of drama and theatre. H

  1. New Video—Native Americans

This video tells the history and culture of Native Americans. E M

  1. Virtual Egypt

There are many interactive activities about life in ancient Egypt. Students can take a photo tour about a variety of objects, places and events in Egyptian history. E M H

  1. Virtual Explorers

In this site, is a group of individuals are committed to providing teachers and students with access to wildlife biologists working in the field. This web site provides students with an opportunity to experience wildlife research as it takes place. E M

  1. World of Volcanoes

If your students are doing a study of volcanoes, this site will help. There are tabs for Kids, Educators, Find a Volcano, Current Activity and more. Students can even find out about volcanoes on the planet of Venus. There are great photos of current volcanoes that are active. E M H

  1. Project Vote Smart—American Government, Elections, Candidates and Voting

Website to help keep citizens aware of candidates and the political process. H

  1. War Witness

This site has resources for World War II such as pictures, videos, and articles from first hand accounts and experiences. M H

  1. Washington Horizon

Horizon is an online newspaper for students in grades 6-12 published by the Washington Post. It includes articles, interactive quizzes, and puzzles. A link to previous issues is available. M H

  1. Calendar Through the Ages

Students can explore calendars from a variety of cultures and religions. Calendars through the ages including Mayan, Christian, Jewish, Chinese, Indian and several more. H

  1. Discoverers Web

A text-based page with hundreds of links to information on discoverers and explorers, from prehistoric man through modern day. UE M H

  1. In the Footsteps of Marco Polo

A Journey through time and learn about Marco Polo’s journey by viewing PBS documentary on the explorer. You can watch the video and read articles about the journey. M H

  1. Worldmapper

This site is a collection of world maps—almost 600 maps. You can print them, you can search for a map, categories of maps, and much more. E M H

  1. America in the 1930's

A well-done, content-rich, overview of this time in US history. H

  1. K – 12 History Internet Guide

For Teaching History in K-12 Schools. E M H

  1. XTimeline

Teachers and students can create free historical timelines and view timelines already created. E M H

  1. Owl and Mouse

Maps are vital to our understanding geography and the world we live in.  Interactive and fun, Maps that Teach help students learn basic geography. You can download and print a variety of maps from around the world. E M H

  1. ZIPskinny

Students can use this Website to gather data and compare the information to create spreadsheets, using the U.S. census data on neighborhoods. UE M H


  1. A – Z Animals

This is an animal encyclopedia that offers a easy to use searchable index. E

  1. Access Excellence Activities Exchange

A collection of health Activities- resources M H

  1. All Science Fair Projects

From astronomy to zoology, All Science Fair Projects is a searchable database of 500 science fair ideas for all levels (elementary, middle and high school.) You can search by keyword (such as "bacteria" or "sun spots.") Or browse by topic (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science and engineering.) Each individual project page then links to an sample project elsewhere on the Web. There is also a good resource section that includes links to a few of the large state science fair sites, such as California and Chicago. E M H

  1. New Amazing Space

This site has allows students and teachers to explore space using the Hubble Telescope discoveries. There is a tab for teachers as well as student to gain an insight into the solar system. E M H

  1. History Museum of National History

Students can learn about anthropology, archeology, astronomy, biodiversity, climate change and the earth. There are video clips, activities and games on each topic. E M

  1. American Museum of Natural History—Science Bulletins

Visit this site by the American Museum of Natural History. It offers a nice computerized space trip envisioning what the cataclysmic event might look like. Click on "interactive" to view this simulation. Also click the other links, which lead to sites from which the data used here was taken. H

  1. New Blotz Guide to Electric Circuits

Students can learn about circuits and electricity by reading and participating in the activity and quiz. E

  1. New Arkive

You can find activities, lessons, videos, and games about endangered species as well as learn about animals, plants that make habitats special in today’s world. E M H

  1. Sci4KIDS Move

This site bridges the gap between agriculture, science and health. Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. E M

  1. Astronomy Magazine

Information and activities for students to learn about astronomy. M H

  1. Quest Atlantis

A learning project for students ages 9 to 15 that motivates and promotes participation in environmental education. E M H

  1. Mammals

Students can learn about mammals by using videos as well as learning about other animals. E M H

  1. BBC—Science & Nature—Human Body and Mind

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